tagSci-Fi & FantasySir Jeffrey and the Axe Ch. 01

Sir Jeffrey and the Axe Ch. 01


Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight Errant, readied his horse. He was on a quest and he had no time to lose. As a Knight Errant he needed to do something amazing to earn his rank as a full Knight of the Land, and that was a problem. Sir Jeffrey was never much good at fighting, which is how most Knights earnt their rank. He had made it to Knight Errant using the skills he possessed in... other weapons. So it wasn't going to be a great battle or courageous joust that elevated him to full Knight. He needed something else.

As such, he wanted to find the fabled Axe of the Mists. Wielding that would ensure that the Queen would make him a full Knight. But he had to hurry.

For you see, Sir Jeffrey had already lost too much time in the past few weeks. He was blessed with a magical cock, one that would make any woman scream like a banshee and come so hard she almost passed out. He did not know why he had been blessed with such a tool, but he did not complain. But once word had got around the church he had barely been left alone. He had always thought that nuns and priestesses were supposed to be refined and virginal but he knew better now. All those nights (and mornings, afternoons and evenings) had been fun but they had also delayed him significantly.

Checking the reins one final time, he turned to load his pack onto his warhorse. It was black and sleek and the fastest in the land. It had taken him weeks to find the perfect steed and he had named this one Swift. He had never been good at coming up with names and so Swift seemed like the most appropriate.

What he was good at was fucking, and he grimaced as he felt the familiar throb in his balls. They wanted emptying soon. It was the other side of his magical cock - for all its benefits, he also had drawbacks. If he did not come at least twice a day he would be wracked with horniness until he did. If he waited too long then he'd find himself doing nothing but seeking out willing women to dump his seed in.

Thankfully, he was sterile. Whilst most men would worry about that, Sir Jeffrey was grateful. He had always been worried that with his rate of sexual encounters he would father far too many children. But one day he had come across a witch, who had cast a spell on him that rendered him sterile, and that put his mind at ease. He knew that the spell could be reversed at any time, but he had no desire to get it reversed just yet.

Finally, he had loaded his packs onto Swift, and he handed the reins to the stable boy to look after. He needed to change into his armour before he left, and he made his way back into the church.

Opening the wooden door he stepped into the grand space beyond, with its stained glass windows causing coloured light to stream across the floor. His armour was on the rear bench where he had left it. Stripping off his shirt, he stuffed it into his pack and reached for the armour.

"I wouldn't do that just yet," a sweet voice said, and he turned to the noise.

Nun Diana stood there. She was in her late-twenties, he reckoned, and long red hair fell in waves from her head. She did not wear a habit, no one in this church did, but she wore tight black robes that hugged her figure. At about 5'8", she was also quite tall, and her beautiful face was highlighted by piercing blue eyes. His gaze dropped to her chest, where her large breasts pushed outwards, and his mind wandered as he remembered all the times he had held and played with those wonderful mounds.

He realised after a moment that he should probably respond to her, so he put his armour back on the bench and turned around.

"And why not, Diana?" he said. "I must be on my way - I am already late."

Her eyebrow rose and she stepped towards him. "Did you think you could get away without giving me a final moment with you, Jeffrey? You have been in this church long enough to know that I would not let you escape."

Jeffrey's cock twitched and he felt a familiar feeling heat up his blood. His balls knew that they wanted to be emptied and he could tell from the look in Diana's eyes that she wanted to be the vessel into which they did so.

"What is it you are implying?" he said as she reached him, her hand grazing his chest.

"That I want your wonderful cock, Jeffrey." She pressed herself against him, kissing him hard, and he did the same in return. He really needed to be getting on his way but his cock did not want him to leave.

Diana grabbed his shoulders, pushing him onto the bench next to his armour. Before he could speak she had dropped to her knees and her fingers were beneath the waistband of his pants.

She tugged them down, his rock-hard cock springing free, and he moaned as she took it in her fist. Her hand was running up and down his length and she grinned at him, her red hair falling about her back and shoulders.

"Here it is," she said with a smile before taking him into her mouth. He groaned again, reaching out to hold her head. Her head bobbed up and down on his cock, her mouth sucking him in. It felt wonderful and Sir Jeffrey was suddenly glad he had kept his armour in the church and not changed into it earlier.

Diana sucked his cock for what seemed like hours although Jeffrey knew it could not have been that long. His fingers dug into her soft red hair and her blue eyes sparkled up at him as his length slipped into her mouth. Her tongue did wonderful things.

"Oh fuck, Diana that's so good," he moaned, before pulling her head from his cock.

She looked at him quizzically before he stood up and she stood up with him.

"I have to get going," he said, grasping her black dress and beginning to pull it upwards. "So if you want to take things further then we should probably get on with it."

"Very well, Knight Jeffrey," Diana said with a laugh, taking hold of her robe and pulling it quickly over her head. Suddenly, she was naked, and Jeffrey moaned at the sight of the gorgeous redhead nude in front of him.

Her long slender legs looked amazing, as did her slim body all the way up to her large breasts, which cried out for his hands. He did not disappoint them, grabbing the globes and squeezing them gently. Diana moaned, then looked at him with a glint in her blue eyes.

"I thought you said you didn't have time to waste?" she said, turning around and placing her hands on the bench. She bent over, thrusting her ass into the air, and Jeffrey moved behind her.

"You're right," he agreed, grabbing his cock. He placed one hand on Diana's back, stroking down her body as he pushed into her with his member. She felt amazing, her pussy seeming to suck in his length and her tight walls stroking him.

"Oh yes Jeffrey I'll miss your cock," she moaned, already on her way. His cock was magic, after all.

He started to pump into her cunt, enjoying the way she looked bent over the bench with her arms stretched. Her breasts swung beneath her as he fucked her hard, and her red hair was messy over her back. Her screams of pleasure were loud in the quiet church.

He reached forward to grab her large breasts. They filled his hands and he tweaked her nipples even as his cock continued to hammer into her cunt. He could feel his balls twitching and he knew they wanted to come.

"I'm going to come soon," he said, still holding Diana's tits.

"Yes, come inside me!" she shrieked. "Fill me with your seed!"

He groaned as he sped up, her body shaking with the force of his thrusts. They were both sweating with their passionate sex, and soon the moment arrived for him.

"I'm coming!" he shouted as his jizz exploded into her pussy, filling her up. He groaned at the strength of his orgasm.

"Me too!" Diana shrieked, throwing her head back. Her body shook as he held her tits, and he felt her cunt spasm around his cock as a massive orgasm erupted inside her. Her blue eyes flashed and her juices seeped out around his member.

After a moment, he was done, and he pulled out from her with a sigh. She stood up shakily, a grin on her face, and bent down to pick up her dress. She pulled on the robe, her nipples still pointy from her massive orgasm and sticking out through the black material.

"Promise me you'll come back one day, Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight Errant. I will miss your cock."

"When I have recovered the Axe of the Mists, m'lady, I will return."

"Good," she said, kissing him again. She placed a hand on his cheek. "Good luck on your journey, Jeffrey."

With that, she strode away, and he watched her lovely figure as she walked away. Suddenly, she turned back to him.

"Oh, and Jeffrey?"


"It would be a crime against nature if you did not share your gift with others. As a nun of this church, I order you to fuck as many women as you can."

She winked and Jeffrey grinned back, before she walked from the church and left him alone.

Soon, he had donned his armour and strode back outside. His other clothes were in a pack, which he quickly attached to Swift as the stable boy brought her back around. Climbing up onto the horse, he threw the boy a gold coin (Jeffrey was very generous) and set off.

He had an axe to find.

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