Sister, Sister


They lay back on the bed and caressed each other's sides and legs, and Mary slid her hand behind Jane's bikini panties and stroked her buttocks as she kissed Jane on the neck and ear.

Jane said she became a little frightened and they again pulled apart and looked into each other's eyes in the light filtering in through the open door. She asked our sister if this was alright, and Mary nodded her answer as she placed her lips between Jane's breasts and slowly moved her mouth toward Jane's belly, kissing and licking the smooth skin.

Jane described her feelings as mixed between fear and ecstasy as Mary had become impassioned with the moment. Without realizing exactly what to expect, Jane rolled onto her back and slid her panties off and tossed them away. She spread her legs apart, and with one finger explored her own pussy as Mary moved her face to Jane's belly and tongued her navel. Jane was driven by an instinct she had not known before as she inserted another finger into her own wetness and massaged her clit. She slowly pulled the index and middle finger from herself, and put them to Mary's lips. Mary's tongue found the wet, musky fingers and licked them, pulling the fingers into her mouth as Jane later would my cock.

Mary moved around on the bed until her head was between Jane's arched legs. Jane looked between her own thighs and saw the eager expression on Mary's face in the light of the rising moon. Mary asked her in a whisper if she wanted her to make Jane cum. Jane said she could only moan her assent as our older sister moved her mouth to her clit and began to gently suck it. Jane's orgasm came quickly, and was the most intense she had ever experienced. Mary had licked and sucked her cunt for over an hour until Jane was exhausted with the orgasms that continued to wrack her body with each plunging movement of Mary's tongue.

The night had become quiet, and Jane arose and went to the dresser to return with two glasses of red liquid poured from a long, thin bottle of French wine. Mary soothed her overworked mouth with the fine wine as they finished the bottle and caressed each other's bodies.

Jane was overcome with the urge to satisfy her sister who had given her such pleasure, and they spoke in wonderment at the delicious lust, warmed with the wine. Jane drew their mouths together and they French kissed with passion that neither had ever experienced with a man. As their breasts pressed together, Jane inched down Mary's soaked panties and threw them out into the room. She rolled Mary over onto her belly, and pulled her up into a position with her buttocks up in the air and her knees and face on the bed.

Jane them moved behind Mary, and slid her thumb into Mary's wet pussy. Jane moved her face to Mary's rear, and licked her anus as she worked on Mary's pussy with her hand. Rolling onto her back between Mary's outspread knees, she pulled Mary's cunt down to her mouth and pushed her tongue inside as far as it would go as Mary sat upright on Jane's face.

As they writhed in that position, Jane was overcome with a new desire that came from the recesses of her mind. As she sucked Mary's pussy, Jane inserted the middle finger of her right hand into her own dripping cunt. As she slid the finger in and out, it quickly became slick and wet with her juices. She pulled apart the cheeks of Mary's firm, muscular buttocks and ran the finger into her tight hole, as far as it would go. Mary gasped as her sister's tongue and fingers beat out a new rhythm in the pleasure section of her brain. Mary's body quaked as her orgasm filled her mind with unrelenting vibrations of her soul.

As Mary's sexual high slowly diminished, she lay back down on the bed and Jane licked her crotch from anus to clit until it was clean and only slightly moist. Jane said she had been more aroused by kissing Mary and eating her pussy, than ever before in her life. They fell into each other's arms in deep and untroubled sleep.

Jane picked up the tray from the bed and set it on the floor. She told me that the night before she had called Mary on the car phone and asked her to drive to the cabin to meet her for a sisterly talk. Mary would be there sometime late that evening.

Jane's account of her lesbian experience had left me with a stiffened penis that almost hurt. Without any words, I threw the covers off and pulled her down on the couch, opening the old blue robe as I turned her on her belly. I looked into her eyes and saw her desire as I pulled the robe from her body and spread her legs. Just to wet it, I moved my prick up to her face and turned her head so I could run it between her lips. When it was wet from my juices and her saliva, I positioned my body between her open legs, and placed my cock against her asshole. To get my dick started, I put my index finger in her mouth and then pushed it up into her anus and moved it back and forth. I removed my finger and put it back into her mouth several times until I was sure her ass was slick enough. Each time she sucked greedily on my finger, as she had on my cock. Then, I pushed my stiff dick slowly into her ass until she gasped. With her sharp intake of breath, I rammed it in as far as I could and pumped furiously as I reached around in front of her and squeezed her breasts. She climaxed before me, and I pulled it out and moved it again to her face. She wrinkled her nose as I turned her head and pushed it between her lips and again shot my load into her mouth on the deepest stroke.

That day we sat on the porch and talked for hours, recuperating from our night and morning of love making. Once, in the afternoon, as we talked, I got up and moved to her chair and stopped with my legs spread and my belly facing her. Slowly, without speaking or asking why, her hands went to the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down, exposing my growing prick. I leaned forward with my hands on the log wall as she drew my cock into her mouth and gave me another blowjob, sucking until I filled her mouth with semen.

We ate two light meals during the day, and as we sat on the porch at dusk, we saw a car coming up the long, wooded drive to the cabin. As Mary's car pulled in and the lights went out, in the dying light I could see Mary as she exited the car. She had her hair up, and waved to us as she walked up to the porch. Her firm breasts were slightly swaying under her tee shirt as she climbed the steps and kissed me on the cheek. I could tell she was surprised to see me, but was obviously happy that I was there.

I told her I would get her bags from the car, and I walked into the yard and opened the door. As I looked back to the porch, I could see my sisters standing together, engaged in a lingering kiss. Jane's hand was on the rear pocket of Mary's jeans, and she was rubbing lightly on her finely shaped ass. When I slammed the car door, Mary pulled away and looked back toward me.

Inside, I broke out a liter of red wine, and we talked as Jane fixed sandwiches in the kitchen. We had a lot to catch up on, but the conversation was somewhat guarded, and I saw Mary steal furtive looks at Jane.

After dinner, I walked down to the creek and enjoyed the night air as my sisters talked inside. Occasionally, I would hear them giggle like girls in a schoolyard.

After an hour, I went back into the house and found Jane in my old blue robe, and Mary in the shower. Jane came to me with another glass of wine, and stood on her tip toes to kiss my mouth. As she had her lips to mine, the bathroom door opened and Mary looked out, a curious smile crossing her face. She had a towel wrapped around her and asked for a glass of wine for herself.

As Mary dressed, Jane and I sat on the day bed and looked at the gas logs as they shot up a blue flame. Mary came out with the towel wrapped around her head, wearing a thin silk tee shirt and loose silk jogging shorts. Her nipples were visible, and looked hard and erect. She sat on the bed between us as we finished the wine and I poured another round.

Mary leaned back on the pillows and I could see the dark patch of her pubic hair through the transparent silk shorts. We were giddy, and the girls laughed at nothing in particular. I was also seeing a new side to my serious sister.

I went to the bath room to shower and put on an old pair of cut off jeans, and when I returned they were talking low, laying close together on the bed. Jane's robe had fallen open, and her leg was across Mary's knee while her right hand stroked Mary's hair.

I sat again on the bed, and said nothing as they continued to whisper. Jane moved her hand from Mary's hair and she rested her arm across her breasts.

Mary sighed and said the drive had been long and she could use a rubdown. She turned on her belly, and propped up on her elbows as Jane began to rub her back under the silk shirt. As Jane's hand moved in a circle under Mary's shirt I could see the cloth move up across her back. Jane pulled the shirt up higher and I could see the side of Mary's bare breast as it hung freely, swaying with the slow movement of Jane's hand. The nipple was hard and her breast was only inches from my hand.

Fascinated, I watched as Jane pulled the tee over Mary's head, and then opened her own robe to let her breasts lightly touch Mary's back. Jane looked at me and smiled as she rubbed our sister's neck and shoulders.

Jane moved down to Mary's buttocks and tugged on the shorts as Mary arched her back to allow them to slide off. Mary now lay nude on her stomach, between us, as Jane caressed and rubbed her, the hands moving up and down the backs of the thighs, and slowly parting Mary's legs. I lay there on the bed, propped up on one elbow, spell bound by what was taking place.

As my younger sister rubbed Mary's back and legs, she looked off in the distance, her eyes partly closed as she worked her hands expertly over the skin. Each time her hand reached the top of Mary's leg, she ran her flattened palm along the inside of her thighs, causing our older sister to sigh and undulate on the bed.

After a few minutes, Jane pulled Mary over onto her back, and I looked in awe at the magnificent body between us. Mary's eyes were closed and her face flushed, her perfect breasts heaving with desire without either of us touching her. Her legs were partly spread, and we watched as her right hand moved between her legs and found the moist spot she was seeking. Slowly, she began to rub her own pussy, finally inserting her middle finger into it and gently moving it in and out. Her other hand found her right breast, and she grabbed it, rolling the hard nipple in her fingers.

As Mary lay there, fondling herself with pleasure, Jane took off the blue robe and dropped it to the floor. She lay down close to Mary and watched as the lovely woman continued to rise toward a climax. Jane brushed the hair from Mary's face, and looked at me and smiled. Then, she leaned over our sister and parted her lips with her tongue. kissing Mary as she, too, began to gasp with excitement.

With Jane's mouth on hers, Mary began to shudder and her hand moved furiously, pumping in and out as her breath came in sharp intakes of air between Jane's lips. My cock was busting loose from the jeans as I saw Jane move her mouth to Mary's free breast, as her hand grabbed Mary's wrist and pulled it away from her pussy. Jane pulled the hand to her mouth and sucked the moistened finger.

Mary's hand went back to her own pussy as Jane got up on her knees and straddled Mary's face. Slowly, she lowered her moist cunt to Mary's mouth, as Mary's hand moved back to her own vagina. With finger inserted into her own cunt, Mary began to lick and suck Jane's pussy, as my younger sister began to pant with ecstasy. They remained locked in this embrace for minutes as my prick grew stiffer with the vision of these two beautiful women, my sisters, making love.

I could no longer stand the excitement, and as Jane moved away and lay back on the bed, I tore off my shorts and mounted my older sister. She was in a frenzy as I guided my prick between her legs and rammed it in as far as it would go. Mary's eyes never opened as I pumped her with all my strength and buried my face into her breasts, taking a nipple into my mouth and biting hard on it with my teeth. As my load shot into her, she screamed with delight, her voice falling off into choking gasps.

I rolled off her to see Jane lowering her mouth to Mary's crotch to suck our juices from the hot pussy. Mary could only lay on the bed and moan.

We spent four more days in the mountain retreat, finding ourselves relaxed and extremely tired when we loaded our three vehicles to leave. Each of us had achieved a height of sexual fulfillment never before experienced, and we vowed before our departure that we would repeat the experience two times a year, as long as possible.

The end of this account, but not of the story.

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