tagBDSMSlaveX: Utter Submission

SlaveX: Utter Submission


1) This is fantasy. These things don't happen in real life... often.

2) This is in the 'BDSM' story category but it could certainly be classified as 'Love/Romance', especially the latter half.

3) The story contains strong elements of: BDSM; humiliation; reluctance; straight and lesbian sex; pain; and pet-play.

4) Rather long with no chapters, sorry.

5) I don't describe the characters in detail. I think it is better the reader does.

6) Any comments, questions, suggestions or feedback much appreciated.


A suburban MILF submits to an internet master.

Julia was shy, innocent and inexperienced but she didn't know it. She had had sex with her share of guys. She had orgasmed from a cock in her pussy and she enjoyed pleasing a man but she didn't know proper pleasure until she started exploring the internet... and herself.

Thirty-five, a single mother with no time on her hands, Julia didn't even think about internet dating until her friends told her about their successes. A cocktail party at Emily's - one of Julia's closest 'suburb friends' - meant drunken conversations with the girls from the neighbourhood. With the men off talking politics or sport the women congregated in the kitchen and it wasn't long until conversation turned to sex.

Anna had obviously drunk a little too much: "You don't even want to know what they're doing on the internet these days."

"You mean like cyber-sex?" Julia offered, not wanting to look ignorant. All the other women giggled at the naïve question.

"Oh sure, cyber-sex... Ha! Julia, you can't even imagine what goes on, have you even looked at anything other than Facebook? It's a new world!" Anna tempted Julia into the conversation.

"I'm not that stupid Anna! Sure, like, there's video chat. I know you've done that!" Julia smirked, knowing Anna was not the angel she made out to be at her PTA meetings.

"Damn, video's expected! You don't want to know what I've done on video!" All the ladies started cackling at this. They knew what she meant, video sex, with a guy from... wherever. "The problem is ladies... finding a guy who's actually hot. Gotta screen 'em!"

The housewives wouldn't admit it but they loved the conversation. Each one of them was thinking the same thoughts: an internet entanglement with a hot guy, a bit of pure pleasure in their own homes.

"Sophie?" Julia decided to turn the heat up on her most conservative friend.

"Wh...what? I...I haven't done that!" But she couldn't hide her smirk. "Well... just pictures."

"Of!?" Anna demanded.

"Of... What my husband isn't getting anymore!" The girls couldn't contain themselves and laughed loudly until Peter poked his head through the door to check what was so hilarious.

A few more glasses of wine and a bit of innuendo finished the night for Julia but she couldn't shake the thought: online sex, an orgasm on demand in her own home and sexy guys available at the click of a button. After a couple of weeks with the thought in the back of her mind, and with her young son fast asleep in his room, Julia sat back in her bed with her laptop and decided to research. It started with a simple internet search: "Chat room free." She couldn't possibly realise the future consequences as, without thinking, she chose a chatroom for local singles.

It was a waste of time: teenagers looking for a quick cyber, fake lesbians hoping for any sordid information about women, and guys immediately asking 'a/s/l' or her bra size. Julia's libido died a quick death until she saw the screen name "MasterX". Deciding to try playing the same game and tired of the time-wasting she impulsively messaged the user: "Yes Master?"

A minute passed as Julia waited. She knew this would just be another jerk.

Finally a message popped up: "What do you want?"

Julia hesitated. With a stark realisation she realised: What did she want? She didn't know how to proceed but wanted to at least play the game just for fun. With a smile she typed her response: "Anything you want, MasterX."

As she hit the return key she knew she was in control: an idiot on the other end of the internet thinking she was game.

"You don't deserve a Master."

Simple but strong, Julia couldn't believe it. She was an actual woman offering herself to some geek online 'master' and she was being rejected! Julia steeled herself: she wasn't going to be rejected by some anonymous idiot from the internet.

"Don't deserve!? You missed your opportunity asshole." It was an easy response demanding a power-shift towards her.

"Exactly. Go back to your cyber-sex."

Nobody had talked to Julia like this, ever, on the internet or elsewhere. She immediately got riled up.

"You idiot. I'm here dressed only in my nightie and you tell me to go away?!"

Julia was certainly a beautiful woman and she knew men wanted her. It had helped her before and she knew she deserved respect for it. She knew she had power, at least in real life.

"Fine. Take a photo of your pussy. Message it to me."

Julia's mouth dropped. She couldn't believe this guy's arrogance: hardly interested in a thirty-five year old beautiful MILF offering herself to him! She stared at the message. She knew it was an anonymous challenge, a power-play by some random internet pervert.

Julia couldn't respond because there was nothing to say. This guy wanted a photo or he wouldn't care. Pausing she thought more and more; she wouldn't be beaten by some idiot on the internet! Without thinking she grabbed her phone and with a slight hesitation she pulled her nightie up. Was she really going to do this - take a photo of her pussy for some internet stranger? Unconsciously Julia blanked her mind, lifted her nightie and pulled her panties down. Without thinking she pointed her phone at her pussy and snapped a photo. Trying hard not to think of what she was doing Julia opened the computer's file sharing program, the file's folder and finally, with a slight hesitation, sent the photo across the internet.

Julia didn't type anything and just waited, waited for the response she knew was coming: 'Wow! A girl on the internet, a beautiful pussy too, can I please talk some more?' But MasterX wasn't so forgiving. Finally after five minutes Julia heard the bing of a new message.

"Not shaved?" Julia couldn't believe it, some punk on the internet seeing her pussy and thinking it wasn't perfect! She knew her answer immediately.

"That's normal you idiot!"

"That's not the way to please a Master." The response came back almost immediately.

Julia fumed. He was not a master and she was certainly not trying to please him.

"I'm sure you probably haven't seen a normal one but that's what most women look like dumbass!"

Julia reached for the power button on her computer. She was determined to shut down this stupidity. Sobering up she realised the idiocy of posting a photo of her pussy to some random stranger and she knew it was time to end this silly adventure. But her finger paused over the power button. Slowly she leant back and waited for a response: she wanted to know what he thought, MasterX, this idiot from the internet.

Finally a message pinged: "Show me your ass". Julia she couldn't believe it - he wanted more!

"What are you talking about, you've seen enough."

MasterX was quick to respond and he easily riled Julia: "Maybe your ass is better than your pussy."

Almost on remote control Julia responded to the bait. She knew she was anonymous and there was no way anybody in the chat room knew who she was. Quickly she took her phone again and reached for the bottom of her nightie. Looking around, paranoid of strangers even in her own house, Julia lifted her nightie up. She realised it would be difficult to photo her ass but leaning back she positioned her hips over the chair. Blushing slightly she haphazardly pointed her phone down. After snapping the photo Julia avoided looking at it. She certainly didn't want to see her ass and she definitely didn't want to keep a copy on her computer. Trying not to think, Julia uploaded it to MasterX. She hoped it would be a defiant 'fuck-you' to his rudeness. Failing to admit her anxiousness she waited for his response.

"Very good girl."

MasterX managed to condescend even after she had humiliated herself for him. It was too much and time for Julia to go on the attack.

"You meet a girl, a woman! on the internet - you see her BEAUTIFUL pussy and you don't do anything! This is why you're fucking alone... and fucking alone!" Julia smiled at her wit and enjoyed thinking of MasterX after the humiliation of her words.

"You may be worthy. What size are your tits?"

Julia smirked: the classic question of a lonely internet idiot. She knew for certain the type of person she was talking to.

"34C and too beautiful for you."

"You're a good girl." Julia's face went red at bizarre compliment: she was no-one's 'girl'. With a hesitation she realised she couldn't resist and was desperate to explore this strange 'MasterX'.

"A good girl! You would beg to get near me."

"I don't beg."

"Ha! Of course not MASTER. I suppose you have women drooling all over you!"

Julia stared at the screen wondering whether this 'MasterX' would even reply.


Julia was stunned by the simple, sharp, response. He was, or at least thought he was, lusted after by women, actual woman. But Julia couldn't stop her heart-rate increasing: such a controlled, dominant, uncompromising response even after she had proved herself with two obscene photos.

Julia struggled to think of what to type but finally decided he couldn't be for real: "Ha! You're a master?" She knew she was desperately trying to hide her need to know more.

"Shave your pussy, come tomorrow."

The answer, the demand, was short and powerful. Immediately MasterX's name left Julia's screen: either he'd left chat or blocked her. Julia didn't know what to do, her pussy was tingling and she couldn't deny it to herself. Unlike every other guy he was someone who didn't try to please her, suck up to her, give her compliments and expect something in return. Instead it was a brick wall. He was a man who wanted what he wanted and otherwise didn't care. Julia knew it was up to her.

Stunned, Julia turned off the computer and relaxed into bed. At first she laughed it off as a stupid encounter with an 'internet hero': a misadventure. Slowly she slid towards sleep but she couldn't avoid thinking of MasterX, the anonymous man - or boy! - demanding her obedience. Anna, or any other of the suburb moms, hadn't prepared her for this.

Julia woke the next morning and almost managed to forget about her stupid hour on the internet last night. Throughout the day Julia pushed it to the back of her mind but at eight o'clock her thoughts easily returned to the computer and MasterX. Logging on to the chat room she could see he was there but she didn't message him. She remembered his last command: "Shave your pussy, come tomorrow."

Julia wanted to reassert her dominance, she wasn't going to be beaten: she would show him her value. Almost automatically Julia walked to her en-suite and picked out a razor and shaving cream. She felt in another world as she sat on her toilet seat, took off her panties, slid her nightie up her hips and spread her legs. As she looked down at her bush she thought of obeying and of providing pleasure to some random internet stranger. But most importantly she thought of being wanted and of being the centre of attention. Julia blanked her mind and she sprayed shaving cream onto her hand and started massaging it onto her mound. She tried not to think: she didn't want to think. Instead she simply wanted to do. Slowly Julia brought the razor to her pussy and gradually shaved herself. Looking intimately at her own pussy, in her own bathroom, she began obeying the orders of an internet stranger.

Finally Julia finished and looked down. She felt virgin, new: a fresh pussy to be explored. Putting these thoughts to the back of her mind Julia took the photo that had been requested and steadied herself to show MasterX who was boss: this beautiful MILF.


Julia typed here message as the photo finished its upload. She waited for a response as she knew this would win the ridiculous power-battle: a woman endowed with beauty versus a man who obviously spent all his time on the internet. Five long minutes passed until she finally got a response to her intimate photo.

"Very good girl. Maybe you can serve."

Julia couldn't believe it: "SERVE!! You're deluded. Why do you think I can, or would! serve YOU!!??!" Julia was fuming, she had shaved herself, showed her most intimate parts and this 'MasterX' still wasn't satisfied! But even with her growing frustration Julia could feel tension building in her body as she waited for a response.

"Because you already did."

Julia couldn't think or move as one sentence stunned her into inaction. She had. She had obeyed his order and she had shown him what he demanded. Julia didn't know what to type and simply froze with her fingers over the keyboard.

"What's your name?"

Julia knew the game they were starting to play. He wanted more information, more power. Julia knew it was wrong but she wouldn't, or couldn't, resist answering truthfully.




"What are you wearing?"

Julia hesitated: it was a step towards the live, the real, the now.

"Nightie and panties." Even while typing she couldn't believe the information she was giving him. It wasn't stupid cyber-sex: this was actually her, now, for real.

"Good girl. If you obey you can serve me."

"Obey? What the hell are you talking about?" Julia typed reflexively but she struggled to ignore her feelings and her body involuntarily warming with an energy building up to something unknown.

"I want to watch you cum. You may video it."

Short and sharp, MasterX's command cut to the heart of Julia's thoughts. Reading the message Julia couldn't ignore the feeling in her pussy. Admitting it to herself, she knew she wanted to cum: but from the orders of some random guy on the internet? Julia knew she wouldn't do it but at the same time she knew she wanted more information about the weird world she had stumbled across.

"How?" Julia's hands trembled slightly as she typed her crazy response.

After a long wait MasterX finally responded: "Use your fingers, grind on them, use your phone to video it. You have twenty minutes."

Julia's mouth dropped as she stared blankly at the screen: a ridiculous command from an anonymous stranger. Before she could think Julia reached down to her pussy and began gently rubbing herself. As she was consciously deciding whether to follow MasterX's command she unconsciously began rubbing faster. Her newly shaven pussy responded quickly and Julia's clit begged for attention as her hazy mind wandered. At first she thought of pure sex, a dick connected to the mysterious MasterX filling her but soon her thoughts evolved and she meditated on the position she was actually in: an internet pervert commanding her actions.

Unconsciously Julia grabbed her phone. Tentatively she held it in front of her and the lens picked up every movement of her fingers over her newly-shaved pussy. Julia started to feel degraded. She knew it was a private performance: an obscene exhibition for a stranger. Perversely the humiliation quickly brought Julia closer to orgasm: she knew she was being controlled and dominated by someone, someone unknown. Slowly she admitted it to herself: she was being owned by this bizarre and anonymous master.

But it wasn't enough for her. Julia started thinking of the future and of being ordered to do more by MasterX, of being forced to obey, to suck his cock, and to be completely used. Julia's pussy flooded as she imagined herself being taken, not having sex, but being taken: owned and used by someone, a cock slamming in to her pussy absolutely controlling and dominating her. Julia's hips bucked into her fingers and she felt herself pushed towards an orgasm by her burning pussy she hadn't felt so intimately for years. Finally Julia felt herself drop over the cliff and succumb to the thoughts and feelings of her surreal orgasm.

Still shuddering Julia looked up at the camera-phone in her hand. A wave of post-orgasmic realisation washed over her: she had done it! She had obeyed and videoed herself! Beads of sweat were on her brow as she didn't hesitate to upload the perverted video as she timidly pulled up her underwear.

Julia waited for a response to the video after it completed its upload. She thought he must have something good to say. She knew she'd done enough to be complimented at least.

"Good girl. Bra size again?"

It was a ridiculously short and humiliating response. The 'MasterX' had even forgotten what she had told him yesterday! But re-reading the first sentence Julia couldn't deny some satisfaction and a little tingle in her body at the smallest of compliments: she was a 'good girl' apparently.

Julia decided to respond calmly and see where MasterX has taking her: "34C."

"Take your panties off."

Still recovering from her orgasm, Julia hesitated. She rationalised the command: maybe it would be another orgasm? She might get to orgasm again from whatever he had in store for her. Slowly Julia reached down and pulled at her big, tight white panties. She slipped them down her legs, off her feet and held them in her lap as her pussy waited for the inevitable action.

"Put them in your mouth."

Julia couldn't control herself and immediately typed her response: "What!?"


Everything became silent for the stunned MILF. Julia could only hear her soft breathing as she held her panties in her hand. She was disgusted by the order but there was nothing to say: obey or not, it was her choice. Slowly Julia lifted her hand. Tentatively she placed her panties to her lips. With a final thought of submission she opened her mouth and pushed the panties in as her face burned with shame at the private act of submission to an anonymous internet 'master'.

"Done": a simple response to the anonymous stranger. Julia simply waited for the next order as her loins burned for more attention.

It seemed like an eternity but she finally got an acknowledgment: "Well done girl." Julia hesitated, waiting for a further instruction maybe permission or an order to touch herself once again. Instead she got to read a final sentence from the powerful MasterX: "Come tomorrow, you will please me."

Julia's pussy and face burned in humiliation. She thought there would be more, at least the opportunity to get herself off again. But there was nothing, only an emptiness and the humiliation of being dismissed. Soberly Julia assessed herself: a proud, beautiful MILF with her panties in her mouth desperately looking at a computer screen waiting for an online master to give her another command!

Julia's shoulders dropped as she felt completely defeated in her own lust. Quickly she pulled her panties out of her mouth and threw them dismissively across the room. Reluctantly she waited a few minutes to see if MasterX would come back onto her screen like it was a joke: surely nobody could be that dismissive of her!

When nothing happened Julia collapsed onto her bed. She was a mess of thoughts after her degrading but powerful orgasm. Already she began thinking about tomorrow night: would she return? Would she obey him? Please him?

Julia couldn't stop herself thinking about MasterX and her bizarre submission until the next night when at nine o'clock she found herself back at her computer and waiting for the mystery master to contact her.

Finally a text box appeared: "Video now."

Julia hadn't even thought of this but her friends had warned her it was expected. As her heart rate increased Julia looked into her laptop's functions: how did she get the camera to display? Finally she worked it out. Seeing her red face on the screen she immediately angled the screen down so her head was cut off. She knew she couldn't deal with showing this stranger her identity.

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