tagFirst TimeSlightly, Once Ch. 08

Slightly, Once Ch. 08


Our hero is human after all, it seems, but only barely. Let's see if he can be saved from the clutches of the Evil Room Mate. Well, maybe she's not really evil, but only a profound threat. Keep those comments coming -- I appreciate them.


Brian laughed at me. "Well," he said. "You look Well-Fucked. Are you? Which one?"

"We need to talk," I said. "I have an offer you can't refuse."

"OK. What's up?"

I gave him the 30-second version of Kim's almost-rape, and a slightly shorter version of my almost-fucking of Cindy. He laughed.

"I told you you'd be tested. She must be quite the package."

"Brian, I need help," I said, with desperation. "I don't know that I can hold out if she comes at me again."

"So, fuck her," His answer was simple. "She wants it bad, you think she would be a killer fuck. So fuck her."

"I can't do that to Kim."

"So what am I supposed to do about it?"

"I want to set up a double date. Kim and me, Cindy and you."

Now Brian really laughed. "You think she'd have the least interest in me?"

"I don't know. How big is your dick?"

He stood and hitched up his pants, sniffed, and wiped the underside of his nose with the back of his hand. "Well," he said in an exaggerated drawl. "At the County Fair, Ah'm known fer entering the three-legged race all by mah self!"

"Good enough," I said, hoping that he wasn't exaggerating too much, and that this crazy idea would work.

It was an easy argument to make to Kim. In fact, she loved the idea. "Cindy's been lonely, I know. She's appreciated the time she's spent with you as a friend. But secretly, I think she's horny." Little did Kim know.

We set a date for a Saturday afternoon when neither Kim nor Cindy had practice or rehearsal. The three of them decided we needed to go bowling. I didn't need to go bowling, but I needed to be a good sport.

I bowled a 29. 29. Not possible, you say? Oh, yes it is. I proved it. But more importantly, we all had a good time, and Brian and Cindy seemed to hit it off.

After bowling, we went out for a pizza, and had lots of laughs. Many were at my expense, being the expert bowler I had just demonstrated that I was. During dinner, I noticed Cindy and Brian holding hands under the table. I was starting to feel optimistic.

After dinner, Cindy suggested that she and Brian take a walk. It was after dark on a warm fall night in Durham. Brian readily agreed.

"Don't wait up for us!" Cindy said. Brian momentarily looked stunned, but recovered to take her arm and lead her away.

"Could I interest you in some recreational activity in my room?" I said, nose to nose with the woman I loved.

Our noses being too far apart, she closed the gap and kissed me tenderly. "You certainly could!"

Once in my room, after I had put on some soft music, we were almost instantly a tangle of naked legs and arms on my bed. Chances like this were few and far between, and our pent-up sexuality ignited and burned brightly. Tongues, fingers, hands explored. Nipples were erected and sucked, pussy eaten, cock licked, sucked, and swallowed. The preliminaries were long, exciting, and delightful.

"Make love to me, Dave," Kim said, looking up at me as my penis just barely penetrated her. Not even my entire head was inserted. "Love me tenderly, and sweetly tonight, please. I need to know you love me." Her eyes shone. Mine misted as I filled with love for this girl. This woman.

Her pristine body lay below me, as I pushed up on straight arms. I gazed at the perfect breasts, the wonderful, slim tummy with just the hint of ab muscles showing, of the flare to slim hips, trimmed pubic hair, and pussy lips where my cock was poised. The long legs wrapped around me.

"I am always happy to make love to my woman any way she wants, any time she wants," And with that, looking into her eyes, I pushed forward and entered her. She gasped, closed her eyes, and took me by the butt to pull me in all the way.

"Make me your woman, Dave," she said. "I love you more than I can say."

"Then show me, my love. Show me your love."

And that's what we did. Slowly, with great tenderness, we rocked the evening away, giving each other our love, showing each other with our bodies, without words. Lovemaking like that is just the best. Unhurried, fully in-the-moment, where you seem to be outside of time, at one with the universe and each other.

I admit to being a huge fan of the missionary position. I love to feel legs wrapped around me, feel hands running up and down my back, feel hands pulling at my butt, elevate to look at the body beneath me, see my cock move in and out, feel ankles hook behind my knees, feel only genitals touching, and control that sensation, feel body melt into body from head to toe, hold on tight with arms around the back, put arms straight down to grab ass cheeks to help thrust, feel legs spread wide to take a pounding, which, in the missionary position, is easy and fun to give, feel in complete control when an orgasm approaches, and to give seed and love from above, controlling depth of penetration at the time of release. In short, missionary fucking is the best.

There was no pounding tonight. Not even fucking. Just slow, luxurious, erotic, sensitive lovemaking. As I approached climax, I wanted to look at her; see her respond to taking my sperm. But I would make no demands on her. And so we came. I watched her arch a little and climax with me as she felt my penis expand and explode, as she felt my hot seed fill her. She was so beautiful. As I contracted over and over, I whispered my love for her over and over, looking at her sweet face and her wonderful body. I filled with love as I filled her with cum. A tear formed. She saw, wiped it with a thumb, and pulled me down close in a melt-all-the-way hug. I was still spurting. She gave a shudder as her climax peaked, but she didn't let go.

Brian was embarrassed when he barged in the door later to find two probably naked people asleep in my bed under the covers.

"Oh, sorry!" He said. He started to back out.

"It's OK," I said. "As long as we can stay under the covers."

Then I took a good look at him. I nudged Kim "Take a look at what the cat dragged in."

Kim looked, and we both laughed.

"I'm going to take a shower," He mumbled. "Be presentable when I get back." Grabbing his towel from the rack behind the door, he took a pair of shorts and a shirt, and slammed the door behind him.

We giggled almost uncontrollably. "Well," I said. "I think you'll find that your roommate got some relief."

"Yes," she said. "And I am relieved that it wasn't with you."

"With me?"

"Dave, girls talk," she said, in a lecturing tone. "And we're observant. Why do you think I was so excited about your idea of fixing those two up? First of all, Cindy confessed what she tried to do, and how it almost worked. Second, you were obviously hiding something. You are so transparent."

"I feel terrible," I said. "I almost betrayed your every trust."

"Yes. Almost," But she moved in to kiss me. "Then, when the chips were down and everything was at stake, you held true, even when I was behaving so badly." She kissed me again, blue eyes misty. "You really do love me, don't you?"

"I'm sorry if I ever give you any reason to doubt it. Kim, it was really hard to find the words, but I finally did, and I practice them as much as I can. But know this: words aside, the feeling is there. Deeper, richer, and more beautiful than I ever imagined love being. And it's all for you."

"And what about Cindy?" She was teasing now.

"You're teasing me. But I'll be honest. No one but you has ever shown me any interest, until she did. And you have to admit that she is quite the package. Hair, face, body, and those eyes. To have that come at you full-force, like she did to me, is really hard to resist. But in the end, it was the little head trying to talk the big head into caring only about satisfying a hormone rush. Fortunately, the big head won out."

"But it wasn't easy," she said, looking at me closely.

"In the moment, no," I said. "But tell me, when Trey pulled out his cock, and had you helpless against the wall, tell me that you weren't the least little bit excited." I looked at her closely in return. "Be honest."

She looked away, thoughtful. "In the moment, I felt really betrayed and violated. I was in a total rage. But if truth be known, I was a little excited. But only the tiniest bit."

I moved in close. "Does that mean I should tie you up next time?"

"Mmm. Maybe. When is next time?"

"I don't know," I moaned. But then brightened. "If this is going as well as I think it is, our roomies will be as eager to have privacy as we are! I hadn't thought of that!"

"I had," she said simply, and with complete one-upmanship. "Walk me home."

We walked home, and I left her at the entrance to the dorm with a final hug and kiss.

"Are you mad at Cindy?"

"For trying to steal you? How can I be mad at her having such good taste in men?"


"A little bit, but Brian, I think, will help that. She won't be a threat any longer."

"She never was a threat."

"Excuse me, fair prince, but you came inches away from screwing her."

"Well, never a long-term threat."

"Only a one-night-stand threat? You would have felt guilty in the morning?"

"I can see I'm not going to win this one. Just remember, I didn't."

"I remember," My nose got smooched. "Good night, my love."

"And remember, too, that she has good taste in men who taste good!" I turned and skipped away, for effect.

When I got back, Brian was asleep, snoring softly. I didn't wake him to get the details. It could wait.

"ROOMIE!" I rustled him in the morning.

"Oh, God," he moaned. "I feel like I've got a hangover!"

"Hangover! I've got to hear about this! Come on! Tell me over breakfast!"

Brian dragged himself out of bed, and threw on shorts and a dirty T-shirt. We shuffled off to the dining hall for breakfast.

My plate of eggs, bacon, potatoes, and toast outmatched his bowl of oatmeal.

"So, roomie, tell all!" I said with enthusiasm. "You looked totally done-in last night."

"I was."


"I was nearly fucked to death."

"Really? Details."

"We went for a walk. You know that big bush behind this building? She took me in underneath it and raped me."

Oh, yes, I knew that particular bush better than he thought. Playing dumb: "Under a bush? She fucked you under a bush?"

"Yeah," a smile crept in. "Dave, she was unbelievable! You don't know what you missed."

I may not have known what I missed, but I knew what I had.


"Well, here's the thing. I like her. I think I really like her. She's sweet, and smart, and funny."

"And she loves to ride your stick."

"And she loves to ride my stick."

"Well, I'll get the report from Kim."

"Dave? Thanks. Even if it was a 29."

"Brian, thank you for saving me from her."

He grinned. "My pleasure."


I met up with Kim for lunch. She was giddy. "Cindy is smitten with your roommate!"

"Seems the feeling is mutual. Brian's pretty taken with her. Beyond the fact that she almost killed him."

"Almost killed him?"

"He claims she almost fucked him to death."

Kim giggled. "From what I heard, he held his own."

"Really? I didn't hear that version."

"Well, from the secret report I got, your roomie wields a mighty stick."


"He is, apparently, huge." We looked at each other for a second, and broke into gales of laughter.

"I had no idea."

"But here's the neat thing. She's completely smitten with him. She really, really likes him."

"So he's not just a fuck machine with a huge member?"

"No. She thinks he's sweet, smart, funny, and innocent. Dave, this girl's been around, and apparently screwed anything that moved in Bethesda. But she's falling hard, I think. She's showing the signs."

"Who would have thought? I figured they'd fuck once and get it over with, and I could relax. I never figured they'd really link up. But aren't we getting ahead of ourselves? It was only one afternoon of bowling and a pizza."

"Maybe. But we only needed the Homecoming dance." Kim looked wistful, remembering when we first went out, and first kissed.

"True, but it took a little longer for us to fall in love," I reminded her.

"Took you, maybe," she corrected me. "I knew you were a good catch from the moment I kissed you. Like this!" Taking my chin in her hands, she planted one on me. We smiled.

"Well, what we have put together, let us keep from going asunder. All meet for supper tonight?" I asked.

"Good idea. They need to see role models."

"Us? Scary thought."

"Am I so terrifying?" She asked. Careful, Dave.



"When you're on top of me, and you get that certain look in your eyes. I know then that the only thing to do is hang on tight and go along for the ride, hoping that I survive."

"You mean that you get scared that I'm going to fuck you to death?"

"You never know. Sometimes it's a close thing."

Kim smiled. "Good to know, my love. I think you just made my day. See you at 6. I'll have the Vixen in tow."

I just shook my head as I watched her walk away. It made her happy to think she was that good in the sack? And she told me I was always surprising her.

At dinner, I was glad to realize that Brian ate left-handed, because Cindy was clearly not letting go of his right one while they ate. Fortunately, Food Service had concocted a one-armed meal. Mystery Stew Glop needed no knife. It might have been best eaten from a trough. The conversation was light, and we laughed a lot. Sunday night. Homework. Kim had had a fairly light practice, so less in need of a leg massage.

"Can you come over anyway? We can study together," Kim asked.

"Why don't you come to our room," Brian said, looking at Cindy.

"Great idea!" Cindy positively beamed.

"Ground rules," I said. "Everybody home by midnight?"

"Agreed!" The three said in unison.

"I just don't want anyone walking in at inopportune moments," I said.

"Good idea," said Cindy, as she looked at Brian. I wondered if he would survive two nights in a row.

I gathered books and soon knocked on Kim's door.

"It's open."

I came in to find Kim under the covers of her bed, blanket pulled up to her chin.

"Play before work! Get in here."

Off came the T-shirt. Down went the shorts and Jockeys. My pole stuck out straight.

"Wait! Bring that over here," Kim said. I walked to the edge of the bed. She went up on an elbow, and found herself at the perfect height to take me down her throat, which she did, grasping the base of my shaft. "Should I terrify you?" she looked up at me, wickedly.

"How 'bout I terrify you?"

"Betcha can't!"

"Bet I can!"

"What's the bet?"

"T or B."

"T or B?"

"Top or bottom. Winner chooses."

Kim looked at me. "And just how does either one of those constitute losing?"

I shrugged. And grinned.

She gave me One Of Those Looks. "You're on!"

"Stand up!" Kim got out of bed and stood before me, naked.

"Turn around." She turned her delightful backside to me.

One hand on her waist, I pushed in the middle of her back, bending her at the waist. She steadied herself with her hands on the bed. I immediately moved in and mounted her from behind. Both hands went to her waist, and within a few strokes I was pounding her. The sound of my flesh smacking her flesh filled the room as we fucked. She got into it, and fucked me back, matching rhythm.

Her hot pussy felt so good to me. Holding her as we made love felt so good. Hearing her moan and sigh sounded so good. She jammed back against me and shuddered as an orgasm took her. I held still for only a moment, then resumed the pounding.

Slim back before me, hair hanging down. Lovely slim ass. She was so beautiful. So fuckable. So lovable. I watched as my cock pistoned in and out.

She went over the top again, harder than before. This time I didn't stop.

"Oh, God! David! Please! Stop for a second!" Kim panted. "Stop!"

"Are you terrified?"

"Yes! Yes! Stop, please! You win!"

I stopped, buried to the hilt. "So, I get to choose!"

"Yes! You win!"

I pulled her up so I could nuzzle her chin, my member still warm inside. I could hold her breasts and finger her clit. I could run my hands up her sides and just enjoy the feel of her skin. So nice.

"I choose B," I said assertively. "And Kim? Slowly, tenderly, lovingly."

Her smile lit up the room. "With pleasure!"

"That, too."

We crawled into bed and she climbed atop me. I pulled the covers up over her as she guided me into her warmth. She then tenderly, calmly, gently fucked my lights out. How anyone could make love so intensely, with such grace, beauty, and quiet passion is beyond me. She covered me with kisses, melted hr body into mine, pressed every inch of her flesh to my flesh. Her hair was so silky and soft, her skin so smooth and velvety. She did all the work, as my hardness slid in and out. She would hold me in, and then withdraw me until only my helmet penetrated. Then teasing without teasing, she would rotate her hips round and round just the end of me and torture me with her lovemaking. She would look at me and smile while she did this, enjoying my discomfort-which-was-ecstasy, enjoying the control she had over my pleasure. This was all for me. It was physical without seeming so, passionate without exhaustion. You know how someone who's really expert at something makes it look effortless? That's how Kim made it look. I was being expertly fucked. It was transcendently joyous. Every cell of my body tingled as I lay on my back accepting the offering of pure love she gave me with her body. It was excruciating. It was incredible. It was like nothing, ever.

"Kim. I need to fill you with my love," I said, that familiar feeling welling up. It was going to be a big one. I took her breasts in my hands and held them, squeezing her nipples. I kissed each of them, lightly nipping them with teeth. I settled back, holding them, and looked at her beautiful face.

"Yes. Dave, give me every bit," Kim looked at me, eyes soft and full. I went past the point of no return. She saw it in me, smiled, and ground me into her all the way. I felt my semen rise, felt it come every inch up from my balls, and out through my shaft. Every inch of travel, until it burst forth into my beloved lady. She felt it in her, and her eyes went wide, mouth forming a silent "Oh" as my essence bathed her insides. My climax brought her own, clamping down on me with her pussy muscles, having full-body shudders, squeezing me with her legs, and pulling me to her with a frenzy of passionate kisses, her tongue plunging into my mouth, where I sucked it and nipped it and caressed it with my own. Now it was for her, too. We were outside of time. The world quieted as our spirits became one, as our bodies had become one. There was no sound anywhere on the planet. All was still.

Hemingway wrote in "For Whom the Bell Tolls" that the earth moves during lovemaking only three times in a lifetime. Maybe. I noticed the stillness that wrapped itself around Kim and me so often when we made love. We would be cocooned from the universe, in a place where only we two existed. There was nothing but our two bodies, entwined, and the love that welded us together.

She snuggled into my neck. I held her tight. We slowly came back to earth.

"That was the most beautiful thing I've ever experienced," I said. "That was beyond wonderful."

She looked at me with heavy lidded eyes and nodded, slightly, once. I interrupted her wan smile with my lips, just as softly as I could manage. "I love you more than you know."

"No, Dave," she shook her head this time, slightly, just once. "If I love you that much, too, then I do know."

I chuckled. "You're always right."

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