tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSister in Law Ch. 01

Sister in Law Ch. 01


Brenda looked at her friend, Susan, in dismay. Susan's sister-in-law had walked into the kitchen ignoring her as though she weren't there. She had given Susan a lecture on how to make a 'proper' salad dressing as though talking to a child. Susan was a twenty-five year old married woman not some newly wed needing advice. Besides how dare the woman embarrass Susan in front of a friend like that?

"Who does she think she is?" Brenda spluttered indignantly. "Why didn't you say something, Sue?"

"It's not worth it Bren. She'll just give my brother a hard time when they get home." Susan sighed. "I guess I'm used to her rudeness. It's always the same at family parties. She likes to boss everyone around. She likes to have things done her way and my brother spoils her too much." She was about to say she was all right in her own way but couldn't think of any redeeming features to tell her friend, so kept quiet.

"Are you going to let her get away with that, that rudeness?" Brenda chipped in. She was upset for her. Angry now the woman had left not even offering to help with preparation for the buffet.

"My brother is fed up with her nagging and bossy attitude but what can I do?"

"I'll think of something." Brenda chuckled.

Susan looked down at the chopping board, deftly slicing tomatoes, not wanting to encourage her. She knew what devious tricks Brenda could conjure up from past experience. She just hoped she would forget about it and enjoy the party. Susan sighed on hearing the tyrants voice from the garden loudly finding fault with something, yet again.


On the landing outside the bathroom Brenda waited for her victim. "Hi Judy. Nice dress." The sister-in-law was wearing a light summer dress showing off her model slim figure. Besides the superior attitude this was another thing that annoyed Brenda. Men stared when Judy walked into a room oblivious to the haughty manner in which she approached everyone.

Brenda and Susan were often mistaken for sisters with their dark short hair framing a round face with large hazel eyes. They were attractive but without Judy's large breasts and long legs they didn't get the same kind of attention. Judy was thirty, how did she manage to keep such a marvellous figure?

"I've not seen such a fine silk. Where did you to get it? It's adorable." Brenda asked, while lifting the hem to take a closer look.

Taken aback at such familiarity Judy snapped. "I don't think that matters you can't afford it. It's a designer dress. Louis designed it for me. Now let go I need to make sure John isn't drinking too much."

Brenda watched the harridan stomp down the stairs. Brenda smiled to her self. It was a reminder of their college days together when she would cajole Susan into carrying out pranks on classmates. Had she done this for Susan or old times sake? It didn't matter either way.

The garden party was in full swing after a few drinks when Susan and Brenda finally had the food laid out on a trestle table. Everyone civilly lined up to take a plate except Judy. The snob was probably too fastidious to help her self to a mere garden buffet.

Susan smiled with delight at how the weather had held and how well friends and family were mingling. She saw Judy turn to her husband, obviously to tell him off about something. She gasped. Taking a step toward the woman she was stopped with a firm grip to her elbow.

"A nice party Susan. It's going well." Brenda said, with a little giggle.

"You did that! You're terrible. I'll have to tell her." She hissed.

"Why you? Leave it to someone else." She said, casually.

The back of Judy's dress was tucked into a belt revealing the bottom half of her panties. As each of the men sat with their plates of food they took a mouthful and looked up, chewing contentedly. Brenda watched them. One by one they noticed Judy. Brenda couldn't help chuckling quietly at their reactions. One poor chap choked and dropped the plate in his lap.

The panties were drawn tight between a pair of firm cheeks that peeked out from around the white cotton. Brenda was envious how such an ordinary pair of knickers looked so sexy on the woman. The instant dislike was turning into something more lasting. She stood looking with amusement at the men's faces. On her fingers she ticked off a list of naughty pranks that needed reviving from college days.

No one, not even the wives said a thing to Judy all afternoon. Those that knew her wouldn't and those who didn't probably thought she was an exhibitionist or just kinky.

"I've got to say something." Susan whispered to Brenda. They watched Judy bending over her husband showing a tight little bottom. With such slim legs she was showing a little too much. A purse of white cotton was pushed between her thighs. Wives were nudging their husbands; warning them not to stare while others shared the joke. The disdain and indulgent smirks spread around the garden.

Eventually John, her husband, noticed what had happened. He stood up and guided her onto a garden seat.

Brenda almost cracked up at the sight of astonishment on Judy's face when her nearly bare bottom came into contact with the rough garden bench. With a hand over her mouth Brenda tried not to choke on a mouthful of chicken sandwich.

In perfect silence Judy sat avoiding everyone's eye mortified at what she had revealed. Wishing to shrink from view she hung her head in shame hiding her face in long auburn hair. She wanted to squirm in consternation at making such a humiliating blunder yet managed to sit perfectly still not daring to look up.

Everyone had enjoyed her discomfiture now they left her alone. The conversations and laughter became a little subdued for a while but then it was time to leave and friends began to say their farewells.


"No Brenda. That was more than enough. Poor Judy was devastated. She was humiliated and on top of that her self image of perfection was dented too." Susan admonished her friend, though not too convincingly. "Just get on with the clearing up and keep out of trouble." She knew Brenda well enough, that given the chance this wouldn't be the last of it. What had happened to Judy was nothing compared to the devilish games they had played in the past.


A month after the garden party the two friends were in Blackpool preparing for a night out. They had decided to wear schoolgirl outfits. Not too racy but short enough to suit their plan. After her brother had confided that their marriage was a disaster Susan finally relented to pressure from Brenda so was ready to help.

"I don't drink Brenda. I'm just here to make sure you don't lead Susan astray. You will need someone sensible to look out for you too, if you ask me." Judy said imperiously.

"Well thank you Judy. You can't wear that expensive dress though. It will get ruined. Just try this outfit on. Come on be a darling and get into the spirit of things. I've got your favourite drink here, Cranberry juice." Brenda sweet-talked the harridan with the help of Susan into changing. Brenda was surprised how naïve the older woman was under all the bluster.

The schoolgirls outfit was hardly sexy. The grey gabardine skirt was long, something old fashioned, not the saucy outfit expected of girls out on the town. Not that they thought of themselves as girls any more.

In the taxi Brenda told her. "You had better drink this juice. You won't be able to take it in with you and it's hot in those clubs." Brenda winked at Susan.

"Everyone looks so young in here, Bren." Susan shouted over the noise.

"I think its time." Brenda shouted back, pointing at Judy. She was nodding her head with the music clearly inebriated. Not in time with it but then what was the rhythm of that cacophony of sound.

Sitting either side of Judy they gently pulled at a line of loose cotton in the skirt. Carefully they pulled the stitching until a roll of material fell away leaving Judy sitting in a micro miniskirt.

"You look hot Judy. Loosen a couple of buttons on that blouse. Here let me help." Discreetly Brenda popped the loosely sewn buttons into the palm of her hand preventing the blouse from being closed up again.

Judy smiled broadly. "This music, it's great." She slurred.

"It's time to leave." Brenda shouted.

"Oh! Right. Can't be too late." Judy shouted back, nearly falling backwards.

"I'll be glad to be shot of this music." Susan said. "Where are we off to next?"

"Somewhere quieter." Brenda replied.

The two women guided Judy through the throng of tightly packed party animals. Each of them felt their age seeing the young set gyrating to the sounds they called music. "Where's Judy?" Susan asked.

"Thought you had a hold of her." Brenda answered. They looked back at the crowd not wanting to push their way through into the heaving mass of bodies. "Why did we come here in the first place?" Susan complained.

"To get her disorientated with the loud noise and flashing lights. The alcohol alone wouldn't work so well. We need her soused and relaxed." Brenda stated.

"Come on we had better find her. We'll probably just end up carrying her home. I still don't see the point of it all." Susan said.

"Bloody hell! You'll all have to give me a hand." Brenda shouted.

On the dance floor Judy was sandwiched between two young men. It took the two friends a while to realise it was Judy even though they had dressed her. Or was it stripping her. White panties were flashing with every movement. Her breasts were heaving up into an impressive cleavage.

Brenda wondered how such a thin stick supported such large breasts. Brenda waved at her and took a video of her with the phone when she waved back.

The two young men were lewdly rubbing themselves against her back and front. One of them had a clear view down her top and was leering at the ample pair. He seemed ready to pounce. She lolled between them looking as though she would fall without their support.

The two friends tried to prise her from between the two young men. They held onto her body not wanting to let go as though she were a prize. One had his hands around her holding onto her breasts while the other groped her bottom. They both ground their hardness against her with the pulse of the music booming out.

Judy looked bewildered and in distress. They couldn't leave her with them in such a helpless state. Brenda pulled her top open flashing them. While the two strangers were distracted Susan made off with Judy.

"Come on Judy. The fresh air will do you good." Susan told her drunken sister-in-law.

Making an exaggerated attempt to stand straight she announced. "I never drink. See I'm perfectly alright." She didn't sound right and Brenda was discreetly propping her up.

Brenda guided them to a quieter, up market club, designed for the older more sophisticated clientele. The décor matched its ambitions, as did the prices.

The building was on several floors each divided into small discreet rooms with comfortable sofas. Only the clientele fell short. The members were mostly middle class women out for a desperate one-night fling and ageing lotharios trawling for a victim.

Judy fell back onto a leather sofa giggling inanely with legs splayed indelicately. Brenda went off to the bar while Susan went in search of the restroom. The two friends returned at the same moment to find their charge gone.

"Bloody hell! How did she move out of that sofa? I thought she was legless." They split up in search of her.


"I'm George by the way. Hi! Judy. Do you come here often?" He laughed. Still befuddled she laughed along with him following his lead in a slow dance. She tried to stop his wondering hands only her reactions were just too slow.

"I need the rest room." She croaked. With an arm firmly wrapped around her waist he guided her through the labyrinth of rooms and corridors. 'I wish I had some breadcrumbs.' She thought with a girlish giggle.

He guided her into the men's room telling her. "The ladies are always too busy so this will be quicker. No one will disturb us here its too out of the way."


The two friends met up at the dance floor. "There's no sign of her. Perhaps we missed her on the way to the loo. I'll get back to the restroom then try the ladies upstairs. You wait at the exit and ask if anyone has seen her. She's got to be here somewhere." Brenda told Susan. Adding under her breath. "I hope."


Judy bent over the toilet bowl to gush some of the earlier meal. Feeling a little better she quickly sobered up on feeling her panties slide down her legs. He had his hands on her hips bending over her so she couldn't stand. Swaying she gripped the toilet bowl with both hands to steady her body and swirling mind.

"No! Please don't. I'll scream." She said in a panic, the words rushing out without thought. "Don't do it to me down there. Let me kiss you. Please! Let me take it in my mouth." She pleaded.

Somehow she turned around while he hesitated. She sank to her knees with his penis wagging in her face. Looking up past, what seemed an enormous erection, she saw a fearful determination in his face.

Through the fear she thought this to be the lesser of two evils. She couldn't let some stranger do this to her either. She felt as though she would pass out. How did she make that dreadful suggestion? Judy was regretting this frightful alternative thinking it might have been more tolerable letting him do it behind her back.

His hands gripped her hair. With no way out of the disgusting task she told herself again that at least he wouldn't have her down there. Closing her eyes on the terrible situation she almost blacked out.

Judy staggered out of the cubicle and grabbed at the sink. Swaying slightly she splashed cold water over her face. In the mirror she saw a large shape loom up behind her.

"What are you doing in here?" The wall of a man demanded. The security guy took in the two of them and decided on his action in an instant. He scooped the woman up over his shoulder in a fireman's lift and backed out of the door.

Having past experience of drunken women he had no patience left to coax them out. It would take too long trying to get her back to the exit so decided to simply carry her out and dump her in a taxi. She could pay for the ride home one way or another.

The quickest way out was across the dance floor. Men and women stopped to applaud and laugh at the not too uncommon sight. What was different was the bare bottom over his shoulder. Someone just couldn't resist so the march across the dance floor became a procession of slaps across her bare cheeks.

Followed by a cheer the doorman pushed his way out of the dance room and marched into the foyer.

"If she belongs to you then take her out of here quick before I have her arrested for soliciting." The towering block of a man told Susan.

Susan smoothed down Judy's little skirt as best she could and half dragged her out into the neon lights hoping Brenda would appear quickly. She needed help.

Brenda joined them after following the procession across the dance floor with her camera phone. "Straight home Brenda. No more tricks. Just get a taxi." Susan demanded.


Next morning Judy was nursing a hangover. In small doses, between sips of orange juice, she told them what had happened. "I vomited over him. If I hadn't he would have. You know. It was dreadful. I've never done that to anyone, not even John."

Brenda was disappointed where as Susan was relieved it hadn't gone too far. After all this was her brothers' wife. Still, the image of this stuck up bitch in the toilets on her knees before a stranger was somehow amusing.

"You won't tell anyone will you? Someone must have spiked my drink. I've read about it but never thought it would happen to me." She said. The friends looked at each other with guilty grins on their faces.

At breakfast Brenda asked. "So, do we leave it at that? She seems contrite now but as soon as she gets home she'll be back to her old self. Come on Susan. We could save their marriage."

"Bren, you don't want to save a marriage, all you want to do is play your old games. We're twenty-five not sixteen any more."

"Well we could give your brother something to divorce her for. She won't get so much from him if he has good grounds. We have those pictures from last night as a start. If we get more ammunition we can hold it over her."

Susan thought about it. "What did you have in mind?"


"I'm not sure about this. I'm just not used to this kind of thing." Judy complained.

"That's the whole problem Judy. You haven't lived. You didn't have a youthful burst of fun. Trust me. We'll teach you how to have fun and you'll be more experienced in recognising trouble. Besides it's the price for us keeping quiet about what happened last night. Stop complaining and do as your told." Brenda said.

To add insult to injury Judy had to buy, what she thought were awful clothes, on her credit card. They dressed her up and had her walking around the store. In a little pink flared dress, more suited to a nursery than a cocktail party, she sheepishly paraded for them.

Following them around the store her only consolation was no one she knew was likely to be there. Like a young sister she trailed along hiding her face in shame.

"Come along sweaty. We'll buy you some sweets if you're a good girl. If your not I'll put you over my knee." Brenda giggled. The woman at the perfume counter looked her over in derision.

Judy wondered what she thought was going on. Judy had smooth pale skin, a youthful, look but her breasts were too big for her to be mistaken as a young girl. With every movement the little dress revealed a pair of frilly knickers adding to her embarrassment.

They moved on through the store. "Here we are." Brenda announced. Earlier she had briefed a friend to open the child minding area. "We'll leave you here dear while we have a coffee. Nigel will get you lemonade if you're good, otherwise. If she doesn't do as she's told put her over your knee for a good spanking Nigel." She winked at him.

Judy looked as though she would burst with rage. On seeing the camera phone dangling from Brenda's fingers she bit her tongue. She would have to play along. Dressed like a silly little girl she was going nowhere and they had her credit cards too.

Nigel was a college friend and she knew what he liked from her own experience with him. She had arranged this in mind and he was forceful enough not to take any nonsense from Judy.

Judy wasn't going to get on the floor to play with toys or sit on one of the little plastic seats, no way.

"You'll do as your told or I'll put you over my knee for a spanking." He said. His tone telling her he meant it and was waiting for an excuse to do just that.

With a face red as beetroot she crawled along the floor among the smells where young children had played. She could feel his eyes upon her panties watching her.

He sat with arms folded admiring her arse bobbing along as she crawled before him. He would rather she was dressed in more adult clothing but this was the arrangement. He had agreed to humiliate her and that was enough for him. Unless she gave him an excuse then it would be red bottom time.

"Where back little sweaty. It's time for a change." Brenda told her. "Did she behave herself? Perhaps she should have a good spanking to make sure she does as she's told this afternoon."

Judy saw the look of glee in his face and relented. "OK! I'll do as I'm told, just get me out of here."

The two friends looked her up and down. She was standing awkwardly, unsure of herself, in another of the outfits they had chosen for her. It was perfect. Red high heels, a red miniskirt, a white boob tube, with nothing but a red thong underneath. She looked a perfect slut.

They hadn't let her look in a mirror otherwise she might have balked at such outrageous clothes. They had both donned similar get-ups only less blatant.

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