Single Again Ch. 07


I am in bed before my pants hit the floor. Mandy lies back again and pulls me on top of her. I reach between us and line my cock up with her pussy. After just a few strokes I begin my slow descent, but Mandy has other ideas. She reaches around, grabs my ass and pulls me down into her. "Oh fuck," I growl as I feel her hot moist hole accept me.

"I said fuck me and I mean fuck me. I'm not as delicate as you think and I want you to fuck the shit out of me." I don't need to be told twice and quickly pound my hips into hers. She is still tight but quickly loosens up. "Oh, that's it. Fuck my pussy. Fuck me hard. I want all of you and I want to feel your cum shooting inside of me."

I am able to hold out for a while but eventually I feel my balls start to tighten. "Here it comes. I'm going to give you what you want. I'm going to cum deep inside of you."

"Oh yes, do it." She pulls her knees towards her chest and I fuck her even deeper. My balls finally release and I flood her pussy with a large load of hot cum. "Oh, oh oh," she moans. I continue to pound her as I fill her up. I start to slow down after my last shot but she encourages me on. "Don't stop. I want more. I want to feel you cock in my stomach. Fuck my neglected pussy. Fuck me like I need it."

I stay semi hard and keep moving hoping that I'll get hard again. What she says next does the trick.

"I've been fucking myself with a big dildo every night thinking it was you. I get into bed and watch porn and then fuck myself silly. I get into different positions imagining that it's you pounding into me. My favorite is with you behind me. I have my big red rubber cock and I am on my knees. I imagine you holding my hips while I push my cock into me. I always scream when I cum but I feel so empty without your cum dripping out of my pussy."

That is all it took. I move her into position and she reaches back to guide me into her pussy. It is already leaking from my last load and I slam my hips into hers.

"That's it. Fuck me hard. Fuck me like I can't by myself. Grab my hips and use me. Then fill me up with more cum." I grab her hips and start to plow her pussy. She is sopping wet and I easily pound her. Having just cum though I know it is going to be a long ride. Suddenly her back arches and I feel her pussy clench my cock. Then she screams and cums.

"Oh, just like that. Give me more. Fuck me harder." She is completely out of control now and shouting at me to give her more. I reach forward and grab a handful of hair to pull her. She whimpers but doesn't complain.

I take a moment to look at her body more closely. She definitely has put on weight and it looks fantastic. She no longer looks as bony as she had. I move my other hand up her back and can't feel her ribs or spine like I had just about a month ago. And her energy is much greater than it had been.

I continue to pound my cock into her as I tell her "You look fantastic, do you know that?"

She looks at me over her shoulder. "That's probably because you have your dick in me," she says and laughs. "Not that I'm complaining."

I smile at her and pull out. I can tell she is starting to tire and I want to try a new position. "You drive for a while."

"I thought you'd never ask." We change spots quickly and she mounts me. "Do you really like the extra weight?"

"I told you, you look fantastic. You look healthy and you have a lot more energy than last time."

She leans forward to kiss me. "Thank you. Not just for saying those things, but for making me feel desired again. I know our first time together you had some qualms because I looked so skeletal. But you made me feel so much better about myself knowing that a man was still interested in me sexually."

"Well, I am definitely interested sexually."

"Good, because I hope that we can get together more than once a month. It seems that my libido has recovered as well. I'm as horny as teenager."

"I couldn't tell."

She bites my lip but laughs. "You have no idea. It's like a switch was turned on. I've been trying to get enough courage to call you and then that stupid storm hit. I was stuck at home with Levi and had no way to get any release. At least when he's at school I can take care of things. I had to wait till late at night after he was asleep, and even then it was tough. He walked in on me twice while I was taking care of myself."

I laughed at the image of her spread eagle with some vibrator while her son walked into her room. The entire time we are talking she is slowly riding me. It is just enough to keep me hard. She finally gets down to business and begins to fuck me faster. I reach behind her and grab her ass.

"Spank me. I liked it last time." I spank her softly and she groans. "Yeah, that's it, just a little harder this time." I spank her harder and she grunts. She also pushes her pussy down and holds it there. "I love the feel of your cock buried inside of me." I spank her again and then grab her cheeks. I spread them apart and run my finger down her crack. When I touch her butt hole she squirms. I am happy to find that it is already wet and I apply a bit of pressure.

"Oh yeah, put your finger in my ass." I feel her force herself to relax and my finger slides in. "Oh," she whimpers.

"You like me playing with your ass?"


"Maybe you'd like me to fuck your ass." Mandy whimpers as she feels a second finger push inside of her. "I bet I can get a third finger inside of you."

"Do it," she groans. I move my two fingers around to loosen her before pushing a third finger inside of her. "Oh yeah, I like that." Her body is completely relaxed on top of mine.

"You want to feel my cock now?"

"No, not yet. Maybe another time," she pants. "But I like how your fingers feel."

I start to move my hips to encourage her and she responds. "Oh, I feel so full right now. But it also feels so good. I've never done anal, but I think I might like it." She moves her hips faster and I meet her movements by thrusting my hips into her. Soon we are both grunting and moaning. I can feel my fingers through the thin membrane and she can feel it as well.

"Uh, uh, uh.." she grunts as her orgasm quickly approaches. "I'm going to cum. Cum with me." She is screaming now so I move my hips faster, hoping to join her. "Oh fuck me, fill me up with your juice. Flood my pussy,"

"Oh fuck, I'm going to cum Mandy. I'm ready. Cum with me." My balls tighten and then explode. It's much more powerful than the first. As my first stream hits her inner walls, Mandy explodes as well and we both scream.

After a few more thrusts I pull my fingers from her ass and she collapses on my chest. Neither of us can speak or move yet. My softening cock slips out of her and is quickly followed by a huge stream of our combined juices.

"Wow that was intense," I say.

"You're not kidding. The real thing is so much better than some porn and a vibrator." She kisses me and rolls to one side. "I think we've made quite a mess."

"I think you're right."

"I need to use the bathroom." She gets out of bed and I watch her as she walks. She is definitely looking better as I admire her ass. I can see a large gob of cum run down her thigh as she hurries. I get a towel and wipe myself. There is a huge wet stain on the bed now so I quickly change the sheets thinking that the night is over.

Mandy comes back out and helps me finish. Sadly I am correct and we climb into bed to snuggle. To be honest though, I probably couldn't get another erection right now with Viagra, so it is probably for the best. I glance at the clock and notice it is after one, but for some reason I can't fall asleep.

I move my hands lightly on Mandy's back and she moves closer. "That feels nice. Do you really think I look better?"

I lift my head to look at her. "You look much better. You are starting to show off your curves more. Your tits are incredible and your ass looks awesome."

"And you not just saying that because I rocked your world?"

"If we had met in a bar as strangers I'd have gone right for you."

"And taken me home to ravish?"

"Maybe not even home. Maybe I'd just take you into a back room and had my way."

"How kinky? Maybe we can do something like that anyway."

"You are quite the perv."

"I've watched quite a bit of porn the last few months and especially the last week. I've got all kinds of dirty thoughts going through my mind." My cock twitches but is definitely out of action for now.

"I welcome you to show them to me."

"That's a deal."

We kiss before falling asleep in each others arms.

Pup wakes me up early the next morning to go out. Mandy is still asleep so I slowly get out of bed to let Pup out. I probably should have put a robe on and the cold air kills the erection that I had. I use the bathroom and brush my teeth before letting Pup back in and climb into bed behind Mandy, trying not to touch her till I warm up again.

I must have dosed off again and find myself spooning behind Mandy. The dream I had was pretty much exactly like this and I have a raging hard-on pressed against her ass. Mandy is still asleep as I adjust myself so that my cock is more comfortably nested against her backside. She is still sticky from last night's activities.

I move my fingers along her side down to her leg and back to her shoulder. When my fingers brush along her breast her nipple hardens. I want to see how far I can get before I wake her so I gently move my fingers across her other breast. After a few moments I start to gently grind my hips against her. I move my hips back so that I can place my cock so that is now beneath her ass rather than between us. I give her ass a squeeze as I slowly rub my cock along her ass and slit. She is already wet and I am soon coated.

Mandy whimpers when I feel my cock press against the top of her pussy and I pull back slightly. "Don't stop," she whispers. Her eyes are still closed so I am not sure if she is really awake or not, but I continue to push against her. I cup her ass and spread her cheeks apart to get even tighter against her and she whimpers some more.

I want to play with her ass some more and place my finger along her crack till I find her anal hole. It is already slick from running my cock along it for the last few minutes. Mandy is moaning a little now and pushes her ass against me allowing my finger to slip inside of her. If she wasn't awake, she is now.

"Oh, and I thought I was just having a really good dream." She turns her head to look at me. "Do you wake all your overnight visitors like this?"

"Only the ones with such nice asses." I feel her reach between her legs and grab my cock. She adjusts the angle and I press forward, slipping into her steaming snatch. We both groan as I slide deeper inside of her. I have a finger buried in her ass still while I move my hips to thrust my penis into her.

"Oh, I like this position. You're prick is hitting the perfect spot." I can also feel her rubbing her clit. "Put another finger into me, please."

"Please?" I chuckle.

"Would you rather I said fuck me with more fingers you fucking bastard?"

"Either way works for me."

"Stop talking and fuck me already."

Who am I to argue with her? I slide a second finger into her ass and move my hips faster. Once my fingers are sliding easily I add a third finger. Mandy goes nuts and starts to push her ass against my hand.

"Oh that feels incredible. I think I'm going to cum. Fuck me. Make me squirt all over you." Instead I pull out and readjust so that the head of my dick is against her ass. "Wait, I've never done this before."

"It's ok, I have. We'll just take it really slow."

She looks back at me and I kiss her as I reach around and rub her clit. Her eyes close slight and I feel her relax enough for me to push my hips forward. After having three fingers inside of her it doesn't take much pressure to get the head of my cock through her anal ring. She grunts as she feels me split her.

"You control things. Move your hips back slowly and if it starts to hurt stop till it gets comfortable again. The important thing is that you relax."

She is biting her lower lip and I feel her push against me. I am watching her face and see her eyes roll back into her head. Her mouth opens but she doesn't make any sounds. I am still rubbing her pussy and Mandy continues to push back against me. Slowly my cock fills her ass and when I get to about halfway in she suddenly slams her hips back. It actually hurts me a little, but Mandy wails loudly.

"Oh fuck that hurt. Just lie still for a minute."

"I warned you to go slow."

"I know, but it was feeling so good I kind of lost control." I moved my hand from her pussy and took her chin and moved her face so that I could kiss her. It was more than a minute later before she started to relax and move her hips. But it must have been enough for her because she started to moan in pleasure shortly after that. "It feels like you are in my stomach. It feels so fucking good though."

I let her stay in control till she is pushing against me as hard as she can. "Ok, now fuck my ass."

"Anything you command," I say jokingly and start to thrust into her.

"That's it. Fuck me harder. I fucking love this," she pants. "Oh crap, I can feel every little part of your cock. Oh, oh." She is grunting and thrusting back against me. I reach between her legs and lightly touch her clit. "Oh fuuuuuuck," she screams and I feel her entire body tense up and then release. She screams loud and her body starts to thrash. Between the tightness and the movement I can't hold out any longer.

"I'm going to cum in your ass," I say into her ear.

"Yes, do it." She is still not in control and the pressure puts me over the edge. I shoot a huge load into her ass. "OH, oh," she screams. "Your cum is so hot in my ass. Oh fuck it feels good. Shit, it feels beyond good. I'm going to cum again. Oh crap, oh fuck."

I immediately start to deflate as my cock is spent. When I slip out of her ass she rolls over and starts kissing me all over my face. Mandy has a look of total contentment on her face and holds me tight once she has finished kissing me.

"I know you're not looking for a relationship right now, and truthfully, neither am I, but I would really like to see you again and do a lot more of this."

She is almost giddy. "I'd like that too. Maybe when Levi is in school you can come over. I'm usually working from home so just give me a call."

She smiles and kisses me again. "I definitely want to do anal again. That was amazing. I was so afraid it would hurt."

"I think I've created a monster."

"Maybe you have. For some reason I feel so alive right now. But I can't stay too much longer since I have to pick Levi up. Hopefully we can get together for lunch during the week."

I kiss her deeply. Once we both recover we shower together and I make her some coffee to take with her. "Thank you for a wonderful night. I'll call you later this week. Maybe if it warms up enough the kids can go back to school and I'll have time to see you again." We kiss and I watch her walk to her car.

No sooner do I have the door shut then the phone rings. "Hey stud, so who'd you fuck last night?" Judy asks.

"How do you know I fucked anyone?"

"I don't. I tried to call around eleven and you didn't answer. I couldn't get to sleep last night till late."

Our deal is that I tell her everything. "A friend of mine called and I had drinks with her. Then we came back here."

"I knew it," she says. "Was it good?"

"It was pretty good."

"Is she pretty?"

"She is very pretty, but nowhere near as sexy as you," I say.

"Bullshit, but I'll accept that. Does she have big tits?"

"They are very big. You want the details?"

"I was thinking about coming over, but I guess you may be a bit worn out."

"At least for now I am. But I'd still like to see you."

"You didn't get enough last night?"

"Maybe I just want to see you." And I am telling the truth. How could I not like this girl? Barely even getting disturbed I had fucked another girl.

"I'd like to see you too. Can we meet for lunch?"

"Of course. Name the place."

We decide to meet at the diner just outside of town. I am thrilled that the weather seems to be warming. By the time I am on the road, it feels like spring, even if the large piles of snow say differently. When I get to the diner, Judy is already there. She is dressed in a sweatshirt and jeans and has her hair pulled back in a pony tail. She stands up when she sees me and gives me a huge hug and kiss.

"What was that for?" I ask as we sit down. She has chosen a booth and sits next to me rather than across from me.

"When I saw you I just wanted to do that."

She is also holding my hand under the table and seems to be very excited. "Are you ok?"

"Better than ok."

"I'm sure you'll explain at some point."

"It's not very difficult to understand. I saw you out last night with that girl. I almost came over to you but I was afraid you'd think I was spying so I just left and went somewhere else."

"So you were testing me this morning?" I am a little pissed about that.

She gets concerned but doesn't deny it. "You have to realize that I am still a little nervous about all of this. I know deep down that I can trust you. I don't know why but I do. But I still have all that history to erase and it is going to be tough."

"Ok, but I just want to be fair here. I don't like being tested. What you see is what you get with me."

"I know, that's why I am so happy right now. You were completely truthful with me and didn't even try to sugarcoat anything. Well, except for the sexy part. She's way sexier than me and her tits are massive. Think she'd be up for a threesome?"

I blink and then kiss her. "I can always ask." The rest of lunch goes by talking about a lot of stuff, but eventually Judy comes back to sex.

She has moved her hand to my crotch and is lightly rubbing me. I quietly give her the details of last night and by the end she is squirming. "So you really did her up the ass?" I glance around but don't notice anyone looking at us.

"Yes. It was kind of a spur of the moment type of thing."

"Wow, and she liked it?" I notice her cheeks are a bit flush and she has a fevered glaze in her eyes.

"She loved it. I think she came twice."

Judy licks her lips and leans against me as we wait for change. I walk her to her car and she is all over me. "I want to try that too. Not right now, but soon. I know it feels good with just your finger."

"Just let me know."

"No, I want it to be like you were with Mandy. I don't want think about it, I just want it to happen."

We kiss some more and I invite her back to my place. "No, not today. I have to get some more stuff done before I start back to work tomorrow." She presses against me for some more kissing. "Ok, I really need to go," she says reluctantly. She gets into her car before I can grab her again and rolls down the window. "I'll call you later."

"Ok, bye."

I watch Judy drive away and shake my head. Now I'm horny again. I drive home and am greeted at the door by Pup and decide to take him for a walk. As we walk past Tina's house I hear "Hey neighbor." I look up and see her leaning over the railing of her deck.

"Hey, how's it going?"

"Good, care for some company?"

"Of course."

"I'll be right down." I play with Pup till Tina comes out a few minutes later. "So, who was the girl last night?"

Damn, is everyone watching me? "A friend of mine. Her name's Mandy."

"Did you have fun with her last night?"

"I did. Are you pissed?"

"No, not really. But you could have called me."

"She actually called me."

"Well, that's ok. I know you're not going to settle down. But does Judy know?"

"She does. I told her I'd be honest about that type of thing."

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