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Sinderella was the eighteen year old daughter of an English widower and his pride and joy. A few years after his wife's death, he had remarried a rather mean, aggressive woman named Christine. She had two spoiled daughters, Victoria and Abigail who were a couple of years older than Sinderella, but not nearly as beautiful or sweet natured.

Unfortunately, after a few months, Sinderella's father had a heart attack and passed away. Her cruel stepmother became Head of the household and the poor fatherless girl was completely under her rule.

Christine wasted no time taking over. She was given complete control of her dead husband's funds and property.

Christine never liked Sinderella. She was too beautiful, and had such a sweet disposition; it made her two daughters look even less attractive and more selfish that they already were. Now that she was in charge, she would show that pretty little bitch, who's the mistress of the house.

Sinderella immediately found herself reduced to the station of maid and servant to her stepmother and two older stepsisters. Any refusal on her part brought immediate punishment from any of the three women.

She was often stripped, bound, spanked, and humiliated by the mother and stepsisters for the slightest infraction. She waited on them hand and foot, night or day and was completely at their beck and call.

One evening Sinderella's stepsisters, called her to their room, regarding a stain in the crotch of Victoria's panties. They told her to strip naked and crawl to them on her knee as they usually did when they intended to punish her.

"When I tell you to hand wash my panties, I expect you do a good job, and look at this!" Victoria, scolded, pointing to the stain in the crotch of her panties she was wearing. A wet stain was clearly visible on the panties covering her pussy.

"I don't understand," replied Sinderella, I washed them very carefully, as usual, they were spotless yesterday!"

"Are you calling me a liar?" Victoria replied. "Lick that stain out right now, and stick that ass up in the air to receive your punishment while you suck my panties clean!"

Sinderella stood up and bent over to lick and suck her stepsister's panties, leaving her bottom in a very vulnerable position.

Meanwhile, Abigail moved up behind her and slipped a lubricated butt plug into her anus.

Sinderella gasped as the huge butt plug entered her.

As soon as the butt plug was in place, Abigail started smacking her behind with a paddle until Sinderella's ass was bright red and tears were streaming down her cheeks. However, she did not stop her licking and sucking her stepsister's pantied cunt as she sobbed and cried for mercy.

"You want me to stop?" Abigail asked. "Make my sister cum and then I'll stop, you worthless bitch!"

Sinderella, in spite of the pain, doubled her efforts to make her stepsister cum.

Victoria turned on by Sinderella's tongue and the site of seeing her beautiful stepsister, naked on her knees, getting her butt-plugged ass paddled, could hold back no longer. She grabbed Sinderella's hair and pulled her tightly against her pussy.

"Oh yeah, bitch, suck that cunt, oh yes, oh yes, ahhhhh!" Victoria screamed as she came in Sinderella's face.

Abigail stopped her paddling and said, "I told you I would stop if you made my sister cum, now she will beat your ass until you make me cum. Fair's fair!"

Abigail quickly pushed Sinderella down on the floor on her back and straddling her face and started rubbing her cunt on her stepsister's mouth.

Meanwhile, Victoria, holding Sinderella's legs up, started whipping her red, smarting buttocks with a belt.

"Oh please," Sinderella begged, "No more, I will do anything you say but please don't spank me anymore!"

"Just make Abigail cum and I will stop." Victoria answered.

Sinderella was sobbing now from the pain but continued to suck Abigail's cunt in an effort to make her cum and stop the beating.

Abigail started grinding her pussy harder in Sinderella's face. "Oh yes, oh yes! Lick it, suck it, show me how much you like the taste of my cunt, you dirty little whore, don't stop, don't you dare stop, yes, yes, ahhhhh, I'm cumming, I'm cumming in your mouth! Swallow it, swallow it, yessssssssssss!" Abigail screamed as she came all over Sinderella's face.

Finally, Victoria stopped beating her and Abigail rolled off her, panting as she lay on the floor beside her sobbing stepsister.

"Let that be a lesson!" Victoria told her crying stepsister. "Next time you clean my panties, I expect them to be spotless. Now get the fuck out of here, I'm sure there are chores you need to finish."

Sinderella, gathered her clothes, and ran crying from the room while her two stepsisters, laughed at her humiliation and suffering.

When Sinderella reached her room, she threw herself across her bed. She had stopped crying but noticed her thighs were wet. She felt an itching sensation deep in her cunt. She pulled the butt plug out of her anus and drove it deep in her pussy. It felt good! She continued to trust it in and out of her cunt while she rubbed her clitoris with her other hand.

She could feel her orgasm starting to occur while she smelled the combined pussy juice of her stepsisters still on her face. She only wished she could feel the paddle smacking her bare behind as she rode her orgasm while thinking about her two stepsister's insults and hot cunts.

She already began to think of what she might do tomorrow to earn another spanking. No handsome prince for her. She was content to serve her two sexy stepsisters and stepmother.

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