tagIncest/TabooSister's Wet April Fool

Sister's Wet April Fool


You've probably read this kind of story, even the same theme as this story before but I just wanted to write my own version, so here it is. And to avoid any hint of plagiarism I've carefully made sure I haven't read anyone else's versions beforehand, should they even exist.

Short and sweet and hopefully sufficiently tasty for your pleasure!


You'd have thought that by the time we reached and passed 18 that we'd have got past playing silly jokes on each other but not so. Julie and I, Chris, still acted like a pair of real juveniles at times; perhaps not that much of a bad thing though. Kids are made to grow up so quickly now -- we're pushed into adulthood so fast -- driven to maturity before we're ready -- turned into grown-ups almost before we're out of school clothes, so perhaps a bit of light-heartedness was an essential part of life.

So Julie and I regularly managed to find time for silly fun and games -- and it was one of those that unintentionally led us both into growing up very quickly......

I'm at college, finishing off my learning, so far as I'm concerned. I thought I'd escaped schooling, only to be pushed into college by my parents, to learn more about the business world. The good side of that is that my parents are supporting me financially instead of me having to go out and work for a living, because I have to admit that I'd hardly know where to look to begin work. Still -- that's subject that doesn't need exploring here.

My sister, unlike me, finished school as early as she could and then found herself 'a nice little earner' at a hair and beauty salon, where she's been very good at learning the trade. She's already second-in-command of the salon even at 19 -- she's quite a bright spark, it seems.

I guess that I'm quite the average 20 year old -- almost six feet tall; I weigh in at about 11 stone (that's near enough 155 pounds I think) and I'm quite a 'good-looker' according to some of the girls around college. I'm a bit chiselled because I look after my body and try to keep fit (I've got my own set of weights, for example) and with my blue eyes and blond hair I seem to do well enough with the birds.

Compared to me, Julie on the other hand is petite -- she takes after Mum, I reckon. She just reaches the five foot two mark but one place where she isn't so little is up top -- she's got some very yummy breasts! Well, they're not huge but on her small figure they look big anyway. Her bras say they're a 34B; two nice handfuls, in other words. Julie isn't one for flashing her tits around the house so I haven't seen a lot of them but whenever I get a glimpse I feel that wicked thrill run through me; a kind of wave of heat and excitement that never fails to jerk my cock upwards too. I think it was the best part of two years ago when I first ever caught her coming out of the bathroom in the nude and just I had to go and have a wank -- wow; she looked so good! I still haven't found out why she wasn't covered up but I'm just glad she wasn't!

I've always loved a good pair of tits or even just a nice deep cleavage -- I don't mind which; just anything to do with boobs and I get all excited! I used to dream about those tits; I'd wake up all hard and sticky in the night, wondering if it had been real or just in my mind. But it was always in my mind; because Julie's my sister or else I'd have been in there like a ferret!

Well, that used to be the case but things have changed a bit and I'll tell you how in a minute.....

Oh yes, I also love the way she seems to always wear nice tight blouses and tops that accentuate her mounds of pleasure. Mind you, I guess she doesn't do that by accident!

She's got a lovely bum too and slim legs as well -- not to mention her cute elfin face. She too is blonde but while mine are blue, hers are green -- and simply gorgeous!

And I'm delighted to say that I now know a lot more about her interesting bits than I ever did before....but hey, I'm getting ahead of myself here.

It wasn't her tits or my cock that started things off -- it was April Fool's Day last year.

Julie had got the ball rolling by sending me a birthday card for my twentieth which happens to fall on Valentine's Day, of all days; yeah, she posted it to me so I didn't know who sent it. A birthday card filled with explosive glitter that shot everywhere.

I was so glad I'd opened it in my bedroom rather than downstairs -- I'd have had to clean up every last single sparkly bit if I'd opened it in the lounge -- in my bedroom at least I didn't have to be quite so picky.

There was this little sound of air expanding quickly and then an explosion of colour and the damn stuff got everywhere. The thing that did really piss me off was that I was sitting on my bed in the nude when I opened it and the glitter liberally coated most of my lower body; especially my cock and my balls and my pubes and even after I showered, I found that bits appeared from here and there. And no, I really didn't know it was from her, not until her silly giggling told me, that is......after I'd opened it and come downstairs. Even a week later there were still a few bits stuck in strange places.....so I determined to get my own back.....

April Fool's Day seemed appropriate -- a really good excuse to be allowed to do something silly and yet not get accused of being a complete idiot. On that day, such pranks might be expected and so I got planning.

I didn't take a whole lot of planning though -- just the acquisition of a plastic bucket.....yeah, you've got the idea.

A bucket with no hard or sharp bits, firm enough to fill with water; soft enough not to hurt if it fell on her and big enough to hold a fair quantity of water. An old trick, perhaps fallen into disuse but if so then the amusement aspect would be that much greater, I hoped.

Down at the garden shed I checked out the mechanics of placing it on top of a door; of the bucket's trajectory and of the spread of its contents until I'd got it all sorted out to ensure success.

Then, satisfied, I waited for the appropriate day and time.

It was Monday night; Tuesday being the First of the month, so any time after midnight was fine by my books. From midnight until midday -- those are the rules for April Fool pranks, aren't they?

Mum and Dad were off for a few days -- they ran their own business and together they'd headed off to a conference and exhibition which would keep them busy until Thursday, so Julie and I were on our own for three days.

I'd stayed in, purporting to be studying (an unlikely story, truthfully!) while Julie had been out 'up town' -- presumably clubbing, or at least enjoying a few drinks with her pals and it was approaching one in the morning when she came home so it was officially April Fool's Day now.

I'd heard her arriving, her car scrunching on the gravel driveway and I decided to hide myself in the downstairs coat cupboard, a slatted vent in the door giving me a reasonably adequate view of her arrival without having to leave the door ajar. I wanted to be able to follow her every move until the fateful moment when she opened her bedroom door.....at which point I'd grab a photo of her drenched form, to stick on Facebook.

With bated breath I watched her return; firstly divesting herself of her outer garments; then calling out for me several times....and when I didn't appear, I heard her in the lounge -- glasses chinking as she made herself a drink from Dad's stock of alcohol.

'Damn', I thought, 'Should have fixed one for myself too!'

Silently I continued to spy on her but Julie was in no rush to go to her room -- instead, finding the house to be apparently empty, she started taking off more of her clothes!

My mouth fell open as I watched, spellbound, as she now shed her jeans and then her top, leaving herself standing there in matching chocolate-brown bra and knickers only. She took a big swig of her drink and then shuddered -- it must have been strong! Slowly she turned before the large mirror in the hall before I heard her talking for the first time.

"Don't you look good?" she said to herself as she postured before the mirror, "Just look at you -- that nice trim tummy; look at your boobs; you're keeping nicely in shape aren't you?"

She stuck her breasts out at the mirror and stuck her tongue out too then she shook her breasts; her well-stacked mammaries doing their best to escape from their gauzy confines.

My eyes were doing their best to escape from their confines too -- seldom had I seen her displaying her body so blatantly and I was absorbing every inch of it; including her sweet bum which she was now concentrating on as she lifted one cheek and then the other to inspect them for sag.

Then she lifted one leg high, like a can-can dancer might before she lowered it with a tutting noise.

"Bloody pubes -- must remember to shave," she said as she adjusted her hairs with her hand inside her knickers, "Shall I take them all off?"

'Yeah -- go on then! Wish I could help!' I thought, 'I'm a dab hand with a razor! Could do a lovely job on you down there!'

Fortunately she didn't hear my thoughts; instead she left the mirror and headed to the utility room where there was a shower. I heard the water start to flow; then Julie waltzed back to the mirror where she briefly searched for hidden imperfections on her body.....before reaching behind herself to unclip her bra!

I felt my mouth fall open once more as her fabulous breasts were exposed; Julie rubbing them to remove the creases; unintentionally causing her nipples to rise. I just knew that they'd be little hard rubbery mounds now and I felt myself licking my lips and going all hot, the flush of heat quickly descending to my groin.

"Ahhhh -- that's better," she said, "Hate having to wear a fuckin' bra...."

'Wow!' I mouthed silently, my eyes glued to her tits, 'What a bloody lovely pair!'

Then I saw her pinch her nipples; each little pink nub now even more prominent than before.

I almost gasped out loud as I watched her but Julie was absorbed in her own body.

"Ooooh -- that's nice!" she said as her finger tips twirled over her nipples, "Oh God -- that's making me all horny!"

For a moment or two she just stood there shivering with erotic feelings before she recovered somewhat and now, just wearing her little milk chocolate knickers, she finished her drink and disappeared into the lounge. There came the sounds of more chinking, then she reappeared with another large drink, from which she took a good slug. Her magnificently perky, comfortably rotund, delightfully shaped breasts wobbled sociably as she moved and it took a lot for me not to dash out and catch her so I could have a closer look....and perhaps even a feel. And I also wanted to mop up the small dribble of her drink that had escaped and which was now coursing down her cleavage.....

But something told me not to show my hand -- spying on her wasn't going to be appreciated.

And at that point I suddenly realised that my penis was as rigid as a bar of steel; my entire length probing down my trouser leg, throbbing and jerking as I watched.

I let out a quiet sigh as I realised how close I might have come to revealing almost as much as Julie.........

But she wasn't quite finished -- although her second drink soon was, her glass being deposited on the side. Finally her hands moved to her hips and she began to slide her knickers down, her very cute bubble bum now displayed perfectly for my pleasure, before she stood up once more, to pose entirely naked before the mirror.

She parted her legs and then used her two hands to part her lips, her delightfully hairy lips, as she bent forward to inspect her nether region. But the light wasn't right, so she turned round away from the mirror and more or less faced me as she inspected herself more thoroughly.

From not ten feet away I was now provided with a full-frontal view as she spread her lips once more, her fluffy fuzz of pubes now split apart as were her visibly damp lips. She bent lower to look at her pussy, her finger sliding inside her hole.

"God -- I'm all wet now," she moaned, "Fuck it! Didn't even bloody well get laid! That fuckin' wanker Brian -- I'm never going to bother to ask him out again -- what a bloody waste of space!"

I didn't know who she was talking about but he'd missed out on a good fuck, that was for certain!

"I'm bloody gagging for it and he fuckin' well ignored me!" she continued to herself as she stood up once more and turned back to the mirror, "Bastard -- if only he knew how damn frustrated I was! Shit!"

'You stupid prick Brian,' I thought, my hand absent-mindedly caressing my erection, 'You just don't know what you missed, do you?'

"Oh well -- not much I can do about it now," said Julie, chuntering away, "Right -- shower time; Chris had better not come home and pinch the hot water!"

With that she disappeared into the utility room and soon I heard her singing cheerfully amid the splash of water, so I crept from my hiding place, my straining cock still leading the way.

Softly I snuck upstairs and slid into one of the spare bedrooms, now leaving the door ajar -- I hoped she wouldn't notice. Then I waited, my camera in my hand, my other hand still rubbing over my erection as I imagined the scene in the utility room.

The waves of steam; the glimpses of protruding breasts and buttocks; the flash of pubes; the splash of water and suds -- fucking hell, just the thought of it made me go all hot! Then it all went silent downstairs as she ended her shower....the moment I'd been really waiting for was about to arrive!

Before long I caught the sound of more chinking as Julie poured herself a third drink and then her light footsteps as she began to mount the stairs; my excitement mounting as fast as she did. Very soon, I'd catch her with my basic but excellent April Fool joke!

Soon she appeared on the landing, now wrapped in a large towel and I held my breath as she reached her room and pushed the door open.

There was a small scraping noise as the bucket tipped; a cascading splash of water; a massive scream from Julie; a light clatter as the now empty bucket hit the floor and then a long string of curses that filled the air completely.

Julie had disappeared from my sight as she entered her room and now I quickly ventured forth; my camera at the ready too -- eager to catch her!

I shoved her door wide open and pressed the shutter and as a flash went off, so I discovered my miscalculation!

Because there was Julie, her towel at her feet, entirely naked and facing me, soaked to the skin, her mouth wide open in shock. My camera caught her perfectly; but this photo was never going to reach my Facebook page! All I'd wanted to get was her with her hair and face streaming with water....but this shot was going to reveal far, far more!

The cold water had tightened her breasts, exaggerating her nipples. It shimmered down her body and streamed over her flat abdomen to drip off her pubes, running in small streams down her gloriously tanned thighs.

"Sheeeeesh!" I found myself mouthing, "Fuckin' hell, that's hot!"

"April Fool!" I finally called out, now desperately hoping that I hadn't got my date wrong and also urgently hoping to recover the amusing side of this event but Julie wasn't as amused as I was.

"You bastard! You rotten bastard!" she replied, blowing watery bubbles and shaking water from her hair, "Did you do that?"

"Good one -- great joke!" I said brightly, "Caught you perfectly! Look at you!"

But things seemed to be going wrong; the tide was turning -- against me.

Julie, despite her hair now being soaked, instead of screaming obscenities was now looking at me intently and was now pointing downwards at me.

"No, don't look at me -- look at you!" she retorted, for all the world as if it was I who was naked and not her, "You're all hard and you've been leaking like mad!"

I looked down and immediately discovered that indeed my cock had apparently been producing copious amounts of precum that had soaked into my trousers, creating a dark stain some five inch across and perhaps worse than that, the outline of my still mainly-erect penis could clearly be seen.

"Oh fuck!" I exclaimed, "Oh no!"

Suddenly things speeded up; suddenly Julie became the one in charge; suddenly I became the target!

She shook more of the water from her hair before advancing on me, her naked body now a threat rather than a delight. Quickly she pinned me against the wall, her hands holding my shoulders; her breasts almost touching my chest as her body heaved with her breathing.

"You dirty sod! You planned all this, didn't you -- just to get me naked," she said and I shook my head quickly.

"No, no -- it wasn't like that at all," I countered as her alcoholic breathing engulfed me, "It was an April Fool prank."

"Likely story!" she said, "Don't believe a word of it!"

My pleas were falling on deaf ears, it seemed, so I shut up but Julie continued.

"Right -- if you wanted to see me, I can see you too," she said, "Come here!"

With that she gripped my t-shirt and yanked me with her into her bedroom, where she shut her door and locked it; ignoring the puddle of water that was now soaking into the carpet.

"Ok -- now you're here -- get 'em off!" she demanded as she stood there naked, legs spread and arms akimbo, "Everything!"

I guess I could have just told her to grow up and just walked out past her, because I outweighed her by at least forty pounds....but I just couldn't do it. Instead I found my fingers moving to lift my t-shirt; to undo my belt and my trousers.

"Everything?" I asked and Julie nodded hard.

"Yep -- if I'm naked then so can you be," she said, "Come on, hurry up!"

My t-shirt was soon off but I hesitated over removing my trousers because I knew then that Julie would clearly see my state of arousal....I knew that my cock had responded to her nearness and had returned to his state of extreme erection.

"You'll see me!" I said self-consciously, "My ermmm.....my cock's all hard."

"Good -- I hope it is!" Julie said, her eyes glued to my groin, "You've got work to do!"

I removed my trousers more quickly now but still I hesitated with my underpants until Julie spoke again.

"Come on," she insisted, "I can't wait all bloody night!"

"Eh?" I replied but Julie didn't answer; instead she merely motioned for me to continue disrobing.

Finally feeling a little braver I began to inch my underpants down; my cock creating a considerable tent in the material as it caught in my pants. Slowly my pubes appeared; then the root of my cock and with a final quick jerk I pushed my pants right down, my hard cock springing up to slap against my abdomen.

And finally I was indeed naked before her, my penis standing proudly erect, pointing at the ceiling, my exposed knob glistening with lubricating juices.

I stood erect, my chest heaving with excitement in the same way that Julie's was -- the big difference being that I had good solid pecs whereas Julie had good soft breasts instead.

"Wow!" I said, "Done it!"

It had been a major undertaking to get naked before Julie. I'd been naked briefly with one girlfriend; otherwise all my experiences had been with just parts of me and my girlfriends exposed -- and now I was fully nude with a completely naked woman right there with me....even if she was my sister and we weren't going to have sex.

"Hmmmm," said Julie, "You've got a nice looking cock; what's that, seven inches or so?"

"Almost eight," I replied proudly, allowing my cock to jerk up and down.

"Is it?" said Julie, licking her lips, "Cor, I've taken seven but never eight."

I felt my mouth fall open with shock -- what the hell was she suggesting?

But I didn't have much time to think as Julie advanced towards me, her hands quickly enfolding my penis. In seconds one of her hands was holding my balls; weighing them and swirling them around while the other hand was now sliding my foreskin up and down my shaft.

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