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Silent Lovers


Closing her eyes she could feel his mouth go down on her nipple so gently and start to suck. She moved her hand down to her bare pussy and stroked it so lightly. She leaned her breast in further so his mouth surrounded all her areola and caught her breath when he sucked her in. Her thoughts were of his touches, his tongue moving so gently yet firmly across her nipples. Her pussy was getting so wet, she started to finger herself but felt his hand push hers away as he slowly finger fucked her.

Her body was starting to shake and her rolling orgasms came over and over. She couldn't believe how easily he could satisfy her hunger when she needed him. She moved lower on the sofa and felt her whole body succumb to him. She felt like she was floating as her orgasms still were coming.

He moved down with his mouth, planting kisses all over her chest, her tummy and finally, the feeling of want by her was satisfied as he made his way to her wet pussy. She opened her legs wider and pushed her hips up as his tongue found her slit and licked her in such a hungry way. He moved his tongue up and down and back in forth and eventually found her clit. It was shiny like a little pearl and he stopped for a minute to admire it. Then he quickly, with gentle force sucked it into his mouth and then licked her till she screamed out loud with a powerful explosion.

Her whole body was shaking and he looked up at her with a huge smile. He moved up and found her mouth; he kissed her long, hard and deep. She sighed and locked her nose against his, smiling like she had a deep secret. He played with her nipples and teased her with his tongue, then he once again sucked her nipple in, only to achieve what he wanted and that was to make her cum again.

She pushed him backwards and he lay at her feet, she found his buckle and undid his belt. Quickly with all the experience she could master, she had his jeans off in no time. There underneath all that denim was his cock, so hard and throbbing for her next touch. He closed his eyes and moaned. She straddled him and started at the top, first his lips, a huge big tongue lashing kiss. Then she followed his trail down to his nipples and sucked each one hard, and then across his belly, she could feel his cock throbbing about her legs as she moved down. She kissed his belly-button and her hand gently but firmly grabbed his hard cock. She could feel him pulsing as she started to lick the tip of his cock. Her tongue moved back and forth and with each movement, harder and harder. His pre-cum started to trickle out and she sucked it down. Looking up at him, she pushed her hair out of her face and smiled, he moaned for more as she went back down on him.

This time she took his tip and sucked on it, then her tongue danced across his ridge that she loved so much. She blew on him and the chill of her breath on his hot wet cock sent shivers all over his body. He closed his eyes and savored every single minute of his woman making love to his cock. He wanted her to take him all the way down her throat and he knew she would, but to tease him; she would take her time.

She licked and sucked his cock for what seemed like forever, and he moved under her rhythms, keeping time with her movements all over his cock. She released his cock again and lifted it up towards his chest, her tongue found his balls and she licked and sucked them as he moaned, then she licked the soft layer of skin that lies underneath his balls and he shouted with pleasure. She knew just how to take his breath away and he loved her for it.

She moved back up to his cock and took him down her throat. She could taste his sweat, salty taste that she loved so much and kept sucking and moving his cock down her throat even more. As her lips touched his tummy she kept sucking and pumping his cock with her throat and mouth muscles. She looked up at him and he was in sheer pleasure. She nodded her head and he knew that she wanted him to release his hot juices down her throat. She pumped and pumped and released, then sucked him down again and he was in heaven! She changed positions and was at his side, never dropping his cock out of her mouth. She waved her ass up high and he finger fucked her again, in and out, in and out, faster and faster. Her pussy walls were so wet and he fucked her hard. His cock was so hard, that she sucked him hard and all of a sudden, he exploded his hot tasty load down her throat. As she swallowed him down, he was just overcome by the way her mouth was so gentle yet so hard and sucked every drop out of him. She concentrated on only him even though he was still fucking her with 3 of his fingers. Deep inside her, she again came and got his fingers even wetter. She released his cock and sat up, spread her legs and he dove in and licked all her wet cum and swallowed her down. His sucking noises were loud as he sucked her pussy clean. Then she grabbed his cock again with her hand and bent over to clean his cock and shaft. Her hot mouth once again went down on him and she managed to make him hard to explode some more down her throat. She was gentle with him, knowing that he was so sensitive right now.

They both lay down next to one another and gently played with each other. Soothing the orgasms away, smiling and giggling at each other. They both looked deeply into each other eyes and mouthed "I Love You" to each other. Then she moved in closer to him, laid her head on his chest, listening to his heart beat, while he gently stroked her breast as they fell asleep, there on the living room floor with no words, they didn't need any.

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