tagLoving WivesShy Wife Ch. 05

Shy Wife Ch. 05


Chapter 05: Deal Me In

My wife Chris is an attractive 5'3", bond with blue eyes, not as thin as she was before kids, but still a fit 115. She has been shy about her body, never showing too much cleavage. If you have read my other stories, you know that I have been working on breaking Chris out of her shell. (If you have not, you may want to start from the beginning.) First, I coaxed her into baring all at a nude beach. Then, she modeled nude for an art class. We retuned to the nude beach and, on a dare, she let a college boy coat her with sunscreen. In my last chapter (with photos) she went in for a portrait and ended up dropping her clothes for a photographer friend of mine. What more could a husband want? Well....

One February night earlier this year, Chris and I went out to dinner with our long time friends Russ and Stacie. Our kids were on an overnight with a friend and their daughter was with her parents, the perfect excuse for a night out -- dinner, conversation and a couple bottles of wine, the usual. We have been friends with Russ and Stacie since college, Chris even went out with Russ a couple of times, but it never went very far. Anyway, that was a long time ago and is a subject that is not mentioned between her and Stacie. Stacie is 5'4", dark hair and eyes, she is thin and athletic with generous breasts and a sarcastic streak a mile wide.

After dinner and a couple of bottles of wine, we were feeling good and stopped off at our house for an after dinner drink. Chris made martinis while I lit the fire.

"It's only 9:30, we have no kids – we should go out dancing or something," said Stacie.

Russ looked up. "No, lets relax here."

I picked up a deck of cards that was sitting by the fireplace, recently used for a game of go fish. "Game of cards?" I said, joking.

"Sure," Russ replied, "how about strip poker." "Yea right" was Stacie's predictable response. But Russ persisted and, a few minutes later, Stacie had taken up the challenge. She had convinced Chris to play too – though Chris looked a bit skeptical. "I'll give it a try," she finally said with a shy smile "I do have some cute undies."

Maybe it was the drinks, maybe she had taken our conversations about adding a little spice to our love life to heart, maybe it was something else. Frankly, I didn't care what it was, I was surprised and pleased. It was one thing to get naked on the beach with a bunch of people you would never see again or to be the anonymous model for an art class, it was another to strip in front of friends she saw every week at PTA meetings. I doubted that things would go too far, at least no further than her "undies," but this could be fun.

The Martini's were poured and we settled our self on the carpet in front of the fire. As I dealt the first hand, I thought I would give things a little push so I laid out the rules. "OK, here it is. Plain old fashion dorm room poker. Dealer calls the wild cards and names the game. Two rounds of betting – ante is one item of clothing – bet another after getting second round of cards if you want to stay in. Remove your clothes and put them in the pot either when you fold or when you loose a hand."

I glanced over at Chris and gave my push. "Now, no chickens allowed. You can't leave the game before it ends and keep your clothes."

Chris protested -- "Hey, I said would play, but...."

"Nope, if you leave early, you've got to take off the rest of your clothes. That's the rules."

I could see that Chris had counted on getting down to her "undies" or maybe her panties if she felt really wild and then pulling out. Although she had been adventurous in front of strangers, close friends who we saw all the time were different.

Chris looked around for support but drew no support from either Russ or Stacie, so she didn't protest further, but she did look a bit more doubtful.

I continued. "Once you are out, you stay naked and serve drinks for the rest of the players. The game ends when only one player is left, or when everyone agrees to stop."

Chris started to say something, then stopped.

"So when you are down to nothing you are out of the game?" Said Stacie in a challenging tone.

"Well Stacie, once you are down to nothing, you can get me another martini. But, if you really want to stay in the game, I'm sure we can find a way to give you a chance to get back in."

"Yea, how?"

I paused for a second and decided to push a little more. "Well, a player needs something to bet. Once you are out of clothes you have nothing left to bet – except – well -- yourself -- against – lets say -- four items of clothing from each player. If you loose, you are part of the winnings for the evening. That player can keep you, or he can bet you and you go into the pot to be taken by the winner. If you win, you are back in the game – If you're game."

"Hey," said Chris, "not that I'm planning to loose or anything, but a little skin is one thing, I'm not ..."

"Don't worry, we're just having a little fun." I interrupted, sensing her cold feet "once you're out of clothes you are out, the only way you can loose more than your clothes is if you want to try to get back in."

"That's comforting" she said, "looking like she was starting to re-think the whole thing."

Half an hour and a round of martini's later we were having a good time. In the early rounds, Stacie and I had been doing well. Russ had lost his shirt. When Russ removed his sock, we all called for him to put it back on. When Chris removed her bra, through the arm of her blouse, so she revealed nothing, she got boos as she dropped in into the pot.

After taking off her bra through her sleeve, Chris was down to her skirt, blouse and panties. In the next round of betting, Chris drew four cards, after that she folded. Things were now getting interesting. I could tell Russ thought so too. He re-adjusted the small pile of clothing in his lap.

Chris stood, unzipped her short black skirt and let it fall to her ankles. "Ooh, nice leopard undies." Said Russ, as Stacie and I laughed. Chris smiled coyly. "Thanks, glad you like them."

Russ picked up his winnings, though what he was going to do with Chris' skirt, my sock and a bra was unclear.

I dealt the next hand. Chris took four cards, she bit her lip giving a deep sigh and then folded on the second round of betting. As Chris stood, I could feel myself getting hard.

Chris' blouse was long in the front and back so it came down just covering her panties. With a noticeable blush, she slipped her fingers into the sides of her panties and slid them discretely down, until they dropped and fell at her ankles. As she slipped her panties off, we got a quick glimpse of her bush, before it was again covered by the bottom of her blouse. She stepped out of her panties, sat down and cross legged so her blouse just covered her bush. She dropped her panties into the pot, then downed the rest of her drink. "OK, deal." She said, "I need to make a come back."

Russ dealt the next hand. Not much there, I took three' as did the rest, apparently no one felt to confident since everyone stood pat at the second round. Stacie and I turned up pairs and Chris turned up two pair. Russ smiled as he turned up three threes. "Read 'em an weep."

Stacie and I tossed in our antes, a sock and a shoe. I looked over to Chris with anticipation, my palms sweating. She could not back out now. My shy wife was about to strip for our friends.

Chris gave a deep sigh and stood up. Flushed, she shakily unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse then, with a deep breath pulled her blouse up over her head, revealing first her beautiful bush, then her white silky stomach and finally her full creamy white breasts. As we whistled and clapped, she blushed and did her best to make light of the moment. With an exaggerated motion she dropped the shirt into the pot. Chris held her hands out to either side. "Ta da! You got me naked, now who wants drinks."

Russ was taking in every inch of her, not too discreetly. "Want to have a go at winning them back?" he said as he held up her leopard undies and looked her straight in the eyes. Still flushed, Chris said "No way, that's it for me kids. This is all you get. Drink orders?"

As Chris set out to the kitchen still naked to get a round for us all, Russ watched her go. Stacie dealt as she looked over at Russ.

That round of drinks sure took Chris a long time, but she seemed to have regained her composure when she returned. The rest of us were betting freely and, by the time she returned with a tray of Martinis, the tide of the game had turned yet again. Russ was down to Chris' bra, her panties and his boxers. His eyes followed Chris as she entered the room, something that was not lost on Stacie as she glanced at him and then across to Chris.

"Drinks anyone?" Chris bent over with her tray of drinks to offer them to the three of us sitting on the floor. Her breasts hung at eye level, just in front of Russ. As he leaned forward Russ' fully erect cock poked out of the slit in his boxers. Chris raised her eyebrows. "I take it that means yes," she said with a blush and a smile as Russ tucked himself back in.

"See something you like honey?" Stacie said with a smirk.

We each took our drinks, and Chris sat by the fire a few feet away. She was trying valiantly to look comfortable, but she had no way to hide her naked body.

On the next round Russ bet all his remaining clothes. He turned up three tens, but Stacie had queens. She held her hand out for her prize. He dropped the bra and panties in her hand and stood. As he pulled his shorts down, Russ's rock hard penis bounced up and down and then stood at attention. Chris watched with noticeable interest and shifted her position, giving a little whistle and clap. "Well," said Chris, "that's more like it. I could use some kitchen help." She picked up the tray beside her and began to stand.

"Giving up?" Said Stacie. "Afraid of what I might ask you to do if I owned you."

"I never said I was out," Russ replied, with a quick look and smile.

"Hey, I have no interest in owning you," I interjected, "unless of course you want to fix the sink in the bathroom."

Russ looked up at Chris. "You want back in?"

"I don't think so." she said.

"Come on, its a fair bet," Russ cajoled "my body against yours," he smiled "so to speak."

As he said this, I glanced over at Chris and started to shuffle the cards. Chris stood there naked and beautiful, her nipples relaxed from the warmpth of the fire. She was standing with the tray in one hand biting her lip. She shifted her weight from one foot to another with an uncertain look on her face.

"Chris?" I said.

"Um..."she paused and flushed again. "Um... well, I was... well, um... what the heck ...if Russ is going to, then ...I...well...why not... I've never owned a naked man."

I looked up at her flushed face. "What? You want in?"

"Um...Yea...Deal me in" she said, glancing at me then down at the floor.

To be continued...

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