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Sloppy Seconds


Her Frame of Mind

Boredom! Absolute boredom! And of course, the elixir, alcohol was part of the equation!

How else could one explain a reasonably attractive, articulate, mostly responsible thirty-six year old woman going to a roach palace motel with the intent of fucking two men she hardly knew?

It began late on a Friday night. With her second scotch in hand she wandered about her room wondering what she could possibly do next to make the night go faster. She was restless and could find nothing within the confines of her space that could distract her. She had already watched all the television she could tolerate, was un-stimulated by the book she was reading, and prepared an unremarkable dinner, eaten with no appreciation for flavor.

Restless! Indescribably restless!

She even resorted to a soak in a hot bath. Nothing soothed her. Her life seemed to be heading to the end of a road that led to nowhere.

Janis Ian's Belle of the Blues played hauntingly in the background. The words taunted her......."I was born on the shelf of a rare book library..."

That was the pivotal moment. She sat up so suddenly that the water splashed over the sides of the tub. She jerked the chain upwards with her big toe and the plug followed. There was no cognizant thought of getting dressed and leaving the house. Nonetheless, she found herself standing naked before the open closet door.

She chose a white peasant blouse and soft denim jeans. She ran the brush loosely through her hair and applied one swipe of pale pink lipstick across her pouting lips. She looked in the mirror and spoke to her own reflection. "Where to now? Hell! Who cares! Any place but here!" .

The Bewitching Hour

She parked the car directly outside the bar. As she glanced around she noticed how few cars were there. And only one did she recognize. No matter. She was not feeling overly sociable anyway.

She pulled the heavy door open and the stale odor of cigarettes assaulted her. The bar was virtually empty. The only people there beside herself were the bartender and two men playing darts at the back of the room.

Colleen took the seat closest to the door. Even then she was leaving a quick escape as a possible option.

Brett came over to greet her. "Hey Darlin'! What'ya doing back here tonight?"

"Slumming!" She gave him a half smile.

She had been in earlier that afternoon with Dwayne. They often met for cocktails after work. He couldn't stay tonight. He had a date. They were only part-time lovers; they were the other's fill-in when the need arose.

Tonight that need was huge! What she had not expected was to be disappointed that he was not spending the evening with her.

"What are you drinking tonight?" She looked closely at him and realized that he was a very attractive man. She had always been attracted to dark haired men. Mentally she tried to picture his chest and imagine the dark bed of curls and her head resting on top of them. An image of a naked Brett flashed through her mind's eye. She felt a stirring between her legs. The blood rushed to her cheeks and she blushed involuntarily. Brett either did not notice or did not acknowledge it.

However, someone else had noticed. She felt his stare. There stood one of the regulars with both elbows resting on the bar. He smiled impishly and looked at her as though he was mentally undressing her.

"Give the lady whatever she'd like, Brett, and put it on my tab."

Recklessness was her partner for the night, so she ordered a Wild Turkey and Peppermint Schnapps.

They had seen each other but never really spent any time talking. He wasn't her type. She preferred suits, the business type, clever men who could challenge her mentally and who could appreciate her intellect and wit. She had a rule; her men had to be smarter than she was.

Recently life had taught her that being smart did not mean that a man had good character.

Robert was muscular and tan with auburn colored hair and a matching handlebar mustache. He stood over six feet tall; and, he wore jeans, cowboy boots and a white tee shirt with his cigarettes rolled up in the sleeve.

He remained on the opposite side of the bar and sipped his own drink deliberately slow. He never took his eyes off Colleen. She began to squirm in her seat. Bingo! He saw that movement as his cue to move on over to the stool beside her. They exchanged basic pleasantries.

"Never seen you out here this time of night. Are you up to no good?" He laughed good-naturedly. Idle conversation required no response, so she gave none.

He cocked his head and motioned towards the dartboard and asked if she would like to join them.

Her initial response was to decline.Her limited skill level embarrassed her. But, he wouldn't accept "no" as an answer.

She downed her drink quickly. "What the hell! Okay, I'm yours for the evening! Teach me!"

Introductions were made with his friend Steve who was already nailing bull's eyes with almost every throw. When she first looked into his eyes she saw mischief.

Tonight mischief was good! She was up to some mischief herself!

"Hello Little Lady!" His Texas accent was evident. He stood about three inches taller than his friend and almost a foot taller than she. He too was well tanned and his hair was a sun bleached curly blonde. His attire echoed Robert's, jeans and white tee shirt, and well-worn brown-tooled boots.

He brushed against her. Her nipples responded and hardened beneath the thin white fabric of her blouse. Both men noticed!

The first lesson began behind the line. Steve positioned himself behind her with one hand on her left shoulder and the other guiding her hand and wrist action for the initial throws. She could feel his firm erection pressed against her buttocks.

Her next time up at the line and Robert stood behind her to guide her throw. She could feel his warm breath on the back of her neck. Her mind was reeling! Already she was surrendering to whatever would be.

Drinks and music kept flowing. And the more games they played the more relaxed and confident and sexy she became. And, yes, as the games progressed a new game took shape. Two men and a one woman were now playing a game called Desire.

Somewhere around midnight she asked Robert to dance with her. He was hesitant. Claimed he wasn't much of a dancer. But, he took her into his arms and drew her body tightly against his. "You are one hot little babe!" He slipped his hand into the waistband of her jeans and squeezed.

Colleen made no protest. He laughed and boldly slid his index finger into the crevice of her ass cheeks. Her sigh was one of satisfaction.

"Would you consider going someplace private and making our own music?"

"Now?" She was intoxicated with the sexual tension.

He nodded affirmatively.

"What about Steve" she asked nervously.

"That's up to you Lady. I don't have a problem inviting him along if you don't"

Recklessness, her partner for the evening, challenged her to say yes. And, she did.

Too Late For Turning Back

Robert stood next to Steve and spoke quietly to him. Steve's eyes locked on Colleen's and he smiled a sexy devilishly smile. All the players were now in place and it was time to spin the dial for the next game move.

The three of them left the bar together after settling the tab and telling Brett good night. If Brett had any inclination of their intended escapade he gave no visible indication.

Robert opened the door of his truck and climbed into the driver's seat, while Steve opened the passenger side and like a true gentleman helped her climb up to take her place between the two men. The engine cranked alive and the radio took on life as well with the sounds of Bob Dylan crooning "lay lady lay, lay across my big brass bed."

Perfect mood music! It could not have been better had it been planned!

Robert being a man of few words but decisive action reached behind the visor and took hold of a fat doobie. He flipped the top of his Zippo lighter and touched the flame to the tip. He took a deep drag and passed it to Colleen. She held it tentatively and before she would allow herself to second-guess her actions, she too dragged deep and hard. Immediately, she coughed and gagged.

"Careful, Lady" Robert 's eyes were sparkling," this here is a rather special evening. Don't fly off now!"

Steve too participated. He dragged on it for few minutes before turning to Colleen and pulling her towards him. He kissed her rather roughly and forced her mouth open with his tongue. He forced her to take into her lungs the smoke he had been holding.

What had she got herself into?

Within just minutes Robert had navigated the truck into the courtyard of an old highway side motel that had already seen it's last good day. He got out the truck cab and loped over to the office.

Colleen hardly noticed his absence for Steve had crept his hand beneath her blouse and was gently pinching her tender and oh so aroused nipples. She let her head roll back to the edge of the seat and closed eyes and surrendered to the absolute pleasure of his skillful hands. He unsnapped her thin bra and cupped her breast before lowering his lips to suckle. He allowed the tips of his teeth to graze across every millimeter of the ripe tissue. She had begun to writhe in the seat with pent up desire. Steve maneuvered her body forward and lifted her blouse over her head. She was naked from the waist up.

Robert was back with a room key. He opened the truck door and dome light flicked on. Neither Colleen nor Steve seemed to notice. She had unzipped his pants and removed his stiff erection for inspection.

Robert chuckled merrily, "Oh, yeah, save some of that action for me girl!"

He was able to park right outside the door to the room. Colleen crawled out right behind Steve and walked half naked into the room with her blouse clutched in her hand and her breasts standing firm and proud and ready for more stimulation.

She was ready for ecstasy! Oh hell! She wanted to be royally fucked, hard and high, horizontal or vertical, or standing on her head. She was so hot and flying high with mixed venues of intoxication.

Neither of the men hesitated a moment in shedding their clothes. Steve lay across the faded green chenille bedspread with one arm propping his head. Robert sank to his knees in front of Colleen and slowly removed her jeans. He had her stand before him and forced her legs apart. He edged his nose up to the opening of her newly trimmed lips and inhaled deeply.

"Oh, Babe, you smell so sweet!" With one thumb on each vaginal lip he pulled the lips open for his bird's eye inspection. "You are so pink! And I can feel your heat!"

She was so wet that a bead of body fluid trickled down her thigh. Robert's tongue traced a line up her thigh and he caught the liquid. Colleen swooned and let out a pleasure sigh. He steadied her by holding her ass checks firmly in his grasp as he pursued licking the outer edges of her thickening lips.

She responded enthusiastically! She thrust her hips forward and griped fiercely to the locks of his hair. She pulled his head into her body. He was savoring every second and plunged his tongue into the steamy canal.

"I have to lie down! Come to the bed with me!" She was begging for more!

He stood and scooped her small frame into the cradle of his arms and carried her to the bed. He kissed her furiously. Her mouth hungrily fed on his as they took turns sucking on the other's tongue and exploring the other's mouth. He never once closed his eyes. He did not want to risk one visual second of being with her.

Gently he placed her on the bed and guided his now glistening body next to hers. She turned on her side to face him and wrapped her hand tightly around the base of his swollen penis and urged him towards her.

Steve had been patient long enough! He spooned closely to the back of her. He positioned his cock at the crack of her backside. Robert saw his intent and took on the role of subordinate so Steve would have a turn at leading the scene. Robert was content to use his magic lips in fluctuation between her lips and her breasts.

She was captivated and enthusiastic about any and every place they chose to touch or pleasure her.

Steve began to thrust his hips. His cock was so long and so thick that Colleen was not sure her body would be able to take all of him. He brushed her hair to the side and kissed the back of her neck and nibbled her shoulders. Robert's fingernails gently raked a pattern across and around her patch of pubic hair. He twisted and tugged each time Steve thrust forward. Her vaginal lips parted wider each time. Her clit looked like a mini cock!

"I'm coming inside you now. Open up for me!" Steve's voice was raspy. The next few strokes were hard and fast. Her body opened willingly and she did take all of him. Her vagina felt packed and full, and the walls clung to him tightly.

Robert's lips slid down her body. He took her bud between his lips and sucked wet and tender while Steve pounded her vagina. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her to her knees. He was going to fuck her doggie style. Robert slipped to the side of the bed and touched her lips to his ready cock.

She wanted to please him. She wanted to give him as much pleasure as he had been giving her. She knew how to suck a cock with an intensity that would make his legs wobble. Her tongue was very wet and her throat was cable of swallowing all of him. She cupped her tongue around the head and concentrated on the sensitive underside.

"I knew you would be good." Robert was breathing hard and could hardly stand nor speak.

Suddenly her body was shifting. Steve had lifted her up and had her legs supported in his huge hands. He was in total control of her balance and his. With the next thrust she emitted a lustful scream for he had penetrated her deeper than she knew was possible. She shuddered over and over again. Her vagina was throbbing in a spasm of contractions. Her face was on fire. She was covered in a light sweat of heated passion.

"Oh shit! She's milking me! I can't hold back!" He was pumping and grunting and lost in the release of his cum deep inside her.

Robert had pulled back to allow her the full experience of this first orgasm. He was sitting on his haunches with the wall supporting his weight. He stared intently at her face as she let go and came hard.

When Steve shot off, he filled her with volumes of cum. As he withdrew from her the semen ran down both her legs and created a large round wet spot on the bedspread. He rolled over onto his back with both arms stretched above his curly blonde head.

Colleen collapsed face down on the mattress. She was still breathing hard. Her face was only inches away from Robert's. He smiled at her and nodded affirmatively.

"After you catch your breath, would you be up to allowing this man the right to sloppy seconds?"

Colleen giggled at the very thought! But, that very nasty thought ignited her into another immediate flame. This would be her first time to have this experience. Yet she would readily admit that it was something she had been craving as a fantasy for years. And now fantasy was crossing to reality!

"YES!" Being wanton seemed to suit her very well indeed. This whole experience was much more exciting than she could have imagined!

Sloppy Seconds

Steve had gone to shower. They were alone for the first time ever.

"I don't usually say much, Colleen, but don't let that fool you. I am a very oral man!"

In a flash he was between her legs and lapping at the sticky juices that oozed from within her. She was stunned! Thrilled!

She threw her legs open wide to give him full access to anything he wanted. His tongue was buried deep inside her vagina and he was willingly lapping another man's cum. That thought brought her to an immediate climax. He licked her and licked her and let his tongue explore her taught pink ring as well.

"Come fuck me Robert! I need this! I want this!"

Now Robert was a gentleman and he never disappointed a lady! So, he climbed her and claimed her as his prize. He impaled her and they both moaned in unison. She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and held him to her and they fucked as though that moment was all that mattered in life.

"I feel his cum, Colleen, do you? I'm going to give you mine too. You are going to be so wet!"

Colleen s pleasurable cries were punctuated with words she rarely thought about, let alone used. "Pound my cunt. Pinch my tits! Oh, your prick feels so good!"

They both came. They both gushed wet.

Sloppy seconds were just the prelude for an evening of lurid desire and exploration.

They all fell asleep entangled in the warmth of the other in the small bed with a faded bedspread.

Robert drove her home at six the next morning. "Get some sleep Darlin'. I'll call you this afternoon and take you back to get your car." He kissed her sweetly before she jumped down from the cab of the truck.

She put her key into the lock and opened the door to her home. She was at peace and ready for sleep.

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