tagSci-Fi & FantasySith Inquisitor: Korriban Escapades Ch. 02

Sith Inquisitor: Korriban Escapades Ch. 02


Dusk settled on Korriban, stretching its descending rays like the lekku of a Twi'lek dancer. Virun reached the exit of the cave, his blazing red lightsaber lit in one hand as he cradled a bloodied durasteel container holding the mutant tuk'ata brain. He expected more fierce resistance from the native beasts, but after only a couple hours, he emerged victorious. He swung a muscled leg over his Lhaosan duster speeder bike and pushed it to its limits, kicking up a fine trail of dust and red sand as he carved a trail back to the Lower Wilds Laboratory.

The rocky landscape was a blur as he travelled, swerving expertly around any obstacles or living thing that got in his path. Lucky for them, Virun had no inclination to act violently, his lightsaber still hung at his side with an air of malice permeating from its cortosis hilt. As he swerved past a large boulder than stubbornly endured the harsh Korriban winds, he made out the small laboratory just on the horizon.

He angled his speeder bike, not in the general direction of the Holo-terminal room, but in the general direction of his ship. Reaching the landing ramp, he parked the speeder and entered the security code, watching his back in case he was being monitored. He was far too used to having to play political games and deal with the conniving nature of moffs and fellow sith alike not to expect such dirty tricks, but as he stuffed the durasteel container into the cargo hold, he knew he was playing far dirtier than Malora ever could.

Exiting the ship just as fast as he entered, Virun swiftly made his way stealthily down the landing platform and back to the holo-terminal room. He didn't expect her to wait as he ordered, but with how much she begged for him to help her, he wouldn't be surprised if she was eagerly pacing like the tuk'ata in their cages. The door slid open automatically revealing the dark and dimly lit interior. As Virun crossed the threshold into the room, his eyes could dimly make out the dark shadows of the equipment glittering with red and blue light from the console button arrays. He didn't need to use the Force to tell something was wrong; he could still smell her sweet scent in the air, but could not find her.

There were plenty of places to hide, especially for a Sith concealing herself through the Force. His hand hovered a bare centimeter over his lightsaber, his muscles tensing like a nexu as he stretched out with the Force. he had barely enough time to catch the flicker of motion to his right before he heard the distinctive snap-hiss of her blood red lightsaber. Parrying the horizontal blow aiming to behead him on the spot, he spun around and activated his own, its luminescence casting his side of the room in a malicious yellow.

He blocked her savage strikes, admiring her form but easily spotting the flaws in her defenses. He spun and struck with the finesse of an expert swordsman, forcing her to move back until she was pressed up against the wall right where Virun wanted her; now all he had to do was disarm her and that would be just as easy. She swung viciously, trying desperately to maneuver herself out of this precarious position, but he parried the strike and grabbed hold of her sword hand, pressing it firmly against the wall and deactivating his lightsaber. He angled the blade so it left a jagged furrow into the wall; its red glow lit up her snarling face as he held onto her left wrist and pressed his body against hers, inhaling her sweet scent and chuckling to himself.

"And here I thought you would have shown some gratitude for helping you, Malora, "said Virun condescendingly.

"Not after you did those things to me earlier...humiliating me like some common slave whore," replied Malora, groaning as she tried breaking his iron grip on her hands.

"Don't tell me you didn't like it as much as I did, "retorted Virun, leaning imperceptibly closer to her smooth pink lips, shining darker in the glow of her lightsaber. This is what made her addicting to Virun already, not just for her looks and the feel of her body, but the sharp and deadly personality she had.

"I can bet you're imagining right now what it would feel like for me to fuck every inch of you right here right now instead of killing me. You weren't trying very hard were you?" Said Virun, fixing his yellow rights right into hers, watching as she her lips parted and the steel in her eyes faded.

She bit her lower lip, clearly seduced by the notion of giving him his just reward and Virun took advantage of that. She was almost magnetically drawn to him, her tongue excited to explore his mouth. Their lips met and their tongues once more warred with the other. He enjoyed her spicy tongue roiling and aggressively toying with his own and he took the opportunity to press the deactivation stud of her lightsaber.

He took the blade in his own hand, feeling her smooth hand reach up to cup his cheek as she kissed him with far more passion than he expected. It was as though every fiber of her being was eager to fuck him. He broke the kiss a few minutes later, savoring the hungry and horny look to her face as she leaned her head against the durasteel wall and groaned softly.

"How do I get myself into these situations," Malora whimpered out as Virun put both his hands on her shoulders and gently forced her on her knees. She complied without thinking, her own inner whorish nature eager to please him in whatever position as he removed his dark robes and unleashed his stiff cock. Her eyes glittered, obviously wanting to please that cock to the best of her ability but he would not sate her appetite just yet.

He rubbed his cock gently on her cheek, enjoying the soft silky feel of her face, untouched by the harsh winds of Korriban. Her eyes gently unfocused and her lips parted wider, almost begging Virun to cram every inch he could down those pink spicy lips. For now, he held temptation at bay and he let his man meat rest vertically on her face.

"Because its your inner nature to be this way Malora, even your idiot master must know this. Give in to your temptation and break your chains. It is the Sith way, "said Virun, shrewdly coaxing more of her whorish side out of her. Malora nodded her head in agreement, her mind hazy with lust as she tried to slurp down his cock. He drew it away from her, causing her to groan in impatience.

"Obey me Malora and I will take you far away from this miserable place, "said Virun solemnly, keeping his cock just out of distance from her mouth.

"Yes, "was all she said as she put her hands on his thighs, ready to please his large phallus.

"Yes, what?" he asked coyly letting his dick closer to her face.

"Yes, Master!" Malora screamed out. "Stars just let me suck your cock; I can't hold it in anymore. Please! He relented, satisfied at the results of his work. Malora eagerly took his cock on both her hands, savoring its smooth and rock hard feel before cramming every inch of it down her warm and wet mouth, coating his meat with spit. She bobbed her head up and down as though she was listening to the best Jizz music in the galaxy.

She grunted and groaned like a wild animal in heat, lost in a frenzied passion as she worked his cock with surprising expertise. Virun nearly lost control when she suddenly ripped off her jumpsuit revealing her large breasts, nipples hard and tantalizing, practically begging to be played with.

He obliged the silent and imaginary offer, removing his cock from her mouth and positioning her body so he can titty-fuck her. She grabbed hold on either side of her breasts and obediently began her bouncing, sliding that thick hard meat between her smooth breasts and pumping wildly, clearly excited from the stimulation.

Virun inwardly laughed, so pleased by his ability to turn a cold fellow apprentice into a raving whore in just a day. As he enjoyed the feel of her working on his large dick, he mused on working his charmed on his master, who's rebellious and often sluttish ways were legendary across the vast expanse of the Sith Empire. he almost imagined Malora as the blonde Lord Zash, eagerly bouncing away from her equally, if not larger, breasts as she submitted to her inner cravings for her strongest apprentice. The daydream nearly did it for him right there, risking him pasting Malora in his hot spunk too early.

He finally broke from the delightful embrace of her breasts and firmly forced Malora to stand up and turn around so her back faced him. She secretly bit her lip as she faced away from him and closed her eyes, feeling his warm hands slide delicately over her smooth toned stomach, unzipping her jumpsuit inch by inch as he sought to play with her pussy just like he did before. He gave her the opportunity to slip out of her jumpsuit and combat boots, budding into full bloom as he finally saw her naked body in full despite the dim lighting.

He sensually rubbed her clit as his other hand played with her breasts, bending her over slightly so he can enjoy the feel of pressing his cock against the smooth and elegant curves of her ample ass, the white creamy flesh just begging to be slapped as he began to rub in earnest, intentionally trying to force Malora over the edge.

'Yes...Yes! Oh kriff, don't stop master, please." She cried as she neared her climax. She began to curse, begging him to go on with his play. He began to finger fuck her roughly and was rewarded with her spreading her legs to give him better access and crying out an instinctual choice of curse words that would make even a smuggler impressed. She gushed out her pleasure a moment later, her body more tense as she intensely climaxed, her warm juices sopping over Virun's dick that ended up sliding between her thighs as she bucked her hips with each wave of pleasure assaulting her hot body. Moaning and almost screaming out her pleasure, Virun could only guess that this was the first time someone had caused her to orgasm this intensely, and that bought a strong glimmer of satisfaction in his dark heart.

She moaned and cried out in pleasure until the waves of pleasure subsided and her voice began to grow slightly hoarse, becoming like putty in Virun's eager hands; just like he wanted her. She began to coo and softly groan, threatening to fall to the ground if not for Virun holding onto her. She began to softly whisper something, but he stopped her swiftly, inserting his index finger wet with her juices into her mouth, feeling her mouth lap up every iota of her own juice.

"Someday, you will have to taste me for your own delight "she teased as he drew his index finger out of her mouth.

"I hope that's really soon," replied Virun smoothly, as he turned her obedient body around so she could grip the holo-terminal for support. She knew it was far from over and as she wiggled her creamy ass in front of him, Virun was really glad it wasn't. he inserted his cock deep inside her wet bowels of her pussy, her juices acting as the perfect lubricant for his dick as he rode her like a wild bantha, thrusting as deep as he could go. Gripping her ass, he let loose a superficial smack watching as she arched her back gracefully and recovered fast from her orgasm.

Malora was soon moaning and pleading for him to fuck her harder, crying out in sexual delight when Virun thrust particularly deep. She soon spread her hips as wide as she dared, enjoying the enhanced feel of submitting every part of her womanhood to the lordship of his large member. Virun grabbed her arms and brutally pounded into her, treating her like a slab of fuck meat that he would love to pound into every day. Inwardly he revered her supply body and obedience to his will with admiration, wishing he could spy her large tits bouncing in the air with a ferventness of their own.

Finally, and almost to Virun's dismay, he began to near his end, the brutal pounding of her pussy was proving to be his undoing, but it was also hers. Malora recovered startlingly fast, cooing and groaning in the beginning until she loudly moaned and fucked back pounding her flesh against his so the room was filled with the sounds of their fervent lovemaking.

Abruptly though, Virun stopped, keeping his large phallus deep inside her while he leaned close to her face and gripped her breasts. Malora moaned softly, turning her face and licking his lips, eager for him to resume riding her like a professional rancor racer.

"Tell me how much you want it, "ordered Virun as he slid his cock an inch deeper inside her, almost burying it up to the balls. She hesitated, unsure of what to say, but the temptation of a second orgasm and the prospect of feeling him fuck her once more proved too much for her. She yelled out in savage delight of how much she wanted him, how good he made her feel, and how badly she wanted him to come into her most sensitive of places. Every fiber of her being wanted this and Virun could feel that thrumming in the Force.

He graciously resumed his pounding and after only a minute, he shot his massive load deep inside her pussy, coating her walls with a thick layer of his come and her lovely juices. As soon as he shot the first load inside Malora, she went wild.

"Stars fuck me harder!" she screamed as he unloaded his sperm directly into her womb. She finally came a moment later, whimpering as a renewed assault of pleasure overcame her, leaving her gasping as she laid flat against the holo-terminal, her breasts pressing sensually against the smooth transparensteel.

The deed was finally done and Virun felt more than sated. He discreetly wiped off the excess cum from his cock against the slightly reddened flesh of her ass and felt her body tense as Malora felt the remnants of her orgasm delightfully torment her. Virun sensually rubbed her back, warming her tense muscles and leaving her relaxed and sated despite her inner gorging hunger for sex.

"Gods, I love you, "she whimpered as though it were an inner confession. Virun froze, unsure of how to respond. Of all the encounters of women he had, he never had one claim to love him. Usually it was no more than just a one night stand or a series of horny sexual encounters. But the sincerity of Malora's confession radiated with charged emotion in the Force and Virun almost felt a sense of gratitude, feeling a restrained version of that same lust and love


He pressed his body against hers, kissing the nape of her neck and wishing they could fuck the other into the darkest abyss. He may be preventing himself from feeling love but lust was his passion and he was absolutely addicted to her at the moment. Not wanting the moment to end, Virun extracted himself from her and pulled on his robes, sensing she was still gradually recovering, still in a state of perpetual bliss as he clipped on his lightsaber.

He leaned in close and whispered in her ear, "come by my ship later and I'll give you what you want, whatever that might be."

She turned her head towards him and granted the one opportunity he needed. Deeply kissing her, he savored the feel of her lips one last time and walked out of the holo-terminal room, deeply sated and conflicted.

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