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Silent Consent


"We'll rest here for the night!" Kenoth shouted to the rest of his party.

He dismounted from the bay stallion as the others scrambled to gather firewood and set up the shelters. After making sure all was going well, Kenoth untied the woman who rode behind him and lifted her down.

"You better behave. You are worth much more without any bruises." he whispered sternly in her ear.

"Humph..." She replied as she glared at him.

She found him attractive, but hated him for kidnapping her and forcing her to do things against her will. She liked his voice. It was stern and commanding, but at the same gentle and calming. The dim moonlight caught in his eyes, making them sparkle.

Kenoth grabbed her arm and pulled her roughly to the center of the camp. A fire had been started and the tents were set up. The men had begun to bring out their instruments and play. Those who didn't play, danced to the lively music.

He gave her a cup of wine and a piece of meat. Reluctantly, she ate. She was hungry but denied it to herself, her pride stopping her. However, her hunger soon won and she ate. The meat was flavorful and the wine, good, but being forced to eat in this manner angered her.

Once finished, she was again grabbed by the arm. Kenoth put her into his tent and set a guard to watch her.

"Get rest." He hissed into her ear, "Tomorrow we reach the city."

"How dare you treat me like this. You will pay dearly." She growled angrily

"You are even prettier when you are angered." Kenoth said as he kissed her roughly, grabbing her breast.

She slapped him across the side of the face and ducked into the tent. Furious with herself, she sat on the cot. I am Princess Mirshann, I do not deserve to be treated in this manner." She thought to herself, "When my father hears of this..." Her anger began to dissipate as her mind drifted to Kenoth.

He was strong and well built, fairly tall, and overall very handsome. Yet, there seemed to be something more, something else underneath the tough exterior. The way he roughly kissed and grabbed her, excited Mirshann. She tried to deny all feeling for him but the building dampness said otherwise.

The celebrating outside began to settle down. The men checked their horses and went to their tents. Kenoth entered his, startling Mirshann. She turned and glared at him. He ignored her icy gaze and went to her, giving her another rough kiss.

Kenoth removed his shirt and sword, setting them aside.

"Be grateful I'm allowing you to have the cot." He said as he arranged his shirt into a makeshift pillow.

"You are too kind." She replied sarcastically.

Kenoth stood and cornered her.

"If that is how you are going to act..." He hissed.

Mirshann stared directly into his eyes, silently challenging him to do something.

"And what do you plan to do?" She said with a hint of challenge in her tone.

"You're a difficult woman. Many like that. Keep this up and you will bring a high price when we reach the city."

Kenoth kissed her a third time, forcing his tongue between her lips. To his amazement, she did not resist as much. He grabbed her breast and she did not slap him. He decided to test the limits and moved his hand lower, placing it on her upper thigh.

Through the skirts of her dress, he moved his hand up to her pussy. Still, she didn't not object. Kenoth decided to go farther. He kissed her again and was met with no resistance. Mirshann raised her hand and caresses his cheek, surprising him.

Kenoth took his small dagger and sliding it up the front, cut open her dress. He brushed it from her shoulders, exposing her firm, round breasts. They were well rounded with hard, pink nipples. He smiled as she gasped when he pinched one. He pushed aside the halves of her skirt, exposing her entire body.

The sudden cool air on her breasts made her nipples stand out even more. Kenoth grabbed her breasts, pinching her nipples fairly hard, making her cry out. He clamped a hand over her mouth to quiet her.

"Shhh..." He said harshly, "We don't need to attract any unwanted attention."

Mirshann nodded underneath his hand.

Kenoth smiled and moved his hand from her mouth, slowly bringing it down over her skin. He allowed his fingers to trail lightly. Mirshann was surprised by the change in his touch, but did not make a sound. He mind fought to stop him, but her body defied her mind.

She could feel the dampness building in her special place. Her mind screamed "no!" as Kenoth's hand moved over her stomach and found its way to the patch of hair between her legs, but her voice refused to function.

Mirshann closed her eyes as his fingers found her wetness. Kenoth removed his pants with his free hand as he played with her. His slick finger massaged her tiny bud, making her lift her hips to meet him, begging for more. He moved his hard cock along her wet slit.

Each time her hit her clit, Mirshann lifted her hips.

"You like that?" He said roughly.

Mirshann didn't answer. She kept her eyes tightly closed, not wanting him to continue, but unable to resist. He made her so hot and filled with desire. All she wanted now was release. Kenoth smiled again as he positioned his cock between her wet lips.

He continued to tease her, pushing his cock in just a little, then pulling back out. Mirshann spread her legs wider, silently begging him to finish. Kenoth needed no further encouragement. He positioned he slick cock at her opening once again.

She gasped and managed to stifle a scream as he pushed past her virginal barrier. Kenoth paused for a moment once inside her. She was breathing heavily already and he didn't want too much noise from her.

Very slowly, he began to slide in and out of her. Her tight grip him tightly, almost bringing him over the edge.

"Maybe I should just keep you for myself." He said into her ear.

Mirshann began to lift her hips to meet him as the pain began to dull. Her excitement began to build again as her increase the pace. Balancing on one hand, he teased her breast with the other, pinching her nipple and rolling it between his fingers. She couldn't stop the moan escaping her lips, but managed to keep it quiet.

Kenoth moved faster, pounding into her. His cock began to twitch as he prepared to release. Mirshann felt something begin to build in her as well, as Kenoth impaled her.

He thrust roughly into her one final time as his cock exploded. The thing building in Mirshann reached its peak and erupted into waves of pleasure that raced through. She gasped as her walls contracted around Kenoth's cock. The massage on his cock milked him of his hot seed. Stream after stream of his cum spurted into her, filling her.

Exhausted, Kenoth lay on top of her, his spent cock still inside. Once he caught his breath, he got up, withdrawing from within her. He slid from the cot to the ground where he had set up his makeshift pillow and bedroll. Not caring that he was unclothed, he fell asleep.

Mirshann's head spun from the events that just occurred. She was aware of a dull ache between her legs and something dripping. The sound of Kenoth lightly snoring to her that he was already asleep. She briefly pondered what clothes she would have to wear, since her dress was destroyed. That problem would have to be solved later, she decided as she slipped into sleep.

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