tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSize Does Matter Ch. 02

Size Does Matter Ch. 02


How could I have guessed that the nerdiest guy on campus would turn out to have the most magnificent cock I had ever seen or been the best lover I could have ever hoped for?

There came a time when he wanted to share our cock with other women, and though I grudgingly relented, it nearly tore us apart.

Size does matter!


Despite our rocky beginning, Jacob had always been a special person and had become even more special to me as I grew to know him better. The sex was fantastic, and Jacob had become an even more adventurous, satisfying, and sometimes even hedonistic lover than I could ever have anticipated when we first met. He unleashed a submissive side of me that I didn't realize existed until I became involved with and sometimes overwhelmed by Jacob's sensual and sexual assertiveness. He had changed me, and I found myself doing, participating in things I might not have imagined myself doing.

I remember once early in our physical relationship we had gone to the movies to see a couple of films that were featured in a retrospective of films that contained real as opposed to simulated sex scenes. It was mid-morning, and only a few people were in the theatre. Throughout the two movies, that we managed to sit through, we had been masturbating each other, and at one point, he asked me to suck him. Of course, I was nervous, but at the same time excited.

"Go ahead, take it in your mouth, he cajoled. No one will see us back here, go ahead."

I hesitantly began to nurse at his cock, and he grew quiet as it grew harder and bigger. In the darkness of the theatre, as the girl expertly sucked the man's cock on the screen, I sucked Jacob until he began to shudder and force his spewing cock against the back of my throat.

When we left the theatre, we walked hand in hand down the street toward the parking lot. When we got to the car, he took my arm, pulled me around to the front of the car, and pressed me back so that my ass was leaning against the hood of the car. Jacob knelt down in front of me and sliding his hands under my skirt and up my legs, slipped his fingers into the waistband of my panties and pulled them down.

"Step out of them," he said pulling at the panties now bunched around my ankles. I did as he said and watched as he stuffed them into his pocket.

"Jacob, what are you doing?" I asked, anxiously scanning the area where we were parked, afraid someone would come upon us. Ignoring my question, the next thing I felt was his tongue, broad and wet, part my pussy lips and travel up to lightly feather over my clit. "Oh my God, Jacob," I moaned my legs trembling as the sensations swept over me. With his head under my skirt and his mouth gloriously worshiping my pussy I lowered my hands and caressed the back of his head, enhancing the pressure and friction of his mouth, making my hips instinctively hump against his tongue.

He nipped my clit, and I whimpered and opened my legs wider for him. As he continued to play with my clit, he inserted two fingers inside my pussy and began to work them in and out of me.

"I'm cumming Jake . . . I'm cumming," I began before my voice faded away to a jumbled, guttural groan. My body shuddered with the intensity of my orgasm, and fortunately, Jacob quickly steadied me as my legs buckled. Feeling lightheaded, I clung to him as he helped me into the car and we drove back to his place, his hand between my legs lightly stroking my still swollen, sensitive clit.

I orgasmed at least two more times that night before he finally allowed me to sleep.


If you saw Jacob on the street, you probably wouldn't give him a second thought. The dark rimmed glasses, plaid shirt, pocket protector, tight pants all screamed NERD, and I believed that was how he liked it. His outward appearance however in no way revealed the inner man. Despite his sheltered upbringing, his intellectual focus, and his introverted personality, he was a very sexual being, who for the first time in his life was free to explore that side of his nature. On more than one occasion as I lay under him in bed and felt his cock push up inside me, I would look into his face and see the joy and amazement in what he was feeling.

No one suspected the true sexual nature of our relationship. I know this may sound strange, but Jacob eagerly gave me his virginity. In the beginning, I was still too embarrassed to tell any of my friends that I was having frequent and fantastic sex with the campus nerd. Neither did I confide to any of my close girlfriends that Jacob, the nerdy teaching assistant had the longest, thickest, most beautiful cock I had ever seen or had inside me. Yes, Jacob, was very well endowed and any girl would be crazy not to want him thrusting into them, feeling his heavy ball sac hitting against their ass as he pounded them.


I gradually came to the realization that I was no longer the one in control; our roles had slowly reversed.

The floodgates had been opened, and in a short time, Jacob had become an innovative, thoughtful and demanding lover. It was he who at his whim crawled into my bed at night, who took me whenever, wherever, however, he wanted. The night he claimed my dark bud for the first time, he told me I was to be sexually available to him alone, and that our sneaking around so my friends wouldn't find out about us was over. It was a choice of either doing as he asked or ending the relationship. Surprised, but not wanting the relationship to end, to each of his demands and wishes, I said yes.

Very early on I came to understand that size did matter. I was mesmerized by Jacob's cock and how he used it. It's no excuse, but maybe it explains a little why I lusted after Jacob's magnificent cock the way I did. Sometimes he'd be so ready when he came to bed that after cumming hard inside of me, he'd roll off me, and in an almost whispery voice say, "I'm sorry, baby I couldn't wait. I needed to take the edge of."

After a while, he'd roll me onto my back and masturbate me, lightly caressing the 'sweet spot' between my legs until I'd begin humping his hand.

He wouldn't want me to cum right away and would order me not to. He'd open my legs and start to feast, hungrily kissing and sucking my wet, cum filled slit, as I moaned with pleasure. When he twirled his tongue around my clit, I could feel myself quivering in his mouth, as he guided me toward a hard, intense orgasm.

Without allowing me time to recover fully from my orgasm, he'd pulled me on top of him, and I would place one of my nipples into his open mouth allowing him to nibble and suck, groaning deep in his throat, the harder he sucked. As my excitement increased, I would reach down, and stroke his cock feeling it grow bigger and harder in my hand. Damn, it sometimes seemed that at the peak of his arousal he would become so thick I couldn't close my hand around it. When I played with him like this, I knew what was going to happen. He'd try to control it, try desperately not to cum, but it was always a futile struggle. He'd look at me with that look, and his cock would erupt, and cum would spray out in long, white threads covering my stomach.

After sex, as I lay naked, sometimes a sheet barely covering my body, the nipples of my breasts, exposed, hard and erect I'd feel him watching me. His body pressed close to mine he'd casually run his fingers through the soft, pale outline of neatly trimmed hair covering the swollen and sensitive mound between my legs. Soothe by the feel of his hand softly caressing me down there I would close my eyes and roll onto my stomach. With me on my stomach, my hips raised and presented to him; he would slip a finger into my pussy and another in my ass and slowly finger-fuck me, becoming rougher and faster until my ass began to tremble and shake. Afterward, I'd lay there in his arms until my orgasm subsided. He loved watching me cum.


The year I graduated college, Jacob, and I came to a parting of the way. By then, despite my protestations about nerds and falling in love, I had done just the opposite. While I believe he loved me, Jacob apparently wanted to experience being with other women and had no problem conveying that desire to me. Though angry at first and then just hurt, I wanted to give him whatever space he thought he needed and me time to evaluate just what was happening between us.

The separation lasted for several months during which time I had no contact with him, until one morning I was leaving for work and found him asleep in his car, which was parked in front of the house. I didn't go to work that day, instead, we spent that morning, most of the afternoon and night talking, crying and making love. Obviously, we did get back together, and neither one of us spoke about the separation again.

Jacob had begun working as the Lead Chemist for a successful bio-engineering firm. It was an extremely well paying position with impressive perks and generous benefits. In celebration of the new job, Jacob purchased a lovely, secluded little beach cottage that became our retreat. We had planned on going to the cottage for a long delayed escape from the city, but because of several personal matters that suddenly came up, I couldn't get away. Jacob, though upset with my not being able to spend a whole week at the cottage with him left in a huff without me. As it turned out, my Thursday morning appointment was rescheduled, and I was able to head down to the cottage that morning. I wanted to surprise Jacob, and so I didn't call him as I might have done otherwise.

When I entered the cottage, I heard noise coming from the bedroom and assuming it was Jacob, tip-toed down the hall. The bedroom door was ajar, and as I went to open it, I heard a woman's voice. Stepping back, I stood quietly peering through the partially open door.

The woman was naked and already in bed waiting for Jacob. She smiled a slow seductive grin and threw back the bedsheet indicating a place for him beside her. I watched with a mixture of disbelief, rapt interest, and growing anger as he removed his clothes and stood in front of her, his long, thick cock hanging between his legs. When she reached out and touched it, I was not at all surprised at how quickly he became hard. After only a few light caresses his cock stood erect and pointed in her direction.

The woman inched to the side of the bed and rolled onto her back so that her head overhung the edge. My eyes began to well with tears when I saw Jacob step closer to her, slip his now leaking cock between her parted lips, and begin to stroke. With each stroke, I could see the rise and fall of her throat as his cock worked its way into her velvety sheath. I could imagine her throat tightening around his cock and then releasing it when he pulled back, her tongue licking and flicking over and around his cockhead. My legs began to shake, and I leaned against the wall for balance.

I heard her mumble something to Jacob and he withdrew. With a look of disappointment on her face, she righted herself in the bed and held out her hand to him. Jacob's cock was rock hard and visibly pulsing, his cockhead dark red and bulbous as he got onto the bed and mounted her.

"Jake, Jake, yes," she murmured, her arms slipping around his neck and her legs raised and encircling his waist as he began to fuck her. I wondered if he could feel her hard clit rub against his cock when he stroked into her and if he was watching her face like he did mine to gauge my nearness to orgasm.

"Jake . . . I'm cumming," she called out, bucking under him until exhausted she lay still. As her breathing quieted and her orgasm calmed, Jacob who apparently had not climaxed pulled out of her and rolled onto his back covering his eyes with his forearm.

After a minute or so, Jacob got off the bed, took a deep breath and said, "I'm sorry Joanne, but you need to put on your clothes and go."

"What? What did you say?" she asked incredulously.

"You need to go. My asking you to come here was a mistake," Jacob said his voice dripping with remorse.

His head snapped around when I pushed open the door, tears streaming down my face.

"Cam!" he said in surprise.

The disappointment and sense of betrayal evident on my face, I was unable to speak. I looked at Jacob, expecting, needing some explanation, but none came. In my shocked disbelief at what I had seen, I realized I knew the woman, I recognized her; she was one of the assistants in Jacob's office.

Despite his nerdy persona, his naked maleness and animal sexuality dominated the room, and I wondered if this was the first time or if he had been with her before. In amazement, I saw his cock was still semi-erect, somehow aroused by what was happening, I turned and left the cottage with him calling after me.

I ran to my car, gunned it out of the driveway and headed home, my home.

It was after one in the morning when I got home. Upset and unable to sleep I took an Ambien and slipped into a welcomed oblivion. I slept most of the day, woke drank a cold glass of apple juice and went into a crying jag that left me spent and exhausted. Feeling sorry for myself, I took another pill, crawled back into the warm, security of my bed, and quickly fell asleep.

I avoided Jacob for the next several days. Though I missed him and wished he were in bed next to me at night, the overwhelming sense of hurt and betrayal prevented me from forgiving or forgetting what I had witnessed that night.

After a week of not seeing or talking to Jacob, I had had time to think and felt a little better, but still depressed and unable to sleep at night. I went to dinner with my friend Beth on Saturday and after returning home took something to help me sleep and went to bed. Just as I was about to begin that slow slide into sleep, my phone rang. Though half asleep and disoriented, I recognized his voice, it was Jacob.

"Cam, Cam, don't hang up . . . please," he coaxed.

"We need to talk. I'm so sorry, so many things were going through my mind that night . . . we need to talk."

"Go to Hell, Jacob," was all I said, before ending the call.


What must have been hours later, I felt the weight of an arm draped across my chest holding my back pressed to him, and I groggily opened my eyes and tried to get my bearings in the dark bedroom. Forgetting Jacob had a key to the house he had let himself in and gotten into bed. I could tell from his breathing that he wasn't asleep. Jacob lay stretched out behind me his hand caressing one of my breasts; his cock pressed between my ass cheeks.

"I'm sorry baby, I'm so sorry," he said when he realized I was awake. I tried to break his embrace, but that only made him hold me tighter.

"Cam, don't . . . please don't. It didn't mean anything. I was angry with you; lately, you always seemed to have a reason not to be with me. I even thought you might be cheating on me," he said as if it were my fault he had put his dick into some other woman.

"That's not true," I protested.

"Joanna had been after me for a while, and when she called that afternoon I was still angry with you, and I guess I thought 'what the hell.' I told her to meet me at the cottage."

"It didn't mean anything. I love you, Cam, I always have," he said.

"Did you like having sex with her?" I asked.

"I love you, only you," he responded.

I began to cry, confused and wanting to believe him.

"I want you," Jacob reassured me as he slipped his hand between my legs and began fingering my pussy. I closed my eyes as Jacob worked my pussy, his fingers moving slowly in and out. My breathing became fast and shallow until I began swaying my hips, knowing what was going to happen next, knowing what we both needed to happen next.

Disgusted with myself, and amazed at how I had become such a slut for this man, I let him ease me onto my stomach. Jacob raised my ass so that I was on my knees and after smearing KY onto his cock and around, over and inside my ass, he slowly pushed inside my tight, dark orifice. As the painful pleasure of what he was doing to me coursed through my body, I moaned and whimpered but did not resist. I could feel the damp, crumpled sheet beneath me and tried to relax as he slowly, carefully inched his swollen dick further and further home. After I had all of his cock inside me, he paused giving my body a chance to adjust before he began to stroke. As he stroked into me, my moans of discomfort changed to moans of delayed pleasure.

While he fucked my ass, I reached down and began to rub my clit, finally bringing myself to a strong, wet orgasm, moments before Jacob arched his back, gave one last hard thrust and came filling my channel with cum. I lay prone on the bed, and he slumped on top of me, my ass muscles continuing to gently contract and release around his cock forcing his spent cum to seep out of my ass and trail downward between my legs.

We didn't have anal often, but when we did, this is how it was. Usually, it happened after an argument or disagreement when we would have what people call "make up" sex. . . me on my knees head down, ass presented to him in submission and him covering me from behind, dominant and assertive. Submitting to him in this way, I needed to feel the closeness and reassurance that came afterward as we would lay together, my head on his chest his arms around me.

Somehow, our roles had changed. Whereas in the beginning, Jacob was the sexually deprived and inexperienced nerd that I could lead around by his dick, that was no longer the case. Now, I was the one who longed to be in bed with him making love to me. I was the one who despite his reassurances could sometimes find myself feeling insecure.


Almost two years have gone by since the incident at the beach cottage. I am no longer concerned about what people will think, Jacob and I have been living together for most of that time. Now, don't get me wrong, Jacob is still king of the nerds. Occasionally when I'm not around or have to go out of town, he's left on his own and that inner nerd surfaces, and he's able to revel in his old uniform of too short pants, plaid shirt with required pocket protector, backpack and wing tipped shoes.

Fortunately, he has me to help him stay well groomed, and stylishly dressed most of the time. Hell, I love the guy, so even if he insisted on dressing and acting like the nerd that deep down he continues to be, I don't think I would care, after all, he has so many other outstanding qualities.


And so, here I sit waiting for him to come to bed. Impatiently watching him as he stands there at the sink brushing his teeth, admiring his beautiful cock hanging long and thick between his legs . . . knowing that it's all for me.

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