I felt Stacey pull away; Emily seemed to be arching up. In the midnight blue shadows of our room I saw their two beautiful silhouettes meet. They kissed. I stared intently through the night to see two feminine outlines—my own wife and daughter—kissing. The soft sounds of their mouths suctioning each other drifted around the room.

I felt Emily jerk back slightly and shift her weight; soon Emily broke their kiss and laid back down. I thought I could make out Stacey licking her lips on the way down.

Stace pushed her ass into my rock hard cock and wriggled until it settled in her crack. I heard a nervous laugh from Emily before I saw her head hit the pillow.

Stacey silently moved my hand from its place on Emily and sucked it into her mouth; I felt her soft tongue roll over each of my fingers as she licked her mother's ejaculate off my hand. Each flick of her warm tongue sent shockwaves down my cock; I pressed it harder into my daughter.

Each lick got longer and slower until her mouth was still; I slowly moved my hand away from my baby girl's precious mouth and towards my wife's. With a caress of her cheek I cusped my two most beloved women into my arms.

I held them close as they drifted asleep; after a long while my erection ebbed. I stared at the wall pondering the day and lingered on the love I felt for my girls. All of my joy and lust and nervousness did laps around my mind. My head began to spin; I didn't know who to love more—my wife, or my daughter?

I pulled them closer once more and my eyes grew heavy. I let myself slip into a content slumber, wondering what tomorrow would bring.

Steam Powered

I slept soundly that night and woke alone. The wobbly ceiling fan hummed overhead as I allowed my eyes to adjust to the morning. The golden room was dark around the edges forming a tunnel, spinning every time I moved my head. Eventually drooping back to my pillow, I closed my eyes to curb the wooziness and felt the cool air chill my skin.

I lay there reaching out for anything I could cover up with—sheets, clothes... anything—but to no avail. A stiff breeze coursed over my naked body again and iced my skin; each gust caused me to burrow deeper into my non-existent covers.

My goosebumps became unbearable and I finally stirred in my bed to look around the room once more. Our covers were laid out on the floor. Random scatterings of clothes dotted the room in no discernible pattern. There was a bottle of lube next to my wife's vibrator on the dresser. Several condom wrappers were strewn across the floor and furniture. I paused again.

Emily and I never used condoms.

Em's towel was on the floor next to Stacey's bra and panties--I shook my head in disbelief; I saw my clothes—and some of Em's—but Stacey's were scattered there too. What exactly happened last night?

I remembered sneaking to bed and eating Emily's delicious pussy. I remembered fucking her mouth and coating her heavenly throat. I remembered... Stacey crawling into bed with us? Yes. She laid between us and frenched me while I teased Em.

I made out with my daughter last night? What just happened? My mind began racing. Was that really her? I love my girl deeply—but how could I kiss my daughter as a lover? When did she lose her clothes? And what happened after? Where is she now? And where did the condoms come from?

I looked down the bed again to see my naked body and semi flaccid cock sprawled onto the mattress. I was shivering and struggled to make sense of what I saw—my mind was unable to pierce the cold on my skin. I sat there listening to the slight gusting of the wind and drone of the shower.

The shower was on.

Gradually the crash of the water faded in. I tried to scan the room again without luck. After sitting a while longer I decided to just ask Em. I moved my feet to the floor and ambled towards the shower—surely she would have some answers.

My unsteady gait guided me towards the master bath and each step struck clumsily onto the wooden planks. My pajamas were in a heap across the room and my muscles bristled in the cool air as I lumbered into the bathroom.

"Babe. Make room for two," I called out.

Emily didn't answer. Steam rose over the smoky glass curtain; I grew closer to the shower spying my wife's blurry image through the door. The steam swirled around shower room and warmed my body. My muscles released their tension into the warm mist.

I slid glass door open—


My daughter looked up with her beautiful blue eyes, wide with trust. Her naked body remained motionless under the hot cascade of the shower. She kept her eyes locked with mine and motioned me to keep quiet; I silently closed my jaw and nodded.

My teen goddess stood before me in a haze of steam. Her black hair was slick and matted to her head with water rolling down her athletic body. Her blue eyes were like sapphires piercing the fog and she beamed a coy smile.

My daughter's perfect breasts glistened in the rain, begging to be drawn into my mouth. The water coursed over her tits and drizzled past her tight waist; her rolling hips and ass tucked into her waxed pussy and shone slick under the massaging shower head.

Stacey beckoned me to enter the shower and continued lathering her tits. Each perfect breast rolled up with her hand before cresting and gently plopping back down to their perky resting spot. My jaw was slack as my eyes feasted on my beautiful daughter and stepped forward, never breaking eye contact.

The door slid shut and I found myself caged in the shower with my gorgeous teen; I kept her stare and inched closer to her tiny body. She pressed her hips into my own and sent a surge of heat through my cock, grinding her bare pussy onto it.

Each of my muscular arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her tight, pressing her breasts into my chest. My cock was now stiff and pressing into her slit. Stace lifted her leg and guided my dick in between her legs before clamping shut again. Her silky pussy sat atop my shaft, radiating heat into the tip, causing it to run flush with passion. The torrent of water continued to flow. My daughter's eyes shone with love as I lowered my lips to hers.

I pressed her tiny mouth into mine; her soft lips sank in and drank my love as we kissed. With each roll of our mouths we eagerly gulped air, never breaking our seal a moment longer than needed.

I held my baby tight as the water continued to cascade over our entangled bodies. I moved my hands up to cup her breasts and feel her silky skin flow between my fingers. Each boob rolled over my massive hands as I pressed up; my thumbs massaged her large nipples into stiff buttons; Stacey's kisses fell into the rhythm of my strokes, moaning slightly with each breath.

She rocked onto her toes matching my swirling rhythm; we stood there riding the wave of our lust as my thick cock worked deeper under her slit. My shaft split her bare lips and she sawed her hips back and forth. We held this pace until I could feel my cock was slick with her anticipation and begging for release.

Then she began our decrescendo. My rod was still on the brink of exploding but each slower gyration teased a little less; I came back from the edge. Stacey broke our kiss and lowered her mouth to my neck; she licked and sucked until she had planted a long, painful hickey at the base of my throat. My toes tingled with each suck from my daughter's mouth until she moved on.

Stace grabbed Emily's loofa and lathered it between our chests. She stared into my eyes and worked the body wash into a thick froth. Her hands lowered to my rock hard cock and gently applied the thick foam. She flexed her wrist as she glid up and down my shaft pumping me with her tiny hand.

My cock pulsed with each stroke. She sensed my ecstasy and slowed again. The jasmine scent of Emily's body wash filled the shower; Stacey placed the loofa in my hand then turned and guided my cock to press into her back. I pulled her slick ass into me and pumped up against her, my shaft slipping vertically through her firm ass cheeks. After three or four strokes I was back on the edge.

Stacey stopped again. She moved my hands to her breasts and belly and slowly worked my hands around her firm body, spreading the lather.

I picked up the rhythm and began exploring her with my soapy hands. I worshipped her nipples and caressed her belly button; my hand slid further south and cupped her mound, slipping my fingers across her tiny opening; I pressed steadily into her tiny lips until I was on the cusp of entering her. Each roll of my finger elicited a soft mewl and a slight shudder; my goddess was now at my mercy—my turn to tease.

She began bucking against my relentless caressing. I lowered my lips to her shoulder and sucked her skin into my mouth; I let her flesh roll tightly between my teeth and felt her tense with the pain. With her revenge hickey in place I continued kissing down her back and pressed her forward. I slid my mouth between her delicious cheeks and began lapping at my baby girl's virgin cunt. I continued stroking her from the front and lowered my other hand to enter her hot snatch; Stacey bucked at the knees trying to impale herself on my hand, but I held her in place.

I savored one last lick from her velvety pussy and worked back up behind her. With a flick of my wrist I threw the loofa to the ground and worked my hands roughly into her fleshy breasts; I slipped my cock between her legs and pressed the tip to her slit. I kept steady pressure on until it glided under her cooch, coming to rest just under her opening. Stacey rocked back and I pumped into her in an opposite rhythm, never allowing her more than a wet rub on my shaft.

Pinching her nipple painfully I grasped her throat and forced her to face me; my cock stayed lodged under her swollen pussy and I drew her tongue into mine. I suckled deeply before reversing and invading her teen mouth with my tongue. My grip relaxed on her throat as I withdrew my tongue. My skin was flush with heat from my daughter under our steamy shower.

Stacey took her cue to pull away. I let her chest go but kept my cock in place and felt the water cascade down her back; she looked back at me and began daintily bending at the waist and pressing her ass to my swollen rod.

I groped her hips and pressed her cunt against my shaft; the tip again slipped under her and pressed out the other side of her toned thighs. She continued bending and grabbed her ankles—Stacey looked up at me over her shoulder. I towered over my baby girl; her wet cunt pressed back into my cock; her cerulean blue eyes locked into mine; I gripped her hips even tighter and flexed my cock into position to stuff her virgin pussy.

I advanced slowly, savoring the feeling as my head sank into her lips. They slowly began to part. Her eyes begged me to take her. My tip kept sinking—almost in. Stacey bit her lip.

Just was her warmth began to envelop my cock an icy rush swept over my chest—the shower door?

I opened my eyes and looked around my room, now well lit by the rising sun. There was a small pile of clothes at the base of the bed and Stacey was lying on my chest—she had kicked most of the comforter off our bodies. Turning left I could see Emily, sound asleep and cuddling in towards Stace.

I blinked several times and checked my clock to make sure I was awake. Was I awake this time? Almost six a.m. Awake before the alarm and this time it was for real. I shook my head and slipped my feet to the floor. I turned off the alarm before it could sound and snuck to the other side of the bed. I began kissing Emily until she stirred awake.

After slipping her from the covers I carried her to the bathroom; I propped Em against the counter and nibbled at her ear. Em continued to try to wake up while I started the shower. I came back and removed her babydoll and panties and tossed them to the hamper. After a few minutes of letting the water warm I rested Em's head on my shoulder and curled her body against my muscular chest. I leaned down and kissed her on the forehead, then cheek, then lips; I swept our bodies into the steamy shower and gently set her to her feet, allowing the warm water to penetrate her frozen mind.

The hot water cascaded over us for several minutes before Emily began to wake up. Steam swirled around while we groggily lathered and massaged soap into each other. We were nearly clean when we began tenderly kissing, still silent save the patter of the water on the tile.

Emily worked her hands down to my member and began stroking it to erection. I clutched her ass and savored the feeling of her soapy hands pumping my cock; each thrust worked my shaft still harder. We kissed deeper as my swollen cock pressed into my wife's firm tummy. Emily broke our embrace and began to lower to her knees.

My cock was at her eye level when she opened her warm mouth, taking me in obediently. Water rushed over her head and gushed off her face while she began bobbing her head on my knob. Em swirled her tongue with each stroke, making sure I remained slick in the torrent of water; each pump threw droplets of water around the shower. Em let out a few soft gurgles as she serviced me—her mouth was heaven. I couldn't wait any longer.

I stopped her.

Emily looked up quizzically while my cock rested in her mouth. I withdrew and caressed her chin while guiding her back to her feet. Before she could speak I spun her around and hugged her ass into my crotch.

I pressed into her back and massaged her body with my firm hands; each caress pressed Emily further back into me. She reached behind herself and began working my shaft again; I let her pump my cock while I worked my hands to her clit. I gently rolled her soft lump with my fingers to the rhythm of her stroking. After several minutes of massaging, with her breath getting heavy, I spread her lips and let her push my tip to her throbbing pussy.

After lining up Emily tried to push back—instead I clutched her thighs and picked her straight up. She braced herself back against my body and folded her knees to her chest. My cock traced a line straight up, magnetically drawn to her velvety opening. Emily pressed one hand against the shower wall and hung the other on the door. I held her there, hovering over my shaft, with my tip poised to impale her. Water continued gushing over our bodies and my wife squirmed with anticipation.

I let gravity take its toll. Emily sank onto my massive cock; the tip spread her lips and slipped into her soaking wet cunt; the shaft continued advancing and sank straight into her tight pussy. Emily settled deep on my cock. I left her there fully impaled on my thick shaft for a while, adjusting to the full sensation while I savored the warm, slick feeling.

I gently bounced her up my shaft and back down; her tight cunt milked my rod.

"Mmph!" Emily squeaked out.

I bounced her again.


And again.


And again. And again. And again.

Emily abandoned the shower wall and cupped her mouth. I increased our tempo—I coasted her up the length of my shaft and let her crash down to the base of my cock; each bounce came faster than the last; each thrust fell harder than the last; our cadence slopped water around shower. I plowed into my wife over and over, filling her completely; each slosh into her pussy sent a spasm through my cock that reverberated into her pleasure; I could feel my cum swelling; we continued to escalate.

I set Em back on the ground and folded her over—my dream of Stacey flashed before me as I started railing into Emily's pussy again. I slammed her hips back into my cock while I thrust forward. Each thrust rocked me closer to orgasm—I could feel waves of pleasure crashing and slowly ebbing, getting closer each time.

Emily was moaning uncontrollably into her hand when she began her guttural release. Her pussy contracted around my shaft and the extra tightness of her orgasms shot through my body—I exploded into her womb and lodged myself as deeply as I could. Emily's knees grew weak as her orgasm continued to pulse through her. I pumped her a few more times in unison with each wave of contractions—each stroke sending another shudder and thick wad of cum as I continued to fill her.

She was now so weak that I was holding her up at the waist, her body collapsing in exhaustion in the warm shower. My warm cum began seeping out of her slit—around my shaft to the shower floor—before sloshing down the drain.

I slowly massaged her with my rod until it began to soften. Eventually her pussy pushed my cock out with a soft plop; I let it hang behind her, dripping with our fluids while she stood to face me.

"Love you." She stated.

"Love you too." I returned.

"So what are we going to do about Stacey?" she asked.

"What can we do? She's growing up... She needs love and support. Though I really wish she didn't need it while I was playing with my beautiful wife." I replied, wondering how the topic moved from our orgasms to Stacey.

"That makes two of us... Did you notice how she looked at me at dinner? And last night, I accidently kissed her instead of you..."

"I wondered what that was," I responded, playing dumb.

"That was me surprised that I was intercepted by my teenage daughter."

"Fair enough... you both seemed to enjoy holding the kiss though."

"Well I thought it was you, Jack. Don't be crass."

"Ok ok. Just saying what I saw. So what do we do?"

"I don't know. We need to have a sit down talk."

"Sounds like a mother daughter thing to me."

"You know she's a Daddy's girl."

"Well... yeah... but I think you should still get the opener."

"We'll see. And no more trying to fuck me in front of her."

"But babe!"

"Don't 'but babe!' me. I know your tricks. You know I'm right."

"Ok, well I'll stop when you stop liking it." I dropped to one knee and looked up at my wife with my best pleading face.

"I love you, now and forever. Anything you want, I will do. But I think you're better equipped to talk to Stacey about this. And in return I will owe you."

I slowly pushed my face into her bare crotch and began kissing—

"Ok ok! Just this once," Emily responded to my kisses.

"Well it better only take once." I got out between slurps.

I lapped her softly several times before cupping her ass and pressing her snatch closer to my face. As I buried into her cunt I increased the speed and pressure from my tongue. Each lap got firmer until I was fucking her with my tongue. I pulled out to lap at her clit, pulling her hood back when I did so. With the rubbing and the pulsing I soon had Emily sinking into my face. I glided two fingers into her soft pussy and used those to massage her while I continued my oral assault.

Emily cupped her mouth once again and soon came on my face—showering me in her juices. I continued to lap at her, not allowing a break until I felt her spasm again. I persisted still until finally she shuddered with an ultimate release and collapsed onto my mouth. I let her rest softly on my lips before licking her clean and standing up.

Once on my feet I Frenched her, pushing her sweet juice into her mouth. She eagerly tasted her quim and kissed me back. We held that wet embrace for several minutes until we mutually decided to clean off and start the day.

"And what's that mark on your next? It looks like a hickey!" Emily questioned as we toweled off.

"Huh. I hadn't noticed it... is that from last night or just now?" I responded, genuinely puzzled.

"Looks old to me," Emily returned.

"Hmm. Yeah I guess so. I don't know... guess we were a little rougher than I remember last night." I smirked and slapped my wife's ass. "I guess I'll owe you one."

"You will not!" Emily giggled in response as she scurried to her walk-in closet.

Dear Diary

I finished toweling off and dressed in my work clothes. Em was still picking out an outfit and Stacey left the room while we were in the shower. I stood there, scanning the room and wondering just what had gotten into my princess. Seems like just yesterday we were watching the Lion King together; now she's apparently trying to seduce either her mother or me. After pondering a bit longer I shrugged it off—Emily said she'd handle it. I headed down the staircase to get a start on breakfast.

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