tagGay MaleSissy Bottom Has a Nite Out

Sissy Bottom Has a Nite Out


My wife had gone out of town on a weekend business trip, so I invited my Fuck-buddy Eric over for some fun. I met Eric a couple years ago when he passed me his business card through a Glory Hole after he had fucked my asshole raw. After I eventually called him, we hit it off and have been friends ever since. Of course, hot raunchy sex can really help cement a friendship.

Well, Eric came over in the late afternoon, right from a jobsite (he's a contractor), and told me he was gonna take a shower, so I should order up a pizza, then we'd run down to the ABS and rent some porn. So I grabbed the phone to place the order and Eric disappeared down the hall to the master suite, which has a shower off the bedroom. He knows the way, after all, he did help me put in the bathroom. I placed the pizza order and hung up the phone when I heard Eric let out a low whistle of surprise.

"Dude, I knew YOU were a freak, but I had no idea Toni was too!" He said from the bedroom.

"What are you talking abou…." I never finished the sentence. I walked into the bedroom to see Eric standing next to my wife's dresser with the top drawer open looking in with an amused look of surprise on his face. In that dresser drawer is my wife's collection of dildoes, vibrators, negligee and other various sex toys.

"I thought this was your dresser, man. I was looking for a clean T shirt and some sweats. You are a lucky man to have a woman with an open mind" He said. "Looks like you guys have a pretty hot sex life."

"I got no complaints" I said smiling. "Now, unless you're gonna sniff her fucking panties or something, get outa my old ladies dresser and get in the shower. Pizza will be here in half an hour."

"Alright, alright" he said chuckling "one question though: Are they just for her, or do you play with the big rubber dicks too?"

"How do you think I was able to take your cock in my ass on the first try?"

Eric grinned at me then went into the bathroom and into the shower. Over the sound of the running water I heard him say "how long till the pizza gets here?"

"25 minutes" I answered.

"Good, then come here and suck me off. I got big hard-on thinking about you and Toni playing with your toys. If you're a good girl and get me off, I'll let you suck some cock at the bookstore." (Oh good, Eric wanted to play the Dom/Sub roles, probably my favorite game)

(Like I needed the extra encouragement of sucking cock at the bookstore) I walked into the bathroom and there before me was the object of my obsession. 8 inches of rock hard dick was jutting out from his chiseled abdomen and thighs. Below his neatly trimmed pubic hair and his big hard cock hung his full nut sack with two heavy balls just begged to be milked. His dick was so hard that it actually throbbed along with the beating of his heart. Eric was standing next to the shower stall still dripping water from his hard body. He was using his towel to dry off. I couldn't take it! I walked up to him and dropped right to my knees on the bathroom floor and grasped his shaft in my right hand.

"Good god, you are such a shameless faggot" Eric said. "The fucking pizza boy will be here in minutes, and you just can't wait to suck my cock. Aren't you afraid he'll smell the dick on your breath when you open the door? Nah, I guess a whore like you likes dick so much that you just can't control yourself. Well, go on fag, suck my dick good, and I'll blow a nice big load of cum in your mouth. That's what you want, right? My cum down your throat.

I nodded my head in agreement, I was a slut. Then I opened my mouth and began licking Eric's big hard prick. It was all of 8 inches long, with a nice blue vein running down the top, leading to a bullet shaped purple head that was pointed up just slightly. The perfect cock, as far as I was concerned. I licked it all over until it was good and wet, then opened my mouth wider and took him in. I sucked his cock, just the head for a few moments, and then I began bobbing my mouth up and down his shaft, taken just a little more into my throat with each motion.

"Oh, that's real good, pussy boy. You sure know how to suck a cock. I bet your wife makes you suck those big rubber dildoes while she fucks you in the asshole, huh? That's the way it is with you faggots, even your woman fucks your face and your tight little 'pussy' right? Well, I got good news for you tonight, fag. I haven't cum in a week; I haven't even jacked off lately, so I know there's a big load of cum in my balls for you. You want me to shoot my wad in your throat don't you? You want to swallow a load from a real man like me, right? Well you just keep sucking my big dick, bitch, and I'll blow a big load for you. Only, I think I want to blow it on your face. You won't swallow my load until you prove that you're worth it. Cheap bitches like you get spunk shot on their face. Only real good faggots earn my cum down their throat.

By now I had worked all the way down Eric's cock and was deep throating his fuck tool with every thrust. I was also using my hands to gently pull on his balls, which I know he likes. He could tell he was getting close. I had all 8 inches of his throbbing cock jammed down my face, and I was looking forward to his impending orgasm.

"Oh fuck yeah; you are a fine cock-sucking bitch. Maybe I should get you some panties to wear this weekend, like a real bitch. Then I could shove your wife's dildo in your mouth while I fuck your panty clad 'pussy' with my big hard cock. Yeah, I think I'd like that, a faggot like you aught to wear some frilly panties when you get fucked by a man like me…Aw fuck, here it comes sissy boy."

With a loud slurp, Eric jerked his hard cock out of my mouth with his right hand and grabbed my hair with his left. He jerked himself off slapping my across the face with his prick then pulled me in close by my hair. He let out a long drown out moan and began shooting long, shimmering ropes of his jism onto my face. One, two, three, four, five, and more spurts of his steamy musky cum landed on my face. It was on my forehead, across my cheeks, on my closed eyes, and best of all, all over my lips. My tongue shot out and began licking at all the cum it could reach. I greedily slurped at it like the cum pig I am. Then I felt the sensation of Eric's tongue dragging across my face, licking up his own cum in the places I couldn't reach. He cleaned my face up with his mouth, and then he leaned over me and told me to open my mouth.

"Wider" he said, and as I opened my mouth as wide as I could, he pulled my hair back and then spit his cum into my mouth. "I guess you deserve to eat my load after all. That was a good fucking blowjob. You are really a great cock sucker."

Just then as I was swallowing the last of that tasty load, the doorbell rang. "I'll get it" Eric said, wrapping himself in my bathrobe "you clean up.

After I did just that, we sat down at the table for a quick meal of pizza and a couple beers.

"So what do you think? Eric said

"About what?" I answered.

"The panties. You wanna wear some panties when we go down to the bookstore. I think it would be hot for you to wear some women's panties while you and me suck cock at the Glory Holes. You up for it?"

"I don't know." I said. "It's not really my thing."

"How do you know, you've never tried it. C'mon dude, be my 'bitch' for the night. It'll be fun."

I thought about it for a minute and said "okay, but where are we gonna get the panties at?"

Eric said "get them from your wife, they might be a little tight, but all the better. Let's go, dude, I'm getting horny again."

So I went to me wife's dresser and opened her underwear drawer. As I was looking through it, Eric came up and picked out a pair of red sating one with lacey trim and handed them to me.

"Put these on and let me see, okay?"

So I did, and although they were a bit tight, they felt pretty good, not much different from a men's bikini brief, only, the satin felt real good.

We headed out the door and in short order we wheeled into the parking lot of the ABS. Eric and I went in, quickly picked out a few videos for home viewing and Eric told me to run the videos out to the car while he got change for the Peep Show booths where the Glory Holes were.

When I came back in Eric said he had paid for us to go into the theater area instead of the booths. I was disappointed because I wanted to suck cock through the GHs, but I had never been in the theater, so I was curious too.

We walked down the short hallway and entered the theater door. It was really just a room with a big screen and a lot of chairs. There were 5 or six guys seated by themselves, 3 or 4 guys sitting together, and as my eyes adjusted to the light generated by the straight movie playing on the screen, I could see 6 guys standing along the back wall. We eased in to the theater and I noticed that several of the guys, both seated and standing, were playing with their cocks. I slid in next to one of the guys standing by the back wall. He was a young man, college type, with blond hair and a 6, 6.5 inch cock that he was openly stroking.

I felt Eric squeeze my arm and he said "Drop your pants faggot, you're gonna really earn your keep now" I looked at his face and he winked at me. He then leaned in and whispered "Only if you want to man". I thought about it for a millisecond, then I dropped my pants and took them right off. There I stood in a room full of horny men wearing only my wife's panties and a t shirt. College boy looked at me for a second and then he reached out and rubbed my satin clad crotch.

"Nice" was all he said. Then he turned to me and offered me his cock which I eagerly gobbled up. While I was busy sucking on his cock, another guy walked around behind me, I have no idea what he even looked like, and began rubbing his own hard cock up and down my ass crack through the panties. I was so Turned On! Before I knew it, college boy moaned and blasted his load in my mouth and I swallowed every last drop. He walked away, only to be replaced by a middle aged fit guy with a shaved head and a 6 inched uncircumcised dick. I love uncut cock and I gobbled it up. Meanwhile the dude behind me had pulled my panties to the side and was getting my asshole nice and wet with a mixture of precum and spit.

During all this, Eric was by my side telling me what "A dirty fucking whore" I was "You are such a slut, no woman in the world loves cock as much as you do. You're a fucking cum pig aren't you? Such a fag to be wearing women's panties and having cocks shoved in your asshole and mouth like common fucking street whore. Hell, you ain't even getting paid for it. Fucking slut fag wearing women's underwear getting your butt fucked". He said all that and more to me. I loved it. "A butt fucking sissy boy, well at least you're my butt fucker, dirty faggot".

Before we left the theater, I had been fucked or sucked just about anyone who wanted me. There was a pile of used rubbers on the floor, and Eric had even sucked a couple of cocks himself before shooting his spunk in my asshole.

The best part? We still had two days to go.

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