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Sleep Over Party


My daughter Suzy wanted to have a party at our house. It was her nineteenth birthday and she wanted to have her 18 and 19 year old friends over. My wife said she could have the party at our place if everyone agreed to sleep over. The girls were going to drink some wine and my wife didn't want anyone driving that night.

There must have been eight of my daughter's friends staying over. I slipped into my bedroom that I converted into a den. I could hear lots of laughing and high pitched voices carrying on. After midnight I heard the noise die down. I decided to start reading a book I had started.

Maybe a few minutes later there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," I said, not knowing who was there.

It was Janie, my daughter best friend. Janie was a tall blonde with short hair. To be honest, for being nineteen she looked like a mature woman. She walked into the room with a nightie on. I could see her tits poking through the material.

"I couldn't sleep and I saw a light on in your room," she told me.

I told her to come in and close the door. I was sitting on a small couch I had in the room. Janie walked in and sat on the arm of the couch.

"What are you reading?" she asked me.

"It's a book called 'Lolita'", I told her.

"What is it about?" she asked.

I told her it was about a man who was infatuated over a younger woman.

"I like mature men myself," she said.

Janie told me younger guys always acted like asses around her. Janie then stood up and sat herself next to me. I could smell her perfume scent and my cock started to twitch in my sweatpants. I was getting a bit uncomfortable. Janie had her leg right up against mine.

We looked at each other for a some long seconds. Janie then leaned in and kissed me on the lips. Damn, I just seemed to lose control of myself. I opened my mouth and her tongue found mine. I reached up and touched a tit outside her nightie.

Janie let out a moan. I knew I should stop with just a kiss, but I couldn't bring myself to stop. Before you knew it we were groping each each other. Janie then stood up and pulled her nightie off. Her breasts must have been a 'C' cup and she had a dark thatch of hair between her legs.

I stood up as well and pulled my shirt and sweatpants off. My dick was standing straight out. Janie knelt before me. She took my dick in her small hand and began to stroke me. I doubted if she could make me any harder. Janie brought her lips to my crown and engulfed me with her mouth.

I just lost control and I placed a hand on the back of her head. I pushed my cock into her throat. Janie took all of me into her mouth. I had forgotten how much I missed this. My wife wasn't much into sex these days. We barely made love anymore.

Janie took my sacs into her other hand and massaged them. I had to control myself from exploding down her throat. Janie sucked me for a few minutes and then pulled off.

"Sit down," she told me.

I sat back down on the couch and Janie then got over top of me. I felt her pussy lips give way as she sunk down on my dick. Her pussy felt so good. She was tight and her tunnel was hot and wet. I knew I shouldn't be doing this. What if someone walked in on us. That would be the end of me. Not only that, I didn't have a rubber on. I just couldn't bring myself to have her stop.

My hands went to her tits and I massaged each one. She had big melons and her nipples were already hard. I squeezed each tit as Janie worked her pussy up and down my prick. Janie was moaning and I had to tell her we had to be quiet. Janie's pussy was tight around my cock. I began to pump my rod deep into her belly.

We were lost in a fuck frenzy. Janie would slide down to the base of my rod and I would lift my hips up to meet her. Janie had her arms around my neck. I was sucking those tits and filling her pussy with my seven inches of cock. I lost track of time as we were fucking there on the couch.

To be honest, I never wanted to pull out or to stop. Janie's pussy just felt so good wrapped around my dick. I could tell Janie need a good fucking. She kept dropping down on my cock until I was close to erupting. I told her I was getting close and I should pull out soon.

"Cum in me, Mr. Roberts, please!"

I could not bring myself to stop. I had to fill her with my love cum. A few more strokes and I began to blow my seed into Janie's pussy. I must have had a giant load saved up. I felt my cock spurting time and time again as Janie milked my dick of all my love juice.

When I came that must have been the trigger because I felt Janie's muscles tighten hard around me. She let out a loud moan and she had an orgasm of her own. My lap was wet from all our cum leaking out. I just kept sliding my dick into her until I finally felt myself getting soft.

Janie finally pulled off and weakly got to her feet. She looked down at my cum soaked dick. She knelt down once again and took me in her mouth. She licked all the spunk up with her tongue. By the time she finished I was hard again, but it was getting late. I knew we had better stop now.

I had some tissues in my room and we cleaned up the best we could. Janie then left and went back to bed with her friends. I sat on the couch for a long time. I was unsure of what I had just done. I fucked a woman much younger than myself. The problem was that I still wanted her.

Eventually I got dressed and just fell asleep on the couch. The next morning everyone was up and eating breakfast. I got a shower and dressed. By that time the girls were leaving our house. Janie managed to slip me her phone number on a piece of paper and then she left also.

For the next couple of days I stared at that phone number. If I contacted Janie I would be going down a road where there was no turning back. I would need to be fucking her on a regular basis. I knew I would need that young pussy again and again.

I got the courage up and phoned Janie. She told me she was hoping I would call her. She said she wanted me again and hoped I was feeling the same way. I told her I wanted to make love to her once more. We made up a plan for the next weekend. I am now waiting for the days to pass.

I am going to make Janie my lover. I have crossed that bridge and whatever happens, happens. Hopefully I can write again about how things work out with Janie and myself.

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