Sinful Pleasure on a Rainy Night


Gail screamed as fiery hot liquid squirted out of her pussy. She had no time to be embarrassed or ashamed as another volley of juice flowed from her passages and landed against Phil's hungry mouth. She shuttered for what seemed an eternity, before her arms were released and her pussy released from Phil's hungry lips. The vibrator and anal toy were eased form her orifices.

David had somehow managed to remove the tank top, and the sweater; she was lifted into his strong and capable arms, carried down the hall and gently deposited on a bed. Wearily she looked around. Her vision was blurry; her breath came in choked gasps. Phil pushed a glass of water into her hand. She drank deep, David supporting her until she handed the glass back.

Phil placed it on the bedside table. Gail grabbed his arm, pulled her to him and covered his mouth with hers. She kissed him deep, taking in the scent of her own juices, as well as the taste. She licked her way along the side of his tongue stroking the appendage before pulling away and moving to David. Their kiss was just as heavy, just as hungry and just as lustful.

For Gail the world seemed to stop, but she knew it hadn't. Her mouth was still dry, but the men before her had given her a gift unlike any she'd ever had before. "I don't have the energy to undress you both, but I do have the energy and the hunger to --." She grinned. Her face was bright and flushed from her earlier orgasm.

Neither man had issues with seeing the other nude. They had, after all, shared many a woman and Gail was no different, with the exception of her circumstances and their luck of the draw.

She watched with eyes void of anything but lust. Each man removed their socks, pants, shirts, and for Phil, he removed his boxers, where as David had opted to go commando. Gail smirked. Two gorgeous cocks stood out from too hardened bodies. Both had hairy chests, arms, and legs, neither shaved their genitals, but that was where their similarities ended.

David's hair was slightly thicker than Phil's. It was a soft red, more of a red-blonde. His chest was still hard, but it showed the age that his years proclaimed. Gail still found his physique greatly appealing. His cock seemed to angle more to the left than Phil's, and she couldn't help but notice his was longer than the younger man's too.

Phil's dick, on the other hand, was not to be dismissed. It was not as long as David's, but it was just as thick, possibly thicker. Two different cocks, yet both needed release. Gail licked her lips, and slid from the bed. She settled onto the floor, and looked up at each man's eager and waiting smiles.

Gail had no issues giving blow jobs; it was the one thing her husband had been more than willing to let her do. She gave them for him, simply out of obligation. For David and Phil -- it was all for lust. "It is unfortunate I can't suck you both off at the same time."

David smirked. "There are other ways to get us both off at the same time, and you'll get off as well -- if you can handle another orgasm like that last one."

She looked up at both men, then down at their cocks. A grin spread wide across her face, as she leapt back up, renewed energy coursed through her veins. "Just tell me where you want me," she said, almost giggling like a school girl.

Phil moved to the foot of the bed, shaking his cock at her as if it were a treat for an eager kitten. Gail purred, and crawled across the comforter, on her hands and knees. She lapped at his cock before taking it in one hand and sliding it into her mouth.

The weight of the bed shifted, as David climbed up and settled himself behind her. Gail paused in the sucking of Phil's dick as firm hands grabbed her hips, adjusted her stance, and spread her butt cheeks enough so a small toy could be inserted into her ass; Gail grunted in pleasure. She squeezed the new member to the party, noted its smaller size than her dildo and was curious if it too would vibrate and hum around the walls of her tight passage.

Gail did not have to wait long to feel the next invading rod slide into her. Her pussy welcomed David's hard shaft. She felt the swollen tip press into the fleshy sides of her sex. A sigh of pleasure rolled from her throat and over Phil's cock. She moved up and down on the head of her lover's dick, enjoying the feel of all her passages being used.

"She's a dirty slut," Phil grunted, as he pushed her head down deeper into his groin. David grunted in agreement. His cock slipped in and out of her slippery hole.

Words were unnecessary for Gail. She closed her eyes, pushed back on David's stiff rod and drew in Phil's thicker shorter tool down her throat. Her hands would alternate the stroking and caressing of his shaft and balls. Her pussy tightened and relaxed, milking the dick that was bombarding her sex. At times her wrists would ache, so she'd rest both her hands on the bed, open her mouth wider and just let Phil control all the action.

A solid slap on her ass brought a surprised cry of pleasure from her lungs. David's hand came down again, smacking her bottom. The butt plug began to hum quietly in her channel. Gail could once again barely comprehend what was happening to her. Fingers dug into her scalp, a cock filled her throat, a dick rammed in and out of her cunt, and again his hand slapped her ass. The vibrating plug sent shivers up her spine, along the deep recesses of her body.

The spongy head of David's cock pushed further into her, touching her cervix, and threatening to drive deeper if at all possible. She felt the smacking of his balls; her pussy was sopping with nectar. It throbbed with a pulse that seemed erratic and dangerous. She pulled at one of her nipples, twisting the tiny bead, adding more pain and pleasure to their act.

It was going to happen again, she knew it -- could feel the burning sensation in her lungs as her body tried to haul in enough oxygen to survive. Her nostrils flared, the fragrance of their fucking welcomed her. A groan spilled from her lips, surrounding the rod that was raping her face.

Phil pulled her hair, pushed her up and down on his dick. He muttered words of encouragement, as well as words of degradation and contempt. Nothing seemed to deter Gail from her goal of swallowing cum and accepting it deep within her pussy. His words only ignited the determination in her soul.

David's nails dragged down her spine, leaving marks that would fade within a few hours. But the mark both men were leaving on Gail were not marks that would ever be erased.

"I'm gonna cum baby," David hissed, as he pushed one last time into the opening that had welcomed him.

Gail shuttered in approval. She was shocked by the heat of his seed flooding her, never had she been so in tune with her body that she could actually feel a man's cum engulf her. The hot fluid mingled with her own as her climax ripped through her. Phil kept her mouth anchored to the base of his dick, as he exploded. She gulped and sucked, swallowed and quickly repeated the process. Her eyes rolled back and her body shook violently. Darkness was a welcome relief.

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

"Fuck." Gail rolled over, buried her head in the pillow and breathed deep. The unfamiliar smell of men's cologne brought her out of her slumber. She looked at the pillow, then at the bed itself. Her eyes grew wide and she turned over to lie again on her back. One arm was lifted, and flopped unceremoniously over her eyes.

"Oh my god," she muttered to herself. Long fingers were run through her hair, before she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Several minutes passed as she recalled what had been the most exquisite and strangest night of her life. Her pussy flexed at the memory and her nipples hardened. Gail exhaled and sat up to better take in her surroundings.

The bedroom they'd brought her to was most likely David's. It was a large room, and had several costly items scattered around. Another flat screen television, another set of surround sound speakers, a large dresser, topped with cologne, loose change, a set of keys and a wall mirror, were only a few things that made up the rooms décor.

Gail stretched, brought her knees up and fingered a loose thread on the quilt, which covered her naked body. She licked her lips, and pondered how to face the two officers that had brought out the slut her husband had never thought existed.

"Wow," she whispered.

"I see you're awake."

Gail blushed, turned her head and looked at David. His demeanor spoke volumes. He stood tall, sure of himself and confident as he walked over the threshold of the bedroom and handed Gail a cup of steaming hot coffee.

"I left it black," he said as she took the morning gift, and settled down beside her. He was dressed in jeans and a gray t-shirt, no socks. Gail studied his toes as she sipped on the dark brew. His hand moved over her hair and down her back.

She took a moment to relax into his touch, before turning to face him. "I'm not sure what to say. I mean -- wow."

David chuckled, winked, and kissed her forehead. "You don't have to say anything. Phil and I certainly don't want you to regret anything."

"Oh, no regrets, I don't know how I'll feel weeks, months, or years down the road, but I have no regrets at all -- right now."

"Fair enough," David said, before moving from the bed. "I unpacked more of your clothes. You do have some interesting lingerie for a single woman."

Again her skin brightened. "I had thought that I'd start dating again, so I figured I better update my look to more of a single woman than a housewife with no future."

"You're more than a housewife, Gail."

A smile rose from her lips, and she thanked him. "Where's Phil?" she asked, hoping to ease the sudden gloominess that had come from her words.

"He took the car, picked up a neighbor and they're going to bring your SUV back here."

"Aw, he didn't have to do that," she answered, "but I'm grateful."

"I'm sure he'll be more than willing to let you show him how grateful, when he gets back," David winked. "Go ahead and shower up; we cleaned you up best we could last night, but I'm sure you'll feel more yourself once you have a chance to wash up and get dressed."

Gail swallowed the lump in her throat. "Yeah, that was weird. I don't remember anything after swallowing Phil's cum," she blushed and turned her head away, "and your cock -- when you came it was -- it was just -."

David grinned. "You passed out sweets. I bet that was a first for you."

Her eyes grew wide. "Most definitely a wow moment," she mumbled.

"Clean towels are in the bathroom, and your clothes are over there. How do you take your eggs?"

She shook away her thoughts. "Over easy and buttered toast too, please. Oh, and I kind of like sausage and bacon, so if you have either or both that would be great and --."

"Someone worked up an appetite." David promised to feed her and left her to her own musings.

When she was alone Gail pulled the covers away from her body, stared down at her nipples, her stomach and her pussy. She couldn't quite believe how much cum she'd taken and how much her own body had given. The words that Phil had said, the hard slaps of David's hand on her ass, the vibrating toys that had given her so much pleasure, all of these feelings and emotions had been locked away inside her.

She moved from the bed, and walked naked from David's room, down the hall toward the bathroom. Another door was to her left, she paused, knocked quietly and when no one answered she opened it and saw another bedroom. This one was sparsely decorated, and lacked the electronic components that made up the living room and master bedroom.

"The roughin' it room," she whispered to herself, and knew it was most likely the guestroom that Phil was using. She looked at the bed, it was smaller than the one she'd been taken on, but looked sturdy enough to handle a good fucking. Crimson color filled her cheeks while she imagined bedding down with Phil that night. A whimper escaped her lips, as she closed the door on her thoughts and on Phil's room.

The shower water soon made love to her used flesh. Sticky cum that had found a home in damp crevices was washed away. Gail teased her nipples several times throughout the shower, and flicked her clit with her nails as she scrubbed and cleaned herself. Her fingers toyed with the puckered entrance of her ass, and she moaned softly. Never would she have thought arousal could come from that part of her body, but it had, there was no mistaking it.

Gail continued to cleanse herself, eventually moving to her hair. This time she was able to shampoo and condition the thick curls without interruption. When she left the shower, she felt more alive than she had in years, and wondered what the two men would think if she offered to come up another time, perhaps they would welcome a more permanent arrangement.

Gail chastised herself for her thoughts. How quickly a slut she'd become. This behavior is something she would have condemned had she heard about it from someone else, but here she was embracing it.

After drying off and getting dressed in a pair of jeans, and a tank top, Gail made her way to the kitchen. She ignored the sensation of her clothes rubbing against her bare skin. She knew she wanted David and Phil again, and she knew bras and panties were only a hindrance to a quicker release. She'd debated for a long time on whether to dress at all, and secretly she wouldn't have, except she knew Phil may have the neighbor with him when he got back.

"Oh god, that smells so good," Gail cooed her pleasure at the aroma of bacon and toast.

She slid into an empty seat and watched David move around the kitchen. Soon her stomach was growling and her fingers were pinching off chunks of bacon that had already been draining on a paper towel. "I need you to come over to my place and cook sometime. I love it when someone else does the cooking." She popped the rest of the strip into her mouth and savored the taste.

David filled her cup of coffee, and took a place beside her. "Eat up," he said as he began passing food to her as well as topping off his own plate. "Phil's already eaten, so all of this is for us."

Her eyes widened at the amount of food on the table. "I'll do my best," she laughed, before settling down to enjoy the artery clogging meal.

"Good stuff," Gail said after pushing her plate away. She leaned on her palm, elbow on the table and watched David polish off the last sausage link. "So, how long have you and Phil been partners?"

"Seems like forever. Our parents were friends, and though I'm older than him by 13 years. He's always been underfoot. He's like a brother too me, not only because of us being on the same police force, but because he's just always been there."

"And women?" Gail smirked, "have you always shared your women?"

David chuckled. "No, not always, remember I do have two daughters, and Phil was never with my wife."

"So the sharing started after she passed away?"

He nodded his head, refilled both their cups and looked off into distance. Gail studied his face as it took on a faraway look.

"Susan died of breast cancer about ten years ago. Phil was there to help me out, took the girls to their dance practice, and became more and more a part of our lives than he had ever before. He was significant in the role of 'Uncle' and though I joke about him dating my girls, I know he'd treat them with respect and I have no doubt this," David motioned around the cabin, "this would cease to exist. I'm waiting for the day to come when he tells me he's found the right girl and there is no more sharing."

Gail smiled. "Well, I'm sure till then, you're both more than willing to play the field. I know I certainly wouldn't mind being a stranded motorist in your jurisdiction again."

"Well, Gail, there is no reason that last night had to be the only night," David replied, before sliding a hand under her breast and cupping the globe. He teased her nipple through the fabric of her t-shirt. She licked her lips in anticipation. "We've had a few girls that have come back for seconds and thirds, and if you want, the invitation is always open." He tweaked the hard pearl.

"Mm..." she moaned, pushing herself further into his touch. Her pussy tightened; she wiggled on the chair and felt the evidence of new arousal slip from her lips, to settle on the material of her jeans. "I think I'll become a regular," she hissed, before lounging back and letting her head loll to the side.

David rose up, pushed his chair from the table and moved hers further back. He knelt on his knees, peeled her shirt off and took both her breasts into his hands. She closed her eyes as his thumbs flickered across the buttons, and traced the engorged bumps and veins. When his mouth captured one and his finger toyed with the other, Gail felt herself hum in pleasure.

He sucked gently; his tongue traced the outer edge of the areole, before sliding down to lap at the various freckles that caressed her flesh. Her hand moved to caress his head. She tugged on his hair and pulled him back to the glistening bead. He chuckled, but gave her what she craved, lovingly sucking a path of fire deep into her chest.

The other tit was soon bathed in the same tender care. Gail shifted on her seat. Her legs opened and she felt her pussy tingle. Her hand moved to release the button on her jeans. Her palm slipped down into the soft material, and soon became tangled in the curls of her moist sex. She ground her clit against the pads of her fingers as David supped on her nipples.

Her hisses and moans were quiet little whimpers. Her toes curled against the rug that rested beneath their feet. A callused finger twisted the hard tip of her boob, while teeth nipped and pulled on its twin. Gail was melting into the chair, as the soft climax rolled through her. She shuttered quietly, breathed deep the soft womanly fragrance, and sighed as tiny shakes flickered from deep within her.

David pulled her hand free and sucked on the digits, cleansing each one with a swirling motion. When he was finished he stood up, took her hand, helped her from her chair and kissed her deep. Their tongues became intertwined for what seemed like hours, but in fact were only minutes. Gail clung to him, holding his arms and feeling the shaking in their depths. She kissed his jaw, then his neck, as he returned the favor. Soon they were clasping at each other. Their clothes a hindrance to the slow burning passion they'd ignited. Their joining was quick and fast, both coming hard, and both leaving satisfied.

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

Gail lay on the couch, her head rested comfortably on David's lap, her feet slid casually across Phil's cock, teasing it. Her reward was an occasional tickle, that had her feet jerking free of his loose grasp. The three of them had settled into watching television, occasionally Gail would catch herself falling asleep and she knew that every so often David was snoring. His jerkiness signaling he'd once again woken up.

She lay quietly contemplating the conversation she and David had had in regards to her begin a "regular." The thought should have made her feel dirty and cheap, but it didn't. It excited her. She rolled over, so she could look at both men. David had again fallen asleep, but Phil was awake, his hand casually stroking her foot, massaging it without really thinking as the ballgame played out on the flat screen.

"So, David said I could come back again. Would you be okay with that?" She asked, suddenly nervous and unsure of his answer.

Phil looked away from the television, over to David and then down into Gail's questioning eyes. "That's probably one of the dumbest questions I've ever heard."

She stuck out her tongue and jabbed him in the ribs with her foot. He grabbed her leg; she squealed and laughed, as his fingers dug into her ribs and his tickling brought giant gulps of air into her lungs.

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