Slave Ch. 02


Slave 02


I am startled awake from a deep sleep by the wet tongue of one the slave girls that are my keepers licking at my cunt. Wondering what time it is I wiggle my ass in delight at the sensuous touch of her tongue even as the other slave kneels over my face demanding that I lick her clit to make her cum.

"Is this what my life as a slave is going to be like from now on?" I ask myself as I lick at the slaves cunt above my face until she orgasms to leave my face wet with her juices even as I push my tender, pierced cunt onto the soft tongue that is giving me so much pleasure below.

"My turn," Asia pants as she pushes a thoroughly satisfied Russia off me and kneels above me to lower her own dripping cunt onto my face.

"Can this be how I will wake up every day?" I ask again as I reluctantly lick at Asia's clit and almost drown in the wet juices that flow from her when she cums.

Asia yells out her orgasm and rubs herself over my face leaving me wet and smelling of her sweet juices.

The two slaves then cuddle up next to me and toy with my chained body, touching me where ever they want until Tattoo opens the door to our cell. When she looks in she finds me offering my body to the girls with my legs spread wide and my arms chained to the wall above my head as they play with my tits and suck on my nipples while teasing my clit with their tongues.

Tattoo enters the room and smiles down at us, "Isn't this a pretty sight."

The girls look up at her. Russia makes a point of feeling my cunt with her finger, "This slave is so wet," she drawls as she drags her finger up and down over my swollen clit.

Asia leans forward to lick at my slave tits, "And her nipples are so hard."

I am so close to cumming.

"Don't bother cleaning her when you are done with her. Master has ordered that the slave has to stay covered in the cunt juice or the cum of whom ever has used her for the rest of the day. Comb her hair, do her makeup and get her ready for breakfast."

"Yes," they both answer with satisfied smiles on their faces as they continue to play with me.

I have to go to the bathroom but don't know how to tell the girls what I need. Looking into their eyes I pleadingly look at the toilet.

Russia looks at her tiny friend and laughs, "You get to wipe her ass first."

I am so embarrassed, I can't believe that I am being kept so helpless that these slaves have to wipe my ass for me or dry my cunt when I go to the bathroom.

When they are done preparing me for the day, Russia holds up a very large butt plug, "Kneel with your head on the floor and your ass high, slave. This plug is big and tomorrow you will get an even bigger one and the next is bigger than that. Master wants you stretched wide and loose when he finally uses your ass."

I don't want to be here, I want to run, the door to our slave cell is open now but my arms are locked behind my back and the girls have told me that the doors to the penthouse can't be opened without the keys that only the two guards and Master have.

Asia helps me down to my trembling knees and lowers my head to the floor. I feel an oily finger probe my virgin ass followed by the thickness of the butt plug touching my other cunt pushing into that tight little fuck hole. I am opened wider and wider as Russia slowly twists the butt plug into me. Just when I am feeling that I am being ripped wide open the plug is quickly pushed in until my tortured little brown sphincter slides down to the narrow part of the plug and I feel the base of it press up against my ass. My body shudders as I fall flat on the floor. I can't even scream. All I can do is huff out my painful surprise at what I have never felt before. My ass quivers and pulses as it tries push out this huge invader.

Asia tries to calm me by telling me that the worst is over and tomorrow's bigger plug won't hurt as much.

I want to cry but the tears won't come. All I can do is wait until this new atrocity to my body begins to feel normal like the rest that has been done to me. The girls don't seem to care whether I am in pain or not as they continue to get me ready for my first day as a slave while they chatter on between themselves about life on Master's island. The things I hear scare me; they talk about slaves who have been punished for disobedience and others who just disappear overnight. Knowing that these are things that I need to learn to survive in Master's world I listen to every word the girls say.

When they feel that I am ready to be seen by Master I am led out the open door of our cell with my hands locked behind my back down the hall to the kitchen with their slave juice drying on my face and mine still dripping down my thighs. I hear the silver bell over my clit jingle and the tick tack of my heels as I sway down the hallway. The heavy rings in my ears clunk against my collar and the many chains attached to me move over my body with each step I take. Worst of all I am forced to try to keep the fat butt plug up my ass. Russia leads me down the narrow halls while Asia follows behind pushing my butt plug back into me each time it looks like I am losing it.

"Don't worry," she tells me, "soon you will be able to keep it in all by yourself."

When we get to the kitchen I kneel in front of the cook with my legs spread wide like I have been taught to do in front of every free person, making sure that I sit on a heel to keep the plug in my ass.

He pulls his cock out of his pants and rudely tells me to suck him off. I know that I can't refuse him and open my mouth so he can push his cock in. I begin to give him the best blowjob that I can wishing that I could cry but there really are no more tears.

By now I know that I must please every free person that I meet or suffer the consequences. I feel his cock swell in my mouth but just before he cums but he pulls it out to spurt gobs of his white sperm over the cold porridge in the bowl that he holds below my face. The bastard puts the porridge on the floor next a bowl of water.

"There's the cream for your gruel, slave," the master sneers.

"Do you want us to lock this slave's hands in front so she can eat, master?" Asia asks the cook in a small voice.

"No, let her eat it like the slave she is."

"Yes master," Asia answers with a hint of disgust at what he is doing to me in her voice.

I am so hungry that I don't even wait for his answer. Leaning forward I push my face into the cold bowl of mush and lick up every drop while the girls kneel at a low table to eat their breakfast of fruit and cereal. After licking clean what falls out onto the floor I lap at the water that is next to my food bowl.

When I look up with cunt juice, sperm and porridge all over my face there is total silence in the room.

Master is standing above me as I cower in front of the evil cook "That is not how my slaves are fed!" Master tells the man in a voice that is so quiet that I cringe at the sound of its power.

"But it is just a slave, sir," the cook answers.

"Yes, she is just a slave and she always will be just be a slave," Master answers. "But she is a slave that I own! And you will treat her with the respect that my property deserves."

"Yes sir."

"It's too late, fool. You are fired!"

"But, but," the man stammers.

Master leans down to lift me off the floor with his strong, gentle arms and tells the cruel cook to leave before he whips him. He then tells the girls to clean me and smiles down at me with a look that can only be the affection that an owner can have for his new prized possession. It certainly isn't love; the look he gives me makes me feel like a new car or something. Strangely, though, I feel warmth deep in my soul as I look up at my Master and wonder about the strange thoughts that I have for this powerful black man.

It's not even noon but I find myself back in the shower being washed by the girls with gentle hands. They touch me and toy with every ring and chain on my body as they suck my tits and play with my cunt while they clean breakfast from my face.

When I am dry and made pretty again they lead me to a room where a man dressed as a doctor waits beside another examination table. He has me lie down and put my feet up into the cold stirrups. Tattoo is in the room as well to tell the Doctor what Master wants him to do to me.

"Master wants you to make this slave's lips as thick as my black ones and make her cunt lips look swollen like they have just been fucked as well."

Fearfully I look up at her to notice her lips for the first time. I see that her lips aren't so very big and she is a pretty slave. My little voice tells me that I might look just as pretty with her lips. "God what am I thinking?" I ask myself even as she goes on with Master's instructions.

"When you are done with that he wants you to use the prescription that he has given you to make her tits grow at least one cup size and make her ass bigger as well."

"I don't know where your Master gets these drugs," the man says as he puts collagen into my lips and cunt to make them look full like Tattoo asked.

He begins to feel my tits and I wonder what he has planned now. He uses a long needle to inject a serum all around my tits and moves down to fill my ass with it as well. He pats me on my face and tells me that what he has put into me will make my slave tits and ass grow to be the size my Master wants.

"No," I wail silently. "Master can't do this to me!" But I remember last night as I play the chain in my mouth with my pierced tongue. "Master can do what he wants to me."

The doctor smiles down at me. I hear the sound of his zipper being pulled down and feel him push his cock into me.

"I do like the benefits of working for your Master," the man says to the room as he slides his cock into my cunt. I can't help myself as I lift my legs and push my hips up to meet his every thrust and grunt out my passion as he uses me.

"This isn't me, I can't be doing this!" I try to tell myself even as I push back at every thrust the master makes trying to cum on his cock so I can have that little moment of freedom that only an orgasm can bring.

When he is done with me, and he is done way too soon, he pats me on the head, "I hope you like your new tits and ass. Your lips look so cocksucker thick and your cunt does look so used."

"Of course it looks used, you just fucked me, asshole!" I scream to myself.

He pulls his softening cock out of me and leaves the room with his cum still dripping out of my cunt while I wonder just how big my tits will get.

When he is done using me the girls help me off the table and lead me to yet another windowless room where Tattoo sits in the darkness that only a few burning candles can make.

"Tie her to the table," is all she says when I stand in front of her. The mysterious black woman begins to weld my golden jewelry permanently onto my body. When she is done welding she tattoos my lips a dark plum telling me that Master will like the colour as I suck his black cock or the cock of any other man he gives me to.

My lips are so big now that I can see the purple colouring and the rings that are now so tight in my lips. I think that my lips might even be bigger than Tattoo's now. She isn't finished with tattooing me yet though.

"Isn't she satisfied with putting a huge 'S' on my face!" I ask myself in dismay.

When Tattoo is finally done with me my eyes are outlined in heavy black lines going out past them like Cleopatra. My eyelids are now the same colour as my lips; both sets of lips, she has even tattooed my cunt lips plum.

Tattoo puts on rubber gloves, now, to open an ornate little jar and smiles down at me, "This cream that I have created will make your little clit so sensitive, so very swollen and so very, very tender. You won't even be able to walk across a room without feeling your clit but you will never really quite have an orgasm, you will always be aroused, wet and ready to be used," she purrs as she uses a swab to dab some of the cream on my clit and then dabs twice more at my nipples.

I feel coolness where Tattoo has touched me and then a burning, throbbing heat. My nipples and my clit swell out so much they hurt. I need to close my legs and squeeze my throbbing clit but a stern look from Tattoo tells me that I can't. My nipples and clit are so sore that I sob at not being able to touch myself because my arms are locked behind my back and Tattoo has told me to keep my legs apart.

"Why did I just obey her?" A small voice asks. "Because you have to." An even louder voice tells me. I am beginning to get worried about these weird thoughts in my mind; they are so very persistent that I wonder about my sanity.

Tattoo leans forward to lick one of my slave nipples and my aching, swollen clit vibrates between my legs by the touch. I am so close to having an orgasm just from that one little lick that I wonder what will happen the next time I am used by a master.

"Will this heat ever go away?" I ask myself.

Tattoo seems to read my mind as she leans forward to breathe on my slave nipples until I am close to an orgasm again. I finally do cum as her soft breath caresses my tits while she tells me that I will be continuously aroused and always on the edge.

"No! This can't happen to me," I cry to myself even as I enter into the mindless bliss that I have been craving since Master bought me. The first orgasm I have as a slave is given to me by Tattoo as she breathes on my nipples. I cry out in my release from reality and my body shudders in its ecstasy.

When I come back to earth I hear her telling the girls "In an hour or two slave won't be quite so sensitive. By tonight she will just be always reminded of the three points of her life; her always aroused clit and nipples. Take her out to the sun deck. She needs to be tanned before we get to Master's island."

The girls pull me to my feet and lead me from the room but before I get even close to the door the heavy chains in my nipples and the bell over my clit give me another orgasm. I want to curse Tattoo but I can't; she has given me the only joy that I have felt since being sold as a slave, but it comes with such a heavy price.

"You'll get used to it," Russia tells me as she helps to support me.

"What!" I think, "How can anybody get used to cumming every five steps! Look at my thighs; I am wet to my knees with my own cum juices."

When we get into the hallway I realize just how torturous Tattoo has made my life today. She has convinced Master to keep me in high heels. With each step I take I have to place each foot in front of the other rubbing my newly sensitive clit between my thighs. I try to walk with my legs apart but the girls force me to walk properly. It really doesn't matter if I walk with my legs together or apart though. The heavy chains in my nipples drive me over the edge into orgasms as well. I hope that Tattoo is right about how my hot clit will calm down. We have to walk the entire length of the building from the slave quarters through where Master lives and out across the vast living room to reach the patio and I cum again and again as I am led through the penthouse.

When we get near to outside Russia clips a leash to the ring in the centre of my nose. "Master would be mad enough to throw us both off the building after you if you were to be clumsy and fall over the railing."

The look I give them as I stand with the leash hanging painfully from my nose tells the girls that I am not taking the cheap way out. They know now that if I do escape from this crazy life forced on me I will be alive and running like hell. They both smile at me almost with affection as they accept my brazen, silent challenge but they tell me that the leash stays attached to my nose every time that I am close to the patio.

Russia, who is holding the leash, makes me pay for my defiance by draping the leash first over one nipple and then the other until I have yet another orgasm. This time my legs fail me. I begin falling to the floor. The strong blonde woman catches me, lifts me off the ground and carries me out into the sun to lay me on a lounge chair. Once there they sit me up to unlock my wrists from behind my back and relock them to the top of the lounger above my head. The cuffs on my ankles are used for the second time in my new life as well to lock my legs apart. They take pity on me by using the chains on my cunt lips to spread them apart, taking the pressure off my hot and swollen clit. In my daze I wonder if the girls will ever get tired of locking and unlocking me dozens of times a day.

A warm, sweet smelling oil is poured over my whole body and I almost purr at its touch.

"This potion that Master's slave has made for you will quickly heal the wounds of your piercings and help you to tan as brown as Master wishes," Asia tells me as the two girls rub the soothing balm into me. They pay special attention to my newly sensitive nipples and cunt as they massage me and smile down at me with affection as I cum again and again. When they are done massaging the oil into my so aroused body they tell me to relax until they turn me over to tan my other side.

"Does anybody have a name in this house?" I ask myself as I fall asleep in the warm sun.

I am roused way to soon from my deep sleep in the healing comfort of a kind sun to be turned over and relocked face down. More oil is poured on my back and massaged in before I go to sleep again while wondering this time if I will ever be able to decide what to do with my own body again.

"Prepare the slave to serve our Master and his guest then bring her to his den." Tattoo tells my girls; waking all of us from our calm naps in the sun. Her strong voice is deep and sounds African but I hear underneath the lilting tones of Jamaica and wonder about her history after seeing the voodoo figures in her room.

When she leaves the girls lock my hands to the twin chains that hang from the front of Master's collar then lead me by the leash in my nose to a sumptuous office. The rug is so thick and plush that I have trouble walking in my heels as I am led to the huge dark wood desk in the middle of the room. The girls giggle and laugh as they make me kneel to crawl under the desk. They lock the leash in my nose to the front of it and leave me alone in the room facing Master's leather chair. I wait on my knees with my heel holding the fat butt plug in my ass and feel the heavy weight of the leash attached to the ring in my nose as it holds me to the desk. The first thing that anyone entering the room will see is my naked slave cunt spread wide by the chains in my cunt lips I realize and hang my head in shame.

After what seems a very long time Master enters the room to sit in his chair in front of my face. I hear another man enter to sit behind me. I am so embarrassed to know that the guest can see my open cunt and the butt plug in my ass as I kneel under Master's desk.

"Pull my cock out," Master tells me. "Suck it but don't try to make me cum."

With shaking hands I fumble at the zipper to Master's trousers to pull it down so I can reach in to grab for his cock. I know that the other man is staring at my cunt as I take all of Master's cock into my mouth to begin slowly sucking him. I hum on the cock in my mouth and lick at it with my pierced tongue as I have been taught. My new thick, plum coloured lips are so visible to me as they slide up and down him.

When I try pulling Master's balls out to massage them as I suck on his cock he tells me to leave them and play with my nipples instead. My face turns beet red at how utterly low I have sunk in just a night and a day as I suck on him. Not being able to help myself, I am wriggling my naked ass in open invitation at the unknown man behind me. I can't believe I am doing this.

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