tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSlimeball Gets Payback

Slimeball Gets Payback


My name is Nina. I work my ass off every day to keep food on the table and pay rent. It's a pretty nice ass too, if I say so myself. I have C breasts; I'm not going into too much detail on my body though, because this story really isn't about me. This is more about my work.

My boss is a rich slime ball named Larry. All he does all day is scratch where he isn't supposed to and sexually harasses the women who work for him, all day long. He knows he can get away with it, because everyone who works here needs the job desperately. But one day, he pushed us too far.

That day, he was walking around, spanking girls, winking at them, hitting on them, as usual. I was bending over, getting some water from the water cooler. I heard him coming, but you can't speed up a water cooler. I expected to get spanked or grabbed in the ass, so I braced myself making sure I wouldn't drop my water. What he did, was so unexpected, so slimy, so surprising, there was no way I could hold onto my drink.

He went so far as to unzip his fly, and push his erected penis, only covered by a tiny pair of cotton white briefs, roughly between my legs. I spilled the water down my bodice, soaking my breasts and making my nipples point out like torpedoes. I screamed, and jumped, and spun around like a scared deer. This was way over the line, way too far. The other women around me, Belle, Rosa, Yvette, and Sara all gasped in horror.

But what was horror and shock, soon turned into anger for us. When Larry went into his office, smiling like a victorious assassin, we began planning, calling lawmen, and other friends that new about court and laws and that kind of thing. No, we weren't trying to get him arrested, we were going to beat him far, far worse.

Our plan was to take place the next day, and we made all the preparations, and smoothed out all the roughness. This plan was almost foolproof. The next day, Rosa, Yvette, Dianne, Sara, Belle, and I put our plan into action. We marched into his office, and demanded he get the fax machine fixed. Since we went in as a group, he had to take a look. Of course when he got there, the fax machine wasn't broken. With all our traps in place, we set the trigger. We all did our jobs, and were soon rewarded with the struggling form of Larry fastened to the ground.

Rosa, a Costa Rican with straight black hair, proceeded with phase 3. Soon, Larry was in the nude, still struggling. The next step was not pleasurable for Yvette (she has wavy blonde hair, and huge breasts. I think she was a showgirl at one time.) And me. We had to lick Larry into an erected state. Yvette began licking and sucking his scrotum and balls, and I slurped around his penal area, paying most of my attention to his helmet. Our tongues met a few times, I tried to ignore it, but truth be told, I enjoyed it. While we were doing this Dianne (she has very short blonde hair and smaller A breasts), put duct tape over his mouth, so he wouldn't annoy us with his talking. He was erected very soon. Now it was Sara's job to go through the next phase.

Don't worry, it's not like she chopped off his wiener or anything, though we really had the right to. Sara had very long legs and a naturally beautiful body. Her breasts were a C and her legs were long and flexible. She lifted up her skirt, revealing an uncovered pussy, sopping wet from 'preparations' with a dildo, onto his erected cock. I had to hold it up and made sure it hit the target. I enjoyed the sight of her tight glistening pussy very much. Then she had to wiggle a bit to get him all the way in, and began pushing, up and down, in and out. Soon, Larry grunted and let his sperm shoot as deep into Sara as she could get him to.

The next step was to repeat the last step with every single woman. I volunteered to go next, lifting up my own skirt. I lowered my wet pussy, lightly surrounded in brown pubis, onto his now soaking wet dick. I rode him the best I could, trying to enjoy it, and soon I could feel him tightening up, and I was flooded with his spunk. His penis began to go down, as he stared up at his tormentors.

Yvette lifted up her blouse, revealing her mountainous melons, and pulled her miniskirt down around her ankles. She was shaved completely, with no pubic hair whatsoever showing. This semi-hardened our victim, and she made him harder than ever before by grinding her wet cunt onto his growing erection. Once he was full, she took in his fullness with a slurp and banged him like an expert, which I'm sure she was. Her tits were so nice…

Rosa Also made him ejaculate into her very hard with her fake Latin orgasmic screams. We could tell they were fake by the way she kept winking at us. Dianne was very tight, so it took us a while to get him inside her. We had to help by widening her pussy with our fingers. This act made precum drip from Larry's dick hole, and it also made me want another ride on his rod. But, the tightness also made him cum like a hurricane. And Belle, who had very long brown hair, B tits, and an ass that rivaled my own, took her turn to ride the beast. She wasn't as tight as Dianne's, but almost, and after sucking him back to life; she was also able to make him cum pretty fast.

We each rode him another time, this time I made sure I was last so I wouldn't get horny again. And our plan was almost over. Next we just had to find out we were pregnant, sue him, and get his business and every penny he owned. The loopholes we found from our friends were very, very helpful…

Not only that, but eventually I was able to open my coworkers up to my lesbian ideas. None of us stay horny for too long anymore. We bought a house together and it is really great fun and ecstatic feelings all day long. Larry's in jail for not being able to pay child support, but now our business more than pays for it.

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