Sinful High Class Mom Ch. 02


It was as if time was standing still. Here I was dressed in my expensive tan thigh high stockings and high heels, teasing my son as he watched me while he stroked his massive cock before me. I then began encouraging him to shoot off for me. I told him I needed to see the big load he had stored up for me.

I bent at the waist and kissed him and said, "Cum for me baby, let me watch you pump a real big load. I can't wait to see that huge fucking cock pop for me."

I walked away with my high heels clicking seductively and listened to my son groan saying, "You're such a hot bitch mom, that fucking body was made to be fucked."

Suddenly spurt after spurt of long tremendous ropes of cum began flying out of his wide opening, spanning over 10 feet away! As I uttered disbelievingly, "Oh my god," my son continued to shoot wildly causing a stream of cum to form.

After what had to be 20 or 30 blast of cum my son stood and walked to me. There was almost a rage of lust in his eyes that suggested how turned on to me he was and I am quite sure he saw the same depraved look on my face. We immediately embraced and began kissing wildly like to animals in heat. My son then took me to the sofa and had me lean over the back exposing my ass to him.

He said, "Now I'm gonna get a real taste of that sexy ass and hot snatch I've been dreaming about all these years mom. I'm gonna eat you until you fucking cum all over my mouth baby."

For the next two hours my son fucked me into oblivion with his skilled mouth and tongue. As his tongue explored my ass his fingers would play with my "fuck lips" as my son called them. The feeling was so exquisite. His skilled hands worked me into a frenzy again and again. As his mouth would kiss my ass his hands would go up my stocking covered legs to my turned on nipples. Kyle's hands were everywhere. It was as if he couldn't get enough of my body.

At one point his tongue was exploring the depths of my ass while his right hand was toying with my large distended clit and his left hand was playing with my nipples. My body was convulsing form the incredible sensations his mouth and hands were giving me. This was heightened by the thoughts of that great big 14 inch cock I was going to fuck that belonged to my very own 18 year old son. I could not hold back and when my son demanded that I cum, I exploded, causing my ass to press up hard into his face as I came for over a minute.

He then took the fingers of one hand and inserted two into my asshole and two from the other hand and inserted them into my pussy. He fucked me very slowly while he leaned over me and kissed passionately for a half hour. He would then remove his fingers and have me suck each one as he had me taste myself, then insert them again. I was in ecstasy and was so turned on by this that I came two more times. I could not believe that I was being controlled by a 18 year old boy this way. My 18 year old son knew more about fucking than any man I have ever been with including that black Rap Star!

As my son continued to fuck me this way I would reach back and touch his huge cock. As my long fingers would caress it, I was in absolute shock that my son's huge cock was still so hard and turned on after having just shot such an enormous load of hot cum. When I stood I put one hand behind his neck and began kissing very passionately, more like lovers instead of mother and son. I then took his giant cock and stroked it along my side, up and down the endless 14 inch shaft while we kissed.

I said, "Oh baby lets go to your bed; I want to blow your huge cock so fucking bad. I need to suck your huge cock again baby."

Inside the bedroom my son laid down on the bed and I crawled up next to him. I remained in my stockings and high heels and we kissed while I stroked that monstrous cock. I then went down on him and for the next hour, kissing and licking along every glorious inch of his amazing cock with a lust that I can't possibly describe. At one point Kyle's answering machine went off and I heard my husband's voice come on and ask how we were doing and how things were tonight.

As I continued working my son's freakish cock I mockingly said, "Were doing just fine honey, but I can't get to the phone right now because my mouth and hands are so full from blowing your son's giant 14 inch cock."

After awhile my son began a low groan and I looked up at him and said slyly, "Ohhhh baby, you must like the way I'm playing with your great big cock." I continued, "Is this too much for you baby, are you going to drop another big hot load?"

He then said rather smugly, "Yeah bitch, but don't stop sucking me 'till I'm finished blowing my big turned on load."

In a few more minutes added by my encouragement a strong burst of cum flew up over my head onto the floor. I wanted to taste my son's cum so badly that I put the huge head of his giant cock against my wide open mouth and proceeded to taste the most amazing cum I have ever experienced. Blast after blast filled my mouth until I had to swallow repeatedly ten times. When I could not swallow another drop I continued pumping him aggressively watching him shot the few remaining powerful blasts of cum in the air, onto his taught muscular stomach.

I then lay on my side with my left leg curved. As my son looked at me in the mirror I continued to pump his still rock hard shaft. As he looked at me staring at my long stocking covered leg and high heel he said, "Don't stop pumping my big cock mom, I've got another cum for you baby."

This was truly amazing to watch. Not only did my son posses a tremendous sized cock, but one blessed with a tireless appetite to fuck! As my hands eagerly pumped his enormous cock my eyes stayed glued to it, worshiping it, still disbelieving of how absolutely gigantic it was, as he watched me in the mirror.

Kyle said, "Oh yeah mom you know how to work a big cock."

In a few minutes my son exploded again, this time covering my nipples and tits in a bucket of hot cum. It was so exquisite feeling his huge load over my skin. When the cum hit my nipples I actually came myself! Throughout his amazing orgasm my son said boldly, "Oh yeah your such a nasty fucking bitch baby."

After the final drop was drained from his huge cock it finally began to soften. Even soft it still remained huge in length, at nearly 11 inches and the same width. I continued lovingly kissing my son's huge imposing cock saying, "Oh baby I love your huge cock, it's so fucking beautiful, so fucking big- soooooooo fucking big!!"

We kissed passionately for over an hour as my son's hands ran up and down every inch of my excited body, while my hands gently stroked his giant shaft. Kyle said, "Now it's my turn to eat that fucking snatch mom".

He began kissing his way up each of my thigh high stockings, over the elastic tops to the sides of my long distended fuck lips. He continued teasing me with his mouth and tongue for over an hour as he remarked about my sexy long legs and how much my look turned him on. Eventually he began kissing my pussy telling me how much he's wanted to eat me. His kissing and talking to me were driving me insane. My son then started using his tongue all around the sides of my long pussy lips until he teased his way to my rock hard clit. He began licking my clit while he reached up and worked my swollen nipples.

I was moaning, "Oh baby I can't believe how much your turning me on. No one has gotten me this fucking hot ever!"

He would put his fingers in my mouth and I would eagerly lick and suck them as he continued flicking his skilled tongue over my clit and fuck lips. He finally sent me into orbit when he took my big clit into his mouth and began sucking on it while his fingers worked my nipples and another finger worked my asshole. I reached that point of no return and exploded causing my body to convulse repeatedly. Kyle's mouth was like a vacuum as he continued sucking my clit until I explode in an earth shattering orgasm.

This was only the beginning. It was obvious that we were just getting started. We were two very turned on people with a desire to tease and turn on the other. We weren't mother and son, we were two lust crazed lovers gifted with beautiful bodies designed for fucking and each with an insatiable desire to fuck and please each other all night. In fact that is exactly what we did.

We continued pleasing each other this way alternating between my son eating and sucking me, to me blowing or jerking him off. In his bed and out of his bed: in every room of his apartment we would raise the bar as each one would come. This went on until the sun had long come up. It finally ended with my son and I standing and kissing feverishly, while I pumped his colossal cock and he fingered fucked me. We both exploded simultaneously ending an astonishingly erotic night.

I then stepped out of my high heel pumps and stockings quite deliberately as my son watched intently. As he gently stroked his still imposing cock he said, "Your so fucking hot mom, I can't wait till we fuck later."

I then lay down next to him and we kissed passionately as we talked about how we were going to fuck all day and night. It was almost 8am. Kyle and I had been fucking and playing with each other since 10pm, over ten hours straight! I then fell asleep in my son's strong arms.

I awoke before my son and when I got out of bed I couldn't help but notice his huge cock pulsating as it lay draped way over his muscular thigh. Even at rest his cock was enormous in size. I knew today would be the day my son and I would finally fuck each other. It was what we talked about while we kissed, before falling asleep.

I went into the shower and could only think about what had happened between Kyle and me last night. His huge cock and the amazing way he knew how to turn a woman on. How we played with each other orally all night, and couldn't get enough of each other. How I came over thirty times while my son's giant cock shot off an amazing ten times! I was getting so worked up thinking about how I was about to fuck such an enormous cock especially my son's.

When I went back into the bedroom I looked in disbelief as my son's cock was now throbbing, running up his muscular chest to his pectoral muscles. "Oh my god, he's so fucking huge," I said to myself disbelieving.

My body's desires took over and the need to fuck my son's 14 inch cock would not subside. I began getting dressed for fucking; a look I knew made me look and feel so hot and sexy and a look I knew turned my son on.

I did my hair up to one side and applied my red shade of lipstick. I then rolled up a pair of very sexy sheer thigh high stockings. I stepped into the pair of black high heel pumps I wore to his apartment, and then put on some expensive perfume. As I stood in the mirror I couldn't help thinking how sexy I looked. The sight of me with my long legs in those sexy thigh high stockings and black high heels with my long nipples sticking straight up was a very arousing sight.

Kyle woke up when he smelled the perfume. As he looked at me he got out of bed and took me in his strong arms and we began kissing and moaning passionately. He told me how sexy I looked and said he was going to love fucking my hot body. As I stroked his ragging 14 inch hard on I expressed my thoughts about how I couldn't wait to fuck his huge cock, and that it was all I've been thinking about.

As we kissed I jerked his huge cock then went down on my high heels and blew my son's monster cock. I licked and played with it then looked up at him and snarled, "Such a big fucking cock, so fucking huge, I can't wait to fuck this monster cock baby."

After an hour of this teasing he finally shot a massive load all the way on the opposite side of the room. As he came so did I from the pure erotic spectacle of watching such an amazing sight. After my son came we kissed and then he went down on me for over an hour teasing me to the point of orgasm nearly ten times before he would let me cum. Finally on his terms he made me shoot off into a wild orgasm as I shuddered uncontrollably. My son, an 18 year old boy, owned my body and possessed it like no man ever has, including the black Rap Star!

It was finally time to fuck. My son leaned me over his dresser. My high heels caused my ass to stick out perfectly. My son then took the head of his enormous cock and playfully began spreading my wet fuck lips apart. He continued this sexy teasing for over an hour as he leaned forward and we kissed madly. Ever so slowly he began inserting the huge cock head into me. This alone made me cum again and again.

He put both hands on the cheeks of my ass and helped spread them apart. While his enormous shaft inched into me we continued kissing and my son began pinching my extended inch long nipples. I have never experienced such an amazing feeling. I kept cumming over each inch of my son's massive cock as he slow fucked his way into me with such an amazing confidence.

My son continued talking to me raising my level of excitement even more. He would say, "Oh mom your hot snatch feels so fucking good wrapped around my great big turned on cock. I've wanted to fuck you for a long time baby."

For nearly two hours my son worked his monster 14 inch cock into me as he kissed and played with my body until he finally bottomed out. He was so amazed that I took his entire cock claiming that no woman has ever done that. I must have cum fifty times experiencing things that I have never experienced before. My son's huge cock reached places inside of me that I never felt before.

We began getting into an incredible fuck rhythm as we met each others stroke. As my son bent back I bent slightly to meet his long strokes. I moaned, "Oh baby your cock feels so fucking good inside me, its soooo fucking big, I can't believe how fucking big you are baby. My pussy's never taken a cock this fucking big before. Oh god, it feels so good wrapped around your great big pumping shaft baby. Soooo fucking good!"

I turned my head to the side and we began kissing each other while he fucked into me. Another hour went by and I continued to cum over my son's giant cock again and again. After a while he told me to look at my self in the mirror. I looked on in shock as my son's huge cock went so deep into me, then came out so far that it looked like I was connected to ten long, fat cocks! I could not believe this freakish sight. It seemed so unbelievable that a cock could possibly be so long and thick and that I could actually take so much of it.

He made me come when he said, "Look how fucking hot you look mom, taking all of my huge cock baby."

My son then changed our fuck positions. He took me effortlessly, and lifted me against his chest and took my long legs in his strong arms as if he was carrying me. I could not believe the amazing sensation I was getting from my son's giant cock as it continued fucking way up into me and as I hung suspended from his huge cock.

I put my arms around Kyle's neck and we continued kissing while he slow fucked into my quivering pussy. As my son fucked me in front of the mirror this way I marveled at how sexy I looked in my sheer thigh high stockings and black high heels with my long legs crossed over each other and how they looked even longer than they actually are in this position.

My son fucked me this way for over an hour watching me in the mirror with depraved lust in his eyes and grunted sexual obscenities about my long sexy stocking covered legs and my sexy high heels, and calling me a nasty bitch. He snarled at me, telling me to roll my sexy ass over his big cock so that he could cum. I immediately obeyed my son's request and began rolling my turned on ass over his mammoth cock which caused him to groan louder and louder until he began shooting massive amounts of cum into my explosive pussy. Feeling his enormous cock swell to unimaginable proportions I came with him in a volcano-like eruption.

Our orgasm seemed to last for minutes, as we kissed wildly and his huge cock continued to send burst after burst of hot cum way up into me. In all my years of fucking I have never experienced such an explosive orgasm. My son even exploded harder then the black rap star did! As Kyle drowned my insides with the most amazing bursts of cum I began to tremble and explode with him. After we came I squatted down on my high heels and went crazy licking every inch of my son's still furious 14 inch cock until it was thoroughly clean.

Our lust to fuck was still raging. I then had my son sit on the edge of the bed and I reached for his angry shaft and inserted it once again into my insatiable pussy. I was still in awe of my son's giant cock and when I inserted the head into my hungry pussy I came all over it again. As my son ran his hands over my stocking covered legs he began pinching my swollen nipples slowly turning me on more and more.

I began the task of taking his monstrous cock deep inside of me. It took an hour to finally accommodate my son's huge cock. As we got into a fantastic rhythm we fucked each other, pleasing each other in a way only two highly sexual and beautiful people could. Not just the heat that comes from a mother fucking her own son, but rather a sexy, very stunning older women with a great body fucking a young man with an enormous cock and a very high sex drive.

After I came my son and I stood with him remaining behind me fucking that turned on 14 inch cock into me. My son and I were kissing and fucking for over an hour this way when the phone rang and it was my husband. I decided to pick up the phone and talk to him because he would wonder why we didn't call him since I arrived yesterday. As I talked to my husband my son continued to satisfy my burning pussy with long endless fuck strokes. My husband continued to ask me all types of questions about the awards my son received. He then asked me if any girls were interested in him. As my son fucked into me I told my husband that our son could have his choice of any girl at school he wanted.

At this my son leaned into my ear and said brazenly, "Why don't you tell dad about the hot girl that's fucking with my big fat cock right now mom?" I then turned my head and gave my son a sly smirk and our tongues began flicking wildly across each others.

When my husband asked to talk to our son I used this opportunity to suck on that magnificent cock again. As my son talked to my husband about all of the awards he had won I bent at the waist and began licking his giant shaft with my eager tongue. As my son leaned against the dresser I flicked my hot tongue wildly across his huge silky smooth shaft.

It was so nasty licking my son's huge extended cock while he talked to my husband on the phone. I was going crazy licking along his endless shaft. I would lick along one side then flick my tongue wildly across his enormous cock head as I looked up at my son slyly while he listed to my husband. I could tell this was driving him crazy in the same way it did for me. After a few minutes I went down the other side of his long shaft then spent a few minutes lingering on his beautiful silky balls.

My son then handed me back the phone and as I stood he hit the mute button. We kissed hotly, steeling a few precious seconds before hitting the mute button. My son then said annoyingly, "My big cock needs more of that hot pussy of yours mom, get rid of him so we can get back to fucking."

Before hitting the button I kissed him and moaned, "Oh yesssssssss baby. Anything you want baby, anything you want."

As I spoke to my husband my son stood behind me and began rubbing my ass with his wonderful hands. He then took his giant cock and brought it back to my aching pussy. When my husband asked if we were having a good time I answered that it was the most amazing time I have ever had.

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