tagIncest/TabooSister Sarah

Sister Sarah


Joey's little sister was a community college student the summer he returned on a month's leave from his new job in the Coast Guard. She gave him a shy welcoming hug when she saw him, but seemed especially pleased to have him around the house, flirting with him and seeming to choose particularly sexy clothes to parade around in. During his long absence, first at college and then for his new job, her body had swelled in various places. The full globes of her breasts swelled beneath the tight tee shirts she wore, hardly needing the push-up bra clearly visible beneath the shirt, and her round butt cheeks looked very inviting above the curves of her thighs and calves when she bent over near him wearing the short shorts she seemed to favor. Her cheeks had blushed rosy red when she noticed him eying her chest one day, but she seemed pleased and she didn't turn away or reprimand him.

Sarah thought her older brother well built and handsome, much more appealing than the boys who sought her attention at school. She was pleased that he noticed her figure now, and it had given her a special thrill when she had caught him staring at her breasts.

The next day Joey had been relaxing after a few beers on the patio when his sister asked him if he wanted to go swimming. She was wearing a skimpy bikini with a top that barely contained her breasts and a bottom that showed off a great deal of her bottom as well. He eyed her up and down as she stood on the edge of the pool and she asked him if he liked it.

"Your suit? Or what's underneath?"

Sarah blushed at his boldness, quickly diving in.

He followed, chasing her across the pool. She climbed out, dripping, her nipples now jutting out through the thin material. He caught her staring at his crotch when he climbed out too, his wet swimsuit outlining the length of his penis against his thigh.

"What are you looking at sis? Haven't you seen a boy in a swimsuit before?"

Blushing again, she quickly dove back in to the pool. This time he was faster, catching her before she could scramble out and wrapping his arms around her as she tried to escape. His hands ended up on her breasts as she struggled and he pressed her body against his, squeezing the soft globes that filled his hands and pinching the nipples. Her bottom rubbed against his crotch and his rapidly growing shaft pressed into the valley between her ass cheeks.

"Stop it Joey! Someone will see!" she squealed.

He ignored her, enjoying the feel of her body against his. His hands pushed her top up and cupped her naked boobs.

"Joey!! No!"

She struggled and broke free as he reached down for her bottoms. She swam to the other side before he could catch her again, pulling her top back down to cover herself as she climbed out. She wrapped herself in a towel and glared at him in mock anger, her breasts still tingling from his touch.

"What's the matter sis?" he asked as he climbed out.

"You pervert!"

"Takes one to know one," he answered and headed for the house.

"Where are YOU going?" she asked, following him in. "Had enough already?" disappointed that their play had been interrupted so quickly.

"I need to pee," was his answer.

"Me first!" she said pushing past him.

He caught her at the bathroom door. "Only if I can watch," he replied, almost without thinking.

She hesitated for a second before answering.

"OK, but I get to watch you too!"

They closed and locked the door behind them. Sarah had a naughty, thrilling feeling that not only would Joey see her pussy but she would get to see what had made that lump in his swimsuit. Maybe he would put his hands on her breasts again too, or even somewhere else... She turned her back to him, lifted the toilet lid and slid the wet bottom of her suit down her thighs, wiggling her bare bottom as she did, before sitting and spreading her legs slightly.

Joey stared down at his sister's naked crotch as the stream of pee began to flow. She was shaved except for an attractive strip of soft curly brown hair above the puffy mounds surrounding her slit. He found the sight highly erotic and his penis was making a tent in the front of his suit right at her eye level. She finished and he watched as she wiped herself and stood up, pulling up her suit bottom as she did.

"Your turn."

She was looking directly at the tent in his suit. He peeled it down as she watched, his fat, semi-stiff penis springing free as he did. She gasped when she saw it and stared, eyes wide, fascinated by the thick swaying shaft with its fat, pink head as he lifted the seat and positioned himself in front of the bowl.

"Why don't you help if you are going to stare like that," he urged. "Hold it and aim it for me."

She hesitated a second before slowly extending her hand and encircling his shaft with her fingers. It was very warm and throbbed in her grip, trying to rise up further even as she forced it down toward the bowl. His pee began to spray from the tip almost immediately and Sarah could sense the warm liquid as it coursed through the organ in her hand. If he hadn't had to go so bad he wouldn't have been able to with his dick as stiff as it was. The spray came out in two hard streams making it nearly impossible for her to aim it properly to get both in the bowl, despite her best efforts.

"Joey! You're making a mess!" she exclaimed.

The stream stopped abruptly, cut off by the continued swelling, and as she loosened her grip the swollen shaft swung upward and slapped against his belly, spurting again and spraying the last of his pee in a fountain that landed on her hand and around the bowl.

"Are you done now?" she asked. "Now I'm going to have to clean you up".

She rinsed her hands, got a washcloth soapy and kneeling in front of him proceeded to thoroughly wash him, first soaping his hard shaft and then using her bare fingers to massage the soapy member and his ball sack before rinsing him just as thoroughly. She looked up at him when she had finished and he reached down and taking her head, pulled it toward his throbbing cock.

"Open your mouth sis," he commanded.

She did as he asked, bravely taking the swollen head into her mouth, licking and sucking as he began to pump the shaft between her fat sucking lips.

"That's it baby! Ooo yeah!" he sighed as she sucked.

Sarah was inordinately pleased that he had called her 'baby' and she felt her pussy getting wetter by the moment as she sucked on her brother's huge cock. It was too large for her to fit much of its length into her mouth and he didn't try to push it farther than she could take. She liked the way the smooth skin of the head felt on her tongue and she began to taste the clear fluid that oozed from the tip. After a minute or two he pulled out, not wanting to cum in her mouth, but between her legs.

"Stand up baby."

Sarah knew what was coming next as she rose staring at her brother's erection, now wet with her saliva. He turned her around and pulled her bottom back against his crotch, sliding his cock between her thighs, rubbing it against the fabric of her suit before backing away enough to pull it down to her knees. He bent her over the sink, spread her legs and placed the engorged purple head of his penis against her slit, pushing and sliding along it until he found the opening hidden there. He worked the head inside her and she moaned "Oh God Joey!! Oh god, it's huge!!" as he began to thrust, gently at first, and then more insistently.

His sister's pussy was very tight and gripped him firmly in its warm, wet embrace. He pulled her top up over her breasts, and cupping the swaying globes with his hands he began to fuck her in earnest. "God sis, you are so tight and hot!" he moaned as the sensations of thrusting his swollen cock between her thighs began to overcome him.

"Are you going to cum inside me Joey?!" she gasped, feeling his urgency. He slowed for a moment, her words breaking his rhythm. "Don't stop!" she moaned "Please don't stop, it feels so good!!"

It was too late anyway. He groaned as his penis swelled with cum and began spurting into her. He squeezed her breasts and kissed her neck as he came and she moaned "Oh god Joey, don't stop, oh GOD!!" Her pussy spazamed as she came with him, squeezing out the last of his cum in its warm, wet embrace. He kept pumping, his penis gradually softening until it slipped out followed by a small flood of semen that dripped down onto the bikini bottom still stretched between her legs. She turned around and he held her close as they kissed, his wet penis pressed against her belly.

"Oh Joey, that was wonderful, even better than I imagined" she sighed, reaching down and squeezing him.


Sarah's younger brother Bobby had become obsessed with his sister's underwear ever since he had seen her one day in her room, dressed only in a pair of sheer panties, examining her breasts in the mirror. Besides her lovely boobs he had even been able to see the puffy mounds and slit marking her pussy below a strip of dark hair that showed through the thin material between her thighs. He had watched as she tried on a new white lace bra that made her boobs look even larger than they already were. Since then, he would often sneak into her room and find a pair of her panties and a bra in her laundry and sniff the crotch of the panties, imagining his sister's naked pussy, while he beat off into her bra until he squirted his stuff into the lace cups.

One day after school when his mom was still at work and his older brother was home he had heard noises coming from Sarah's bedroom. Peaking through the open door he had seen Joey standing with no pants between his sister's legs. She was lying on the bed with her school dress up around her waist and Joey was shoving his hard fat penis into her pussy. He hadn't even bothered to remove her underwear, and Bobby could see the fat wet cock sliding in and out of his sister past the stretched crotch of her underwear. Joey's hands were on her tits, squeezing them through her blouse as he pumped his penis in and out of her. He began grunting and groaning as Bobby watched, and she wrapped her legs around him, urging him on. Then there was a wet, slurping sound as he ejaculated and his fluid flooded her pussy.

Bobby retreated to his bedroom until he heard them leave and then snuck back into his sister's room. Searching her laundry he found her panties, the crotch soaked with a mixture of Joey's cum and her juices. He sniffed the wet fabric and then tasted it with his tongue. The smell and taste excited him and his hand quickly freed his penis from his shorts and he beat off right there, holding his sister's panties to his face and sucking on the moist fabric until his swollen organ spurted all over his sister's laundry.

A few weeks later, with Joey back at the Guard, his sister went out to a party and came back late and tipsy. Bobby, who had been reading in bed, heard her run the shower. He waited until she finished and then snuck out and watched as she went to her bedroom dressed only in a sheer nightgown through which he could clearly see her breasts and panties. He went back to his bedroom and started to masturbate thinking about his sister's sexy body before coming up with a bold idea.

He waited until he was sure she would be asleep and then tiptoed down the darkened hallway to her door. Opening it softly he could just make out her sleeping form, lying on top of the sheets. She was snoring lightly, her lips slightly parted, and her chest rose and fell with her breath. He stole forward softly till he was standing by the bed. His eyes adjusted to the light and he could see her breasts clearly now beneath the sheer fabric and even make out the dark areoles surrounding her nipples. The bottom of the nighty just barely covered her crotch.

Trying not to breathe heavily he reached out and gently stroked the nearest mound, feeling for the nipple he knew was there. She stirred slightly but didn't wake, and as he continued to stroke the soft warm flesh a bump formed in the middle of the mound as her nipple hardened beneath the fabric. Bobby ran his fingers over it, stroking it until it was firm and prominent, before reaching down to lift the hem of her nighty up and expose her panties. He wanted to touch her there too, but was afraid she would wake. His other hand was busy in his briefs rubbing his swollen penis. Desire overcame his fear and his fingers reached down between her thighs as he began to stroke his fully erect penis vigorously. He touched the soft mounds surrounding her pussy and ran a finger up the valley between them.

Fully absorbed between his penis and his sister's crotch he failed to notice her eyes flutter open, trying to focus on the figure standing by her bed whose hand was between her legs and rubbing her rapidly moistening pussy. Still groggy from the wine she had drunk at the party, and horny without Joey around to molest her, she had trouble focusing. She had been dreaming that a boy from the party had her in a corner, squeezing her breasts and trying to kiss her while reaching under her skirt, when Bobby's hand between her legs had finally woken her.

"Bobby!" she hissed, "Bobby, what are you doing?!!" just as his penis began squirting ropes of sticky cum all over her chest.

"Oh god Bobby!" she squeaked as his hot cum splashed across her breasts quickly soaking through the thin fabric.

Caught in the act, he somehow didn't care, nor had his horny desire been sated by ejaculating on his sister's chest. With his penis still throbbing and oozing in his fist he declared "I'm going to fuck you Sarah", the fingers of his other hand tugging at her panties and trying to pull them down "I'm going to fuck you like Joey did!".

"Bobby! You are not!" she said, pulling her panties back up.

"I am too!" he insisted while continuing to tug at her panties and succeeding in pulling them down again, "Or I'll tell mom what I saw you doing with Joey."

"Bobby! You can't! You mustn't!" she pleaded, struggling to keep her underwear in place.

"I will" he insisted as he climbed onto the bed, and grabbing her panties with both hands pulled them forcefully down her thighs as she clamped them together in a vain attempt to prevent him from succeeding. He pushed her knees apart and she could see his penis, slick with his semen, hanging proudly between his legs. Thick and veiny it looked perhaps only slightly smaller than Joey's. Her nipples were fully erect now, pushing up her nightgown and begging to be sucked, and the smell of Bobby's cum soaking her chest filled her nose. She realized that she wanted that penis, wanted to feel it push inside her. His insistence and desire had excited her, and her pussy had become soaked in anticipation as they had struggled. She relaxed her legs and let him push them apart.

"Ok Bobby, but first I want you to do something for me. I want you to kiss me down there, between my legs." She had heard other girls talk about this, about how nice it felt, but Joey had never offered and she had been afraid to ask him.

A bit startled by her sudden acquiescence, Bobby stared down between his sister's open legs. Her panties were stretched between her thighs, a dark wet spot in the crotch, and above it he could see the moist slit beneath the patch of brown hair. Caught off guard and excited by what she had asked, he lowered his face toward the slit, his nose catching the now familiar scent of his sister's pussy. As he came closer the scent became stronger, exciting him even more. His face was between her legs now, her panties stretched just beneath his chin and her smell filled his nostrils. He extended his tongue and ran the tip along the slit between the surrounding mounds, tasting her. She shivered at this touch and moaned softly. He licked again more forcefully and his tongue entered his sister's cunt and drew her wetness up along the slit to its apex. She moaned again and lifted her crotch toward his face and he began to lick and suck her pussy in earnest.

"Bobby, touch my breasts too" she pleaded, pulling one of his hands toward her chest. He began squeezing and kneading the soft fleshy mounds as he sucked, and pushing his crotch against a smooth leg he began humping her calf and rubbing his cock against her.

"Oh Bobby, that feels so good, don't stop!" she groaned, and her hips began to buck as an orgasm overwhelmed her.

As the orgasm subsided Bobby mounted her, placing his now fully erect penis at her entrance and pushing forcefully inside her tight, but warm and slippery cunt. The sensation of his cock sliding into and filling his sisters pussy was exquisite, and Bobby groaned in pleasure as he began to fuck her. He was glad he had already cum once and could enjoy the sensation of pulling his cock all the way out and plunging it in again, over and over, his sister moaning and clutching beneath him, until his balls began to tighten.

Sarah pulled up her nightgown baring her breasts, "Suck me Bobby, suck on my nipples!"

She was in heaven with her brother's mouth sucking on her breast and his fat penis sliding in and out of her pussy. She felt his pace begin to quicken and she urged him on.

"Cum in my pussy Bobby, shoot your hot cum inside me!"

His excitement rapidly rising, Bobby came violently after only a few more strokes, his rock hard penis squirting what felt like gallons of cum into his sister's waiting pussy. She pressed his face to her breast as she felt his hot semen flood into her, "Oh Bobby!! Mmmmm, oh god Bobby!"


They didn't speak about their encounter in her bedroom for several days, their sibling shyness having returned, but Bobby's dick would swell uncomfortably in his pants every time he thought about the warm wet slit between his sister's legs. Sarah put her nightgown away without washing it and wore it at night as she lay on her bed, fingers busily rubbing her pussy as visions of her brothers swollen penis spewing out its hot load onto her chest filled her thoughts.

One afternoon Bobby came home from school to find Sarah home from classes early, lying on her bed reading. She was dressed in a short skirt and blouse and her shapely legs were stretched out and parted slightly. He entered her room and sat down at the foot of her bed, giving himself a nice view of the shadowy triangle between her thighs. He was imagining that he could just make out the color of her underwear as Sarah looked up from her book to find him staring at her legs.

"Bobby, don't you have anything better to do than look up your sister's skirt?" she reprimanded, secretly pleased at his interest.

"I wasn't," he declared, unconvincingly.

Sarah raised her book again, pretending to ignore him, while shifting slightly to spread her thighs a little, improving Bobby's view. She felt him shift his position on the bed, and glancing up, saw that he was sitting directly below her legs, his eyes clearly focused on her upper thighs. She sighed softly and slid down the bed a little while pulling her legs up till her feet were near her bottom. This caused the bottom of her skirt to ride up underneath her while the top slid down her thighs. She heard her brother's intake of breath as he took in the new view she offered him. She felt the bed shift again as he moved closer. She lowered the book again and could see that he was now lying with his head between her legs, his face not far from her. There was a tingle of anticipation between her legs and she could feel herself getting wet there.

Bobby was staring at his sister's panties, now just a few inches away. There seemed to be heat emanating from the area between her thighs and her scent was filling his nose. His face was flushed as he inched forward until his head was underneath her skirt and he could extend his tongue and touch the sheer fabric covering her pussy. A damp spot had already formed as he began licking and then sucking it gently, tasting the damp fabric and feeling the warm flesh underneath. His sister's breathing had changed, her breath now coming in little gasps. His penis was rock hard in his shorts as he reached up, and hooking two fingers beneath the elastic, pulled the fabric aside exposing the warm pink flesh beneath. Her smell was much stronger now, enveloping his face along with the heat between her legs. He was in heaven as he extended his tongue and pushed it between the warm fleshy mounds and into her moist slit. She gasped in response, and he began to lick and suck her juices in earnest. Sarah began to hump his face, running her hands down through his hair and back up to her breasts, pulling his face against her, moaning softly at the pleasure his tongue and lips were providing. The moans became louder, and then she was bucking her hips and squeezing his face between her thighs.

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