tagFetishSlave Ch. 10

Slave Ch. 10


Note: I refer you to the notes in previous chapters concerning the fact that this follows a bisexual submissive male. To the anonymous commenter who keeps insisting this should be in Gay Male, sorry, but there's a lot more going on than just dude on dude sex. This story covers multiple categories, all of which are fetishes of one kind or another. If I ever write a chapter that is strictly gay, I'll move it there. Meantime, don't like it, don't read it.

Word of warning, there is some scat in this chapter, as well as incest. And, yes, even one gay scene.

Venting done. On with the filth...


I sat in my car, staring at Jamal's back door. This was my last chance to back out. Just turn around and drive home. I knew damn well I should. I knew damn well this weekend would probably push me further than I'd ever gone, maybe too far. This was a really, really bad idea. A terrible idea. A sick, demented, depraved, fucked up idea.

Then my butt twitched as I remembered the exquisite feeling of Jamal's fifteen inch monster sliding up my ass.

Before I could overthink it, I climbed out and strode up to the door and knocked.

The door swung open while I was still knocking. Janine stood there, in all her big black naked glory, smirking as she looked me up and down. "'Bout time, bitch. Was startin' to think you was gonna chicken out."

I smiled, shrugging. "Guess I did have to work up to it."

"But you here now. And your slut ass belongs to us for the weekend. So bring that fine slut ass on in here, bitch."

I stepped inside. The room was a converted garage. The concrete floor was painted red, the walls and ceiling black. There were sexual devices and toys strewn all about, including ropes and pulleys to suspend people from. There was a large drain in the center of the floor, right under a circle of four showerheads. I noticed at least a half dozen cameras spread around the room. There were two huge leather couches off to one side near a fifty inch flatscreen. The video from Lori's bachelorette was playing. Jamal and Jack were sitting on one of the couches, both also naked and stroking their enormous erections as they watched the twin sisters double fist my ass.

She walked me over next to them. "Looky here, Jack! Your birthday present has arrived!"

Jamal just nodded and said "Hey, bitch." I smiled and nodded back.

Jack got up and strutted over, then walked a slow circle around me, taking a good look. "Damn, sis, he does look like a lil' white bitch. Kinda fuckin' hot, too."

And I did, too. Janine's instructions had been quite clear. Kay had shown her the pictures of me from my trip to visit her at the hospital. Janine wanted me to show up looking like that, so Mistress had dressed me up almost exactly the same, except the sundress was pink and white this time, and I was wearing 4 inch strappy red sandals that stood out nicely against the black silk stockings. There was also the black leather dog collar that said 'Kay's Bitch' in big silver letters.

I could easily pass as female.

One of her instructions made me a bit nervous, but I decided to suck it up and deal with it. Janine had specified no enema. I usually cleaned out before the anal fun. Tonight was likely to get messy in a way I didn't necessarily enjoy.

Jack stopped in front of me. He could have been Jamal's twin, right down to that huge dick standing at attention.

My mouth was watering.

"So. You're here to do whatever we want. That right, bitch?"

"Yes, Master Jack."

His smirk got smirkier. "Then why ain't you on your fuckin' knees with my dick in your mouth, bitch?"

I answered by dropping to my knees and swallowing that beautiful hunk of man meat. It took some doing, but I got it all down. "Holy shit! I didn't believe he could actually take the whole thing!" He grabbed the red hair of my wig and started fucking my face as I slobbered all over his cock.

Jamal was unzipping my dress. "Just wait'll you feel this slut's ass, bro. I ain't never seen an ass as flexible as this bitch's."

Janine was jamming three fingers in her cunt. "True dat. I watched him take those horse cocks and I still don't believe it."

Jamal slid the dress down. I raised my knees one at a time so he could slide it out from under me. He hung it from a hook by the door. "There. Now you still got somethin' to wear tomorrow."

Janine knelt down and started playing with my ass through the black lace of my panties. "Leave the rest on him. He looks sexy with those fake tits." She ripped the panties off. "Well, not these, I guess." She wet two fingers then jammed them up my ass.

"You do what I said?"

I nodded, not able to speak with fifteen inches of dick down my gullet.

"Good." She pulled her dirty fingers out of my butt and sniffed them. She smiled, then made a show of licking her fingers clean. "Mmmm. Good little bitch."

She stood up. "Get this cunt over on the cross so we can fuck him proper." Jack reluctantly pulled out of my mouth. He and Jamal lifted me up and carried me over to an X shaped contraption that had lots of straps attached to it. It was attached to a hydraulic base, so it could be raised or lowered to the desired height, and could also be tilted.

The two men dropped me on the cross, then set to strapping me in while Janine watched, leering at me the whole time. By the time they were done, the only thing I could move was my head, and that only a little. Jamal hit the control, lowering the cross so that my ass and mouth were waist high, just right for fucking.

Being completely restrained like that was equally terrifying and exciting. This was a total surrender of control.

Janine walked around me, stroking my body. "Since it's Jack's birthday, he gets your faggot ass first." She grabbed Jack's cock, guiding it to my ass. Jamal poured some lube on my ass while Janine spit on her little brothers dick.

"Here you go, lil' bro. Fuck this white bitch up."

Jack eased his cockhead just inside my sphincter and held it there. "You ready, bitch?"

"Yes, Master Jack."

He grinned, took a breath, and rammed home, filling my ass with all fifteen glorious inches of beautiful black cock. "Oh, GodDAMN, YES!"

I think he and I both said the same thing at the same time. I didn't say much more, because Janine sat her plump butt on my face and ordered me to start eating ass. I worked my tongue up into that nasty, dirty asshole and ate like it was my last meal. As usual, she'd left it dirty, getting off on me cleaning her up.

Jack was Jack-hammering my shit-chute into next week, while Jamal recorded everything. "Get it little brother! Tear it up! This fuckin' slut loves this shit! Fuck that faggot's ass!"

He was right. I did love it.

To be honest, I generally don't like taking it up the ass when I haven't had an enema. Getting fucked while there's, well, let's just call it 'solid waste', still in there, that can become extremely uncomfortable. Even painful. Not to mention messy. And there was definitely some waste up in there, steadily being churned to goo by Jack's massive pecker.

So there was some discomfort, but it was being overridden by the immense pleasure of that huge cock fucking my sissy ass. Even Janine's foul ass couldn't turn me off right then. Jack was young and inexperienced, but you couldn't tell it by the way he fucked. That young man fucked ass as well as his older brother.

For twenty minutes he pounded my ass. Janine spent the whole time grinding her asshole onto my mouth, my tongue buried in her pooper. Jack finally came deep in my bowels, the huge load filling me up.

Janine saw he'd cum and eased up off my face. I gulped in fresh air as Jack pulled out of my dripping asshole. Jamal got in close with the camera as she knelt down next to me. "And now, you fucking little bitch, you get to finish off my little brother's initiation."

I looked up. Jack was standing at my head, his cock still semi-hard.

His dirty, cum covered, shit-stained cock, fresh from my ass.

"That's right, bitch. 'Cause that's all you lil' white cunts are good for. Servicing your betters. So clean that dick."

God, I wanted to use the safe word. Bad. This was just too damn much. I knew I'd cleaned Mistress' strapon the other day, but it wasn't as dirty as the massive shit covered tool hanging above my face. I couldn't do this.


Dammit, I had to know. I had to see if I could do this. This would be a new level of submission.

I opened my mouth and wiggled my tongue.

Janine whooped.

Jamal zoomed in.

Jack stuffed his nasty, filthy cock down my throat.

I gagged, fighting down the urge to vomit. It tasted horrible. But I closed my lips around Jack's cock and sucked, somehow managing to swallow the mix of cum and scat. As he started fucking my throat, rapidly getting hard again, I felt movement between my legs. Jamal drove his tool in in one stroke and started slam-fucking my ass. "Yeah, that's the shit! Been waitin' for this ass all fuckin' week!"

Janine set the camera on a tripod to record me being spit-roasted, then started sucking my dick. Even with the taste of shit in my mouth, I was in heaven. Two, count 'em, two fifteen inch black cocks in me, fucking me senseless as I'm getting a sloppy blowjob from an expert.

As she reached under my bra and brutally twisted my nipple ring, I came, explosively. Janine jerked my cock, sending cum flying all over us. I stiffened up, muscles clenching as I came, which set off the brothers. Jamal fired a hot load up my shit-chute, while Jack came straight down my throat.

As I lay there, gasping for breath, sweat pouring off of me, Jamal sauntered around to my head. His cock was even dirtier than his brother's. I didn't say a word, just swallowed that log and cleaned it. Surprisingly, the taste didn't bother me as bad this time. Amazing what a body can get used to, isn't it?

Janine knelt between my spread legs and rimmed my butt hole, cleaning up the cum and shit smeared between my cheeks from the two intense fuckings. Once she had her fill, she poured half a bottle of baby oil on her arms and my ass, made a fist and drove it home.

I've been fisted many times, but that was the first time I ever had the hand go in as a closed fist. I tried to scream, but it just made my throat vibrate around Jamal's cock. As he continued face fucking me, she started alternating, punching her right fist in and pulling it all the way out, then punching the left fist in. Within minutes, she was moving at a rapid pace, switching out until she got bored and shoved both hands up my gaping shit-chute.

She shoved as hard as she could, getting both arms in almost to the elbows, then twisting them around. It was fairly painful.

My dick was rock hard.

Jamal had shifted and had my tongue up his ass. Jack was snapping the lines stretching my nipples out, sending bolts of delicious pain shooting through me. Janine's big arms were stretching my ass incredibly wide.

Scat or not, I was damn glad I agreed to submit to them that night. I was restrained completely and being used as pure fuck-meat. It was glorious.

As Jack slid his cock between his brother's ass cheeks and into my mouth, I couldn't have been happier.

And then he started pissing.


Over the next several hours, they used and abused me terribly. I was covered in welts. My nipples were nearly torn off. My jaw and throat were unbelievably sore. And my ass was a gaping, dripping, shitty mess, having been brutally fucked by all three of them repeatedly.

Janine tilted the cross so my ass was elevated, then jammed a wine bottle in my shit-chute. She got it all the way in, the contents emptying into my bowels. I actually got a buzz. Then she tipped me the other way and drank the wine right out of my ass. They repeated this two more times so that Jamal and Jack could enjoy the same cocktail. Janine had her brothers empty a wine bottle in her ass and took great pleasure making me drink it from her shit-chute.

I got fucked on or over every piece of furniture and every sexual contraption they had. I lost track of how many different toys got shoved up my gaping rectum. They even took me out in the yard and had me fuck myself with a baseball bat while they pissed all over me, then took turns fisting and face-fucking me as I lay draped over a picnic table. I was fairly sure I saw one of their neighbors in an upstairs window holding a camera.

Somewhere around 1 am, I found myself back on the cross, with a machine pumping an 18 inch dildo into my ass. I was gagged and left like that while they went to bed. Janine gave my nipples one last painful twist. "Nighty night, bitch. Hope you can get some sleep." She went off to bed, laughing.

The machine would speed up and slow down at random intervals. Trust me, I didn't sleep a wink.

But, at just after 4 am, I got a surprise. Jack slipped back into the room. "Hey dude, keep it quiet, OK?"

All I could do was nod, as I had a ball gag in my mouth at the time. He padded over to the machine and shut it off, gently removing the dildo from my ass.

"I'm gonna take the gag off. Stay quiet, alright? Don't wanna wake up the fam." He carefully undid the strap and removed the gag. I lay there for a few seconds working my jaw as he unstrapped me from the cross and helped me sit up.

It felt good to move after hours of being restrained like that. "Thanks, Master Jack. That was starting to get uncomfortable."

He grimaced. "Jack. Just call me Jack." He handed me a glass of water, which I guzzled down.

"Okay. Thanks, Jack." I could tell he had something on his mind. "What's going on?"

He shrugged. "Was hoping we could just, y'know, talk. Without all the sex games. I could use a fresh perspective. Maybe some advice."

I had no objection to that. We sat on one of the couches. The cool leather felt good on my abused backside. "So what can I do for you?"

"Let me ask you somethin'. You seem pretty happy. I mean, you seem like you've got a grip on who you are, and it seems like you're in a good place. You think that's true? That you're happy?"

"Happy? Yeah. Yeah, I am. Have I got a grip on who I am? Hell, man, I'm still working on that one. I've learned a helluva lot about myself, but I've still got a helluva lot more to learn. But since I've accepted the fact that I'm a submissive and bisexual, the truth that I'm happiest when I'm in a situation like earlier tonight, yes, I've never been as happy and content as I have been the last several months."

Jack seemed genuinely curious. "So what is it you ain't got a grip on? You seem pretty sure of yourself."

I snorted, gave a little chuckle. "I know I'm bisexual. I know I'm submissive. I know my ass can take more punishment than most people's, and that I love it. I know I love the taste of cum and piss. I love being sissied up. But..."

I took a breath, pondering. "I don't know just how far I'm willing to take this. How much pain am I willing to endure before it's too much. Do I go ahead and get breast implants? Do I go even further than that? Can I ever come clean to my family? Can I handle it if they reject the real me? Truth is, I have a lot of questions. And I know I can't be completely happy until I sort all that shit out."

Jack was nodding. "But for the most part, you're happy?"

"Oh, yes. I have a lot of personal shit to sort, but the sexual lifestyle I'm living right now, I know myself well enough to know it's something I need."

"I'm gay."

The statement caught me off guard. "Sorry, what?"

"I'm gay. I mean, yeah, I have fun with chicks, but the fact is I'm gay. And in my family, everybody's expected to be bi and heavy with the kink and shit. But I really just wanna be with guys. My family, I don't think they're gonna like me being gay. I figure I'm gonna try to figure some shit out while I'm at college, but sooner or later I'm gonna have to come clean."

I rested my hand on his. "One thing I do know is you have to be you. Our families might turn against us, then again, maybe not. But burying your true self, all that does is make you miserable. You have to accept yourself, first. If we're both lucky, the people we love will understand and accept. If they don't, well, that's their loss. I don't have all the answers, man, but I do know that much."

Jack nodded again, then looked up at me. "I did have one more thing..."

"What's that?"

"I... Well, fact is, I've done a lot of fuckin'. Ass, pussy, mouth, but it was all just fucking. I've never had the chance to..."

"To... what?"

He looked me in the eye. "Make love. Actually do it right and make love. Before I go to college, I really want a chance to take my time and..." He trailed off, embarrassed.

I reached up and cupped his cheek. "And make love?" He nodded, shyly. I smiled. I understood. Sometimes it needed to be about more than just the sex. Sometimes there needed to be an emotional connection.

I leaned in, and for the first time in my life, kissed a man. And not just kissed, made out, like a couple of high schoolers, kissing for a long time, tongues battling back and forth, arms wrapped around each other.

Jack unfastened the bra I was still wearing and let it fall to the floor. He then knelt down, removed my shoes and peeled off the stockings. I pulled off the wig and set it aside, nude now except for the dog collar, nipple and belly rings. He knelt there, gazing up at me. "You're a beautiful man... I just realized. I don't know your real name."

I started to tell him, but caught myself. "I'm not allowed to say. When somebody asks me that, my orders are to say 'slave' or 'Mistress Kay's bitch'. I'm sorry."

Jack laughed and shrugged. He knew how the Dom/sub thing worked. "You're a beautiful man, slave. May I suck your dick?"

I scooted to the edge of the couch. "Please."

He leaned in and kissed his way up my legs before gently stroking my stiffening member. He looked up at me as he licked the tip, then ran his tongue up and down the length of me. He smiled as I moaned appreciatively. "Been wanting to take my time and do this all night."

He took the head into his mouth, holding it there and running his tongue around the sensitive flesh, making me squirm. Then in one swift move, he took my entire seven inches all the way down, then pulled back up slowly, just barely dragging his teeth on my skin. Oh, God, I love that feeling!

As he continued giving me head, he gently worked two fingers up my bum and started massaging my prostate. He sucked on my cock for a few more minutes, then rose to his knees, pulled me to him and kissed me passionately. "I want you in my ass, slave. Make love to my ass."

He laid back on the couch, pulling his knees back to his chest. I rimmed his butthole for a few minutes, then positioned myself where I could rub my cockhead against his browneye. I looked him in the eye as I gently eased inside him. He was moaning quietly, a blissful expression on his face, as I set up a slow and steady rhythm.

I screwed that delicious ass for nearly twenty minutes before I came, unloading deep in his bowels. As my dick softened, I laid on top of him. He held my face with both hands and kissed me.

I could feel his throbbing erection pressing against my leg. I broke the kiss and patted the couch beside me. "Here, have a seat." He shifted over, a happy grin adorning his face.

I climbed into his lap. "Let me do this, okay?" He nodded and held my hips, but just for the contact. I rose up and positioned his mighty missile at the entrance to my silo, then slowly lowered myself down, not stopping until I had him buried balls deep.

I cupped his face with both hands and kissed him again as I started a slow grind. We continued to make out as I did exactly what he had wished for. We made love. It was slow, gentle, and beautiful. It was exactly what that young man wanted and needed.

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