tagSci-Fi & FantasySir Jeffrey and the Sceptre Ch. 10

Sir Jeffrey and the Sceptre Ch. 10


Sir Jeffrey Trailson, Knight of the Land, woke up in Lady Brenwick's bedchamber. The beautiful noble was running her hand across his chest and he grinned at her as the first rays of dawn shone through the window.

"Good morning," he smiled.

"I'm sorry to wake you so early," the Duchess responded. "But the Tribe of the Blue Sword will be arriving soon, from what you said." She smirked, her voice suddenly low and sexy. "I wanted to make sure we had a little more time together before they did."

Jeffrey's eyes opened wide as she threw back the covers and revealed her body. She had put her silk negligee back on before sleeping but it hugged her figure tightly and did not leave anything to the imagination. Yet it was not her own body she was interested in and she quickly sat up to kiss Jeffrey and guide him flat onto the bed again.

Then she kissed lower down his body until she was crouched by his waist, straddling his right leg. Her blue eyes stared into his as she took his cock into her mouth. Jeffrey groaned at the feeling of the Duchess kissing his length and enjoyed the way her tongue played with his tip. Her hand wasn't still either as it pumped on his member, making sure that the places her mouth couldn't reach were still properly stimulated. Soon his cock was wet with her saliva and her eyes sparkled up at him as she delivered a superbly skillful blowjob.

Just then there was a knock at the door and Catherine pulled her head from his member to answer. "Yes?" she said, brushing a loose strand of blonde hair back over her ear with her free hand. Her free hand, because the other continued to pump on Jeffrey's length.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, my lady, but the Tribe of the Blue Sword are at the city gates. They are waiting for permission to enter," said a voice from the other side of the thick wood.

Lady Brenwick nodded. "Very well. Show them to the castle."

"As you wish, my lady."

Jeffrey groaned unhappily. He was enjoying this blowjob a huge amount and it was a tremendous disappointment to have to stop it halfway through. Catherine looked back at him then and smirked.

"Do not be so sad, Jeffrey. We are not done yet - we just need to hurry things along a bit."

With that she reached for her negligee, grasping it and tugging it over her head in one smooth movement. Her glorious naked body was revealed and Jeffrey groaned at the sight. Then she climbed up his body until she was straddling his waist, before lining him up with her entrance. Sinking down onto his cock, she moaned. Jeffrey repeated the noise as her tight cunt drew him in every inch of the way.

She was soon moving on his member, her hips rising and falling. Her blue eyes glowed with the satisfaction of having him inside her and Jeffrey reached up to grab her giant breasts, which hung down invitingly. They felt wonderful in his hands, almost as wonderful as the feeling of her hot pussy sliding over his magic cock.

Knowing that time was short it did not take the Duchess long to be bouncing more wildly on his shaft. The orcs could arrive at any moment, yet Catherine was willing to delay things in order to have Jeffrey fuck her. She was clearly very horny, and that knowledge brought him hurtling towards climax.

"I'm going to come, Catherine," he groaned, and she grinned.

"Yes! Me too! Yes!"

She slowed then, her body starting to shake as her cunt clamped down on his shaft. He knew she was coming, especially from the rapturous scream torn from her lungs moments later. His seed erupted from his magic cock at the same time, spraying powerfully into her depths, and they came together.

Afterwards, the Duchess climbed off him with a breathless grin, and with a smirk slid from the bed. Jeffrey watched as she hurriedly pulled on a fresh dress from her wardrobe and redid her hair. Soon she was ready and Jeffrey enjoyed how stunning she looked.

Turning back to him, she let her eyes linger on his naked body and smiled. "You are welcome to stay for the ceremony, Jeffrey, as reward for your honourable service. For both returning the sceptre and then... giving it to me."

"It was my pleasure, Lady Brenwick," he said with a seated bow.

She winked. "And mine." Then she slipped from the room, heading downstairs to greet the orcs.

Jeffrey lay there a moment before climbing from the bed himself. Washing his face in the bowl of water at the foot of the bed, he put his clothes back on and left the room. The castle was a hive of activity now that the orcs were here and Jeffrey slowly made his way to the main hall. Catherine had invited him to the ceremony, after all.

It was lined on both sides by throngs of people, most from the town itself, with soldiers stood at the very front forming a wide aisle. At one end were large wooden doors and at the other sat the Duchess on a raised plinth with her advisors at her sides.

A horn blew then, silence descending upon the masses. Moments later, the heavy wooden doors swung open and a group of thirty or forty figures entered on foot. The main hall was large enough that Jeffrey could not make out faces from this distance but they were clearly orcs nonetheless. Their green skin was obvious, and their style of dress whilst still attractive was very different to that of this court.

The men wore their loose shirts open to reveal their hard chests and their pants tucked into tall boots that almost reached their knees. Whilst Jeffrey would look odd wearing such clothes, it sorted the orcs perfectly. The women were dressed just as exotically. Their garb consisted of a long skirt that fell to the ankles of its wearer but the top half did not cover as much, revealing a generous amount of cleavage and also leaving the midriff exposed completely.

The orcs came closer and Jeffrey then noticed the man and woman at the head of the group. Both had greying hair and weathered faces. He knew that orcs aged at a similar rate to humans and so this couple were probably in their early sixties. The man clutched the sceptre that he had returned to Vrika and Jeffrey guessed that the orc was the Tribe Chieftain and the woman was his wife.

Behind them walked a younger pair of orcs. One was a very handsome man in his mid-thirties, Jeffrey would guess, with broad shoulders and a pretty, if strong, face. The other was a woman and as she scanned the crowd Jeffrey's eyes opened wide.


She did not see him and Jeffrey was shocked to see her at the head of the procession. Then again she had returned the orcs' sceptre to the tribe so he could understand if she were given an honourable role in proceedings as a reward.

"The chief's son is so hot!" Jeffrey heard a woman's voice giggle to his right and he glanced over to see a young noble couple watching on.

The man grinned at his female companion. "His daughter's even better looking," he chuckled.

Jeffrey leaned over. "His daughter?"

The man glanced over at Jeffrey and smiled. "Yes, the young woman behind him. She comes every year, and I swear each time she's hotter than the last."

Jeffrey was shocked. The man could only be referring to Vrika - she was the Chieftain's daughter! He did not have long to take in that knowledge however before the group reached the plinth and the Duchess stood up.

"Welcome to my castle, Chieftain," she said clearly, holding her sceptre. "Your people walk amongst friends here."

The lead orc bowed, the rest following suit. "I am honoured by your greeting, Duchess." Then he stood straight and lifted the sceptre. "We are here to reaffirm our friendship and the solidarity between us."

Jeffrey watched as the man walked halfway up the plinth and stopped, holding the sceptre above his head. "On behalf of the Tribe of the Blue Sword, I swear allegiance and trade with your people."

An excited murmur ran through the crowd as Lady Brenwick stepped down towards the orc, meeting him at the halfway point. She raised her own sceptre.

"On behalf of the people of this province, I pledge our friendship and trade to the Tribe of the Blue Sword."

Then the sceptres touched, and the crowd erupted in cheers. Jeffrey grinned at the successful conclusion of matters. Glancing over at the Duchess, he saw her and the Tribe Chieftain bow at one another ornately before she beckoned them through the rear doors deeper into the castle. Soon the orcs had all passed through.

Not long after he was invited through those doors too along with the rest of the nobles and a good number of commoners. It did not surprise him to learn that Catherine had made sure all walks of life were represented - she seemed a very fair ruler.

After a few hours idle conversation the feasting truly began and by early evening the festivities were in full flow. Jeffrey was having a wonderful time meeting new people and sampling the food and wine, and he was engaged in conversation with two young men who aspired to be knights when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned and almost gasped.

Karen stood there but she was no longer in her guard's livery. Instead she had changed into a short black dress, which pushed up her incredible cleavage and also revealed a lot of her lovely legs. It was far from indecent but it was still very revealing and she looked amazing in it. He heard the young men gasp behind him at the sight of her and then they quickly scurried away, leaving him alone with the guard captain.

"Hello, Jeffrey," she said with a smirk. "I hope I've not pulled you away from too important a conversation."

He swallowed and shook his head. "Not at all, Karen. You look... sensational."

"Thank you. You look pretty good yourself." She winked. "I had intended to introduce you to an old friend of mine amongst the orcs tonight. I thought that you and her would get along very well; she and I certainly do. But it appears you are already... intimately acquainted."

"We are?"

"Don't you remember, Jeffrey?" Vrika giggled as she joined them, a wicked smile on her face. "Surely you've not forgotten me already?"

His jaw dropped. "You know each other?"

Vrika and Karen looked at one another and laughed. Then the guard captain spoke. "Yes, we met when we were only teenagers at the first ceremony I attended. I was an ambitious young guard on duty and Vrika was the hotheaded daughter of the Tribe Chieftain."

"You're still an ambitious young guard," Vrika said.

"And you're still hotheaded," Karen teased back. They laughed again.

Jeffrey couldn't believe this. What were the odds?

Suddenly, both women looked more serious. Vrika stepped closer to him. "But since you are already familiar with both of us, Jeffrey, we can skip the formal introductions and get right to the point. Would you like to go upstairs?"

His balls twitched at her words and the horny look in her eyes. "You did not tell me you were the daughter of the Tribe Chieftain. Will your father not mind your absence?" he asked, worried he would cause a diplomatic incident.

"Not at all," Vrika giggled. "After all, he doesn't seem to care about my brother." She motioned behind Jeffrey then, and he turned to see the handsome young orc and the Duchess disappearing together up the stairs at the rear of the room.

Karen sidled up to him then, reaching out to place a hand on his arm. "All this talk of sex has got me riled up, friends, and yet we're simply standing here. May I suggest we move upstairs?"

Jeffrey and Vrika agreed and before long he was following both women up the stairs at the rear of the room. Vrika took a left at the top, into what he assumed was the guest wing, and soon they were stood outside a wooden door. She unlocked it, waving him and Karen through, and they stepped inside quickly.

Karen started kissing him almost as soon as he was through the door, her huge tits squashing against his chest. He heard Vrika laugh behind him as she stepped through afterwards, shutting the door and locking it. Then the orc moved behind him and kissed his neck. She pressed her body against his back and he delighted in the feel of two hot women against him.

Then Karen's fingers found his shirt and unbuttoned it, pulling it from his body as Vrika undid his belt and pants. Between them, the two women had him naked in moments. He reached out then, undoing the knots to Karen's short dress and tugging it from her body, gasping as her naked form was revealed. He did not wait long, however, before turning to Vrika and delicately removing her garments too.

Soon all three were naked and Vrika and Karen grinned wickedly at one another before both grasping Jeffrey's hands and practically throwing him onto the bed. He rolled onto his back as the two gorgeous women crawled up the bed to join him and reached out to fondle their tits.

They did not allow him to for long, however, before they were moving. Without a word spoken between them, Karen climbed up his body and lowered her pussy onto his face. He reached up to wrap his hands round her waist and tug her closer to him, enjoying the taste of her as he started to devour her wet cunt. At the exact same time Vrika shifted further down the bed and took his cock into her mouth.

Jeffrey hungrily ate Karen's pussy as the gorgeous woman moaned above him whilst at the same time groaning in pleasure himself at Vrika's work. Whilst he could not see the orc he knew what she would look like hunched over and with his cock in her mouth and that image when coupled with the sight of Karen above him sent horniness burning through his veins.

Soon Karen was quivering above him and he could see from the look in her brown eyes that she was getting very close. Vrika meanwhile was kissing down the sides of his member and Jeffrey moaned at her delicate work. He reached up with his right hand to grab one of Karen's massive tits, squeezing the globe as he pleasured her pussy, and it achieved the desired effect. Seconds later, she climaxed hard against his face.

He grinned into her cunt as her twitching pussy leaked its delicious juices over his face. Karen's eyes rolled back at strength of her orgasm, her muscles spasming and he continued to kiss her pussy even as she came.

Soon however the moment had passed and she pulled herself from him with a shaky grin. Settling down by his side she reached out to stroke Vrika's back and Jeffrey watched as she encouraged the orc to sit on his cock.

Vrika did not need to be told again and with a smirk of her own she stopped sucking his member, instead throwing a leg over him and quickly settling on his rigid length. Jeffrey gasped as the orc's cunt drew him in, her hot walls clutching at his invasive cock.

Soon she was bouncing, her big tits shaking with the movements and her amber eyes flashing with the pleasure of it. Jeffrey reached up to grab those two mounds on her chest, enjoying the way the green-skinned beauty moaned in response. Suddenly Karen leant down to kiss him, pushing her tongue into his mouth and he returned the motion as he started to meet Vrika's downward strokes with his own thrusts.

"By the moon, that's nice..." the orc moaned loudly and Jeffrey thrust upwards harder. He could tell she was approaching her climax and he wanted to feel her come around his magic cock. From the need that was etched on her face he guessed that she wanted that too and she rolled her hips slightly as he fucked her.

Karen pulled away then to better allow Jeffrey to see Vrika's body. The guard watched on, her hand dropping between her legs to play with herself as Jeffrey and the orc fucked passionately. Vrika's eyes slowly clouded, then rolled back as the moment arrived.

"Oh fuck yes!" she screamed as her orgasm hit her, her pussy spasming against his cock. He could feel her walls tighten on his member as pleasure assaulted her mind and he knew she was coming hard.

Eventually however the moment had passed and Vrika let herself rest there in post-orgasmic bliss, a broad grin on her face. She did not stay there long, though, clearly aware that Karen wanted to feel Jeffrey inside her, and so pulled herself from his member.

His cock sprang free but it did not stay that way for long. Moments later Karen had sucked him into her mouth.

After a minute or so she pulled her head from Jeffrey's member and smiled at the gorgeous orc who had just ridden him so passionately. "You taste good, Vrika," she grinned, before turning to Jeffrey. "And now, Jeffrey, it's my turn."

She didn't break eye contact with him as she let herself sit down, then lie flat, lifting her legs and exposing her juicy cunt once more. Jeffrey had already tasted it that evening but now he wanted more and only seconds elapsed before he was buried to the hilt inside the gorgeous woman.

"That's so good," she moaned as he started to move, his cock sliding easily into her pussy. Her brown eyes glowed with pleasure.

Soon his hips were moving more quickly and Karen's whole body rocked in trying to meet his thrusts. Her cunt welcomed him in every time he slammed his hips against hers and it did not take long for him to be fucking her with vigour. Her mouth was open, long moans drawn from her lungs every time their hips collided, and Jeffrey kissed her deeply as the pace of their sex increased again.

Vrika knelt beside them, leaning down to kiss Jeffrey's neck. Then she pulled away slightly, instead whispering into Karen's ear so quietly that Jeffrey could not hear her, but from the way Karen moaned and the lustful look on her face he guessed that she was encouraging her to climax.

Jeffrey was delighted in that and he felt his balls twitch. He knew he was going to come and he stared into Karen's eyes. "I'm so close," he growled as his orgasm neared.

"Me too, me too!" the black-haired beauty responded, and moments later her words came true. Her cunt seized hold of his cock as she orgasmed, a shriek torn from her lungs at the feeling. He could see the pleasure in her eyes and feel the rapturous pulses of her tunnel. That was all he needed to push him over the edge, and his cum burst from his member, painting Karen's tunnel with its hot seed. Bliss overcame him at the feeling.

Jeffrey was lost to the pleasure of his release for what seemed like hours even though it could not have been. Eventually, though, it finally faded and he withdrew from Karen with a happy sigh. She too looked satisfied by the evening's entertainment and Vrika grinned at them both in her own orgasmic afterglow.

Afterwards, Jeffrey settled down on the bed, enjoying the way the two women moved to lie on either side of him. Whichever way he looked, a beautiful woman was there to greet him.

He grinned to himself.

Another quest completed; another happy ending.


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