tagLoving WivesShy Wife Ch. 04

Shy Wife Ch. 04


Chapter 4 – A Portrait for the Office

I know Chris' progress has been too slow for some of you. But, I as I said in the beginning, she IS shy – hence the title. These are my real stories of getting her to open up, show some skin and have some fun. I think its working, as you can SEE in this update. Not outrageous for some women, but Chris does not take pictures – at least she didn't.

Sure, I had tried to get Chris to pose for photos lots of times, but with limited success. She is not one of those girls who will just pop her top and spread her legs so her husband can snap a few, even for personal use.

This episode did not even start with me asking for sexy photos, I just wanted a new photo for the office to replace the wedding photo that had been there for years. My friend James who has a small photo studio said he would do a nice black and white portrait of Chris, nothing fancy. He mostly shoots products for catalogues, but he sometimes shoots people for his personal work, and he was more than glad to do a session with Chris.

"Don't think you'll see much cleavage" I had told him as I glanced at a couple of tasteful nudes hanging on his studio wall. "She is as shy as they come."

After Chris went for her sitting with James, I asked her how it went. "Fine," she said in a matter of fact way. "I'm going down to look at the proofs next week."

Sure enough, late the next week she came home with some nice portraits. We picked a couple for the house and one for my office. Pearl earrings and necklace, black dress – just right for the office.

I didn't think anything more about it. A few weeks later, I was driving past James' studio and decided just to stop in to say hi.

"Hey, the photos of Chris turned out great, didn't they," James called over to me as he finished up with a client.

"Yea, really nice. Replaced the old one in my office."

"How about the others," he said as his client walked out the glass door at the front of James' studio. "Bet you were surprised."

"Huh?" I replied with a confused look on my face.

"You know, the ones for home…" he said giving me a knowing look.

"I have no idea what you are talking about," I told him.

James couldn't believe it. He told me several times that I really should ask Chris about the shoot, but after some prodding he finally agreed to fill me in.

"Well," he started, "the formal stuff went really well. Chris had a glass of wine and we talked a bit. I had her bring some casual stuff to wear too, and I had some time before my next appointment, so I ask her if she wants a few casual shots. Ok She says, so I pour her another glass and I go through the clothes she brought. I pick out this jeans jacket and a lace top for her – a good look -- and she goes back to change while I get the lights set and pull out a white backdrop. She comes out and we start shooting. I take a few with her in the Jacket, but it's not quite what I was looking for so I ask her to take it off."

"Well, she hesitates and says that she thought we would just be doing the jacket and top together. Naw, I say, lets just do some with just the lace top. So I get the camera ready and when I look through the view finder I see why she wanted the jacket on – she has nothing on under the top…. Maybe she was just thinking it would be a sexy look with the jacket on, but now her nips are just peaking out at me through the lace and she is looking a little bit uneasy."

"You sure you don't want to ask her?" James said.

"No," I said smiling, "sounds like you had some fun, I want every detail."

"Ok then," he continued. "Well, I'm admiring her tits through the top as we shoot and I just go on shooting, saying how nice she looks and she starts to relax. When I say she has nice breasts, she gives me this look like you are pushing it buddy, but thanks for the compliment. So we shoot a few more."

"At this point she has on these old jeans and the lace top, but she is getting a lot more comfortable, so I ask her whether she wants to shoot with anything else on.

She asks what I have in mind. So, I look around and toss her this long bit of lace I use sometimes. She looks at it and says what do I do with this and I tell her to wrap it around her instead of her top. She gives me that same look again and tells me I am pushing my luck, but then she turns her back to me and pulls off her top. When she turns around she has herself all draped in this lace."

James dropped a photo in front of me, with Chris' face mostly hidden but her tits fully revealed behind a curtain of lace.

"Nice" – I said smiling and not quite believing that my shy wife had popped off her top and posed for James. James looked a little uncertain but I urged him to go on with the story.

"Well, so I comment on her nice body and we shoot a few. We banter a bit, and I run out of film. While I am reloading, she turns her back again pulls off the lace pulls on her T-shirt so I figure were are done. I start to put my stuff away while she is walking around the studio, looking at the stuff I have on the wall. She says how she really likes some of he figure stuff and I tell her I'm always looking for models – you should think about posing, you've got a nice trim body from what I've seen and your good in front of the camera."

"I don't think so, she says. What would I say if my friends waked in here and saw me up on the wall. I told her they would be jealous, but she just smiles at me. So I tell her if she changes your mind let me know. I walk up the photo she is looking at on the wall and tell her I'm working on some figure studies like these, just body parts and no faces, mostly hidden behind a screen. You'd be great. She kind of shakes her head. Well, just let me know if you want to give it a try, I say, you'd be a great model."

"Well, Chris goes on drinking her wine and looking at the stuff on the wall while I am putting stuff away. Then she drains her glass and says Ok."

" Ok what? I ask her."

" Ok, Ill pose for something like that, she says pointing to this nude of a woman shot from behind that I have hanging on the wall. No faces though, she says. So I ask her when and she says now is fine."

I could not believe it. This did not sound like my shy wife who I had worked so hard to get to show some skin.

James continued. "So, I look at my watch. I have an hour before my next sitting so I say Ok, let me set things up. I already have the screens set up for the series I am doing with torn paper and figured she would be perfect. So I start re-arranging the lights and stuff. When I turn around she is standing there in her long T-shirt. I see her jeans panties, bra and the rest piled on a folding chair by the wall. Where do you want me, she says. Well you know the response to that question -- that would be anywhere – that is if she wasn't your wife," James paused smiling, a little uncertain whether he should go on.

I smiled and assured James that I wanted every detail, so he went on.

"Well, I tell her to stand behind the screen I have set up, there's a rip in the paper and I am going to shoot through that. So she steps behind. I can still see her outline and shadow as she pulls off her T-shirt and tosses it on a chair to the side. Well, I ask her to step toward the rip in the paper."

"I thought we were going to do some stuff from the back like the one on the wall, she says."

"No, I tell her, I am your front is what I need for these, but don't worry, there are no faces. She takes a tiny step toward the rip. No, so I can actually see you, I say. So see takes a bigger step and I start shooting. Came out nice don't you think? James pointed to a large blowup on the wall behind me that I had glanced at when I came in. I hadn't even recognized my own wife but that was her."

"You like it?"

I assured James that I did I loved the idea of Chris body being shown off in his lobby for his customers to admire.

"Well, I had her slide over and show some more, she moved a couple inches, so I tell her to line slide until her bush was right in the rip, she thought that sounded a little too revealing, but I tell her these are about your body and I wanted you to show it to me. So she slides over and steps right against the paper so I can see he outline through the paper and get a nice curve from her bush to her right breast."

James slid me another photo.

"So I told her I wanted to do some focusing on her bush, I thought she might be to shy, but she just joked that she didn't think that would bring in any customers. I told her she could have customers any time she wanted with that for an ad, and she told me I was real funny. I told her to move a little to the right so I could get that little freckle just to the left of her bush and I shot this."

James slid across another shot.

"A little too much for my wall, but I will drop it in my portfolio."

"I finished with the screen and she stepped out from behind the screen with her back to me and was picking up T-shirt. But I still had some film left in one of my cameras. My rule is never stop shooting when you got a naked woman there to pose for you. So, I said up for few more shots. She looks over her shoulder and says ok, turning and kind of holding her T-shirt in one hand in front of her."

"Well I didn't have time to set up anything fancy. Just turned off all but one of lights. Get rid of that T-shirt and lets shoot some over here, I tell her. Well she walks over, I fill another glass of wine for her. She drops the shirt and stands there with nothing but a glass of wine as I re-arrange the backdrop and, if you don't mind my saying so, admire her bod."

I could imagine Chris, standing near James, a glass of wine in her hand, her nipples soft from the hot studio lights, her body waiting to be directed by him.

"So I have her sit down on a black backdrop and I start to shoot again with nothing particular in mind, just playing."

He tossed down a couple of prints. "She does have nice tits by the way," James said. I had to agree.

"I told her what a nice body she had and even got a smile from her, then asked her to lie down so we could shoot some more. If you ever decide to show your face, let me know, I told her. I could shoot some really nice stuff that I won't put on the walls."

"Ok, she says."

"Ok yes or ok you'll call me, I ask her"

"You got me here, better shoot before I change my mind, she tells me."

"Well, you don't have to ask me twice. I have her lay back and drop her head back. I come in close to her face, just a few feet away. 'Just relax, I tell her, and I shoot this one." James tossed down a beautiful shot of Chris. Her naked body was artfully concealed by her shoulders, but her beautiful face was no longer concealed.

I could see her in the studio, letting herself go and giving herself up to James' camera.

"Well I had just a couple of frames on the roll so I stand up. She is still relaxed and I keep talking to her saying what a nice pose she is in and how nice her skin will look in the black photos, 'till I frame this one and Click. Just perfect I think. James slid across another photo, and he was right.

"Whew," I said feeing my self getting hard.

"Damn right," said James. "Shot the rest of my roll and almost shot my wad," he added smiling.

"Well, after this one I asked her to lay all the way down, lets heat it up I told her as I'm starting to change the film in my camera."

"What do you want, she asks, a loaded question at that point, and I tell her to use her imagination and I will let her know when she's got it right. So I'm taking out my film and she starts to rub her tits a bit, with her hands, Nice, I say, but hotter, so she starts to run her finger around one of her nips. Good, I say, then she reaches between her legs and starts to fondle her pussy."

"Well, I start to fumble with my film. My palms are sweating and I can't get the damn thing loaded, and she starts to squirm a bit, I can see her pink taco, and I'm about to cum in my pants."

"Well," I said looking for more photos.

"Well then the fucking bell rings to tell me there is someone in the lobby. Shit, I say, thinking my customer is early. I don't want anyone just wandering back so I tell her I'll be right back and I go out. Its just a the fucking UPS guy. By the time I get back, though, Chris is pulling on her jeans and stuffing her bra and panties into her bag. I tell her its just the UPS guy, but she says she has to run, thanks me and heads out the door," James shook his head.

"Too bad it got cut short," I said "but these are hot." James had to agree. "What did she say when she saw them" I asked.

"Well James said, she blushed a lot. I told her how I loved the shape of her breasts and how well her natural bush worked with the look I was going for. How about taking up where we left off, I ask her. No, she says, I think I had a bit too much of your wine. What if we get that buff UPS guy in on it, I joke with her. Tempting, she says, but no. Well your body is just perfect for my art stuff, I say, how about at least doing some more of the art stuff."

"Maybe she says, I'll think about it."

James' story floored me, I wouldn't t have believed it if I didn't see the proof. Chris still hasn't given me the prints, these are from James. But, even though she has not shown me the evidence, I'm thinking that I may have to re-title my stories.

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