Sissy's BBC Submission


Mary sprayed a bit of perfume on Tyler's hairless chest before helping him don a short top which left his hips and belly button exposed. "Hmm... said his mother. If you are going to wear this top very often, I think you may have to get your navel pierced! An exposed midriff demands a bit of jewelry!" Tyler blanched at the idea!

Marcy checked Tyler's finger nails to be sure that his clear nail polish was still fine. She filed a couple of rough edges on a couple of nails. She brushed out his hair and then used some hair spray to hold it into a more feminine style.

Turning her attention to his face, Mary applied a very little bit of foundation, to mute her son's freckles a bit. She added just a small thin bit of eyeliner and a just a hint of eyeshadow. She finished with a very very pale lipstick - barely visible, but Tyler could feel it there and it enhanced his femininity.

Lastly she had him step into a pair of sandals similar to those he had thrown away the day before, with just a small heel.

Stepping back to admire her handiwork, she exclaimed, "You look lovely Tylerkins. Clearly a boy, but with just the right amount of girl to make people start to wonder about you! As the days go by, we will start being a bit bolder about your fashion choices!"

Looking in the mirror, Tyler's fogged mind registered what his mother was saying. He was pleased that he was as cute as many of the boys and young men he had seen in the pictures and videos last night! Downstairs at the breakfast table, Fred Roberts noticed nothing unusual, as he never lifted his head above his morning paper.

Mary handed her son a small purse filled with makeup and lipstick. He looked for a pocket to hide it in, but had to resort to disguising it amongst the pile of books he had to carry to school.

With his heart in his throat, Tyler set off on the walk to school, his bum swaying as a result of the butt plug that Mary had ensured was secure in his ass for the day!

As usual, Dexter was waiting for his friend along the way. "Still paying off that debt to Jack, Arch? How long you gotta do this, all week?"

"Yeah, at least that long, maybe longer!" replied the redhead, sulkily.

At school, once again most of the guys just avoided Tyler, whereas the girls all flocked around him, complimenting him on his appearance. In classes, sitting on the hard chairs, he was very conscious of the plug in his ass.

Just before lunch he was called out of class to go to the principal's office. When he arrived he was told to go straight in. Sitting across the desk from him, Mr. Sutherland looked quite stern. "I've had several teachers comment on your appearance yesterday, Tyler. I must say I was rather upset. Even if you had lost a bet to Mr. Maris, it was not appropriate to show up looking as you did. And today, you are even more so. It is really not appropriate for a young man to be dressing in such a.. feminine manner!

"It would certainly have helped if this letter had arrived yesterday, instead of this morning!"

"Letter, sir?" inquired Tyler.

"This letter," said Mr. Sutherland, holding up a piece of paper. "It was delivered by courier this morning. The letter from your psychologist?"

"My psychologist, sir? I don't have a... "

"Come, come, Tyler. There is no need to be shy. We here at Springfield High are very modern in our thinking! Dr. Hodgkins has explained about your gender dysphoria. She writes very well you know, taking a complicated subject and making it easily understandable.!'

"Sir, I don't understand? Am I in trouble?" Tyler began to sniffle.

"No, no Tyler! Not at all. You are welcome to continue to wear what you wish at school. The letter explained that you are undergoing treatment for your desire to change your sex from male to female. Your doctor explained that it will be a long process and that you are to be treated just as you always have been, as a male, but with desires to express your femininity, sometimes modestly and sometimes overtly! "As I said, we are a progressive school and we can bend with the times! You are excused from all phys ed classes and from participation on the basketball team or other extracurricular physical activities requiring you to shower with the other boys. There are only a few months before graduation or I would ask if you wanted to join the cheerleader squad!"

"That is all Tyler, you may go back to class!" As a confused Tyler rose, Mr. Sutherland hastily came around his desk and reached to open the door for him. But before he did he stopped and said, "I must say, Tyler, this has all taken me rather by surprise! I always thought you were quite the lad! But seeing you today... well, you do look extremely cute. I do think your lipstick could be a bit brighter! You know, before I met Mrs. Sutherland, when I was just a young lad myself, I had a brief dalliance with a cute young man who called himself a sissy. I am not ashamed of that, and you should certainly not be ashamed of your own feelings and needs. Good luck to you, my boy!"

Tyler went straight to his locker and dumped his books. It was lunch break and he went to the cafeteria. He had to take his small purse along since it was the only place to carry his money. He stopped off in the washroom to look at himself in the mirror. As he looked at himself critically, it was still like looking through a layer of fog. A small part of his mind knew that this was not quite right. He stared at his face with a critical eye, then opened his purse. He touched up his foundation in places, and then took out his lipstick and applied a fresh coating to his lips. Mr. Sutherland was right, of course, tomorrow he would wear a more visible colour. He patted at his hair a bit, and was satisfied.

When he had his lunch tray, Madge Cantor urged him to join her. He set down his tray and then eased his plugged ass down on the bench. The conversation with Madge was pleasant. Madge had always been nice to him. He might have dated her more if Bull Mason hadn't threatened to punch his lights out if he caught him anywhere near her. Madge was in fact that last girl he had had sex with and that was several months ago, after Rebecca had cut him off and Peggy had disappeared. As they talked Tyler could tell that Madge liked this new Tyler a lot.

They were interrupted by Rebecca who took Tyler outside where he joined her and a bunch of the other girls who smoked and hung around outside the No Smoking zone beyond the front of the school.

"I'm SO proud of you today, Tylerkins! You are doing so much better today!"

"Yes, Miss Rebecca. I want to please you!"

"Oh, and you are, sweet sissy boy, you are!" The other girls in ear shot giggled at her words. In a quieter voice so that the others would not hear she told him that he was to meet Tyrese in Miss Haversham's classroom at three pm, when she did not have a class and so the room would be empty.

"Why, Miss Rebecca," Tyler began to ask, but stopped when he saw the stern look on her face.

"You are not to question me Tyler! You are to do as you are told!" she scolded him. "But in this case I will tell you that you are to be rewarded for being such a good sweet sissy today!"

Rebecca knew Tyler's schedule and knew that he has a free period at that time. At three pm, Tyler opened the door to Miss Haversham's classroom and sat down nervously to wait.

He thought of taking his compact out of his purse and using the small mirror inside to check that his hair and makeup were still okay, but then he also began to question why he would do so? His head was clearing again and he began to realize how silly he truly looked!

Just then the door opened and Tyrese entered. Tyler rose and took a step toward the black youth. He opened his mouth to protest, but Tyrese pulled him into his arms and gave him a long lingering kiss. The large black lips overwhelmed Tyler's own painted lips and Tyrese's tongue slid easily into Tyler's mouth.

Tyler pushed back from Tyrese. He uttered a weak, "No! This isn't right!" before Tyrese captured his mouth again and their tongues duelled. Tyrese reached one hand down to cup Tyler's groin and Tyler involuntarily pushed his groin into the black teen's palm. He ground his genitals hard against the hand as he moaned his lust into Tyrese's hungry mouth!

Tyrese pushed the sissy to his knees and began to unzip his trousers. Tyler protested, "No, I don't want to do this! I'm not a .... " but a stinging slap from Tyrese's hand on his face stopped him.

"Take it out for me, Tylerkins! It's been two days since you've seen any black dick. You must be panting for it by now!" Resignedly, Tyler did as he was told. He pulled down Tyrese's pants and then his underwear. Tyrese's wonderful long black dick was already partially hard. He knew this wasn't right. He knew he should not be so weak. But he also knew that he wanted this.

"Mister Tyrese. May... may I please touch your cock?" he asked demurely.

"Perhaps Tylerkins. Perhaps." said Tyrese as his own fist lightly ran up and down his dick, getting it hard. "Do guys touch other guy's cocks, Tylerkins?"

"No, Mister Tyrese," replied Tyler. He knew where this was leading. He needed that cock in his hand. He WANTED that black dick in his hand. So he immediately went where Tyrese wanted him... "Only sissies touch men's cocks, sir."

"And do guys kiss other guy's cocks, Tylerkins?"

"No sir. Only sissies kiss men's cocks, sir"

"No Tylerkins, not sissies! Who kiss men's cock's, Tylerkins?" Tyrese was now holding his firmly erect cock, just an inch away from Tyler's mouth. Tyler's mouth went dry. He needed that cock so badly. He needed to feel it in his hands, and in his mouth again!

"Faggots suck cocks, Mister Tyrese. fagboy, suck black cocks, sir!'

"And what are you, Tylerkins?"

Tyler's tongue ran along his lips. His hands reached up, almost, but not quite touching that wonderful, lovely piece of black meat! "I'm a sissy, Mister Tyrese. I'm a faggot! Oh please, let me touch your cock!"

"You did that very well, faggot. And very quickly! I expected a bit more resistance from you! Yes, you may take my cock in your mouth, but you can only use your hands on my balls, and on my ass, to pull me in deeper!"

With a plaintive mew, Tyler moved his lips forward and eagerly engulfed the glans of Tyrese's dick in his mouth. He eagerly gobbled at it, sighing in pleasure at once again having a powerful black cock in his mouth. He knelt up straighter so he could have a better angle to work the cock into his mouth.

Tyler's hand alternated between toying with Tyrese's large hanging balls, and holding onto the black man's ass so that he could get better position on the large cock that he was enjoying sucking so much.

Tyler bobbed his head up and down on the hot piece of meat in his mouth. Tyrese used his own hands to guide the redhead youth's mouth up and down his shaft, urging the sissy to try to take more and more of the dick into his mouth!

As Tyler blissfully sucked on the cock, his mind was filled with images he had been viewing on his computer screen, of sissies contentedly sucking on men's cocks. He remembered how they sucked and tried to emulate the cute fagboy on the screen. He knew he had watched several videos on how to suck cocks, how to make his sweet wonderful black master happy. This was right, this was so right! He was in his true and proper place, kneeling at the feet of this wonderful black man, giving pleasure to his glorious dick!

Tyler was in heaven. He could not imagine any place he would rather be! And suddenly the classroom door opened, and Jack Maris and Daisy Sunshine walked in!

"Hey Tyler. I got your note to meet you here. What's up?" said Jack before he was even fully into the room. "Sweet mother of god, what the fuck are you doing!" were the next words out of his mouth, when he caught sight of his feminized friend kneeling on the floor with Tyrese's cock in his mouth!

Daisy didn't say anything. She just gasped and then giggled!

Tyler's eyes flew open and he pulled his mouth off of Tyrese's cock. He blushed in embarrassment and tried to get to his feet, but Tyrese's powerful hands held him to the floor. "Jack!," cried Tyler, tears coming to his eyes, "it's.. it's not what you think!" "Not what I think, man? Are you kidding me?" asked Jack. "I find you wearing makeup and sucking on a black dick in a classroom! Why isn't it what I think! You've turned into a fucking fag!"

"No, no... it's not what you think!," Tyler was in full tears now. But the string of precum that connected his chin to Tyrese's dick said otherwise!

"You are sick, Tyler!"

"Oh Jack. We can't judge those who are less fortunate," Daisy told him. "Sometimes we all have to give in to our urges to be who we want to be!"

"Well, secko here can be who he wants to be, but I don't have to stand here and watch!," said Jack as he stormed out of the room. "Are you coming?"

"No," said Daisy. "I think I WILL stay and watch. Is that okay Tyrese?"

"Sure thing, sugar. Tylerkins likes having an audience, don't you, sissy?"

Daisy took a seat and watched as Tyrese tilted Tyler's head up and then pressed his cock back into the crying youth's mouth, commanding him to suck!. Tyler pulled back, and between his sobs, he said "Why?"

Tyrese looked the redheaded lad in the eyes and said, "You were a bad sissy yesterday, Tylerkins. You had to be punished. So we let one of your best friends know who you are.... what you are! Remember this when you want to get feisty! Now get your mouth back on my dick, I need to blow my nut before next class begins!"

Daisy grinned as she watched the chastised sissy resume his cock sucking. But this time it was not gentle. As he continued to sob, Tyrese took charge and began to fuck his cock in and out of Tyler's mouth. Tyler seemed on the verge of protesting the roughness at times, but he remembered his place. He attacked the cock with his tongue and he sucked and relaxed at the right times. Finally, finally, Tyrese's leg muscles tightened, and suddenly the black teen's cock jetted thick streams of cum - the first two landed in Tyler's mouth and he reluctantly swallowed, but then Tyrese pulled back, and the last several jets of cum landed on Tyler's face, one landing across his left eye!

Sated, Tyrese pulled up his pants and left.

Daisy looked at the dejected sissy and took pity on Tyler. She helped him to his feet and wiped away some of the cum with a tissue. She then led him down the hallway to a girl's washroom where she helped him to splash water on his face and wash off the remaining cum. Several girls wandered in, and quickly left again in confusion.

Tyler finally managed to compose himself. Daisy took his purse from him and helped him fix his makeup. She handed him his lipstick, and dazedly, Tyler put a thin coat of wax on his lips. He had one more class to finish before he could go home for the day, and Rebecca would be sitting right beside him. He had to look his best, or he knew she would find a way to punish him.

Daisy gave the sissy a kiss on the cheek and he went off to his final class of the day, cork heels click clacking on the linoleum floors and plugged ass swaying!

Chapter 13 - Home Hijinks

Even though his heels were only an inch and a half tall, at most, Tyler's legs were not used to them yet and so by the time he got home he was eager to kick them off and rest his calves which had taken most of the strain. As he walked in the door, he put his books and his purse down on the entryway table. "I'm home momma," he called out.

Mary Roberts called out that she was in the kitchen. When he joined her he found that she was in the midst of preparing dinner. "Your father is out of town until tomorrow," she told her son, "but we are having a guest for dinner!"

"Who, momma?" asked Tyler.

"Never you mind. As I said, it will be a surprise. My you do look nice. You must have been fixing your hair and makeup during the day!"

"Yes momma. Daisy helped me the last time - in the girl's washroom! But momma, why do I have to..."

"Shush, Tylerkins! Here, take your pill like a good princess!" She handed him a pill and a glass of cold water!

"I'm not a princess! Why does everyone keep telling me I'm cute and pretty! Boys aren't supposed to be... " but he never finished , as he swallowed the pill and washed it down.

"Dinner won't be ready for ninety minutes or so. Do you have homework to do?" Tyler nodded. "Good, go upstairs and do your homework. While you are working, I want you to put on your headphones and listen to music. Use the password "music" on your DVD.

When Tyler got up to his room he found some changes there. His bedspread had been replaced by a pretty pink comforter and his pillows were all lacy. His bed was now occupied by several stuffed animals. All of his school pennants on the wall had been taken down and had been replaced by several posters. One was of Justin Bieber! The others were images of boy bands, or of black thug rappers! On his bedside table was a framed photo of Lebron and Tyrese and their father George attached to which was a post-it note saying, "turn me over".

When he did, he discovered that there was a second picture. This one was taken two days ago and showed a feminized Tyler on his knees with a firm grasp on the large cocks of the two brothers! He sat and stared at the picture for a couple of minutes. Why did it give him such pleasure?

He got out his homework and sat down at his desk. He did as his mother told him and put on the headphones and typed in the password. For the next hour he listened to a bizarre combination of bubble gum pop and gangsta rap. And as he listened, he could almost, but not quite, make out whispering voices in the background.

He finished his homework in an hour. When he was done, he typed in the password "Tylerkins" and was again disappointed that the password no longer took him to the pictures of sissies sucking on black dicks. He then typed in the password "sissy" which did work. He had to settle for re watching pictures of mincing and prancing sissies. He rewatched some of the videos on putting on makeup.

When his mother called him down to dinner, he was famished.

He checked his stockings to make sure they were still straight and touched up his lipstick a bit. His videos had stressed how important it was for a sissy to look prim and proper at all times. He put his heels back on and went downstairs.

When he arrived in the kitchen he was surprised to see Lebron sitting at the dinner table, just finishing off a joint. He was even more surprised to see that his mother was dressed up, wearing her pearls and looking very lovely - and that she took the joint from the black man, took the final hit off of it and then ran it under the tap to extinguish it.

Over dinner, Tyler demurely asked Lebron why he was there? "Why to pay you a visit, sweet princess! A guy can call on a pretty thing, can't he?" And then looking at Mary and smiling, he said, "Besides, a pretty raven haired bird told me that your momma has not had the pleasure of entertaining a black fella in many many years, and she thought your momma might like some company for awhile!"

Now it was Mary's turn to blush! She sipped at her wine. It was not usual to have wine with a family dinner, but they had a guest who had brought two bottles with him. By the end of dinner, the second bottle was almost empty and most of it had gone into Tyler's mother.

When dinner was over, Lebron instructed Tyler to remain seated at the dining room table. Lebron helped Mary clear the table and carry the dishes into the kitchen. Mary was supposedly getting coffee ready and warming up a pie for dessert, but she was giggling an awful lot. Tyler could catch glimpses of Mary and Lebron through the doorway as they moved about the kitchen. At first, Lebron just had his hand on Mary's bottom, steadying her, but soon, he had her in an embrace that she was not fighting. As they moved about, Tyler caught glimpses of the black man passionately kissing his mother as he fondled her breasts, and Mary in turn tugging at Lebron's belt!

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