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Sleeping Secretary


Please read my other two stories first to understand my boyfriend and other people. All three also are partly factual, though I don't care to admit which parts. Please note that with casual sex I always use protection, so some simulation is used in my story regarding this matter. I also received grammar help with some 'taboo words'.


I had been home from work for two hours, my naïve and totally loyal boyfriend Marcus had his work colleagues coming round later that evening to play poker and gamble their spare cash against each other while their girlfriends and wives were probably all out clubbing, getting drunk and no doubt having strangers hands darting into their underwear all night long. Sluts!

I was just laying there on our sofa staring out of our lounge window at the sun setting, it was gradually disappearing behind some fluffy white clouds, forming a surreal landscape image. I was still in my office clothes, my undersized navy skirt which although not short was still well above my knees, it clung to my thighs holding them close together.

I had matching navy stockings on with black, yes black slut like garters holding them up and protecting my lily white freckled thighs from any prying eyes on the train to and from work, those dirty perverts would love my bare skin to be on view, what a nerve men have! They think we are there to be gawped at twenty four seven! Just because my skirt rides up when I am seated and my transparent panties are on full view they think they are allowed to look! Dirty bastards!

My shoes were on the rug and my toes and feet were visible through the sheer fabric of my stockings, my toes looking ultra cute dressed in a pale pink nail varnish. I had a pink thin woollen button up top on over my white blouse, which although being slightly on the small size, still buttoned up sufficiently to protect my lime green low cut 32b bra which was in turn just about covering my tiny but pert boobs.

As I looked down though could still see the darker skin of my way too large nipples protruding beyond the pretty bra embroidery. Why did I wear transparent blouses? Was I an attention seeking whore in disguise? Did I care if I were anyhow? No!

Underneath my skirt were of course my predictable tight lilac French knickers which were hugging my delicate skin with the thin elastic cutting into me, maybe I should purchase larger ones, ones which did not show off my bulging dark mound, ones which did not expose my pouted lips, ones which did not sink way up into my bubble ass, yes sink right up and disappear leaving me virtually naked at the rear.

My long dyed curly blonde hair was, by this time of the day, very scruffy and had that come fuck me quickly look about it, yes the come fuck me quickly look that many of us girls want all the time from strangers! We just never admit this fact!

"You know Jason and all them are around tonight don't you?" said Marcus surprisingly to me.

"Yes I know, I know! I will be out of your way do not worry." I replied.

"I have invited Jasper also, I felt sorry for him, with his wife always working away and that." He added.

"Oh god whatever for? He is so different to all you lot, he's shy and reserved, your stupid!" I said.

Jasper was our gullible neighbour, a typical geek who I once teased in our kitchen to my later disgust!

"I am off out to my mothers and then to the library and liquor store, I will leave the front door unlocked in case anyone arrives before my return. Please be polite Rach and dress conservative, they all look up to me at work as you know!" He said in a patronising way.

"Ok ok stop being a baby." I quickly replied.

Marcus slipped out and I just laid my head down and listened to the radio, the dinner jazz channel that he listens too every damn night, it was enough to send you asleep!

I must have dozed off, I awoke to the door bell ringing away. "Oh fuck it I thought, why should I move?" As its chimes rang through my delicate ears. I heard voices too, "Marcus, Marcus are you in or are you mounting your girl you horny fucker!"

The dirty bastards I thought, how dare they suggest such a sordid thing! I will teach them, I will not definitely not answer the door now!

I just laid there, still in the same clothes looking a total mess with not a care in the world.

Then I heard the door open and mumbling voices swiftly followed.

"Come on he is probably in the back yard or upstairs, lets get a beer from the kitchen, Carl, go see where he is." said a voice to which I knew was Jason, Marcus's boss who was a total airhead and who thought all women adored him. He was very attractive with short dark hair and an ultra fit body but he was totally arrogant. The only time I liked arrogance was if I was out drunk on all fours fully clothed taking it from behind with my skirt up round my waist in an alley by some gullible helpless stranger!

"He's not in the back yard or back rooms Jase." Said Carl.

What shall I do I thought? I just laid there, my skirt was riding quite high up my legs due to my probable restless nap. I just kept my head in the large sofa cushion as tried to lay still with my legs stretched out. I was faced down with my ass poking out a little and my left arm hanging down onto the floor.

I heard at least four different voices muttering away as I lay there, I thought they were probably rummaging through our kitchen for beer and food, fucking scroungers!

Then I heard. "Jason, there's no one home yet, maybe Marcus has still not returned from getting more beer, what time did he say for us to arrive?"

"Oh it's ok we are a little early just chill out and have a beer." Jason replied to Jake.

"I need to use the toilet." said Jake and I heard him fly up the stairs very heavy footed.

"I wonder what that Rachel will be wearing today? I bet she'll have one of those slut skirts on, the type with fuck me rough written all over them!" Said someone I did not recognise in a most degrading manner.

"Look as these, fucking hell, come and have a look dudes." I heard Jake shout out from what seemed like the top of the stairs.

I heard footsteps scrambling up our wooden stairs so loud that Jasper, out gullible neighbour, would almost certainly wonder what the hell was happening next door!

"Fucking hell look at those panties, they are so fucking tiny, how on earth does she get them round her? How the fuck do they cover her pussy, tell me how do they? Her snatch must be on full view under those skirts she wears, the dirty little slut!" I heard Jake yell out, the disgusting pervert!

"Wow, would I love to get inside those panties when they are round her tight ass, no wonder she has a bad name with all the other girls, those tiny fucking skirts and those long legs, Marcus is such a lucky bastard getting to hump that every night!" Carl instantly commented. The dirty fucker! How dare he!

I knew then they had seen my laundry rack, oh my god, all my panties and thongs there, my bra's too, how embarrassing! What a fucking nerve they all had peeping up there at my private clothes, my intimate belongings and making such filthy gestures.

I didn't know what to do, they thought we were both out, surely I shouldn't now let on that I was in? Or even awake?

I just laid there, my heart beating faster and I thought for a second. "Did I actually like the thought of these men glaring at my underwear and making lurid sexual remarks? Was I getting turned on by the whole situation? No! Of course I wasn't, I am not a whore, I am me, Rachel, the naïve secretary, the loyal, loving girlfriend of Marcus, my partner!"

Just then I heard some movement in the lounge, whoever it was, they were very quiet and were prowling close by me. I kept my eyes tightly shut. As the jazz played quietly I heard the footsteps fade away possibly into our hallway.

"Hey you guys, for fucks sake Rachel is here, she's in the TV room asleep on the sofa, quick get down here before she catches you up there you fools!" Said a voice I did not recognise.

I froze then, I knew what they had seen upstairs, I heard what they said about my underwear, the sexual comments about innocent little me! My first thoughts were to me laid there, vulnerable, my skirt hiked way up my thighs, my stocking tops just visible. Should I pull it down? Should I get up and approach them pretending I heard nothing? No! I'll lay here, fuck it, I'll teach those revolting lowlifes to look at my panties and roam around my house. I'll make them feel guilty alright!

There was a deafening silence, I could not hear any footsteps at all, then I heard faint whispering. What was happening? Where were they, I thought to myself, my eyes still shut tight. Then I heard the door squeal, our lounge door only made this noise when it was opened wide. I heard breathing, not heavy but enough to not hide their presence.

"Fucking hell, look at her laying there, look at those stockings, god would I like to fuck the ass off that!" Whispered a desperate sounding man! It sounded like Jake actually, but I was not totally sure.

"Look at that panty line through that skirt, her bubble ass is so tight, I wonder if the rumours are true about her, that Marcus's cock doesn't satisfy her in any way shape or form, god I bet she craves cock all day long!" Said Carl with no decorum whatsoever.

On hearing this and knowing them all there I felt a rush all over me, I tried keeping still and managed to keep my eyes closed with my head still buried in the cushion. The dirty bastards were probably all standing there gawping at me I thought, with their friend Marcus not present, glaring at his innocent girlfriend with no shame as she sleeps! Well, they thought I was asleep, the mugs!

I was feeling uncomfortable and had to move a little so I did so as if in my sleep, I slid my right leg over slightly and moved my body over to the edge of the sofa. I felt my skirt slide up even more in doing so and my right knee felt way too far from my left for my own decency, but it made me feel horny! Those gullible bastards would get what they deserve I thought!

Marcus could walk through the door any second and I knew our neighbour Jasper was invited round so the intensity of the situation was huge, I felt damp between my legs, shamelessly damp! I felt my skirt slip over my stocking tops, the cool air hitting my thighs. I knew then my black garters were on show, they were such shabby old ones, what would they think? Was I like a hooker laying there waiting for my punters? No of course not, and how would I know what being a hooker was like anyhow!

I then heard the doorbell again.

"Quick guys, just sit and act natural, Carl, answer the door it can't be Marcus he must have a key." Whispered Jason with huge authority.

I heard who I guessed was Carl whiz out there and answer the door and heard what sounded like Jasper's voice shortly after. Then came a silence again.

"Hi there guys, I'm Jasper from next door."

"Be quiet dude! She's sleeping, we don't want to wake her. We are just waiting for Marcus to get here." Said Jason in such an innocent tone, the deceitful bastard!

"Wow, look at her, she looks like she's dying for cock there. I have seen her in the back yard in her underwear she loves the attention." Said Jasper in a louder voice and with me knowing that Jasper had already sunk his manhood deep into me four months earlier in our kitchen, I knew his attitude towards me was now totally different.

"Hey dude don't be so disrespectful, that's Marcus's woman!" Said Jason in his, "acting polite," manner.

I was loving it, knowing they were all in there, probably staring at me. I moved again, this time sliding my left knee over the edge of the sofa, I knew I was exposing a view right up between my legs, I knew my lilac panties were on full view and that my naturally dark bush was also visible through the inadequate thin fabric, but did I care? No! Why should I? They are stupid enough to stand there! I was the innocent party here I thought, I was the sleeping girlfriend!

"You see I told you, she's probably dreaming in her sleep, dreaming of cocks, Marcus hardly ever fucks her, trust me I know I live next door! We have thin walls. I've heard many a scream from in here when there are male visitors. I know for a fact that any man that visits here leaves with his sacks empty, trust me on this one!" Said the unusually blatant Jasper, to my complete surprise.

What a dirty fucking bastard he was, insinuating that I was the local bike! I was just the secretary from the mall office block, the innocent and docile girl that people admired, wasn't I?

"Fucking hell she does look nice there dude, I can't believe those panties, look at them they are sunk right into her cunt, what a pair of lips!" Said Jason in a lustful way.

I moved my head slightly, still keeping my face in my cushion but turning it away from them and squinting my left eye open slightly. Then I saw them! In the adjacent mirror, the filthy bastards just standing there staring at me, there were five in all, Jason, Jake, Carl, Jasper and one guy I never knew.

Jasper had his fucking hand rubbing through his jeans the pervert! How dare he!

I could see the others vaguely standing around, two by the door the others about four feet from the sofa behind me. My tummy was doing u turns by this time and I couldn't help but move again, this time stretching my arm above my head and sliding my hips over a little letting my left knee and lower leg slide off the sofa. In turn I felt my skirt glide up my leg, I knew it was my tightest skirt but there was no stopping it flow up due to my skinny legs gradually drifting further apart, exposing more and more of my private domain.

I peeped over again at the mirror, I saw Jasper openly jakking his cock now. I could see his long bent throbbing member clearly in the mirror.

"What you doing dude? Show some respect to her!" Said a somewhat startled sounding Jason.

Then as Jasper stepped closer to where I was laying he said. "Trust me, she won't wake up and look at that dark mop under those panties, its probably aching and saturated."

He was jakking his throbbing member openly over my slim clothed body.

I could see the others rubbing themselves in the mirror, but Jason stood there seemingly in shock!

Jasper pulled on his tool, it was protruding way out from his jeans directly over my shoulders, I could hear him breathing heavier. I then saw two other cocks appear, Jake's and Carl's, they too started to slide their hands up and down there now fully erect shafts.

I moved again, slightly moaning, "in my sleep," as I did so, I slid down the sofa a little, my skirt sliding up, almost over my pert ass, my black garters on full show, my lilac panties gradually sinking into my ass. I could feel the fabric gliding over my soaked pussy lips as I moved my body down. I felt the rough elastic pulling my skin down there, almost sliding inside me, god it felt nice.

I heard gasps.

I then heard Jasper start to breathe heavier, I could see his hand flying up and down his throbbing cock, I could see his back arching as he jakked shamelessly. The perverted little man!

I moved my head slightly and darted my eyes the other way from the mirror and could see in the flesh, his helpless manhood! The head of his cock so huge, it was like a mushroom, dome shaped and I could see his foreskin just gliding over it as he slid his hand up and down frantically over the long shaft.

"Oh Rachel you dirty little bitch, if only my wife was like you, I think of you all the time when I fuck her from behind, if only she took it up the ass like you do, bareback, if only Rachel." He said, mumbling along.

It reminded me of the time he shamelessly sank his disloyal cock into my virgin ass in our kitchen, bending me over our stove, while my poor boyfriend Marcus was sleeping just one room away, the filthy fucking bastard.

My mind suddenly thought how unfortunate Marcus was, having his best friend, work colleagues and friendly neighbour too, all taking advantage of his innocent and totally gullible girlfriend. I really felt sorry for him then, my poor Marcus.

Jasper then started to groan loud and I knew he was losing it, I heard him groan, "yes baby, yes, feel my come you cock sucking little slut."

He arched right over me and I felt hot liquid splattering across my exposed ass, it felt like four or five thick hot streams ruining my pure and freckled skin, the squirts were so strong, I even felt the warmth hit my skinny thighs. God it made me horny, I love the feeling of a guy's load spraying over me and to add to the fact me being, "asleep," made it even more hot.

I saw Jasper step back and seem to wipe himself with his t shirt the messy bastard. I knew I was laying there with layers of his cream all over me, I moved again, still pretending to be asleep, my hips moving down the sofa more and my skirt riding right over my ass.

The tops of my black garters and suspenders exposed to the whole room, the elastic tops of my lilac panties digging into my tiny waist. My left knee now touching the floor arching my body slightly more as my pert ass poked up forming a tight round ball in the air, I presumed.

"I need to pop home for awhile to clean up guys, empty your loads over her before that useless Marcus gets home, soak her clothes, soak her body! "Said the spent Jasper, the using bastard!

I saw in the mirror Jasper swiftly depart and heard the front door slam behind him.

Jake then approached me with Carl moving in behind him, I saw Jake's hand move down towards my legs and felt his fingers gliding over my ass, what a nerve he had!

"Fucking hell, feel this ass its so smooth, so tender, look at those fucking panties, they need to be torn off." He said as he jakked his cock.

His fingers slid under my panties as I laid there, they moved my panties slowly over my ass, the thin lacy lilac cotton gradually soaking up Jaspers cream as they travelled down.

I couldn't keep my hips still, I slid down more hiking my hips up, "in my sleep," I felt my panties being peeled down, I knew my saturated cunt would be on show any second, my hips helplessly bucked up innocently letting Jake's fingers pull down my panties to my knees.

"Oh yes, lovely, look at that swollen clit, what a dirty slut, her hips are moving! Look at those thick dark curls man." Said Jake with no remorse as he tugged on his tool.

I could see them both pulling hard as I started to moan louder, "in my sleep."

I then saw the other guy and Jason pull out their cocks and move over along side them so there were four guys standing over me. How dare they I thought! They were Marcus's friends, had they no morals, standing there jakking over my virgin ass and sleeping body!

"She's stirring in her sleep dudes, pull the panties right off Jake, lose them on the floor." Said Jason.

Jake then slid my lilac panties further down my legs and over my ankles, I mistakenly moved my left leg up letting them be tugged off.

"Oh yes, she's loving it, look, her legs are moving, spread her legs open Jake, spread them wide, expose her cunt to us." Shouted Jason.

I then heard a groan and saw Carl drop to his knees with his cock inches from my ass, he picked up my panties and buried them in his face as he frantically pulled on his uncut cock, his groans became grunts as he started to unleash his load. The thick cream battering the sides of my body and pumping right over into the dark ravine of my ass, running down into my valley of dark hair which partially covered my aching slit.

Carl kept pulling as the last drops met my body, his white serum mingling with Jasper's on my baby skinned ass.

With that I saw Jake hammering his rod as he looked down into my cunt, he was muttering away at what a dirty slut I was, as my hips began to buck slightly, both my eyes opening as my head turned towards the mirror more.

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