tagIncest/TabooSleeping Bags Ch. 02

Sleeping Bags Ch. 02


Karen and her father talked at length the days following their first sexual encounter. Neither was embarrassed about the affair nor were they hesitant to express their desire for it to happen again. They understood the consequences and, as long as they both agreed, wanted to explore their love for each other even further.

Karen was old enough, at twenty, to realize she had no right to expect her father to be her regular sexual partner. But their experience in the tent in the middle of the night during a weeklong bicycle tour was so extraordinary that she felt an attraction to him beyond anything she had ever felt with any other man.

Now, with a total understanding of each other's feelings, she was even more eager to pursue a relationship with her father, Richard. He, of course, had initial reservations about having sex with his daughter. But her athletic body and energetic lovemaking made it nearly impossible to resist.

When they dressed in the morning and he watched her put on her tight tank top and figure hugging cycling shorts it was hard for him to pack up the tent and get on the bike for another day of riding. Her hair fell out the back of her helmet and onto her shoulders, flowing gently in the wind. As he rode next to Karen and looked over at her, he had a new appreciation for her youth and beauty.

They rode for the first hour or so with some occasional chatter about the scenery. It would be another hour before they got to the first food stop. They spent very little time there before getting back on the bikes and continuing their journey.

The day's route was highlighted by several covered bridges, some of which required short side trips off the main route. Karen, more than her father, was interested in the bridges and they ended up seeing them all.

It was the third one that offered Karen the opportunity she had been waiting for all morning. The little country road they traveled to get to the bridge was bordered on each side by thick woods of maple and elm trees. Undergrowth made the visibility into the woods difficult at best. At times, anything beyond thirty feet off the road was blocked from view.

As the pair reached the crest of a small hill on a dirt road leading to a bridge, Karen looked in both directions and saw no other bikes. Immediately ahead and on the right was a path carved into the woods by farm equipment.

"Dad. Let's go down here," Karen said.

Richard didn't ask his daughter why. He thought he knew where they were headed...or at least he hoped he knew.

He followed Karen onto the path, which eventually fell over the side of the hill and started down into the deepest part of the woods. Before long, the road behind them was out of sight.

Karen looked back at her father, then the wooded hill behind him.

"Let's stop here," she said, pulling her bike off to the side of the path.

Richard stopped behind her and got off his bike. He waited for her to take the lead. She walked her bike into the woods and found a ten-foot square patch of smooth grass and ground hugging weeds. There, they rested their bikes against trees.

"I hope you have a good reason for dragging me back into these woods," Richard said with a smile.

Karen was taking off her helmet and shaking out her hair, fluffing it with her hands. Richard couldn't help but watch her breasts shake inside her low cut top as she tried to put her hair back in place.

"Is sex a good enough reason?" Karen walked towards her father with a lustful look in her eye he had never seen before. He felt his cock begin to push against his shorts. Then her body was pressed against his and she was stretching up to kiss him.

He put his arms around her and slid his hands down her back onto her ass as they kissed. He pulled her up, feeling her shorts rub against the front of his own, grinding against his cock as it hardened. A few seconds later, his hands were inside the back of Karen's shorts touching her cool skin. Richard clutched at the flesh, squeezing it in his hands and listening to her moans as they kissed.

Karen had wanted her father's cock ever since their first encounter in the sleeping bags of their tent. She placed her hand on the outside of his shorts, easily feeling the outline of his cock through the thin material. The young woman rubbed it with her palm. Another two inches, she thought, and the head would be sticking out the top of the shorts.

"Oh, Daddy. I want you to fuck me right here. Now."

"Anything you want, hon. I'll do anything you want," Richard said.

He put his hands at the bottom of her tank top and pulled it up, exposing the firm breasts he tasted for the first time a couple nights earlier. He yanked the top over Karen's head and let the shirt fall to the ground.

She waited for him to admire, then lightly touch, her breasts. Karen's fingers touched her father's cock as she concentrated on his hands playing with her nipples. Her eyes were closed and her mouth hung slightly open while Richard squeezed her nipples, rolling them between his fingers.

"I love that," she sighed. "Please don't stop."

Her father placed his mouth over her left breast at the same time that her hand slid inside the front of his shorts and gripped his cock. It throbbed in her palm, extending to a full erection while she stroked it.

Richard passionately sucked and licked her breast. His hand pushed it up to his lips and he wanted to devour the entire thing. Twice they almost lost their balance as he pressed his face against her chest and she clung to his cock.

Karen was losing patience. She put both hands on the waistband of his shorts and pushed them down to free his raging cock. She could only reach a little way and the shorts clung to his legs just below his ass. Karen, however, now had free access to the cock she loved so much and wrapped her fingers tightly around it.

"Please. Fuck me, Daddy. I want you in me," Karen said.

Richard backed away from the breasts he was sucking and allowed his daughter to lower his shorts while he pulled off his shirt. This time it was Karen's turn to stare at his body, particularly the long, hard shaft of Richard's cock. It pointed upward at a forty-five degree angle, begging for attention. She touched it again.

"Turn around, honey," Richard told her.

Karen smiled up at him and did as she was told.

"Take off your shorts."

Richard watched as his daughter gracefully pulled down her biking shorts and stepped out of them. Her beautiful, round ass was pale compared to her well-tanned legs and back. When Karen stood back up, her father stepped forward and traced around her ass with his fingers. Then put it in his hands and squeezed gently.

Karen moaned when she felt the stiffness of his cock press against first one cheek, then the other. She took in a deep breath as her father rested his cock in the crack between her cheeks, letting the tip rub against her back.

"Lean against that tree," Richard said, nudging Karen toward a large tree in front of her.

The girl gladly took a couple steps forward, then leaned the rest of the way with her palms ending up flat against the rough bark a few inches above her head.

"Spread your legs, honey."

Richard's hands were on Karen's hips, pulling her toward him as she put her legs a little more than shoulder width apart. She arched her back to lean against the tree and still thrust her ass back to her father.

She could feel the moisture building around her pussy. Her desire to be fucked by Richard was soon to be fulfilled once again, this time in a manner she'd never experienced before. But she trusted him completely.

Her father was shaking by the time he positioned his cock at the entrance to Karen's vagina. The sight of her smooth ass ready to cushion his thrusts into her nearly made him ram his cock into her uncontrollably. But he maintained enough self-control to smoothly and gently push in the tip of his cock, then half of it.

"Oh, God. Daddy. Yes," Karen sighed.

Soon, his legs met her ass and he was completely inside her. Richard's balls fell against his daughter's skin and he stood still, appreciating the wonderful feeling of being engulfed by her tight pussy.

"Please fuck me. Hard, Daddy. Fuck me hard."

Karen's fingers dug into the bark of the tree as Richard began to do just that. The sound of their fucking could be heard echoing in the trees around them. Sweat began to drip off Richard's face and onto his daughter's back.

Neither of them wanted to cum too quickly. The feeling was beyond their expectations of how good sex could be. Karen felt as if the cock extended halfway up her body. Richard never had a cunt grip him as tightly as Karen's did, despite an abundance of juices from within her.

When her father placed his hands on her breasts, Karen reached between her legs and began to play with her engorged clit. She moaned with nearly each plunge of his cock into her cunt, leaning against the tree with one hand and manipulating her clit with the other.

Richard squeezed her breasts roughly before concentrating on her erect nipples. He was learning that each tweak of the nipples brought a tighter closing of her cunt around his cock until he couldn't be squeezed any tighter.

"That's it, baby," Richard said. "Cum for me. I want to hear you cum."

Karen wasn't sure that she wasn't about to scream at the top of her lungs. This was the best sex she had ever had and was on the verge of her most intense orgasm. All her wishes to prolong it were being shattered by his hands on her breasts.

"I'm cumming, Dad. I'm cumming."

Karen rubbed her clit wildly and listened to the sound of her father's legs smacking against her thighs and ass. It was almost as if he were spanking her. And she loved it.

"Oh, God. Oh...Daddy. Yes. I'm cumming."

The young woman placed both hands firmly on the tree and cried out. The next few seconds were lost as she began to cum. Her father grabbed her by the hips once more and frantically thrust his cock into her over and over.

Karen screamed with joy as her orgasm built and climaxed, only to repeat the process again and again. Her legs nearly crumbled beneath her as all her strength was put into completing another orgasm. A tear dripped down her cheek as she finished her last orgasm.

Then she heard her father make a grunting noise behind her that instantly brought her back to reality. She squeezed her cunt as tight as she could and absorbed the most vicious of his many hard thrusts into her. That's when she felt the first gush of warm cum flow into her.

"Ohhh....Karen," Richard gasped.

Another spurt of cum entered his daughter's cunt each time he slammed into her. She spread her legs farther apart and tried to accept even more of his cock, which was impossible. Their bodies would not allow him to go any deeper than he already was.

Cum seeped out of her cunt and dripped slowly down the inside of her thigh. Still, he continued to fill her. After the last of his cum had flowed from his balls through his cock, it remained hard. Richard kept it inside his young daughter to enjoy the sensation of her cunt gripping his shaft.

Finally, he pulled out. Karen nearly collapsed against the tree, totally spent. She turned to face her father and they kissed, Richard's semi-rigid cock crushed between their bodies.

"That was wonderful," Karen whispered. "Thank you."

"You are wonderful," her father answered. "And you pick out wonderful spots. I hope you'll be keeping your eyes open."

Karen laughed and assured him she would as they began to dress. Moments later they were back on the main tour amid the other three thousand riders.

In fact, Karen did keep her eyes open and twice more during the week the pair split from the rest of the cyclists and fucked, once behind an abandoned barn and once next to a small stream in the woods. Each one felt more relaxed and natural than the one preceding it.

At night, in the relative privacy of their tent, Karen grew fond of taking her father in her mouth and swallowing the loads of cum he unloaded into her, or watching him finish himself off and cum all over her breasts.

All in all she was very glad he asked her along on the ride.

Neither one said anything, but both of them thought about what would happen when they got back home. Certainly, they didn't want it to end. Karen was afraid of getting caught by her mother, but her father could have eased some of her fears. Richard suspected that if he presented the facts to his wife in the correct way she would accept the relationship.

Karen's parents, like most parents, lived a life their kids actually knew little about. Their sex lives were private from their kids and they had desires and fantasies just like everyone else. Richard and his wife, Carol, used to talk about swapping with couples they socialized with, but never had the nerve to follow through on it. Often, Carol would tell Richard to make believe she was the wife of another man when they made love. Or they would mutually masturbate and watch each other, talking about how exciting it would be if other couples were with them.

Karen, of course, knew nothing of these things and dared not imagine them. She agreed to let her father talk to her mother. Whatever happened, he promised, would not affect them.

Two days after they got home from the bike ride Karen still had not talked to her father about their future. She was going to give it another couple days when her mother sat next to her on the couch in the evening while they watched TV. Richard had gone to bed.

"Karen, honey," Carol began. "Your Dad and I talked yesterday about the bike ride. It sounded like you enjoyed it."

"Oh, I loved it." Karen couldn't tell from the sound of her Mom's voice or the look on her face how to interpret what she said. "I'd like to go again."

"That's great, dear. It's good to see you and your Dad do things together."

Karen bit her lip. "It was fun."

They stared at the TV for what seemed an eternity.

"Karen, he told me. I know what you did," Carol said.

Her daughter looked at her. "Told you what?"

"He told me about you and him. The sex."

The younger woman was shaking, nearly in tears. "It just happened. I...I..."

Carol put her hand on Karen's leg. "It's OK baby. It's OK."

Karen reached out for her mother and hugged her, finally breaking down and sobbing uncontrollably. Carol held her firmly.

"Honey, everything's fine. I understand. OK?" Carol said.

Karen felt her mother's hand stroke her hair, pulling her head closer. "How can you understand?"

"Because I love both of you and I want both of you to be happy," Carol said. "I know that might be hard to realize, but it's the way I feel."

"It was so...it felt so natural," Karen sobbed.

"I know, honey. I know."

Karen felt the relief fill her body from the simple fact she didn't have to hide the relationship and more. Having her mother react the way she did was just a bonus. Karen allowed herself the opportunity to think for a moment about future encounters with her father and how great they would be.

She pulled her head away from her mother's shoulder long enough to wipe her eyes and brush the hair away from her face. Carol looked at the long jersey pulled between her daughter's legs and the nipples pressed against the fabric. She completely understood her husband's attraction.

"C'mon, Karen. Let's go upstairs." Carol reached for her daughter's hand. Karen let her mother pull her off the couch, surprised by the invitation.

They walked side-by-side, Karen the taller and thinner of the two. But for a forty one year old woman, her body did not embarrass Carol. She was well proportioned with breasts that rivaled her daughter's and legs that rose to a small ass and curvaceous hips. Genes are a wonderful thing sometimes.

Karen was afraid to ask where they were headed or what they were doing. She felt lucky getting through the "admission" stage of the affair. She would just let things flow for a while.

At the top of the stairs they headed for the parents' bedroom, not Karen's. Carol gently nudged the door open and she and Karen entered. Richard was in bed with a single light on. The covers were pulled up to his waist, above which he was naked.

He smiled at Karen, looking at her legs below the jersey.

"My two favorite women. I'm very lucky," he said.

Carol stepped behind Karen and grabbed the bottom of the jersey. Before Karen had a chance to react, the shirt was being pulled over her head. Richard looked quickly at the small pair of panties she wore before letting his eyes move up to her breasts.

Karen felt a pair of hands on the panties just before they were pulled down her legs and over her feet onto the floor. She saw her mother stand to the side.

The young woman didn't know who she was on display for-her father or her mother. She could almost feel both pair of eyes drilling through her body.

"Isn't she beautiful, Carol?" Richard finally said.

"She's your daughter," Carol replied.

Karen blushed, her legs stretched awkwardly in front of each other as she accepted the compliment.

In the dim light of the bedroom, Richard swung the covers off his legs, revealing his nakedness and hardening erection. Karen would always have this effect on him.

The daughter looked over at her mother, who was pulling her nightgown over her head. Karen had not looked at her mother in sexual terms before, but now, in this setting, she, too, was a beautiful woman. Karen watched Carol pull off her panties. At first all she could think of was, "This is the woman I share my father with." There was jealousy. Then there was love.

"Want to show your father how much we love him?" Carol asked.

"Let's go," Karen said with a nervous smile.

The two women walked to the bed where Richard now lay with a full hard on. Karen climbed on the bed and crossed over her father's legs to his left side. Carol sat on the edge of the bed opposite her. Carol was the first to reach for the man's hard cock, touching it lightly with her hand.

She looked over at Karen, as if to say, "It's OK." The daughter, too, touched the cock and their fingers intertwined. Karen didn't know if her mother used oral sex on her father, but that wasn't going to stop Karen from doing what she liked.

To Karen's surprise, Carol leaned forward in unison with her and their mouths converged on Richard's cock. They each took a side and began long, slow licking motions up the length of the shaft. At the tip, their lips met and nearly formed a kiss with the cock in the middle. Karen could feel the juices already beginning to flow in her pussy as she and her Mom continued servicing Richard.

Carol licked her husband's balls when Karen took the cock into her mouth. Richard laid his head on the pillow and shut his eyes, concentrating on the incredible feel of his daughter's mouth wrapped around his cock and his wife's tongue working on his balls. His erection almost ached. He knew that when he came it would be long and hard.

Both women returned to licking the cock, enjoying the sensation of their tongues sliding across each other at points along the rigid shaft. Eventually, the first drop of precum oozed out of the cock's tip. Carol quickly lapped it up.

Oral sex was not her method of choice with Richard during their marriage, but she was beginning to appreciate it more and more. Karen's enthusiasm was catching. And Carol couldn't ever remember seeing her husband as hard as he was now.

At some point in the next couple minutes it became obvious that Richard was going to cum while the two women sucked his cock. There wasn't going to be any intercourse this time. But, nobody complained.

All the man wanted to do was cum and all the women wanted to do was make him cum. There wasn't room on his cock for both women's hands and their mouths, so in the end Karen held him by the base of the cock while she and her Mom licked him.

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