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Single Combat


Queen Hippolyta had some difficulty focusing on the matter at hand. Her generals debated what formation to use to repel the invading westerners, but Hippolyta had never been very apt at strategy, truth be told. The queen was named after her ancestor Hippolyta the Liberator, the founder of Amazonia. The legends said that Hippolyta the Liberator fought with a sword the size of a house and could move faster than eyes could follow. Tales of ancient heroes were always so inflated. Hippolyta didn't know why. The Amazons were strong enough already. All the nations north of the great southern Jungle lived in fear of Amazon raiding parties. Whenever Hippolyta led a party into the northern countryside most the pitiful villagers tried to flee. The few men who were foolish enough to try to fight were cut down with ease. The amazons would make off with all the village's gold, valuables, and food. Sometimes, they would bring a few young men back in chains for breeding or for execution in the Arena of the Liberator. None in the world could stand before the Amazons.

Six months ago, a massive horde of men crossed the western mountains. They crushed each of the northern nations in turn, leaving nothing in their wake but ruin and corpses. Now, they had turned their attention south, toward the jungles of Amazonia. But the Amazons would not be such easy prey.

The scouts reported that the western horde numbered more than a hundred thousand men. The Amazons could only muster about ten thousand warriors, but Hippolyta was not worried by the enemy's numbers. She may not have been a great strategist, but she was an accomplished warrior and she knew her women well. At twenty eight years of age, she had already slain over a hundred and fifty men, both in battle and in single combat in the Arena. She would pit any Amazon against ten men any day.

Yarei, commander of the scouts pushed her way into the command tent, falling to one knee before Hippolyta and her assembled officers. "Report," commanded Hippolyta. Yarei was a warrior of great skill and the fastest runner in Amazonia. At the age of twenty she had already risen to the position of Scout Commander. She was also one of Hippolyta's closest friends.

"My queen," began Yarei, "the king of the westerners rode out before his host as one of our scouting patrols passed. He politely asked for an audience with the Queen of the Amazons."

"You are going to refuse, I hope, my Queen," said one of Hippolyta's generals. "This is obviously a trap."

"Perhaps," said Hippolyta. "But there is nowhere to hide an ambush on the plain, and I could easily outrun any attack. This is a good opportunity. Tell the western king I will meet with him tomorrow morning in the center of the plain. He is to bring no more than ten soldiers with him, and I will do the same." She turned to her generals. "Perhaps I can convince him not to attack. If not, I will simply slay him. There is no man alive who can best the amazons in combat. Then we can fall upon his leaderless host and crush them."

"As you command, my queen," said Yarei, rising to her feet. She turned to leave.

"Oh, and Yarei. You are to attend me tonight when your duties are complete."

"Yes my queen." Hippolyta caught a glimpse of a smile as Yarei exited the tent.

"That will be all for today," Hippolyta said to her generals. "You are dismissed."

With her official duties out of the way, Hippolyta decided to bathe for a while. After that, she would return to her tent to enjoy Yarei's beautiful body and agile tongue before sleep. She couldn't wait.

Hippolyta woke at dawn the next morning, Yarei's fingers gently caressing her clit. Hippolyta moaned softly, but gently pushed Yarei away. "If only we had time," she whispered. She rolled out of bed. "Get up, Yarei. You're coming with me. Yarei pushed herself up and gave Hippolyta a quick kiss before wandering over to collect her clothes, which had been strewn about the tent last night.

Hippolyta quickly dressed. It didn't take long, for Amazon warriors wear very little. She wore a tight bikini made of chainmail that kept her massive bosom near to her chest. Hippolyta's breasts were the biggest in all Amazonia, as was expected of the direct descendant of Hippolyta the Liberator. The titanic tits of the Liberator always bred true, generation after generation. The chainmail was not meant for protection, it denoted her status as queen. Every other Amazon warrior wore a leather or leopard skin bikini instead. Steel was very rare in the southern jungles. Most warriors wielded spears with steel tips, but only the officers were aloud steel blades. Hippolyta strapped her own long, thin steel blade to her back and strode from the tent. Yarei was not far behind her. Her other eight warriors were already prepared. Hippolyta led them at a run out of the jungle and onto the plain.

The journey would have taken any lesser runners half a day, but Hippolyta and her party were Amazons. It took them less than an hour to reach the meeting place. The western king and his men were already there. The westerners wore steel helmets and chainmail from head to foot, with heavy broadswords at their belts. Good. Their heavy weapons and armor would make them slow.

One stepped forward. He was tall and heavily built, with a short cropped brown beard. He looked about thirty. "I am Jarl Edric Fredulfson, lord of the Steel Horde and father of thirty seven sons. I have tales of your beauty and strength." He bowed.

"I am Hippolyta, Queen of Amazonia and the southern jungles, descendant of the Liberator." She returned his bow. "You have asked for an audience with me. What is your purpose?"

"I seek to avoid needless bloodshed."

"In that case, you should turn your army around and go back where you came from."

"I'm afraid I cannot do that. You see, when I left my home with my army, I cast my oathstone, swearing to leave no enemy standing in the lands east of the mountains or die in the attempt. If I break my oathstone oath, neither I nor my sons will be permitted into Valhalla. I have heard such interesting stories concerning your people ever since my host crossed the mountains. Is it true that there are no men in Amazonia?"

He was clearly trying to change the subject. Hippolyta decided to answer his question. "There are men. We need them for breeding, so we keep them in chains. They often die of disease or malnutrition so we need to raid in order to secure more every so often. If you are not willing to leave then surely you do not expect us to surrender without a fight?"

"No. I propose single combat."

"Single combat? You would put the success or failure of your whole army on the shoulders of one of your men?"

"Not on one of my men, no. I will face your strongest warrior myself."

Hippolyta had to admire his courage, if not his sense. Single combat with an Amazon? No man in the world could hope to win. "As it happens, I am my people's finest warrior," she said. "Where should we hold this duel?"

"I have heard that Amazonia has a stadium large enough to seat twenty thousand people. I can think of no better venue."

"I will not permit you to march your army to Amazonia."

"My whole army couldn't fit in the stadium anyway. I will take ten thousand men with me. The other ninety thousand will remain here. If you are not afraid to face one hundred thousand men in battle then surely you have no fear of a paltry ten thousand. If I lose the duel, you may kill them or enslave them as you please. The other ninety thousand will return home."

Hippolyta paused. This proposal could be a ploy to enter Amazonia, but if there was a trap, she could not see it. The enemy would be much less dangerous once split up. If the Jarl's ten thousand tried interfering in the duel they would be crushed by Hippolyta's army. They did have the advantage in steel weapons and armor....

"Your ten thousand will surrender their arms and armor before they enter the stadium." She said.

"Done. Provided your ten thousand does the same," He replied. "And to be sure that you do not bring additional reinforcements the entrances to the stadium are to be sealed until the end of the duel."

This arrangement was just about ideal. Hippolyta couldn't believe her luck. She would turn back the enemy army, capture ten thousand slaves, secure all the steel from their armor and weapons, and put a man in his place while doing so, all without losing a single woman. Perfect. "I agree to your terms."

"We have not yet agreed upon what happens if I win the duel."

"Name your terms. It matters not, you won't win."

"My men will make slaves of every woman in Amazonia. I will make you my slave. If you're obedient, I'll allow you to bear my children, if not, I'll force you to lick my seed off of more worthy slaves. My men will erect a monument to commemorate our conquest over you. Then we will take our spoils, including you and all your amazons, back to our home across the mountains." The Jarl's voice was dead serious, as if the statement was a promise, instead of an impossible fantasy. He could never win.

Hippolyta smirked. "I agree to your terms."

"Very well. I will return to my army and prepare to march. We will meet your army at the tree line at nightfall." The Jarl turned and strode away, his men at his heels.

Once he was out of earshot, Yarei burst into laughter. "Did...Did he just VOLUNTEER for ritual execution? HA! And he's taking ten thousand men into the bear trap with him."

"Perhaps. I want your scouts to keep a close eye on the Jarl's forces during this march. Also, leave a few girls to watch the remainder of his army. If they move, I want to know about it."


The march back to Amazonia was uneventful. The Jarl arrived with his ten thousand at nightfall, as promised, and from there both armies began the march to the Amazon capital. The Jarl's forces didn't attack in the night. They didn't try to escape through the jungle. The scouts reported that the other ninety thousand men that the Jarl had left behind were staying put. On the third day, they had reached the gates of Amazonia.

"That's an interesting statue," remarked the Jarl as he passed through the gate. The statue he referred to was the twelve foot high statue of Hippolyta the Liberator that stood guard over the city's entrance. She stood naked and victorious over the fallen body of a male oppressor.

"That's Hippolyta the Liberator," Hippolyta responded. "According to legend she founded this country after killing 500 men single handedly. She spared only one, who she castrated and forced to lick her cunt every day until he died."

"How frightening. My people have heroes as well, but none that killed any women, I'm afraid."

They reached the stadium after a few minutes. The stadium was the second largest building in Amazonia, behind only the Pyramid of the Goddess. The floor of the Arena was a circle of sand one hundred feet across. Expanding outward and upward from the floor were the stands, enough to seat twenty thousand spectators.

The Arena had been used for ritual execution since the time of Elena the Blessed. Countless men had died, bleeding into its sands for the glory of the Goddess and the amusement of the Amazons. Each man was given a spear and pitted against an Amazon warrior. In the history of Amazonia, not once had any man survived. Hippolyta had killed more than a few herself.

Both armies filed into the arena's only gate. The amazons each tossed their spears into a pile as they filed in, while the men of the Jarl's army doffed their armor and lay down their swords. Once inside the stadium, the men sat in the stands to the right of the gate, while the Amazons took the left, neatly dividing the stadium in two. Once every soldier had passed through the gate, Hippolyta shouted for male slaves to pile rubble in front of the gate, as per her agreement with the Jarl. The men thought that sealing the gate would keep them safe from any reinforcements from the city. Fools. It would only prevent them from escaping after their leader was dead.

"This stadium is most impressive," commented the Jarl. "Built by male slaves, I presume."

"You are far from the first man to fight in this arena Jarl Edric." She had a thought. "Come to think of it, there is a traditional garb that men who fight here wear. Would you like to wear it?"

"I suppose I should follow your traditions. This is after all, your city. For now." He smiled.

"Yarei, take him to the preparation room and give him the ceremonial loincloth."

"Yes my queen. This way please." Yarei smirked as she led the Jarl away.

A few minutes later he emerged, wearing only a tattered white loincloth. Despite his inelegant state of dress his muscular form was impressive. He stepped into the arena confidently. Yarei emerged a second later, taking her place in the stands among her subordinates. Hippolyta shot her a smile, but Yarei didn't return it. She looked shaken. What could have happened?

Jarl Edric walked across the stands and stood in front of Hippolyta, still completely calm. She tossed him a spear. "Here is your weapon." Silence fell in the Arena. The Arena had excellent acoustics, anything said or done on the arena floor could be heard anywhere in the stands.

"Thank you," He threw the spear away. "But I don't need that. Men are meant to fight women with only one weapon, and we carry it with us always."

Hippolyta had to laugh. "This is too much. You come here with a tenth of your army. You willingly leave your steel at the door. You dress yourself for execution and to top it off, you even refuse to wield a weapon. I have killed many men, Jarl Edric, but none have ever come as willingly to their deaths as you have." Laughter spread throughout the Amazons in the crowd. Strangely, the Jarl seemed completely unconcerned. He must simply be insane. Surely his men now realized that their commander had lost his mind and lead them all into a deathtrap. She glanced at the men in the stands. They didn't seem afraid. They were laughing, joking with one another. Some were pointing out Amazons in the crowd and making crude jokes.

"I'm afraid you made one mistake, oh queen," Edric said with a mocking bow. "You said that I was not the first man to fight in this arena. You were wrong."

"Enough talk!" Hippolyta drew her sword. It whistled as she swung it in an elegant arc, gleaming in the sun. She snapped it up into guard position. "If you won't defend yourself, then die!" She lunged.

The Jarl was slightly faster than expected. He managed to barely avoid her attack by diving to the left, but his dive would leave him on the ground, easy prey. She spun to finish him off... But he wasn't on the ground. He was standing, with his back to her, holding something aloft before the male spectators. Something that glittered in the sun.

It was Hippolyta's chain top. She gasped, suppressing the urge to cover her now unclothed breasts. How? How could he have done it? He had only just barely avoided being cut in half by her attack. The men cheered. His back was turned. Hippolyta launched into a swing aimed at the back of his neck. Her swing missed by less than an inch. She moved into a thrust, again just barely missing. Hippolyta launched attack after attack, but he somehow avoided each one. She felt like she was trying to cut smoke. She brought her sword down in one final downward slash aimed at the crown of his head, and he vanished. The instant before her blade would have connected he was just... gone.

She turned to find him brandishing her bikini bottom. Hippolyta felt her hands shake as she gripped the hilt of her blade. No human could possibly be that fast, let alone a man. This was impossible. Impossible. He let her bikini bottom fall to the sand and addressed her. "You must be embarrassed to be naked in front of so many people. Tell you what, I'll get naked too. That way, maybe you won't be the only one." He tore off the loincloth and cast it aside.

Hippolyta nearly dropped her sword. His cock dangled nearly down to his knee. It must have been a foot and a half long, at least, and as thick as her wrist! No man Hippolyta had ever seen was even half so big, and very, very few were even one third as large. His balls were equally impressive, each the size of her fist.

"Perhaps now you understand what I meant. There are no real men on this side of the mountains. I know this, because my army and I crushed every country and captured all their women, all without losing a single man. Men on this side of the mountains are so weak that they live in fear of amazons. Of women. Imagine! Men, afraid of women! They are no better than mice. But the real men are here now, and it's time to learn your place. You will get on your knees and suck on this or I will beat you with it until you do." The female side of the stadium had gone deathly quiet. The men were beginning to jeer.

Hippolyta steadied her hands and raised her sword. "You think just because you have a big dick, I will bow down and worship you?" She watched him, wearily. "I'll kill you yet." Hippolyta focused. There was simply no way a man could move faster than the eye could see. If she paid attention, she was certain she could catch him. She was wrong. Suddenly, he was behind her, reaching around to squeeze her left breast.

"You know, he mused, "I don't think I've ever had a woman with tits this big, and I've had a lot of women." She spun, stabbing at the air. He was behind her again, this time fondling her ass. "Your civilization is very interesting. It makes sense actually." She slashed at his head. He was crouching low, pinching her clit. She yelped and jumped away. "The purpose of women is to be taken by the strong and to bear their children. So what do women do when there are no strong men?" She stabbed downward and he was behind her again, his open hand colliding with her ass with a loud *SMACK*. The force of the spank sent her stumbling forward. "Apparently, the women build a civilization, tell each other stories of how many men their ancestors slew, and execute weakling men in their arena." Hippolyta would not give in. She attacked again. This time he appeared ten feet away, stroking his beard thoughtfully.

"On the other hand," he continued. "The amazons rely essentially on captured men for breeding material. The raiding parties kill any who try to fight back. Doesn't this ensure that only the weaklings and cowards are captured, and therefore used to breed, while the stronger ones are killed? Over time, wouldn't this process make both the Amazons and the people they prey upon weaker? Did the weaklings cause the Amazons? Or did the Amazons cause the weaklings? It's a bit of a chicken/egg situation, wouldn't you agree?"

Hippolyta charged forward once again. This time, the Jarl didn't bother to dodge. He caught her sword between his thumb and index finger and tore it from her hands, casually tossing it aside. "Alright, that's enough fooling around. Suck my dick."

Hippolyta's whole body was trembling. This was impossible. It was IMPOSSIBLE. No man could defeat an Amazon. No man could defeat Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons. "N-never," she stammered. She could barely even speak.

The Jarl sighed. Hippolyta's world spun and suddenly she was on her back. The Jarl staddled her, pinning her arms to the ground with his knees, his cock looming ominously over her face. With one hand, he roughly gripped her hair, holding her head steady; with the other he grasped the base of his cock. She was utterly powerless as he brought the cock down hard against her face with a loud *SMACK!*. The female side of the stadium was in uproar. Every Amazon in the stadium was trying to escape, but the gate was sealed and there was no other way out. The cock hit her face again, and again and again, Harder and faster. Hippolyta began to cry as he beat her face with his cock. This couldn't be happening. *SMACK!* It couldn't be happening. *SMACK!*

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