tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSins of a Supervisor

Sins of a Supervisor


"Don't look at me. You don't get to look at me."

"What do you want me to do then?" Caroline threw her hands up.

Corey sat in a chair next to the king size bed. He seemed angry and annoyed with her. "Turn around and face the fucking wall."

The scowl on Corey's face scared her. Her heart beat quicken. He had an evil look in his eyes as he watched her place her purse on the night stand. "Now strip for me."

"Oookay," Caroline felt nervous about what she was about to do. Caroline unbuttoned her blouse and exposed her tattooed shoulder and the lacy straps of her bra. Caroline reached for her bra fastener. Her pink bra fell to the hotel floor.

"Bend over." He commanded. Caroline did what she was told.

"You are a dirty slut." Corey mocked as he stirred at her hairless peach shape pussy. "Only a dirty slut goes to work panty less."

There was a violent sound coming from room 221.

Boom...Boom....Boom...like a hammer pounding down on target. Something was being slammed against the wall. Somebody was in pain. Sweat pour down her face as the bed smacked against the hotel wall. She screamed until her lungs hurt. Her body was on fire. The intense pressure being bared by her body was enough to make her head spin. The springs in the king sized bed squeaked like bad brakes. There was no stopping him. He pressed harder, deeper, faster into her body. It felt like a steel pipe had impaled her. Sweat mixed with her tears and soaked her pretty face as well as the pillow she found her face buried in.

Caroline was having an outer body experience, the kind of experience that could only be reached through moments of tremendous intensity being forced to endure. Her pussy sore and stretched beyond her physical limitation, her throat course from all the screaming, groaning, crying and pleading she did for him to slow down. Caroline was overwhelmed by her sensations and soon her own whines became mute to her.

She saw herself face down on the mattress. Her arms stretched to the headboard as she braced herself from the force being applied from the man positioned behind her. He had his hands wrapped around her ass and used them to spread her cheeks wide. He had an abnormally blunt shaped cock that was long like a snake.

The stinging pain of penetration subsided for a moment. Corey withdrew his thick dick and placed it on her ass. Caroline felt beside herself. She felt the wetness of his heavy cock on her soft white ass and the come dripping from her pussy. Her hair was soaking wet, so was her face, thighs and ass. She wanted to scream out I hate you, I hate you, you black son-of-a-bitch but how could she? She was the one that gotten herself in the situation. She invited him to this cheap hotel and now he was ravishing her.

Caroline wasn't a dainty woman nor was she a prudish woman. She was five-foot-five with some meat on her bones, particularly in her hips and butt. Her breasts were small but her curveous thighs and hips made her a target for black men that love their women with B.A.T. (booty, ass, and titties) but this was different. Corey was evil with his sex. He had a big dick and used it like a weapon. He was rough, unyielding, and cold. He used his blunt instrument to gag her, stuff her, fuck her and destroy her. She prayed that he was finished. She couldn't take no more.

Corey re-entered her with force.

Caroline clinched the naked mattress. She already pulled the sheets from the bed about fifteen minutes ago.

"Oh god..." She groaned. "That's enough!" Caroline declared in a definitive voice.

"What did you say to me?"

"My pussy feels like it has a head ache," Caroline's words fumbled out her mouth as he continued to force her face in the pillow.

It turned him on to have her in the position. Caroline was such a beautiful woman of German and Swedish stock. Tonight, he would break her. He took hold of her hair with both hands and yanked her face high in the air. "When I'm done with you your whole body will ache."

"That's enough," Caroline struggled to speak. "You have been pounding the fuck out of me for the last twenty minute. Bust a nut or whatever you have to do but I'm done."

Caroline couldn't understand where his aggression was coming from. Corey was so clean cut and jolly mannered.He was tall and good looking if you like European looking black guys. He wore vest suits with solid colored ties that matched the color of his trousers everyday to work. They always fit him so perfect because he was six foot three with a medium build. Mike was the asshole manager that every body hated. He was as tall as Corey but stockier and didn't look nearly as nice as Corey in his collar shirt and tie. He was a dick to be around with all his back handed complements and his sarcastic comments. Corey had the cool name, Corey Davis, most importantly; he was the one that gave out all the sale bonuses.

"Didn't you call me here to seduce me?" Corey pumped feverishly. " Huh? Oh, I get it, I'm not black enough. Is this black enough for you?" Corey emphasized his point with a powerful thrust.

Corey was said to be a gentleman. He opened doors for employees around the office. Always had a kind word, encouraging thought for whomever whenever they were down. Sales were a tough industry to be employed in. People loved to say no, hell no, and go fuck yourself. Corey had a way to make his employees upbeat and positive. Caroline couldn't believe that this was the same man that ignored her cries of pain and continued to violate her body with reckless abandonment.

"Am I black enough for you?," Corey asked with his middle finger plunged in Caroline's juicy ass. He asked her again and plunged another one of his fingers deep inside her anus.

Caroline never thought Corey could be capable of splitting her pussy apart and that he would be the one to take her to her limits and beyond. Her own screams answered by his animalistic grunts as he plunged yet another finger in her ass and pumped away at her pussy.

"Yes...yes....yes you are." Caroline said desperately. "You are black enough."

At lunch, Corey were the one to roll up his sleeves, drape his tie over his right shoulder and place a napkin over his lap. He looked as conservative as the suit he wore and the meal he ordered which as a toss salad, a bottle of water and a couple of pieces of baked chicken. She thought he could be a nag sometimes but what manager wasn't. There was nothing to suggest that he could be this evil. Then again, maybe she did know. He was always too perfect. Corey was six-foot-three and weighed two hundred and fifteen pounds. Long and flat torso, He wasn't an overpowering man with a tower of muscles but he had enough meat on his bones to fill out his shirts and slacks. He was a fair looking man with dark brown eyes and naturally wavy brown hair. The product of interracial parents, Corey had a light bronze like caramel complexions.

"Corey," She screamed out his name with passion.

He was hitting her spot. Her body fully stimulated. Her ass was wet and bud open from his fingers. He felt so heavy inside of her that it took her breath away. She couldn't help but moan and groan from the length and girth of him. She couldn't remember another time she's been so thoroughly fucked.

"Come for me," She begged. "Please come for me. I want feel your come dripping down my ass."

Caroline was desperate to make him stop his sexual assault on her body and soul.

Corey reacted by slapping her ass.

Once again, he whipped his thick beef through her creamy core with no regards to her comfort. All the time grunting and groaning like a caveman as he fucked her harder from the back.

His groans were her only rewards for his invasion. They betrayed her and stirred her juices in way no man since Marcus ever had.

"Does Marcus fuck you like this?" Corey demanded an answer. "Answer me Caroline. Does he grind his dick into you like this? That's what turns you on doesn't it? Doesn't it?" Corey pumped harder. "You thought it was cute to prance around the office in your tight skirt and unbutton blouse. Turning me on with that big ass booty in my face day after day," Corey released a deep groaning sound.

Caroline was considered one of the most beautiful women in the office. She had crystal blue eyes, long sandy blond hair and a very round booty she wasn't afraid to draw attention to.

"Day after day of having to endure the sight of your big ass being displayed for the world," Corey marveled in the knowledge that Caroline was succumbing to the will of his dick. "I warned you again and again not to break the rules. I warned you didn't I?" Corey scorned as he continued his course of teaching her a listen she would have forget!

"Yes..." Caroline voice was but a whisper. Corey voice was a stern as his big dick that plowed into her. Caroline felt her walls yielding from the constant abuse a porn actress's pussy took from a sound pounding. She grew tired of being forced against the mattress by a man that wouldn't let her look at him.

Corey was nothing like the kind of black men Caroline often fantasized about. She desired dark skinned men with a wicked swagger and a long black dick. Corey was too fair skinned. She thought him too polite. He never used company time to run personal errands. He used proper English in every sentence. He rarely lost his tamper. That was until she fucked up and nearly cost the company everything.

"I sent out a memo that everyone was to present themselves in the most professional light possible but still you showed up at my office,"

Corey rammed his thick rod of brown flesh into her as hard as he could. "My office, god dam it, wearing what ever. How dare you?"

Corey adjusted his legs and impaled Caroline with a stiff, fully penetrating stroke. All nine inches of Corey's thick dick sunk deep inside of her.

"Button up your blouse, god dam you. Stop wearing those fucking tight skirts that ride up your ass." Corey pressed with a tight ass.

If she was going to dress like some hot pussy slut instead of a first shift supervisor then he was going to fuck her like a dirty slut.

The more she whined the harder he fucked her. Her round white ass bounced violently in the air. Corey continued to lecture her. Every word Corey uttered was followed by an earth shattering slapped across her bare naked ass. This was more then sex, more then a rough fuck; he was scolding her like he was her father. Instead of a leather belt, it was a thick nine inched penis that chastised her. Instead of her porky, tobacco chewing father, it was a slim black man that smelled of Sean Jean Cologne. Caroline felt a tangling sensation and squirted hot juicy all over her boss.

"You fucking slut. How dare you spray me with your pussy juices?"

It seemed like Caroline had been blessed with a prominent back side all of her life. She used to envy those girls with thick breasts until her hips and ass developed in such a way that men took notice of her. Her father was strict and forbid her from having sex. He demanded that she remained untouched until she found a proper white man to marry. Caroline worst whipping came when her father caught her "playing house" with a boy from her school, a black boy with shiny chocolate skin. Caroline continued to groan with thoughts of her father until she covered Corey's dick with cream as white as her skin.

"AH....AH....AH....AH...." Caroline exhaled and continued to gush. She was spent and collapsed to her stomach with Corey's dick still lodged inside of her.

"We're far from finished here." Corey said as he reached for her hips and pulled her ass in the air. "You wanted this, remember. You invited me here. You thought that you could seduce me to cover up for your fuck ups. "Corey pulled her hips back as his thick dick sunk deeper into her pussy. "Shut up," He screamed when Caroline screamed. "You should be fired and your boy friend arrested for credit card fraud." With that Corey proceeded to pound her hard and violently for another five minutes.


The walk from the hotel bed to the bathroom midst well had been a three mile run up a mountain range because both her legs and ass burned. Every step she took hurt. She limbed into the bathroom and slammed the door behind her.

Caroline almost couldn't recognize the woman in the mirror. She looked traumatized. Dirty blond strings extended everywhere. Her eyes were puffy and her face was bare of any traces of make up. Cum trailed from her chin and collected over her left breast. Corey pulled out of her before he came and made her suck him off until he exploded in her face. She looked worse for wear and covered in cum.

"Damn him," Caroline cursed to herself as she ran some water to clean her face and breast. "All of that dick and the only thing he can think about were hurting a woman with it. I don't deserve this."

Hot waters showered down Caroline's tired body and it felt like heaven. All she wanted to do was to go home. What else could he do to her? She gave him a lap dance on the chair by the bed too seduce him. She thought she was in control. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his enormously shaped dick and made her suck down on it until she gagged. Caroline love sucking dick but he fucked her mouth like a savage. She couldn't breath and spilled salvia all over herself and him. She nearly lost her lunch. She thought she could make him shoot his seed quickly and that would be that but she truly had underestimated him. Corey came on his own time and after he came he demanded that she ride his dick backwards because she wasn't worthy enough to look him in the face.

"Oh Marcus," Caroline cried. Her thoughts centered on the love of her life.

She adored Marcus. The way that he kissed her that warmed her pussy so, the way he took his time when he gave her oral sex, ice cream licking her pussy lips and slowly sucking on her clit, how he stirred into her eyes whenever he was on top of her, she wanted to cry. It felt like a concrete slab had been forced up pussy fucking Corey. She never thought in a million years that Corey would have a dick comparable to Marcus's cock. Corey was so slender and European looking. Marcus was a nigga. Not a nigger, but a nigga. He had the same height, build and dark chocolate complexion of 50 Cent the rapper. He was every buff and well endowed. She loved coming all over his big black dick then licking their juices off of his chocolate skin. Corey's dick was abnormal. It was so long and thicker then her wrist. He was so careless with it, ramming and slamming it her like he had no kind of sense.

Caroline was so deep in thought that she didn't hear the bathroom door open. She washed the soap off her body and jumped when she realized she wasn't alone.

"Jesus Christ," She grabbed her chest. "What the fuck are you doing here?"

Mike stirred at her glistening wet body. Her tiny little breasts and the triangular furs of brown hairs over her mound excited him as he jerked away at his exposed cock.

Caroline gave him a look of disguise. She hated Mike with a passion from his shaggy brown hair to his husky frame and biddy eyes.

"No...no...no..." She cried in vain.

"Oh yes, you little whore. It's my turn!" Mike slid open the shower door and grabbed ahold of Caroline's wet hair.

Mike dragged her kicking and screaming out of the bathroom and dragged her back toward the bed where Caroline received the shock of her life.

"Oh fuck..." Caroline screamed. She couldn't believe her eyes. There was Marcus sitting in the same chair where Corey had belittled her. "What the fuck is he doing here?"

"What the fuck is he doing here you asked. I'll tell you what the fuck he is doing here." Mike grabbed her face and forced her eyes to Marcus. "He's the reason why we are all here so we decided that he shouldn't miss out on all the fun."

Marcus searched for words on the surface of the carpet. He couldn't stand to see Caroline all buck naked and wet at the mercy of her bosses because of his devious behavior. He was the one that falsified sales and pushed through renewals sales without the authorization of the customer. He was the reason why Caroline got caught covering up his mistakes. Now they both was about to pay the ultimate price. Caroline was about to be double stuffed before his eyes and there wasn't a damn thing he could do too stop it!

"Heads or tails?" Mike looked over to Corey.

"I've already sampled the goods and let me tell you she has some of the wetness pussy I've ever fucked. I couldn't count how many times she squirted all over my dick."

"Tails then," Mike smirked with thoughts of burying his cock deep inside of Caroline's wet cunt.

Mike dragged Caroline to the bed where Corey was sitting with his legs dangling over the side of the bed. The same side of the bed her lover Marcus sat idle in a chair. He forced her to bend over Corey's lap just inches from him. "Let Marcus see how well you can suck another man's dick, slut." Mike kicked Caroline's legs apart. She fell forward and Corey caught her and positioned her mouth over his dick. "Suck that dick, bitch." Mike said eagerly as he rubbed his cock along her pussy lips. He positioned his arms under her belly to lift her hips.

Caroline erupted into a valley of glass scattering screams. Her legs shook as Mike's ample cock slipped inside of her already tender vagina and puckered away at walls. She felt her ass bouncing off his stomach and Corey's thick dick being forced into her mouth. A tear fell from her eyes as she did what she must. She wrapped her hands around Corey's thick beef guided it down her throat.

Marcus lost it. He was so close to the action he could smell it, taste it, and witness as Mike's pale ass pounced back and forth over the butt of the woman he loved. That dirty son-of-a-bitch took great pleasure out of spanking his woman and calling her all kind of bitches and sluts as he thrust his man meat inside of her. Then there were the slurping wet sounds of Caroline sucking on Corey's thick penis as he fucked her mouth. His heart broke into a billion pieces as Caroline sucked and fucked before his eyes.

"Uh....Uh....Uh...." Mike groaned as he licked his lips. "This is some good ass pussy. Damn, Marcus, I envy you. You got a sexy blond hair, blue eye bitch like this to swallow your man meat every night... Fuck...fuck...fuck..." Mike moaned as he fucked her harder.

Corey joined in on the trash talking. "I never met a woman who could deep throat my dick like this. Does she allow you to fuck her face like this?" Corey looked over at Marcus as his right hand groped Caroline breast. "I think she likes fucking and sucking two men. Do you hear me, Marcus? I think your woman is enjoying this."

Caroline tried to raise her head to protest but Corey was too strong for her and kept her head in position.

Marcus wanted to rip both of their fucking heads off but he was confined to the chair by handcuffs. His sweet Caroline was stuffed in both ends and groaning loud. He could see how juicy her pussy had gotten and heard Mike's cock splashing around inside of her. Corey damn near had all nine inches down her throat. Things were only about to get worse.

Mike grabbed Caroline by the back of her arms and jerked her upper torso up to his chest. He pumped feverishly into her swollen pussy and Caroline's groans became intense.

Corey jumped off of the bed with his dick in hand. He caressed his dick and watched Mike fuck the taste out of Caroline's mouth. "It's time to get down and dirty." Corey said with a sick smile over his caramel face. "Fuck her on your back. I want to fuck her up the ass."

"Hell no," Marcus screamed like a man in pain and bucked the handcuffs that confined him. He had had enough. "Fuck it, fire me, prosecute me. I don't give a fuck."

"Throw her ass on the bed." Corey said coldly.

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