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Sinfully Beautiful: Crystal


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Sinfully Beautiful series: "Crystal"

Crystal sits quietly in the coffee house sipping on her cappuccino thinking of leaving her lover in his bed sound to sleep from the six hours of erotic sex. Her mind raced back to the moment she stood at his door with her black bag hanging on her shoulder while her bodacious figure looked so hot in the black silk two piece slack suit with wide elephant legs and a halter top that tied around her neck almost exposing those large breasts of hers. He opened the door slowly smiling and she entered his apartment.

J.D. looked at her body desiring all 200 pounds of her, he took her in his arms holding her close, his fingers intertwined within her golden locks of hair as he placed the steamiest kiss of passion and desire on her full purple lips. His hands ran down her back to her plump ass caressing each thick firm ass cheek. They both were becoming excited from being together, and Crystal's thong was becoming damp from her juice's beginning to flow from her shaved pussy.

"J.D." she whispered into his ear as her arms wrapped tightly around his neck.

"Oh baby." He said kissing and sucking on her neck softly as he squeezed her ass even harder.

Crystal looked up at him smiling. "Let me go and change." She told him carrying her black bag.

J.D. who is a few inches taller then Crystal, with short black hair and dark piercing eyes could not get her out of his mind no matter how hard he tried to push her away it seems she haunted his conscious as well as his sub - consciousness. He began the music of the slow reggae love songs. He felt bad because when they first met he was afraid of what his friends would say about him being in love with this plump lady, now he only cares about what she thinks.

Crystal entered the room wearing a leather teddy, thigh high black stockings, and six inch black spiked heels, J.D. only had on a pair of black leather tight pants, and black boots. Crystal placed her collar and chain around his neck. Her attitude changed just as her outfit changed, she led him into the bedroom that she had lit candles throughout the room, the bed looked like some type of torture chamber with the chains and cuffs hanging from the ceiling and leg shackles attached to the bed.

"Lie on the bed you pitiful excuse of a man." she said in an even tone of voice.

"Yes Mistress." He answered like a scared servant.

"Give me your right arm." She ordered him not smiling as she locked his arm into the cuff and then his other arm and then his legs she strapped into the shackles.

She turned reaching into her bag and brought out the vibrating nipple clamps and placed them on her swollen hard nipples. Mmm feels good, She thought to herself. She saw herself in the mirrors along the wall and almost did not recognize herself. The sight of her dressed so wildly and the glimmer in her eyes brought a smile to her face as she removed her flogger out of the black bag.

She ran the flogger over his cock watching how it reacted as soon as the leather flogger went across his pants and then smack it across his cock and he tried to keep his cock from becoming erect for this would anger her and he would have to be punished. His cock grew hard under his pants and her purple lips glistened as she took notice of him being disobedient and not controlling his cock.

"So you think you can just get hard without permission?" She asked stepping up on the bed and holding onto the chains hanging down placed her spike heel on his balls inside of his pants and began applying pressure until he moaned from the pain and this sound made her wet in her crotch less leather teddy.

"Now, you will eat my pussy." she told him as she lowered herself down over his face feeling his tongue slowly lick her juices and every once in awhile he would suck on her clit feeling her hips moving in a slow circular motion as his cock was so hard. His teeth nibbled on her hard clit and she moved harder on his face that his nose was buried into her juicy pussy that was seeping over his chin.

Crystal wasn't prepared for the most explosive orgasm that erupted into her pussy causing her to scream out as she pulled the sides of her own hair as she filled his mouth full of her juices. She pulled herself together and stood beside the bed watching his cock throbbing and she placed the leather blinders over his face, she unzipped and pulled his pants down just far enough to have complete access to his cock and balls and then placed herself between his legs and began sucking his cock. He was getting so hot that he went into complete sexual release when the hot wax hit his balls. Crystal was leery about trying this, knowing she could cause serious burning to him, So she studied up on the safest methods and surprised him tonight with his desire to have the candles wax on his balls. Her mouth was so full of his thick rich cum that some dribbled down her chin before she could swallow it.

"Here is your check sweety." the waitress told her breaking her train of thought.

Crystal smiled as she paid the waitress and then hurried back to him so they could continue more sexual adventures together.

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