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Sight & Sound Ch. 03


To all the readers who sent me feedback for Sight and Sound, THANK YOU! If you haven’t read Chapter 1, this story will make a whole lot more sense if you start at the beginning. As every reader at Lit knows, we writers are complete sluts for feedback – so please read, comment, vote, and PM me.

During the night I had The Dream for the first time.

It’s a funny thing about dreams – there is so much clarity but only in spots. It’s like you’re watching a movie through a pinhole. I’ve had The Dream so many times since that Saturday night that I can script it.

There isn’t really any background or setting in The Dream. There isn’t any smoke or mist. There are no buildings or castles or corridors. There is no sky or temperature. At the beginning of The Dream there is just me and Annie and the pulsing beat of a soundless vibration – some unknown deep bass drum that is relentlessly repeating but without the detail of the sound itself.

Annie is in front of me, running fast. I’m running too but I can’t catch her. We’re not going anywhere because there are no features in this place – we’re just running aimlessly – out of FEAR. That first realization hits me hard and I double my efforts to catch up to Annie. I can see her clearly, the muscles of her legs flexing to lift each stride from the ground. She’s not wearing much – I can see her perfect cheeks bouncing. It’s then that I become aware of how much effort it is to run – I’m using all of my energy and I can’t go any faster. The FEAR grows as I realize that I won’t be able to escape and I shout at Annie to run faster. She doesn’t turn around, doesn’t acknowledge my futile attempt to help her in any way – she just keeps running. The first pursuer touches my shoulder, a second hand grabs my leg, and I suddenly can’t move at all. Hands envelop me from behind and I’m held fast, my heart pounding in perfect beat with the bass drum that is still relentlessly repeating.

I scream for Annie to run.

She stops and turns towards me and in an instant she is in front me, seductively smiling and brushing the hair away from her eyes. She is naked and her glistening breasts are heaving, reaching out towards me. She is staring at me with the intensity of a tiger, scanning my body, sizing me up for whatever will come next. And in a blink, she is on me swallowing my cock to its base. In The Dream, I feel everything – the hotness of her mouth, the tight suction of her throat, and rapid strokes of her tongue as she rides my cock with her mouth. But I am strangely detached from the pleasure; it’s there but without the excitement and the growing urge. I’m on my back now, held down by my unseen captors and she is sucking me at an impossible speed – I can see her lips surrounding my cock, gripping the shaft and exposing almost every swollen inch on each stroke. I know there will be no eruption, no orgasm from this impossible stimulation and in an instant, she has changed position. She is on top me, and my huge cock is now totally inserted in her pussy. Our eyes are locked and as Annie pounds up and down on me, her face is twisted in a strange blend of anger and anticipation. Sometimes in the Dream, she screams at me while she is hammering herself onto my cock – “FUCK ME, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! FUCK ME HARDER. MAKE ME CUM, YOU STUPID DICK!”. Other times, there is no sound at all in The Dream. I have the feeling that this goes on for hours with her coming on me over and over without tiring or stopping. I always notice that the rhythm of her fucking is perfectly timed with the bass drum beat in the background.

And then the Horror happens.

I finally look down between us and see her for what she really is. She has a cock, an impossibly huge cock and it’s as hard as steel and pointing right at me. As she bounces up and down on me the cock grows larger and slaps against my stomach. My unseen captors are holding me roughly now for Annie’s assault, spreading my legs for her entry.

She enters my ass completely and violently on the first stroke, driving this massive phallus deep inside me. As her face comes down to meet me, she bites my lip, pulling and twisting on the sensitive flesh. I can feel the pain rolling through me and as I scream silently, the insane laughter surrounds me. I know a crowd is watching and although I can’t make them out, I feel their familiarity. The shame combines with my fear and as this ass-fucking continues, Annie becomes a muscular, unrecognizable hulking man-thing. I finally start struggling but it’s futile because I start shrinking in size, surrounded by wild, undefined creatures that are sexually devouring me.

I’ve had The Dream so often that at this point I feel relief because this is how the Dream ends in a sort of “fade to grey” effect. Sometimes, I start right into another dream – a ‘regular’ dream but the first time I had The Dream that didn’t happen.

That Sunday morning, I awoke suddenly, my feet thrashing under the sheet. Annie was sleeping soundly beside me, her face a portrait of beautiful serenity. I was breathing heavily and my heart was racing. I was fully alert, searching the room for the intruders. I sat up quickly and as I calmed down and saw that the sun was rising with no trace of last night’s rainstorm, I checked the time – 6:05 A.M. The Dream was fresh in my memory and unlike many dreams, it wasn’t dissolving back to my subconscious mind. I had slept naked, as had Annie, and as she rolled to her back and stretched, the sheet slid off her shoulders exposing her breasts. Her nipples were hard and right then, I realized that so was I. In fact, it felt like a fucking steel beam was sprouting from my groin. My cock was completely engorged, the head a pulsing purple colour – it was pointing directly at my face, as if it wanted to repeat Friday’s experience. I noticed again that every one of my senses was sharpened. I saw the colours and the textures of every object in the bedroom as I glanced around. I noticed the reflection of sunlight on our balcony window. I could smell Annie stirring next to me, her natural scent dominating the faded sweetness of the perfume she had worn last night. The clock was ticking ; three different birds were singing outside, and in the far distance, a low rumble of a truck faded away. My view of the world had permanently changed after Friday night.

My mind was trying to compose how I would tell Annie what had really happened to her that night. I felt intense guilt for not telling Annie the truth the previous day. But some twisted feeling of stoic protectiveness balanced the guilt. I knew the truth was my burden to carry. I knew that revealing it would irreparably harm Annie. I knew that it was inevitable that the truth would come out.

“Good morning”, Annie smiled radiantly – I instantly focused on her beauty. “I can’t remember when I’ve felt this good.” Her eyes locked on mine and then as she looked down from my face, she saw my cock.

“My God, look at that! What a wonderful surprise to wake up to.” She sat up and reached for it with both hands, her lips coming to within an inch of mine.

“I am the luckiest woman in the world. We are going to spend the rest of our lives making love and I promise you that we will experience everything, every pleasure that we can imagine. Friday night, you brought me to a new place, Dan. I know things have gotten a little boring for us in the past few years but that ended Friday. From now on, it’s going to be an adventure – a sort of continual orgasm for both of us. God, I love you – I love you so very much.”

Annie was gently stroking my cock with both hands.

I wanted to tell her. I really wanted to tell her the truth.

But the only thing that I said was… “I love you, Annie. I love you.”

My mind had synchronized with my cock and I centred on the throbbing in my balls. Annie was increasing the tempo of her hand job and then she kissed me, her tongue sliding over my lips in a slow circle before teasingly touching the tip of mine. Her lips slid across mine – not pressing with the urgency that I use but carefully and sensuously touching every part of my mouth. Her hands stroked my cock with more pressure and I gave myself up to Annie’s lust.

She pulled away, smiling that incredible smile.

“I’ve got to have your cock inside me. Right now!” As I sat up to roll on top of her, she surprised me by pushing me down onto the bed. In a second, she was straddling me, flashing me a momentary glimpse of her naked pussy. She was sitting on my stomach and as she grabbed my wrists and pinned me to the bed, a wave of panic raced through me. I resisted instinctively but Annie leaned forward above me and guided one hardened nipple to my mouth.

“Suck my tits, Dan. Bite them and don’t be gentle. I want a little of what you gave me Friday night.” Her pussy was sliding in tight circles on my belly and her tits were lightly slapping my face and mouth. She was breathing hard with the slightest of moans and I as I sucked her nipple, she groaned – “Oh that’s good, we’re going to spend the rest of our lives fucking and sucking like this. Do that again. Harder!” I bit down gently on the nipple unsure of how much pressure to use.

“Harder!” As my teeth slowly grasped the swollen flesh of her nipple, she raised up over me, stretching her breast.

“Yes. That’s good! Now the other one!”

Her hips were rocking now and my cock was bobbing expectantly in between the cheeks of her ass. She released one of my wrists, reached down and guided my cock to her pussy.

“Put that in me! Get that hard cock inside me, NOW!” , she ordered. She raised her hips and with the head poised between the lips of her pussy, she paused for a second and then drove herself down onto my erection.

“OHHHH…” she wailed. “ OH FUCK. THAT’S GOOD. You’re filling me up with that cock, Danny. I’m going to come all over your dick…..” She didn’t pause for a moment, Annie started an intense fucking – bouncing up and down and rolling her hips to make sure her clit pressed against my public bone. We were both shaved and as Annie’s juice spread between us, the intensity of the sensation grew. We slid up and down against each other experiencing an incredibly slippery fuck.

“OHHH FUCK… OH FUCK….” she groaned.

As the pressure built deep at the base of my balls, I finally joined in the discussion. “Fuck me, Annie. You are so fucking wet. Fuck me harder, Baby!”

“Grab my tits! Pull on them!!!.... Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck!!!!” Annie’s head was thrown back as she rode me, her eyes closed. I pinched both nipples with my fingers and began to roughly pull on them, pulling them in circles, faster and faster.

“OH DANNY!!! OH GOD!!! I’m COMING!!!! OH Fuuuuccccckkkk!!!!”, Annie yelled as her body jerked in rapid spasms. She came in a wrenching orgasm that passed through her into me as a series of waves, her pussy contracting in pulses around my cock.

That triggered me and I felt the come explode through my cock back into her. I bucked up into her on each eruption, my hands grasping her ass desperately trying to press us even closer together. I couldn’t speak – the only sound that I could make was a guttural, primitive grunt. Her moaning mixed with mine as the third and fourth stream of juice shot into her. She rocked up one last time until only the tip of my cock was resting against her pussy lips, held that position for a few seconds and then collapsed down on me with a huge sigh. I was buried as deep in her as I had ever been. I could sense every breath and pulse of her body. As the sexual tension drained away from us, we seemed to mould to each other, completely satiated for the time being.

My hands were holding Anne’s ass cheeks, her arms were wrapped around my neck and she was breathing softly against my neck. I noticed the smell of sex around us… something that I had never before noticed. As my eyes drifted to the alarm clock, I was surprised that it wasn’t quite 6:30. Quickies weren’t our style, at least not for the past 10 years, but we had just experienced one of the truly memorable fucks of our lives together.

Annie shifted her weight on top of me.

“Are you taking some kind of new pill that I don’t know about?”, she grinned. “That was incredible. I’m not going to be able to keep my hands off you as long as we’re doing things like that.”

I sleepily responded, “It was nothing Babe, you did all the hard work this time.”

“The only thing hard about this was your cock, Danny boy”. And with that she lifted off me, slid down my body and engulfed my softening cock noisily. I jumped again as her tongue started cleaning my balls. Annie had never really enjoyed tasting my come or even her own for that matter but since Friday night, she had acquired a serious taste for sexual juices. In a few moments, she had licked and sucked me clean and climbed on top of me once more.

“We taste incredible! Do you want some?” and without waiting for a response she kissed me wetly, her tongue thrusting deep into my mouth. She was right, we did taste incredible.

She sat upright and stretched her arms above her head. She watched me as I stared at her beautiful full breasts, still flushed with an orgasmic rash.

“Well as I see it we have an important choice to make right now.” she pronounced with all seriousness. “Do we continue this in bed here, right now, until we fuck ourselves to death? Or do you get up and cook us breakfast?”

“Do you want omelets or French Toast?” I answered back. Annie chose omelets as she rolled off me and headed to the bathroom. I noticed that she was rubbing her pussy as she was walked away, massaging our juice around the outside lips. As I got up, it occurred to me that Annie was going to give herself another orgasm as I was preparing our breakfast. I smiled, threw on some shorts and a t-shirt and happily headed to the sunny kitchen to complete my husbandly duties.

In minutes, the omelet was cooking up nicely and I had a few strips of bacon sizzling in another pan. Coffee was brewing and I had sliced up a grapefruit to complete the morning menu. That’s when I noticed the patio door was unlocked. Anxiety flooded back into me and a physical wave of fear tore through me. I had the presence of mind to turn down the burners before grabbing one of the carving knives. I walked towards the patio door scanning the rest of the living/dining room area for the threat. Anger, nearly rage, grew in me and I hoped that I would find them this time. In moments, I had locked the door, checked the front door, and visited the basement, the den and the guest bedroom. There were no intruders and there would be no valiant fight to protect my wife from further harm. I walked down the hall towards our bedroom and as I neared the door, I heard Annie moaning quietly. As I peered around the door frame, I could see her in the shower reflected in the bathroom mirror. She was leaning against the far shower wall, her back to the mirror. Her legs were spread wide and her knees were slightly bent but what brought my cock back to life was the black dildo that she was stroking in and out of her pussy. Annie was somewhere else, groaning quietly and flexing her legs slowly up and down as she twisted the silicon cock in and out of her pussy. I could hear her take a sharp breath as she pushed the dildo up into her body and a quiet ‘uuhhhhhh’ sound as she squeezed the cock downwards out of her pussy.

With the shower set to gentle and the water directed into the corner of the shower, I could see her clearly in the mirror. Her ass was exposed and bright pink from the hot water. It reminded me of how she looked when I untied her on Friday night. As her tempo slowly increased, so did the wiggling of her ass. It had only been about 15 minutes since I had erupted inside her but my cock was rock hard again, straining against my shorts. I took a step towards her to join her in the shower but suddenly stopped when I remembered the carving knife in my hand. That would have been hard to explain, I thought, as I quickly returned to kitchen and put the knife away. I strode back to the bathroom stripping off my t-shirt and shorts as I walked, once again enflamed with lust. Entering the bathroom naked with my erection leading the way, I stopped at the shower and watched Annie continue her own assault on her pussy. She was standing upright now still facing the wall, one hand alternating between her tits and her clit, the other hand quickly pumping the dildo in and out.

The only sound other than running water, was a quiet but rapid “uh, uh, uh” as she worked towards her orgasm. I was stroking my cock aggressively, squeezing and twisting as I worked myself into a sexual frenzy. Annie bent at the waist again as she worked the dildo deeper into her pussy. She was moaning continuously, a low groan of passion punctuated by short, sharp intakes of air. I knew she was getting close to coming and that’s when I moved towards her. She screamed a little when I grabbed her tits from behind but relaxed quickly as my two hands grabbed and twisted her slippery nipples. My cock found its way naturally between her legs where I could feel her hand pumping the dildo in and out. I let go of one tit and placed my thumb between her cheeks directly on the bud of her ass.

“Yessssssss”, she groaned as I pushed my thumb into her ass. There was only a little resistance, with Annie continuing to pump herself towards orgasm, every part of her body was open to receiving something hard. Her left hand encircled my cock and I almost came as she began lubricating me with some lotion. I pulled back and Annie bent her knees slightly to lower her ass a few inches… I positioned my cock at her ass and began to slowly push through the muscular ring.

Annie had other plans. She braced her legs a little wider and pushed back quickly, slamming my cock into her ass.

“Goddddddddd”, she screamed. But she didn’t stop. She began rocking herself on my cock. She wasn’t talking very clearly but I made out something about pulling her tits. I reached around her and start pinching both nipples, twisting and pulling them roughly. The feeling of being inside her ass was unlike anything I had ever felt. It was hot and so very, very tight. I looked down between us and watched as half of my engorged cock became exposed before Annie rocked towards me, burying it back into her ass. It was her rhythm that I remember most clearly. Each downward push was punctuated with a moaning grunt and as she pulled away more slowly she inhaled deeply anticipating the next stroke. I could feel everything but I wasn’t aware of anything. I was a pounding rod, hammering into my woman’s ass. Perhaps it was adrenaline still coursing through me from the patio door scare or perhaps this sex act had tapped into all the primitive aggression that was hidden deep within me. Whatever it was, it exploded out of me. I grabbed Annie’s hips and bellowed something unintelligible. I started fucking her – this wasn’t love making. I had no interest in her pleasure. I needed to possess this woman with my cock.

I was thrusting with such force that Annie had to protect her head by resting it on her hands. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head roughly back towards me. And my speed increased I leaned towards her ear…

“You’re mine. I am going to fuck you whenever I want. I am going to fuck you in the ass, in your cunt and in your mouth, whenever I want. You’re mine.”, I growled.

Annie was moaning pretty much continually. She had moved one hand between her legs and was fingering her clit roughly.

“SAY IT!” I ordered.

“I’m yours. I’ll do everything you want. I’m your fuck toy. Do it! Fuck me harder!”, Annie whispered back. “Please. Please. Please make me come. Fuck my ass and make me come!”

Something snapped deep inside me right then. The rage took over and I lost all sense of myself, I bellowed some deep animal roar as I continued to thrust into her ass. I began slapping her ass on each stroke – hard biting slaps that echoed in the confines of the bathroom. She punctuated each slap with an answering cry of pain and pleasure. I was taking this woman, this fuck toy, violently. I yelled in triumph again as I came burying my cock as deep as I could into her ass. The final couple of slaps took Annie over the edge and she came in a crying groan. Perhaps she was calling for help as she came, I wasn’t sure and I didn’t care. Her knees buckled and I grabbed her waist, holding her to me as my cock spasmed again. Annie was moaning and panting trying to gather air into her lungs. As my ‘normal’ self regained control of my mind, I felt an overwhelming sense of grief, shame, and remorse. I knew in my heart that I had just assaulted Annie with the same enthusiasm that the intruders had on Friday night. I knew I would never ever be able to hold her in my arms again without remembering this moment. I stepped back and slowly pulled out. A last, evil thrill coursed through me as her stretched anal ring released my cock.

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