tagLesbian SexSisters and a Flower

Sisters and a Flower


For some reason I couldn't get to sleep. I had tossed and turned in bed constantly looking at the digital clock on my bedside table and the time seemed to just crawl by as I fretted endlessly to get some rest. 2am and I still felt wide awake. My sister Jessica was sleeping in the bed next to mine. She was 19 years old I was 18 at the time. For some reason I always felt that she was prettier than I was. Her hair always silky smooth running a few inches past her shoulders. Her breasts nice and plump and her nipples pointing upward nice and perky. Light smooth pale skin and well formed body that gave her legs a wonderful eye opener for any guy that laid eyes on her.

My own body I felt considerably less exquisite. We had the same pale skin tone and dark brown hair but mine was cut short barely reaching down to my neck. I did love my bangs which hung down to my eyes and looked wonderful parted to one side. I always felt jealous of my sister's breasts mine seemed to just be a couple mounds on my chest and not enough to perk my nipples like my sister. I was always self conscious about my weight even though we were the same height and weight and as I found later on in life men loved my slim body. They would never have it after that night.

I had noticed Jessica couldn't sleep either and finally called out to her.


Groggily my sister turned over and answered.


"You can't sleep either?"

"No.....what time is it?"


Slowly she sat up facing me from her bed. Her white night gown parted down the middle exposing her breasts. Like me she wore no bra to bed but had her underpants. I couldn't help but admire her perky nipples and when she saw my gaze casually covered herself up with her gown. Getting up she sat on the side of my bed and rubbed my shoulder as I laid in bed.

"I don't know what it is about tonight but I just can't sleep."

Jessica's eyes met mine. Her blue eyes sparkled in the moonlight from the window mirroring my green eyes. She tried comforting me talking in her sweet soft words. They were soothing but no sleep would claim me. Her touch though, it brought an unfamiliar series of emotions and feelings indescribable to me. I could even feel my nipples start to perk up and harden. Jessica leaned over and kissed me on the forehead like she had when comforting me whenever I was scared. Even though we were just a year apart she still felt as a big sister and my protector.

Her lips were so soft and the spot of wetness seemed even further these strange emotions. I couldn't help but tilt my head up and kiss her on the lips. We had kissed before but only as sisters would, but this, this felt different. I deepened the kiss and found my tongue coursing along her lips. They were silky smooth and tasted of berries. Soon I found her own tongue brushing mine and as soon as it came she pulled away in shock.


I didn't know what to say. Disappointment filled me and my throat tightened. I felt so bad.

"I'm sorry Jessy."

"It's ok....."

Jessica's hand though as if with a mind of its own began stroking my face. I was so confused I didn't know what to do.

"Why did you do that?"

Words were so hard to form now I could barely come up with an answer and it felt so far from the truth, because I knew why.

"I don't know...."

For some reason she leaned back down and kissed me again on the lips and this time she took the lead. Her tongue brushed along my lips and I lost myself in the kiss. My hand caressed her face and I did whatever I could to wrap my tongue in hers. It seemed to turn into a game to wrap them together full knowing that it was impossible. My heart pounded in my chest till I felt her hand on my breast as she laid herself over my body. I could swear my heart was trying to pound its way through my throat.

She broke the kiss to stare in my eyes with a new passion that I had only seen when she was with her boyfriend in bed making love. I was still a virgin though but played sleep when she made love secretly watching as I rubbed my pussy coming so close to my first orgasm each time, but never getting my first boom. I knew she had toys and wanted to try them, I even did once but couldn't bring myself to take my own flower and it turned into a sad disappointment.

"What are we doing Chelsea? This isn't right."

"I know....but my heart is racing and I'm....I'm getting wet down there."

Indeed I felt a soft dampness against my underwear around my pussy.

"You've never even had an orgasm haven't you?"

Embarrassment took me.

"It's ok. We're in this together sis. I've always loved you more than any boyfriend I've had....I just didn't think it'd be like this."

There it was the ice was broken. Her hand was still on my breast and before I could say anything she had me engulfed in another deep passionate kiss. I ran my hands through her night gown and along her body. She sat up taking her gown off fully exposing her plump breasts and beautiful body while I laid there with my robe on still. I pulled out from underneath her and quickly removed my own robe but went a step further and removed my underwear exposing my bald pussy. Jessica followed suit and quickly we were sitting cross-legged in front of each other on my bed staring at each other's groin. Hers was shaved too.

Together we reached for each other's pussy. Hers felt just like mine. So soft and wet. The moment her hand touched mine my heart took another giant leap into my throat. She started rubbing my clit. It was so sensitive it almost hurt yet felt so good as I began to feel the familiar warmth spreading throughout my groin as she fingered me. I took her lead and did the same. Some part of me wanted our pussies to touch so I raised a leg over hers and inched my waste into her. She seemed to like the idea and opened her legs setting the other one over mine.

Once our pussies touched we both began rocking our hips trying to gain as much pleasure as possible from rubbing our pussies together, and it felt so good. I was giving little quiet squeaks of pleasure and so was she but it wouldn't quite bring either of us to orgasm. Our pussies were both wet from pleasure though.

Jessica found that it was time for something different and got up from my bed to her dresser. Opening the bottom drawer she came back with a clear dildo with a spiraling blue core. As blue as her eyes. It jiggled slightly in her hand and sat back down on my bed-side. I laid back and spread my legs. I was slightly nervous about losing my flower. How bad would it hurt? Initially I never wanted to lose it to a toy but now I wanted nothing less from my sister. She leaned over my body and let the dildo drag across my body down to my pussy and rubbed its tip between my lips. I wanted it inside me so bad my pussy ached for it.

"You're still a virgin right?"

I nodded.

"This'll hurt at first but soon it'll turn into the most amazing feeling you'll ever have."

Slowly she prodded it into my hole and I felt it stop at my flower. There was a slight pause and then I felt a sharp pain just inside my pussy that caused me to give a short cry. Soon I felt the pressure from the dildo filled my pussy and it felt so good. My hands involuntarily began rubbing my smaller breasts and pinching my nipples. For some reason it made the pleasure from the dildo more wonderous so I twisted and pulled as my sister began sliding the dildo in and out of my pussy never taking it all the way out. Pleasure began engulfing me, my hips started rocking and just when I felt I couldn't take any more I felt it all explode. I had a sudden urge to pee and just let loose doing my best to muffle my cries of pleasure as I had my first orgasm. I felt I was peeing but in spurts in sync with her pounding my pussy with the dildo and my thighs felt hot with pleasure as I was engulfed to the point I felt I was going to pass out.

Slowly the pleasure faded and I could think again. As I was gasping for air my sister could only smile before telling me something surprising.

"You squirted sis. Some girls when they orgasm squirt cum.""

I was confused, how could a girl cum?

"Cum? I thought only men could cum and it was all white and filmy?"

"No Chelsea, some girls cum too but it's watery since we don't have balls silly....now it's my turn."

She was laying back propped up by her elbows legs spread before mine. I noticed a small bit of blood from my defloration on the sheets. It made me smile happily as I sat up and took the dildo out of my pussy. It hurt a little after my orgasm faded but I didn't expect anything else. I wiped it off and slowly slid it into my sister's pussy. It went in so smoothly it almost wasn't fair but I could tell she liked it right away. Watching her lips part and squeeze as I slid the dildo in made me want more but I wanted to make her orgasm before I'd ask for another.

I slid it in and out just as she had done for me but it didn't seem to make her writhe like it did to me so I started rubbing her clit while I pounded her pussy with the dildo. Her clit was soft, moist, and apparently as sensitive as my own. She started rocking her hips as wildly as I had and let out muffled cries of pleasure as she came closer and closer to orgasm. Suddenly she grabbed my pillow and cried in pleasure into it as I made her orgasm to my delight.

Jessica collected herself and removed the pillow taking deep breaths.

"You're so good at it Chelsea."

I wondered why I was, if I really was good at it then it clicked.

"Maybe because nobody really knows how to touch a woman besides another woman."

"You just might be right sis."

With a deep yawn she pulled my sheets up over herself and opened them for me to join her. I wanted more but quickly I felt fatigue and the need for sleep take hold and curled in under the sheets with her. We were both still naked and I couldn't help but play with her pussy and breasts. She decided to do the same. It was a long process but slowly I felt that warmth fill my groin again as pleasure started taking hold. Jessica rubbed my clit at an angle I couldn't get myself and after some time I began to feel the urge to pee again before the inexplicable pleasure as tiny squirts came from my pussy wetting the sheets. I lowered my leg and buried my face in my sister's breasts as sleep quickly began to claim me. The sun was already beginning to rise but blackness consumed me as I drifted to sleep.

Later that morning when I woke up I found myself wrapped up in my sisters arms. Her hands over my breasts. Last night's endeavors flittered through my mind and I happily smiled to myself as I snuggled deeper into my sister's embrace. Feeling her breasts snug against my back I knew her pussy was up against my rear. Jessica knew I was awake and squeezed my breast.

"Good morning sis. Care to give it another go?"

Her hand had already made its way down my stomach to my pussy. It felt so nice as she touched me there I wanted her to make me orgasm so bad again. I turned around happy to go round 2.

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