tagFetishSister-in-Law Gets Punished

Sister-in-Law Gets Punished


When I was around 30 years old, my wife and I made arrangements to meet after work at her parents house. We were going to a play that evening and Mom and Dad's house was convenient since it was close to both of our workplaces. We would not have had time to go home change.

I left work a little early that day and arrived at her parents house at around 3:00 p.m. She wasn't due to get there until around 4:30. I walked up to the house and rang the bell and my father-in law answered the door.

"Hi Joe, how's it going? You're a little early, aren't you?" said Dad.

"Hi Pops. Yea, I got off a little early at work. I hope you don't mind," I replied." I'm supposed to meet Tara here after she gets off. Then we're headed for the theatre.

"Yes, she called me and told me. Come on in and grab a beer, Joe"

"Thanks Dad. Where is everyone?" I asked.

"Well, it's your mother-in-laws night to volunteer at the hospital. I'm kind of enjoying this quiet time," he replied.

My in-laws amazed me at how active they were and how good they looked. Mom was in her late 50's and could still turn a few heads and Dad was 61, still working out, and looking 20 years younger than he was.

"I'm expecting Lori to be here soon. She's supposed to come and pay me back some money I loaned her a few months ago. She should be here any time," he said.

Lori was my sister-in law and Tara's older sister. She and I were actually the same age and had gone to school together. That's how I met Tara.

"Gosh, I hope I'm not intruding," I said.

" Hell no. Sit down and enjoy that beer. I think that's Lori now."

The front door opened and Lori walked in.

"Hi Dad. Hi Joe. How is everyone?"

Lori had on a little light blue cotton summer dress that came to mid-thigh with spaghetti straps to hold it up, bare legs, and white sandals. She was always a sexy little thing, even in school.

"Joe and I were just about to have a beer and wait for Tara. Be a sweetheart and grab three beers out of the fridge and join us," said Dad.

Lori bounced out of the room and came back with three cold ones. She and I sat on opposite ends of the couch facing Dad and he sat in his favorite chair and we made small talk for a few minutes. Soon Lori got to the reason for her being there.

"Dad, I have some bad news about the money I owe you" she started.

"I don't have it."

The light cheerful mood in the room took a little turn now and I started feeling a little uncomfortable. Dad looked at her sternly.

"Lori, this is the third time you were supposed to come and pay me. We're not talking about 10 or 20 bucks here, we're talking two grand. You always have a different excuse. What is it this time?"

"Well, you know I was in my friends wedding. I had to buy her a gift and buy my dress. I have lots of bills. I just can't seem to get ahead. I'm so sorry. I should have it by next month."

I was really uncomfortable now. I had no business being here in the middle of this family situation.

Dad raised his voice. "I'm tired of your excuses, Lori. This has gone far enough.Get up and come over here." She got up off the couch and walked over to her Dad. She bent over and gave him a hug. "I'm really, really sorry, Dad."

"Do you were remember when you were a little girl and you misbehaved?" he asked.

She looked at him quizzically. "Yea, Dad. Why?"

"Remember how you were taught your lesson?"

A look came over her face that was hard to describe. She went pale and stammered,"Dad, that was twenty years ago. I was a little girl. I'm a grown woman now. You can't expect...."

He took her hand firmly. "You are still an irresponsible little girl who needs to be taught a lesson."

She glanced back at me. "Joe's going to leave the room, right?"

I started to stand up to go into the den and let them settle their problems alone. Dad stopped me.

"Joe, you stay right were you are. Lori, he isn't going anywhere. Maybe you'll learn your lesson and grow up!"

The color was gone from Lori's face. She looked flustered and terribly desperate. He pulled her down and she was laying across his lap. She let a little scream of shock. Her dress was hiked up, barely covering her ass, but somehow she managed to keep covered up. Barely. She grabbed the legs of the chair for support. Dad put his left arm across her back to hold her steady and with his right hand slowly started lifting the hem of her skirt, revealing some skimpy lavender panties that barely covered her ass. The outline of her pussy was clearly visible through the thin material.

"Dad, please no. Not in front of Joe. Pleassse Dad. No!"

"If you keep it up, young lady, I'll strip you down to your bare ass," he shouted. Now keep still."

She quieted down but was shaking uncontrollably, no doubt humiliated in front of her brother-in-law. The first blow took her by surprise. His hand came up and landed on her panty-covered ass hard.

"Twenty smacks, Lori. One for every hundred dollars you owe me." The second one landed and she was now whimpering. "Please Dad, no. I can't take it." Smack. By the fifth blow, tears were rolling down her face and her white ass around her lavender panties was starting to redden. I felt badly for her, but could not take my eyes of her reddening ass as she bucked and jumped with every smack. By about the tenth or eleventh blow I noticed the patch of panties that was covering her pussy was darkening with moisture and she was developing a rhythm with her bucking and squirming. She positioned herself so that her pussy was riding on the top of Dad's knee. Her screams were now turning into moans. Her spanking was approaching the end as she let out a huge moan and the wet spot on her panties noticeably grew. She was soaked down there and my cock was rock hard from the scene I had just witnessed.

"Nineteen, twenty," yelled Dad as he let go of her. Lori stood up and pulled her dress back down and over her crimson ass. The smell of pussy was definitely in the air. She looked over at me and I could see her face was flushed. I wondered if it was from embarrassment or the afterglow from an orgasm. I suspect it was a mixture of both. She ran out of the house.

On the way to the theatre with Tara that evening, she asked me how her visit with her Dad went. "We had a nice visit, honey," I told her. "Really nice"

That evening when we got home was the best sex I had with my wife as I pictured the image of her sister over Dad's knee. As I rammed my dick in and out of Tara, I was thinking to myself how to get dad mad at Tara. But, that's another story...

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