tagFirst TimeSlightly, Once Ch. 10

Slightly, Once Ch. 10


I don't usually recommend reading prior chapters, but you might feel a little lost if you haven't, in this case. In fact, the history is pretty important to "getting" what's about to take place. Who knows? You might enjoy them. But I'm not going to spend precious words on that tedious working-in of prior information: who everybody is, how great the girls look, blah blah blah. None of that. Do your own research. OK. When we left off, our beloved heroine Kim had expressed curiosity about sampling roomie Brian's enormous tool, based on roomie Cindy's prurient testimony. Hero Dave reluctantly, or maybe not so reluctantly agreed, in trade for a night with the delicious Cindy. Dave and Kim have just agreed to this devil's bargain in Kim's room, cuddled together in bed. We pick up with a little overlap. Pay attention.

"The way I see it," Kim said. "It's a test. Can our relationship survive a one-night-stand with someone else? If it can, that's great. If it can't, then it was never meant to last."

I wasn't so sure about the logic behind that. Words like "trust" entered my mind. But it seemed Kim had decided. "You want to do this, don't you?"

A long pause. "Yes."

Another long pause. "And I get a date with Cindy?"

"Fair's fair."

Another long pause. "OK. I'll talk to Brian, somehow."

"I'll talk to Cindy."

We cuddled in without sex, and slept. But not well.

To Dave's surprise, and a little hurt, if truth were known, Brian liked the idea and accepted enthusiastically. So did Cindy, Kim reported. Dave was deeply conflicted, but was, maybe, starting to look forward to it. He wasn't exactly sure how Kim felt, except that she wanted to go through with it. Was she eager?

The four made a date, and Brian and Dave took their exchanged women out to dinner, choreographed to different places. Afterwards, Kim and Brian would return to Brian's room, Cindy and Dave to hers. While they had fun at the restaurants, the sexual tension was ratcheted off the scale. They practically ran back to campus. Eager, apparently, all around.

Brian and Kim arrived back at his room, and closing the door, Kim pressed him up against it and firmly planted her lips on his. Brian responded wholeheartedly. He reversed them, pinning Kim against the door, and kissed her while running his hands up and down her body. She whimpered and pulled him tight. She could feel his hardness pressed against her. They were about the same height, so his dick was right at crotch level. He rubbed it against her and she moaned. Their tongues tangled, with rising heat.

For Kim, it was primal. She had thought about this moment, having Brian and his enormous cock wanting her, using her body for their pleasure. She had fantasized about lying back, butt pressed into his bed, legs spread wide and inviting, to take his hard penis deep within her. Feeling its size fill her up, feeling the friction as it massaged her vagina. Feeling the ridge of its big head inside her. Feeling his weight pressing her into the mattress, feeling his strong shoulders with her arms. Reaching down and feeling his butt rise and fall while he fucked her. And she would fuck him, really fuck him, with her entire body and spirit. She fantasized rocking her hips to stimulate him, hands grabbing him and pulling him deeper. She thought that it was about giving, surrendering, and taking. Giving her body to a man completely, surrendering herself totally to his most basic need, taking his cock and using it to light a fire within her that would spread from her cunt to every part of her body. Her cunt. She usually didn't like that crude word. But she did tonight. Cunt.

She would feel him stroke, feel his huge dick fill her, and empty, fill and empty. The momentary joy of being completely filled, the brief despair when he withdrew, and the quick anticipation of being filled again. A rapid see-sawing of emotions with the powerful see-sawing of his stiff, gigantic prick. She would hear his grunts, feel his hot breath on her neck as he put his full weight upon her. She would feel his hips rub her inner thighs as they moved, skin upon skin. She would feel the backs of his knees with her ankles, feel his butt with her feet, feel his waist with her legs as she wrapped high around him. Feel her nipples against his chest, feel his trim belly against hers. Feel his whiskers chafe her face and, she knew, her inner thighs.

And she would feel his sweet cock filling her, stroking, stimulating, rubbing, caressing, massaging, pounding. She would hold her legs out wide, in a posture of giving herself completely to him, total surrender, lying and taking that pounding joyfully. She would say his name in time with his thrusts. She would revel as he pushed up to look down at her body, to look at his erection slide between her lips, watch as she worked her body just for him; breasts jiggling, washboard abs clenching as she thrust her hips against him and squeezed him in her snatch. She wanted him to see her, love her, and screw her relentlessly. She wanted to make him lose control. Then she would beg him for more.

She imagined fucking him for a long time, feeling that delightful thing bring her to orgasm many, many times. Her orgasms would be celebrations of the mating rite, celebrations of sex. She would celebrate raw fucking at its animal best. Lying on her back, she would take delicious long thrusts of rigid meat from a prime example of pure maleness. And then she would finally feel what was already enormous swell even bigger, his purple helmet expanding to fill her already-full love canal. And then, taking him in all the way and clenching him to her, reaching, reaching towards him with her pelvis, she would feel him spasm along his entire long shaft as he emptied himself within her, giving her his essence, his precious fluid. She would accept his gift greedily, feeling it deposited so, so, so deep within her fertile place, using her vaginal muscles to squeeze and milk every last drop of his semen, his manhood, as she felt him contract to give it to her in his own ecstasy. His explosion would ignite her own, shooting jets of intense, fiery pleasure up her spine and throughout her body, emanating from that central place where they joined as one. Stars and galaxies would explode in her mind. She would focus her every nerve on the feeling of this man's penis giving her everything she wanted. It was an ancestral, ancient, instinctive impulse: to mate fully and joyfully with a male, which she craved with every fiber of her being.

I have always been the sweet girl next door, Kim thought. The All-American Girl. Tried to be charming, tried to be nice, tried to be what everybody wanted. Tonight is for me, though, she thought. Tonight I want to be a slut. Tonight I want to share my body, spread my legs wide and wantonly, take a hard cock and fuck it all night long. Tonight I want to feel completely vulnerable, to give my body to a man who will give me sex until I beg him for mercy. And I will take it all. And I won't beg for mercy. I'll beg for more, harder, faster. Tonight I want to feel completely fulfilled as a woman; completely used as a whore. Tonight I want to shed the old Kim and enter into a new one that does nothing but crave cock, and beg to be fucked again and again. Tonight I want to be a cum slut, just because that isn't who I've been, and because this is my one chance to redefine myself, if only for one night. And I choose to love and want sex with a big cock, as exciting as I can make it.

All this went through Kim's mind as she looked at him with eyes afire, and set about loosening his pants. He stepped back, and she peeled down his jeans and jockeys. His member bounced out and slapped her face as she knelt to take his pants down. She looked at it.

"Oh, my God! It's huge!" She took it in her hand. Even with her big hand, she could barely get her fingers around it. It had to be eleven inches long. "Cindy can fit all of this?" Brian looked at her, and nodded wordlessly.

"I have to taste it!" Kim pointed the big thing at her mouth, and opened wide. She could barely get the head past her lips. Brian's eyes closed in bliss, and he took her hair in his hands.

Kim worked to get his cock into her mouth. It was hard to do, given its girth, but she was able to get more in. She sucked and started to stroke it with her lips. Brian moaned. He pulled her up and moved her to the bed. She sat, and he stood before her. She took him again, and sucked.

Meanwhile, Cindy and Dave arrived at her room. She closed the door and he stood there, a little nervous. She saw it and came to him, putting her arms around his shoulders. "You're nervous, aren't you?" She was so beautiful. So appealing. Dave was speechless. But he knew he wanted her. Wanted her badly. His desire was overcoming his shyness quickly. He felt himself rising.

He nodded, slightly, once.

"Don't be. I'll take good care of you." Her smile lit up the room.

He bent and kissed her, and found her lips and tongue unbelievably sexy. She snaked her tongue into his mouth and attacked. Her body went liquid and every curve pressed. Wow. What a first kiss.

She felt him as she pressed against him, and smiled. She looked at him. "How many times have you cum in one night?" Her torso rubbed him. He knew that she knew of his arousal.

He had to think. "Uh. Four maybe."

She looked at him steadily. "Now I know what it will take to set a new record." And she resumed kissing. She was on fire, and it was spreading.

"Do you want to me?" she asked, reaching between them to caress his prize.

"Very much."

"Then, let's get our clothes off." They did, and tumbled into Cindy's bed. Her body was incredible – a dancer's body with smooth lines, firm muscles, and soft skin. Pert breasts were neither too big nor too little, firm and jutting, with small aureoles and sweet nipples, pencil-sized and fully aroused. Skin pulled tight over strong abs, all the way down to trimmed pubic hair. Well-muscled legs without a trace of fat. It was all perfect, and perfectly fuckable. Dave ran his hands all over her delicious curves as he moved down. He put her legs on his shoulders, and started to eat her out, hands caressing her hips and tummy. Dave loved tummies. And she tasted so sweet.

"Oh, Dave, you're driving me crazy!" Her hands took his head and gently pulled. He rose and moved forward. Her ankles found the small of his back, and his penis slid inside her as if they had been doing it for years. No more preliminaries. They both wanted this. She gasped as she felt him enter; her hands grabbed his ass and pulled him in. She wasn't exactly tight, and she was very slippery inside. Nevertheless, the feeling was sublime.

Cindy could have considered Dave as just another of a long line of cocks she had fucked. She loved sex. Loved to feel a man on top of her. Loved to be filled with hard male meat. Loved to learn about how she could use her dancer's body to give a man, and herself, carnal pleasure. But this was different. While Kim didn't share the same explicit details as Cindy shared with her, she had positively glowed when she mentioned that she and Dave would sometimes make love. And when she used those words, they seemed to have an entirely different meaning than just a casual reference to the sex act. When Kim talked about making love with Dave, she meant love – full, whole-being love that consumed the heart as well as the genitals.

Cindy had never felt that. Hers was a history of casual, if delicious, sex. But she had never had a man take her heart. Had never entwined with his body and felt him consume her in warmth. She took pride in how well she fucked. She knew her oral skills were as good as anyone's. She used an active imagination to dream ways of using her body as no one else. She had a reputation, to be sure, and she actually reveled in it. But love? That had been elusive. She cared about Brian. He was a nice guy. But mostly she craved his big dick. She had thought she was falling in love with him, but not so. She had fallen back into her pattern of wonderful, but emotionally empty sex with Brian. In fact, she could rarely get Dave out of her mind, even when Brian mounted her and she wrapped around him, and gave them what they both wanted. And she did want it. It might be emotionally barren, she thought, but a good fuck still feels great.

And now, here was Dave. Kim loved him, and went on and on about what a good man he was. Sensitive, caring, shy, modest. Incredibly supportive of her basketball. Very smart. Helpful. Encouraging, positive, and very affectionate. Her parents loved him, especially her mother. He had been her first, and only lover. She had even told her mother that they fucked! And her mom was OK with it, and even helped make opportunities! Cindy couldn't imagine that. Dave was devoted to Kim. Loyal, faithful, loving.

But she had him for the night. Cindy dreamt of having Dave fall in love with her, and loving him in return. Fantasized having feelings of love permeate their relationship, and filling their sex with overwhelming emotion, along with sublime physical pleasure. Stealing him from the tall blonde forever. Cindy knew, from their first interactions, when she had almost captured him, that he felt attracted to her. How to kindle his love?

At the same time, she had never dated anyone so tall. Dave, at 6'6" dwarfed her tiny 5'4" frame. She visualized him between her legs, his long body covering hers, pressing against her. She imagined his cock driving in and out, and her fucking him with all her talent and experience. She liked the image. She still loved sex, and looked forward eagerly to fucking him silly. But that wasn't love. She realized that as well as she knew how to fuck, she didn't know how to fall in love. She didn't know how to capture his heart, as well as his penis. The penis was the easy part.

Hmm, she thought, we might as well start with a good fuck, and then see where it leads.

"Let's make the first one a quickie," she said. "I suspect you won't last, and I don't want you to hold anything back." He complied, and started pounding her pussy. He had a really good cock, she noticed. She settled in to feel it as it fucked her. Nice. This was a good fuck. Better than a good fuck. Her body started to tingle all over as he drove in and out. Time to put on a show.

Brian stood Kim up, and proceeded to strip her. Standing before him naked, he could only gaze in wonder. "You have the perfect body," he said.

"Take it," she said, "Take all of it."

Brian removed his shirt, and stepped out of his pants. He lifted Kim up and gently laid her on the bed. She spread her legs, and held the inside of her thighs open, beckoning him. Brian came on top of her and immediately started kissing and fondling her breasts. Kim squirmed and writhed in pleasure. He smelled the perfume she had put in her cleavage as his tongue delighted her. Her scent was irresistible.

Kim couldn't wait any longer. Her loins were on fire. She needed cock. "Now! Take me now!" Brian moved up, his massive, rock-hard tool poised between her pussy lips. She took him in her hand to guide him, but he needed no help. He wanted this, too. Badly. He had never been as hard. It felt like his penis was reaching out towards her, wanting to bury itself in her.

Kim felt it enter and stretch her as nothing ever had before. She gasped, and screamed. Brian stopped pushing.

"No! Keep going! Give it all to me!" Brian pushed forward, and more of his gigantic dick sank into Kim's pussy. She moaned and worked counter to him, to drive him deeper. Finally, he was all the way in.

"I don't believe how this feels!" Kim said. "I can't believe how you fill me up! It feels sooo good!" Brian pushed up to look down at Kim's body, and saw himself penetrating her. Liking what he saw, he moved a little, pulling out. Kim whimpered. "Put it back!" she cried.

Brian obliged, and started gently thrusting. Kim responded, pivoting her hips with his motion. Pretty soon, they were fucking hard. Brian's dick went to places Kim never knew she had. She had never felt so full, never imagined she could feel so full. She loved it. She showed it in the way she began to fuck him in earnest with that long, lithe body, those perfect, slim hips. Adjusted to his mammoth size, she felt free to move, and move she did, giving them the ride of their lives.

Dave was lasting longer than he expected the first time with Cindy. He was giving her a relentless pussy pounding, and enjoying every thrust. She became like molten metal, writhing and wrapping around him, pulling him to her and using her body as he had never imagined. Her heels caressed his back and legs as she moved in ways he never dreamt anyone could do during sex.

"I'm going to cum, Cindy!"

"Fuck me, David! I love your cock fucking me!" She meant it, too. She redoubled her motions, molten metal flowed, and Dave went over the top. She did, as well, and it was as if her pussy melted and formed itself around his spurting dick, clamping on it so hard he almost passed out.

"Oh, God, your cum is so hot inside me! I can feel you shoot! Oh, I love it!" She almost bucked them off the bed. Dave thought it was the fuck of a lifetime. They held each other tight, and regained their breath.

Cindy looked up at him with those pale grey eyes, face framed by tousled black hair. "Think," she said. "That was just for openers." Brian had said that she had tried to fuck him to death. Dave understood.

Cindy was pleased with herself. She was delighted to have had not just a good fuck, but a really fine one. She suspected that he had a short recovery time, and she longed to take advantage of that, to feel him fill her again soon. Five times wasn't unreachable. She almost salivated at the thought of how many times she would cum. But she wanted more than just another good fuck.

Kim had her legs spread wide, holding them apart, hands gripping knees as Brian pile-drove his huge dick into her. She grunted with every in-stroke. "I love your huge cock so much! Fuck me with your huge cock! Give me every inch! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Kim went over the top and screamed as her orgasm shook her. That took Brian to the end, and with a growl he buried his massive thing in her and exploded in a mind-bending ejaculation. Kim felt what seemed to be gallons of sperm bathe her vagina, and it extended her orgasm as she felt herself take all his fluid. Brian thrust in deep each contraction, grunting as his seed filled her. She pulled him tightly against her as they came. She completely surrendered to sex. She loved it. The room spun. Brian smelled the perfume behind her ears as the power of his climax shook him. Completely irresistible, the scent made him cum even harder.

Slowly, they came down, Kim showering Brian with little kisses. After a few minutes, she looked at him, running her fingers through his hair.

"That was the best I've ever had. But we're not done, you know."

Brian smiled. "I know. There's more where that came from." They cuddled in.

Cindy wriggled against Dave's still-hard penis. "Can you go again? One down, four to go." She smiled a smile that melted the edges of his heart. Her fingers ran through his hair. He was still very hard. She was very beautiful. And very sweet.

"I don't know, but it's worth a try."

Rolling them over, Cindy squatted on top. "You just need proper stimulation." Which she proceeded to give him, moving her slim hips on his cock, grinding him in all the way, withdrawing, grinding in. It was incredible, the way this girl could fuck.

And Cindy was enjoying fucking Dave. Really enjoying it. His cock felt good, and despite his relative inexperience, he knew how to use it. But the loneliness crept in. She wanted to feel love. She wanted to consume him in emotion, and feel consumed in turn. But how? Love had eluded her thus far, and especially in her sex life. She craved it, but wasn't sure how to get it. It almost hurt, deep in her chest, even as his wonderful cock filled her. Finally, she decided simply to ask.

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