tagFetishSis Piss Ch. 03

Sis Piss Ch. 03


Thanks to everyone again for your amazing support and responses! The tale continues...

I was awakened to a series of muffled girly giggles. "Wake up, Tommy," Leslee said, fixing me with a grin. "I've got a bladder full of piss, and you're going to drink up every drop of it, aren't you?" She was naked and kneeling beside me with her hands on her hips. Kathy and Marion were to my other side, underneath the covers still and giggling.

I somewhat blearily wiped my eyes and yawned. "Um, sure thing, Les," I said. I stretched my back and arms, kicked off the covers and laid back. "Come crawl up here and put your pussy on my mouth."

"You dirty fuck," she chuckled as she shuffled up and swung a leg over my head. "You like drinking my piss, don't you?" Her hairy red snatch was only inches from my mouth. Marion and Kathy maneuvered closer so they could see better, still giggling.

"Yeah, I love it, Les," I replied to her, opening my mouth in anticipation of her yellow stream. My cock was twitching and quickly coming to full erection.

"What do you love?" she asked me as she squatted over my face, her hands back on her hips. "Tell me!"

"I love drinking your piss, Les," I responded. My cock strained and throbbed as I said the words. My face was flushed with excitement and mild embarrassment. Marion and Kathy were only about a foot away to my left, I could hear them snickering and snorting as they watched.

"Say my full name," she snapped, "And use the word 'pee pee'. Now tell me again!"

I hesitated for a second. "...I love drinking your pee pee, Leslee," I said. Kathy and Marion both squealed in delight and mirth next to me. My face was burning a deep red now with embarrassment. My pulse was pounding in my cock as it surged to rigid hardness.

"I want to hear that one more time," Leslee teased me in a sing-song voice.

"I love drinking your pee pee, Leslee!" I affirmed louder this time. Kathy and Marion snickered and tried to suppress peals of laughter. I was incredibly turned on by this treatment. I felt ashamed and humiliated, but I was loving it! I couldn't wait for her to start evacuating her bladder so I could taste her piss. My mouth was watering, I was dying for it!

"Ok, I want to hear one more thing before I let it go," said Leslee. "I want to hear you ask me to piss into your mouth so you can drink it. Use the word 'pee' again, I like that. And you'd better be polite!"

"Please, Leslee," I begged her, "Please pee into my mouth so I can drink it!"

"Good boy!" she praised me. Threading her fingers into my hair, she lifted my head up and raised my mouth to her pussy. My two other sisters were giggling away like mad. I engulfed Leslee's labia and prepared to receive her golden offering. Her lips tasted of salt and the flavour instantly sent shivers through my body. "Ok, I want you to concentrate really hard here, I don't want you to spill a drop on my bed," she said as I locked my mouth onto her lower lips. My cock was twitching uncontrollably. "And one last thing," she said. "Smile, you're on kinky camera!"

With that, she unleashed a torrent of urine into my mouth. I frantically rolled my eyes over to my other sisters, and indeed, Kathy held a camera pointed directly at me! I panicked!! I tried to move, but Leslee had me by the hair with her snatch pushed into my mouth. Her urine tasted awful!! Unbelievably sour, overwhelmingly strong! I choked and gagged, my face grimacing in disgust and horror. I struggled as Kathy and Marion screamed in laughter. Leslee's stinking piss roared into my mouth. With superhuman effort I managed to choke down a mouthful. It was salty and acidic, bitter and foul. It kept coming like a geyser, squirting into my mouth and filling it. I resolved myself to overcome the terrible flavour and just swallow down every drop as quickly as I could. I opened my throat and chugged another mouthful down. Leslee's flow was constant and instantly my mouth was again full. I chugged and chugged, the vile liquid being guzzled directly from her bladder, through her pee-hole, into my gaping mouth and straight down my throat into my stomach.

As I began gulping down her piss, she relaxed her hold on my hair slightly. "Good boy," she crooned to me. "Good thirsty boy, drink up all my hot stinking piss. I've got a new name for you. I'm going to call you Piss Pot from now on," she mused.

I moaned in between gulps as my body went wild with chills. Once again this horrible, rancid, most disgusting taste I'd ever beheld became ambrosia. The nectar of the gods. The vile, volatile orange brew she was voiding into my mouth was transformed into a potion of ecstasy, the source of my life and my reason for being. I gulped down her pee with enthusiasm and force, sucking the piss right out of her cunt. It was paradise! The more sour and putrid her piss, the more joy it brought to me! God, I was going to come again!!!

I desperately sucked on her vulva with all my might as waves of rapture surged through my body. My hips thrust forward involuntarily as my entire abdomen was seized in a warm, crushing grip that squeezed the breath from me. I fairly screamed into Leslee's cunt as I ejaculated, desperately locking my lips onto her twat to form a seal so I wouldn't miss a single drop of her stream. Thankfully, it had slowed slightly by now.

"Shit, Tom's coming in his pants again!" gushed Marion. "Get that on film!!"

Spurt after spurt of thick, sticky semen blasted into my pyjama bottoms as I moaned with the intensity of my release. Leslee's flow of urine had slowed to a trickle. I still had my mouth in a death-grip around her vulva, sucking the last glorious drops of urine out of her with zest. "Fuck, you are a dirty fucking piss pot, aren't you?" growled Leslee. "Coming in your pants just from drinking down all my hot piss? Yeah, you dirty fucking dog. Get the last drops. Taste it. Savour it. Now lick my cunt. Make me come. Yeah, do it. Lick my cunt."

I didn't need any encouragement there. I continued sucking on her pussy for all I was worth, lapping and slurping up every drop of her piss, tasting every inch of her vagina, sliding my tongue all over the folds of her snatch and flicking over the hardness of her clit. It didn't take long before she grabbed my hair in both hands and began bucking on my face. "UUHHHNNNN!!" she groaned as she began to orgasm. She doubled over and ground her pussy onto my face as she thrust and twitched, cumming with intensity as her well-muscled torso convulsed in joy. "GOD, YEAH, SUCK MY CUNNNNNT!!!" she howled as came, gasping and gyrating with her eyes shut tight. Slowly she relaxed and collapsed forward, panting and moaning. "Oh my god," she breathed. "Oh, fuck. I've never come like that in my life. Oh my fucking god."

She was bathed in a light film of sweat as she leaned back and let out a giddy laugh. "Whoa, my knees are wobbly. Holy fuck, that was something else. Did you like that, Piss Pot?"

"I loved it, Les," I said. I choked out a bit of a belch. My throat burned. I could feel her acid piss in my stomach. My prick was still steel-hard. I loved her talking to me this way.

"Call me Pisstress," she said with a giggle. Kathy and Marion chimed in with laughter.

"Ok," I said with a grin. "I loved it, Pisstress."

"What the hell," said Leslee. "I finally get the best fuck of my life and it turns out to be my baby brother. Life's a funny thing, huh?"

"Oh my god, tell me about it!" said Marion. "This is so amazing, but so weird! I want to keep him! We all have to leave in a day, what do we do then?"

"We'll worry about that later," said Kathy. "For now, let's just enjoy the day. I've got a few ideas yet. Should be fun for all of us. Well, maybe not Tom so much, but I guess we'll see there too, huh little Piss Pot?" she added with a grin.

I chuckled. "I've taken everything you've dished out so far, Kath. And I want more." I was not entirely confident in my bravado, since I had no idea what she had in mind, but the prospect did excite me. I belched a bit again and my throat felt irritated. My whole body was warm with pleasure though, and my cock was still erect and straining against my messed pyjama bottoms.

"Did you get all that on film?" asked Leslee as she rose somewhat unsteadily to the side of the bed.

"Sure did," replied Kathy. "This is going to be the hottest video ever in history, I think!"

"Uh, we can't show that, eh?" I remarked. "I've got my career to think about, not to mention the sibling factor..."

"Well, duh," scoffed Leslee. "Incest is still officially illegal as far as I know, and I don't know exactly what you have to do to get arrested, but I'm not interested in finding out. This was just for us. I want to watch that the second we get it downloaded! And I want to watch you jerk off watching it. Maybe we'll video that too!"

All three girls laughed. "Well no sense waiting, let's get this on to your computer!" exclaimed Marion.

"Hold on a minute," interjected Kathy. "I have to pee too, and Tommy's here in bed. I don't want to have to go all the way to the bathroom."

Marion chuckled, "Well ok, then! I don't think I have to pee, but I might be able to coax out a little bit for him. Let's take care of business first!"

My stomach gurgled and I belched out another bubble of air. My mouth began watering with the thought of accepting the payload from Kathy's bladder. My head was swimming and my prick bobbing lightly at full erection. My cock was so hard it almost hurt!

"Ok, on your knees, Piss Pot!" snickered Kathy with a smile, standing and spreading her feet, raising her T-shirt above her hips to expose her pussy. I obeyed quickly, shedding my pyjamas and kneeling before her on the carpet beside Leslee's bed. My heart was beating rapidly and once again my salivary glands kicked into overdrive. The back corners of my mouth ached as I looked up at Kathy, her curly red hair framing her cute, perky face and her ample boobs filling out her shirt. Her nipples were erect. "Should we record this?" she asked.

"Yeah, damn straight!" said Leslee. "I'll get the camera." She quickly retrieved it from the bed and kneeled down beside me. I felt a flush of embarrassment as she pointed it at me, but it just made my cock even stiffer as it pulsed in the open air. My stomach was churning as I anticipated her flow of urine. I was revolted at the thought she might taste as sour and strong as Leslee had, yet it turned me on all the more.

Kathy spread her labia and exposed the inner folds of her vulva. "Lean forward, Tommy! Open wide!" she crooned to me. I leaned in and reached around to grab her plump buttocks for support. "No hands!" she scolded. "Put your hands behind your back for me, Tommy!" I did as she bade me.

She spread herself even wider and placed her cunt right on my mouth. "Get ready, Tommy!" she smiled. "Here comes my pee pee!!"

A trickle of urine issued forth from her urethra into my waiting mouth. God almighty, it was so strong! So sour! Simply awful, foul, nauseating stuff! My nose instantly wrinkled and my face contorted in a grimace again. My mouth was overjuicing with saliva. I forced myself to swallow as she opened the floodgates in earnest, relaxing her bladder completely and filling my mouth. It was horrifying! My three sisters all burst out in a fresh round of cackling as I gagged and swallowed again.

Leslee trained the camera closely in on the action. "With god as my witness, I swear I will never, ever get tired of this as long as I live!" she panted. I choked. I used all my will to keep my mouth open and available for Kathy's urine stream. She filled my mouth and I chugged it down. It was an ecstasy of distaste and revulsion. I steeled myself and sucked hard on her pussy, drawing the urine out of her in into my mouth. Her burning hot tinkle gushed over my tongue and I consumed it with fierce determination. My head was spinning and my cock throbbing.

"Yeah, drink up all my hot piss, Tommy," she purred. "Drink it all up. Drink my pee pee. Look at his face!" she laughed, glancing over at Leslee and Marion. "Does that taste good? Do you like it? I can tell you like it. That's good, I've still got some more for you. Keep drinking!!"

I kept swallowing as she peed, and finally the flow of urine slowed. Kathy sighed a great sigh of contentment as she squirted the last few jets into my mouth. I gulped it down and began licking her pussy clean. I licked her clit in quick laps as I sucked her pudenda into my mouth. She hummed gently in pleasure and stepped back off my face.

"What are you doing, aren't you going to cum?" asked Leslee. "Don't you get off on that?"

"Yeah, it's awesome, but I dunno, I just can't relax enough," she replied. "I really don't cum that often anyway. This is a total turn on though. No offense to your lips and tongue, there Tom."

"None taken," I breathed. I kneeled on the carpet with a raging hard-on and my stomach doing cartwheels. I panted as I struggled to fight the waves of nausea. It felt like my two sisters' piss was eating a hole in the wall of my stomach. I was still incredibly aroused, but I was on the verge of vomiting.

Marion gracefully leapt to the carpet beside Kathy, beaming a smile. "My turn!" she exclaimed as she raised her nightshirt to reveal her bald snatch and began shuffling towards me. I heaved and a sour slug of regurgitated urine entered the back of my mouth. I focused myself and arduously swallowed it back down again. There was sweat on my brow and my breathing was shallow and quick. My face was involuntarily contorted in a mask of disgust and my eyes watered. "Oh, Tom, are you ok?" asked Marion, the smile fading from her face. She crouched down in front of me on the balls of her feet and looked into my eyes with a concerned expression. "Are you ok?" she repeated. "Can you do this? I only have a little, I promise." She gently held my face in her hands and time seemed to stop. "Can you drink my pee? I promise I will make it up to you."

I took a deep breath and nodded. She kissed my forehead and cool shivers overtook me. Goosebumps swept over my body and all was glorious bliss again. The disgusted, nauseating pangs in my belly turned to pleasure, and as waterlogged as I felt, I was suddenly eager and hungry for more piss. She leaned to my ear and whispered, "I promise I will make this up to you. I promise."

She then looked me in the eye again with a tentative smile, then stood in front of me and presented her quim before my mouth. In a trance, I leaned forward, closed my eyes, sealed around her labia and offered myself up for her relief. I felt the mildly abrasive stubble of her shaven mound and tasted the delectable salt of her inner lips. She obliged me quickly with a squirt of absolutely delicious urine, and at its contact with my tongue, my prostate began fluttering. My whole being was in complete ecstasy as three more small squirts of her pee entered my mouth. I voraciously sucked it down, complete, blissful joy vibrating through me. A few more tiny drips were all she had to offer me. I savoured each precious yellow gift she gave me. Her urine was nowhere near as sour and either of my other sisters', and in the state I was in, my tasted buds sang with overwhelming gratitude at every scrumptious molecule they received. I was over the moon.

I sucked hungrily on her pussy as I sought out more of her urine, licking her clean as I had done for my other sisters, and pleasuring her orally as best I could. She tensed up quickly, her amazingly toned legs bent slightly. She sighed and put her hands on my head to steady herself as I ate her out. Kathy and Leslee knelt close to watch as Leslee whispered encouragements to me. "Yeah, do it. Lick her out. Eat her pussy, Tommy. Eat Marion's pussy. Make her cum. I want to see you make Marion cum with your tongue, Tommy."

I was flicking my tongue rapidly on her clit now, beating it with a constant assault of intense, slippery pleasure. I sucked on her whole cunt as I did so, and soon Marion's breath became shallow, laboured and quick. "Mmmm" she moaned. I increased the pressure on her love button and sucked even harder. "MMMMMM!!" she moaned again. "MMMMM!! Yes!! Yes!!! Ohhhh, I'm gonna CUUMMMMM!!!!!!"

Her hips went wild with exaggerated undulations, bucking and jerking spastically. Her fingers intertwined into my hair and clenched into fists, threatening to tear it from my scalp. She called out in brazen lust, wailing and gasping as her tremendous orgasm wracked her body. She mashed her vagina onto my mouth as it sang its joyous contractions and quivered in release.

She finally pushed back from my lips and gasped, panting to catch her breath. "Ohhh, thank you, Tom, thank you so, so much, you have no idea...." she mumbled. She took a couple of deep breaths and regained her composure. "Ok, is that a wrap? What's next? Do we want to get Tom off here?" she inquired.

"No, no, I think Tom should cool his heels for a bit and suffer with that stiffie," Leslee said wryly. "Let's wait until we get these videos onto my computer. And I've got an idea or two yet."

"Ok, Tom, you got that?" smirked Kathy. "No cumming until we have this on the computer."

"Got it Kath," I replied. My hardon was still rampaging, but I ignored it. My belly gurgled, and I belched again. I was determined to keep my sisters' piss in my stomach. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to process it fast enough because I wanted to be sure I was ready for more, in case any of them had to pee again soon. "I'd better get some more water," I stated, and headed off to the kitchen.

I got a glass of water and downed it. That seemed to settle my stomach somewhat, so I poured another. Then I heard Leslee's voice call from down the hall, "We're going to have a shower, Tom. So no jerking off, you hear? I want those balls full for after!"

"You're all showering? Together? And I'm not invited?" I called back in mock disappointment. Or maybe it was a bit real. I was somewhat surprised that they were all showering together, but after recent events, I suppose it was not really shocking at all.

"Nope, we're discussing strategy," I heard her reply with a chuckle. I heard the bathroom door close, and the shower start. I decided to pass the time by making breakfast, so I got out a pan and retrieved some bacon and eggs from the fridge. I also put some coffee on. I figured we might as well get a jump on the day like Leslee had wanted. If we were going to spend time together and play weird games, we should make the most of it. My cock twitched a bit thinking of what my sisters had in store, or might come up with in the shower. My hardon had basically vanished at this point, though I was still a bit turned on, and my body was alive with energy.

Halfway through my cooking, I felt the urge to take a wicked leak. I went to the front hall bathroom, stood before the toilet and drained my bladder for what seemed like five solid minutes. The piss just wouldn't stop coming from my dick! I was worried that I would burn the eggs by the time I finally pushed the last drops out from my prostate and shook off to return to the kitchen. I quickly made my way back to my cooking duties and drank another three glasses of water. My stomach was feeling much better now. I felt confident that I was ready for more pee if my sisters had to go once they got out of the shower, which I kind of hoped that at least one of them would.

I had the meals of bacon, eggs and toast all served on plates and warming in the oven by the time they emerged from the bathroom. The sight of them took my breath away. Fresh, clean, moist from the shower, each one was her own version of loveliness. Kathy and Marion wrapped in towels and Leslee in her bathrobe quickly reminded me that I was naked.

"Tommy, I have something for you!" Marion exclaimed, lifting her towel above her midriff. I grinned and my cock twitched as I went to her and got down on my knees.

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