tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSimran Discovers New Horizons Ch. 05

Simran Discovers New Horizons Ch. 05


By Dan57 and Merantix from an idea by Harry

Simran went shopping as Josh had ordered her to do. There were plenty of things missing as she had had many things to do during the previous days and she had had no time for shopping. The jersey dress Josh had given her was indecently tight around the curves of her body. She couldn't wear any undies under such a tight sheath and Josh had chosen a material so thin that it delineated her pussy and ass crack as well as the deep cleavage between her breasts. Besides, Simran had taken no undies with her! The dress was also provocatively low cut, almost to her navel! As she had also abstained from wearing a coat, any man in the vicinity had immediately his eyes glued to her body! Simran had blushed at the beginning but had soon really enjoyed the general attention!

During what she called already her initiation, she had been gangbanged by more than forty men but Josh had picked them up for her. This very day, she had entertained two guests recruited by Josh again. In both cases, she had acted as an employee providing sexual services to strangers. When she thought back to it, she had been filled of shame when she had opened her legs to receive the first pair of men after her belly dance exhibition but when the men had started to mercilessly plough her holes, the shame had swiftly dissolved to be replaced by total delight : she was well used by handsome men who really enjoyed giving women the ultimate pleasure! It was so good that the guilt had evaporated to be replaced by a commitment to give these men all the pleasure she could in return! That had been the moment she had accepted the idea she was now a full fledge hooker!

Now, she was on her own, fishing openly for men who were ready to pay for her services and that was really a job for a whore! She was delighted to have the opportunity to prove her worth! She walked slowly but proudly, with her tits thrust forward, her body arched at the waist to attract attention on her gorgeous butt. She took care when walking to place her feet in the same line. Her gait was strenuous, just like top models during a fashion show but her hips swivelled around and wobbled in the most enticing way! Women looked at her in the supermarket aisles with murderous eyes while the men stopped to follow her figure... It gave Simran a feeling of total power on these men that was inebriating. She had never felt anything like that when she had gone shopping with Ari!

Simran hadn't finished her shopping in the supermarket aisles when she had received the first proposals! Following Josh's orders, she hadn't declined the offers but just stipulated her conditions : a condom and one hundred dollars for a blowjob or one hundred and fifty to cum between or on her tits... She had never felt like haggling about her sexual services! The first men had thought they were trying their luck with some wayward pretty housewife but were not ready to deal with a woman who was now a professional call-girl! They just bowed away and Simran had been able to continue her shopping quietly. She was approaching the check out when she was hailed again. This man had listened to her conditions and had bought a pack of condoms and presented her a one hundred dollars note. Simran just asked :

-There are too many people here! Where do you want to do it?

-I have a van on the parking lot!

-OK! Show me the way... I will just put my purchases in my car. We may be occupied for ten to twenty minutes and my caddie could be stolen!

-I may require your services far longer if you are up to the task!

Simran's heart was beating : that was the first time in her life she was on her own, offering her sexual services openly outdoors. She was afraid of being kidnapped, of being aggressed on the parking or arrested by police and such things but the man led her to the far side of the parking, where she had also parked her car. He obligingly helped her put her bags in the trunk of her car and she followed this gentleman toward his van. It was a Mercedes one, rather new and quite clean. She felt reassured. The guy opened the back hatch and went in. Simran closed the hatch behind her. The man handed her the note and started to strip. Simran just undid her belt and pushed her dress over her head. In a few seconds, she was totally naked but her five inches stilettos. The man's mouth was gaping open :

-All this for just one hundred bucks? You could charge two or three hundred! Where is the scam?

-There is no scam! Just my boyfriend has told me to offer myself for fifty dollars or more... You accepted my offer at one hundred. You could have had me for half of your price but I want to honour the deal! You will see I'm worth it!

The man couldn't believe his luck. The girl looked a bit exotic, probably an Indian girl but incredibly pretty... He had heard that in India you could find cheap prostitutes for two dollars and that occasionally very beautiful women could decide to slum it by offering themselves for a mere trifle of money! He presented his cock to Simran who fell on her knees at his feet. She kissed his cock then started to lick it. It smelled expensive cologne and soap. It eased Simran's last fears! She had wondered whether she would get laid that evening and Josh had promised her she would most certainly!

-Yes, don't fear anything, Simran! Any man would fancy you and I want you to tell me afterward how many big men, including perhaps a few black ones have fucked you!

The interior of the van had been transformed into a cosy boudoir with a carpet on the floor, a large settee that was quite sufficient to receive Simran and her host together. There was even a small chemical toilets facility. It was a typical bachelor's nest with photographs of girls wearing see through veils that floated in the air behind them on the wall. They lay on the settee and the man started to nibble at her earlobe while snaking his hand into her cleavage. Simran mewled like a she cat in heat and told the man they didn't have the whole evening, that mayhap, he should start the operations.

-Let's be clear, if I give you four hundred dollars more, what will be your new time limit?

-Hmmm! Let us say ten PM! You would have three hours to fuck me! Does it suit you, Mister?

-Absolutely! My name is Charles, Charley for pretty women like you!

-You may call me Simran!

Things moved swiftly after that, and Charley soon cupped Simran's tits and squeezed them until she moaned. Since he had discovered that Simran didn't wear any undies under her dress, Charley had become mad with lust. She straddled him on the settee, rubbing her pussy up against his groin. She discovered then that Charley had a large interesting bulge in his trousers. His large hands were roaming her firm body from her neck to her calves and she allowed him to explore freely her body. Simran just regretted that Ari had never shown the same interest for her body : she would never have fallen into Josh's clutches but if she hadn't, she would never have met Charley.... As often since she had started her new career as a whore, Simran felt a combination of guilt about cheating on her husband and passion for the pleasures of the flesh offered by her different lovers...

Simran couldn't wait to have her gorgeous shapely body covered by her new lover's hands and him slipping his thick meat into her tight pussy! She longed to have her long legs pointing to the ceiling before wrapping around him as he fucked her! Quietly, Charley finished stripping to his turn. He was tall : 6 feet and five inches and he towered above her frail, curvy body. She discovered at last his long and thick cock : it was about ten inches long, swollen and very hard, just as she liked them! He pulled the foreskin back to reveal a large, mushroom shaped knob that started to swell even more just before Simran's eyes. Without being prompted, she bent down and started to lick and suck it! Josh's lessons had been quite beneficial as she opened her full, red lips and took as much of him down her throat as she could. Charley gasped in pleasure as her head started to bob along his shaft. She lashed his cock with her tongue and he started the eternal dance of love as she sucked him for her dear life!

Charley decided that it was now time to fuck Simran, but he started to go down on her to make her wet and sticky for him. She came over his face, and Charley seemed not to mind. He then put on a condom and mounted her. There was no discussion about their initial agreement about a simple blow job : for five hundred dollars; he could fuck her pussy AND her ass! He eased in and out of Simran and fucked her willing pussy with more and more energy. She whimpered as she felt a long series of climaxes rippling in her body. Leylah had told her an experienced hooker didn't come with her customers : she must not be that experienced as she cummed about each time a man fucked her : white, black or yellow, well endowed or no bigger than a boy men could propel her into heaven. A few thrusts in her pussy later, Charley started to jerk and groan as he filled the condom with his spunk. They laid together for ten minutes or so. Simran was playing with his cock and his balls. He made then a demand that greatly surprised Simran :

-Push your forefinger deep in my ass!

Simran thought that Charley might be gay! None of her lovers had ever made such a demand! After a short hesitation, she complied. She pushed her middle finger in his ass as deep as she could and wiggled it somewhat there. She was amazed to watch Charley's cock coming back to life. Five minutes later, he was hard enough for Simran to take it again in her pussy! He was not as big as on the previous romp but he was far from being limp either! He started to fuck her as soon as he was embedded to the hilt in her pussy. Charley led Simran through another series of explosive orgasms before letting himself go again. She was completely exhausted and let him lay on top of her, just caressing his hair and cooing endearments!

Before they parted, Simran made another slip to Leylah's instructions : she kissed Charley on the lips and let him shove his tongue into her mouth. Leylah had been quite specific : a good whore never kisses anyone but her Master! Simran just shrugged her shoulders and gave him a torrid French kiss before returning to her car. She had given him her cell phone number, telling him she would always be happy servicing him! He had replied that he might be in Detroit in two weeks and would be delighted to invite her to a restaurant for dinner! Tyrone was in front of her house waiting for her arrival when she arrived there...

-Did you find men ready to fuck you, Simran? How much did you charge finally?

-Well : I've found just one man but he gave me five hundred dollars to fuck me. Not a blow job but the whole service! I was lucky Josh had forgotten to place the clamp on my clit!

Tyrone seemed pleased by the outcome of her first solo outing. He told her to keep all the money. He decided to ass fuck her and Simran found that her pussy and her mouth seemed to interest him much less than her back passage but wasn't that what whores could expect? He entered her ass without any preliminary : she was now a seasoned hooker, wasn't she? She even enjoyed the assault ; that was just what she needed now! Tyrone cummed into her ass and put a blindfold on her eyes before replacing the clamp on her clit... Ari was arriving in less than one hour now and Tyrone still wanted to keep the secret of her clit clamp. Ari would certainly be rather horny and it would be the ultimate test for her skill to avoid straightforward fucking... Simran had largely the time to put her purchases in the cupboards and the fridge and take a scented bath before her husband's arrival. She decided to welcome him home completely naked. When he closed the door behind him, she jumped into his arms :

-At last, darling! I missed you so much, Ari! I was waiting for your return anxiously! I so much needed you, my love!

-But Simran, you are naked! How come? Do you need so much a good shagging?

-Of course, darling, but I have decided that, from now on, I will always make you cum in my mouth first! I have had a chat with one of my friends in down town and she has told me she takes her husband into her mouth every day when he comes home and if he is hard enough after that, she let him cum between her tits or on them! I have thought that you would love it too. I will treat you in the same way, now! It's a promise, Ari!

-My god! It will be an orgy! Just I wonder if I will ever able to get a hard on another time to fuck you at last, afterward!

-It's not a problem, darling : I will make you cum once or twice and if you don't cum in my pussy, afterward, I won't care!

Simran gave her husband a stupendous blow job. She then worked hard to revive him! The final result was quite respectable. She then squeezed her husband's cock between her boobs and he soon erupted between the big globes, covering her tits, her cleavage and her chin with his jizzm! She scooped his cum with her finger and provocatively licked it before swallowing his seed. Ari gasped when she opened her mouth wide to show him there was no more sperm there. Ari saw it and he didn't pull back when she offered him her lips. Afterward, Ari seemed happy but he was unable to get another hard on! Simran was quite pleased of having won so easily the victory! She had been totally unfaithful, had just deceived her husband, making him think she was offering him a sexual favour while she just couldn't meet his legitimate desires! Now her Master Josh owned her completely with no dispute and there was no place left between her legs for her legitimate husband at least as the legitimate owner of her little garden!

-I am going back to work tomorrow... Josh has told me there would be some changes in my job. I'll have to discuss with him about it... I may return later than usual tomorrow!

-OK, luv! Josh may be such a pain in the ass!

Simran smiled, remembering the first time Josh had buggered her without lubricant : he had certainly been a pain in the ass then! Simran enjoyed discovering the extent of feminine duplicity : she could lie to her husband so easily and he was so gullible! It gave her such a feeling of superiority on him! Ari had accepted so easily that she would return home late tomorrow. She had certainly no intentions of challenging her boss about the changes he wanted to introduce in her daily work but she had wished to spend a whole evening with Josh. He would fuck her until all her holes were sore, her jaw ached and fill all her holes with his superior seed!

In ancient times, Josh could have become a conqueror : he would have had a whole harem of the most beautiful girls to serve him and Simran would have been his sultana, seeing that all his needs were fulfilled, that he had always some fresh just nubile girls ready to service him with a snap of his fingers. She would have been ready to surrender to his most depraved whimsies! She would have worn the most daring outfits for her Master in public or even appeared totally naked in public! She would have given him as many babies as he might have requested : she really belonged to Him!

They went then to bed but Simran had difficulties finding sleep : she was thinking of the future enslavement of her mother and sisters to Josh. She would especially love to attend the first fucking of her prissy sister Aruna. Her husband Dev was completely dominated by his wife and Simran would pay to see her sister fucked mercilessly by a true man! Josh had promised Simran to breed her as soon as her sisters would be ready to service his guests but she would willingly accept anything from her Master to have Aruna bred as soon as possible by some lowly Dalit or, even better, by some Muslim Pakistani : the complete debasement for a proud Indian girl!

Two weeks later, Simran was wearing her newest ceremony saree to meet her family members. The men were meeting at Dev's house to watch the Superbowl and they had been quite glad when Simran had proposed to organize a girls' night out at her home. The men could drink beer and alcohols freely, without their wives' supervision. They could maybe watch some porn films during the breaks and boast about the measurements of their wives or girlfriends. Simran had recharged the batteries of the webcams, repositioned them to obtain the best images... Her sisters and the rest of her family had not the slightest chance to escape their fate! She should have felt guilty of helping to enslave her own family but was just feeling the elation of the hunter ready to tighten the nook around the necks of a bunch of pretty girls. After the usual laments, they would discover the pleasures of submitting to the will of their Master, of offering themselves to the lust of other men and of cheating on their husbands! It was a dangerous game where most women could become experts and that was accompanied by very pleasurable rewards!

Simran welcomed personally all her guests. Her mother Sheela arrived among the first visitors, as usual. She was the central piece of their plot : if she surrendered, her daughters would have no place to find shelter! Sheela was now divorced : she had married her husband when she was still a virgin and she had really enjoyed having hard sex with him but he had progressively gotten the virus of gambling : he spent more and more time and money in Atlantic City and Sheela had problems to buy food for feeding her babies. She had finally to find a job and her husband found a pretty blonde girl from Alabama who followed him at poker tables! When he started to stay in Atlantic City for the night and not bring back any money home, she had sued for divorce. She had had no news from him for years now!

Sheela had remained single since her divorce : she had had six babies, three sons and three daughters and her body had no more the firmness of youth. She was now forty five and was rather plump but she had kept the swaying hips that her husband had so much enjoyed! She wore now usually salwar kameez (tunic with pants) as she was no more in seduction mode. She had still deep longings of finding a strong and healthy man who would take her in hand, make her exercise and regain her slender figure : for such a man, she would put on sarees or body hugging clothes again. She would wear bindis, bangles and other Indian jewels. She might even dance for him : when she was young, she was known to be a very good dancer, Bollywood style. She could then spend an hour and a half applying make up to charm her guests! She was just a hot wife turned to waste for lack of interest from her husband! But she just needed a spark to ignite the flames again...

As a welcome treat, Simran offered her mother a glass of orange juice spiked with a potent diuretic and a laxative with a little vodka to hide the taste. It was nothing too strong, just enough to start loosening Sheela's inhibitions and force her to visit frequently the toilets. Josh had insisted that photographs showing a girl peeing or relieving her bowels would be quite likely interesting for his blackmail... Women would do anything to prevent such dirty images to appear on Internet or be sent to their friends! Simran exchanged with her mother some small talk about her sisters and their friends before turning toward her other guests ... Josh winked at Simran when she passed near the bar. Sheela's next drink would contain a potent aphrodisiac that would break all the barriers she might have built in her mind : it would have transformed the superior of the strictest convent in the most wanton slut on Earth ready to service one hundred burly men that had been totally deprived of feminine contact for six months!


The tables were covered with piles of pizzas, sausages, chips, fruits, cakes and anything women could like. There were even pastries and other delicacies from Punjab. With the money she had recently earned, Simran could now offer lavish reception! She had been lucky that her mother and sisters weren't strict vegetarians! Sheela gasped when she saw the tables. Alisha and Latikha, two family friends, arrived then. They were both in their mid twenties and they were married to the most boring men : a trader for Alisha and a real estate agent for Latikha. They had chatted with Simran on previous occasions that they should find a lover, well hung and more interested by their pussies than by the money he could earn! But their dreams had remained mere unimplemented projects. Simran had thought it would be quite adequate to grant them the opportunity to realize their wishes. The two girls had completely abandoned Indian culture. Just Alisha was wearing a choli under her open shirt but Latikha wore a very short black cocktail dress that could be quite adequate as a whore outfit if worn with stay up stockings, very high stilettos, more flashy make up and without knickers, of course!.

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