Slumber Party


Then two different hands grabbed her PJ bottoms and pulled them suddenly off. She gasped and tried to stop them but they were to quick. Next they grabbed her and threw her to the bed. She felt Sam's hands tighten around her arm and her wrist and pin her down to the bed. "You hold her other arm down. Rosie. She is all yours. I know you want her, don't deny it. Be the one to educate her on the pleasures a woman's body can feel." Sam urged.

Lisa did as she was bidden, and Mandy began to put up a fight. 'They are going to rape me?' "No guys! This is Wrong. I don't want it."

"You just don't know what your missing out on. Once you feel it, you'll forgive us." Sam whispered into her ear, "Try to relax."

Rosie had hesitated during this time, but her lust was to much for her to bare. She grabbed the sides of Mandie's panties and pulled down, removing them. Her bush was tidy and trimmed, just light curly hair. Her pussy was wet, and her reddened swollen lips beckoned Rosie.

Mandy was still putting up a bit of a struggle, but the girls had her held firmly. "Fuck her" Both the girls urged, both excited about what they were about to see. Rosie begun to trace her finger over her friends lips, gently warming her to the touch of her body. She ran her finger over Mandies cunt, and got it wet. She then licked it clean.

"Hmm. She tastes nice guys!" then she pushed her finger gently against Mandies reddened clit, Mandy shuddered involuntarily. At this point Rosie couldn't wait any longer and she dove her mouth into Mandies wet hole. She licked all of her wetness, savoring the taste of her friends pussy.

Mandy began to let out soft moans and she squirmed from pleasure. Sam and Lisa let they're holds loosen, and Mandy did not fight back. At that moment she felt a tongue on her Clit for the first time and let out a deep moan "Oh god, that feels good!".

Sam smiled, "We told you Mandy." And Sam bent down and kissed her friend on the mouth, letting her tongue slide in and out of Mandies hungry mouth. Mandy hesitated, but then returned the kiss, even using her now-free hand to pull Sam in closer. Lisa didn't want to be left out either, so she lent down and sucked on of Mandies erect nipples into her mouth. The attention of three mouths on her body, when she had never before even felt one, was to much for Mandy. She had gone from Prude to Whore in one night, and she was loving it. She pushed her pelvis down onto Rosie's mouth, trying to fuck her face, she kissed madly and deeply with Sam and she took her other hand and squeezed her un-attended breast with it.

She came in the most mind shattering orgasm of her life. The screams would have woken everyone in the house, had her mouth not already been covered by Sams. Rosie Came with her, she had continued to play with her own clit, completely aroused by the site of her two friends fucking Mandy as she did. She let our a soft low soft moan, and fell onto of Mandy's sweaty body.

Pausing to give her new lower a kiss once Sam fell away from Mandies mouth. Mandy kissed back slowly and lovingly. Mandy couldn't believe what had just happened. Here three best friends just raped her, until she begged for more. Whats more she loved kissing Rosie and was already wondering how much Rosie liked her. Had rosie just done this cause she had the opportunity? Would she do it with the others or just her? Would she do it again? Almost as if Rosie had read her mind Mandy felt Rosie's mouth kiss her ear, and while bent down beside her she whispered 'That was amazing. We should do that again." The tone of her voice suggesting that Rosie ONLY wanted her.

For at least 10 minutes the girls all just lay down and rested, Mandy and Rosie slowly and lovingly caressing each others bodies with their fingertips. Sam was the first to get up, she wandered over to the Bar and made herself a Baileys and milk.

"Well. That was fun, but I don't see why our night has to end there," She said smiling. She paused to look at the three sexy naked girls in front of her. "Since Mandy completed the last 'dare' I think it's her turn to ask someone.

Mandy smiled and looked at each of the girls. When she had a bit of any idea what dare she was hoping to give she turned to Lisa. "Your turn, Truth or Dare."

Lisa sighed. "I don't know how we can top that! But I'm interested to find out. Dare!"

Mandy clapped her hands with excitement. This was what she had hoped for. She gave a cheeky smile and walked over to Lisa to whisper into her ear. Lisa gasped and went pink in the face. She had been given something she wanted to do, but she was not sure if she could. "What do you have to do?" Sam asked her. Lisa looked at Sam, extremely Embarrassed. When she spoke it was barely more then a whisper. "She wants me to Fuck your brother."

Mandy laughed. "That's not the whole Dare. You have to do it now, you can't wake him first and we can all watch the whole thing.

Rosie and Sam looked amazed. "Look what we have created" Rosie laughed.

Lisa drunk a few heavy drinks before heading upstairs. Her, and the other girls, didn't want to put their clothes back on, so four Hot naked girls tip toed threw the dark house. Lisa found her brothers room and slowly edged the door open. He lay there asleep, naked, in just a sheet.

All of them snuck into his room, but while three of them stood around the walls Lisa knelt next to his Bed and slowly pried back the sheet. Matthew was still sound asleep as Lisa took a good look as his body. For the second time tonight the sight of his muscular body was making Lisa wet.

He was tall, sculptured, with little tufts of chest hair and a thick mane of sandy coloured wavy hair on his head. He had a strong jaw line and when they were open, deep Blue eyes. His cock was erect, standing a good 9 inches tall. She wondered why he was hard, Was this the effect him seeing her naked had on him- that he was still hard even now? She looked back at the girls and Saw Mandy making an obvious Blow Job gesture.

All three of them were looking excited, even Sam- who was staring at her own brothers hard cock. Lisa saw no point in starting with gentle licks or anything like that, she wanted to make sure that if he woke up she had him in under control. She wet her lips and slid them down his long rod. He tasted good, she even thought he tasted like cum, he must have jerked off after seeing her naked. The thought made her exceptionally Wet.

She could only swallow half of it to begin with, but each time she sucked down on him she got a little more. Soon Mat was moaning, his hips were rocking up and down with her thrusts, but he was not fully awake. "Oh Lisa," she heard him say, but when she looked his eyes were still closed. He must be dreaming. She got so excited knowing how quick she came to mind. Finally she had his cock all the way in her mouth, she fought the gag reflex, but she was determined to suck him all. She suck as hard as she could, until her jaw was hurting, as she slide her mouth of him, She felt his body shudder with pleasure, and as she reached his soft helmet she heard his voice again. "Lisa? Is that you? What are you doing here?" The girls gasped and he turned his head to see what the noise was. Lisa didn't miss a heart beat, she knew what she wanted, and she was quite sure he would appreciate it. And if he didn't -- who cares. She quickly swung her leg over his hips and slid her moist cunt over his hard throbbing cock. "Oh god!" she gasped and bit her tongue not to scream. His huge cock was impaling her, filling her totally, it sunk deeper into her then anyone ever had and she stretched to accommodate his size. She felt a rush of adrenaline and ecstasy, her head swam. 'Did I just cum from one thrust?' she wondered.

Mat was confused, surprised, excited. He had no idea what to do or say. First he wake feeling Lisa- the girl of his dreams, sucking his dick in the middle of the night, and then he realizes he has an audience- including his sister, naked! Before he do anything, she had sunk onto his cock, and she felt fantastic. He had only ever slept with 3 women, but none of them had been able to sink his whole cock inside them. Even better was it was her, he had gotten a hard on the very first time he had laid eyes on Lisa. She was to young then, but dam she was hot. When she had turned 18 he had wanted to ask him out but Sam had told him she had a boyfriend. One night a few months ago she had stayed here and he had stood on the other side of the guest room, tempted to just sneak in and take her while she slept ('how ironic' he thought.) He had ended up jerking off in the corridor staring at her door. "Fuck Lisa! Am I having some wonderful dream.?" She leaned down and kissed him. "No, this is real" She whispered into his ear.

She began to rock her ass back and forward on top of him, the small movements were stroking his cock, and driving 1 or 2 inches of his huge cock in and out of her wet pussy. The friction was amazing, she wanted this to last forever. Soon slow movements were not enough, she put her hands on his chest and started to pump up and down onto him. Thrusting half of his length in and out of her. Both of them began to let out low moans and Mat reached up and grabbed her nipples, twisting and rubbing them with his fingers. Rosie turned to Mandy, they were both getting excited watching this. She grabbed Mandys dark hair and pulled their mouths together. They kissed passionately for a few moments, letting their hands rub each others breasts. Then Rosie stopped and whispered into Mandie's ear "Let's go and help them out"

Lisa loved feeling his hands on her breasts, but she loved feeling Mandy's lips as she begun to kiss her shoulders and neck and added a third hand to the breast fondling. Mat was astounded, and then he saw Rosie approach. She gave him a little kiss and whispered to him 'Do you want my breast in your mouth, or my tongue?' Mat didn't know what was hotter, Mandy kissing Lisa's neck or the offer he just received.

"Your gorgeous breasts" He said. She laughed and placed a nipple in his mouth. He immediately got ruff and licked sucked and bit her breast. His hands were still free so he put one on her other breast and started to slide the other towards her ass. "No!" she said as she grabbed his hand, "Here" and she planted his hand on her wet hole. Now Lisa and Mandy were kissing passionately, in fact Mandy wasn't so much as kissing as she was Fucking Lisa's mouth with her tongue. This was driving Lisa insane with lust and she was pounding his cock with a sexual fury. The bed groaned with every thrust. Mat begun to grunt and bit down hard on Rosie's nipple. She squealed in pain and delight and the sound of her pleasure made Mandy turn to look. Mandy was suddenly jealous of Mat's attention. She couldn't help thinking of Rosie as hers. She climbed off the bed and positioned herself behind her friends kneeling legs. She got on all fours and begun to lap the juices from Rosie's pussy.

This was her first taste of a woman's juice and the tastes was sending her out of control. Mat could not control it any longer, he shoot deep inside Lisa, waves and waves of cum right into her pussy. Lisa squeezed her Tits and sighed, falling off Mat to rest on the Bed. Mat could hear Mandy moaning like an animal as she ate her friends pussy. His cock, despite shooting a load, was still hard, and he imagined Sliding into Mandies petite white pussy from behind.

He looked at Lisa, who had read his expression perfectly, "Do it. Fuck her. She's a virgin too!" The V word Made his cock spring to a new level of hardness. He had never been with a Virgin before. He stood behind Mandy as she hungrily Ate Rosie out. Rosie was so lost in lust she hadn't noticed Mat was no longer sucking her. He wanted to rub her ass or, play with her clit before entering her, but he was afraid she would turn him away. So he drove his cock deep into her waiting cunt and begun pounded as deep and hard and fast as he knew how. Her pussy was tight around his big cock, she could feel him moving inside her so exquisitely. Her womanhood brook and she felt a small pain, but was quickly over powered with lust. She realized immediately that once again she was getting fucked without her consent, but she didn't care. She was licking Rosie's sweet pussy and didn't mind what anyone else decided to do with her. Besides, he felt better and better with every thrust. She could feel he was struggling to get deeper and deeper into her wet snatch, and each time her pussy stretched open a little bit more with his next thrust she groaned.

He reached around and begun to squeeze her little tits and she begun to thrust back into him. His ball slapping her clit each time. Soon her groans became gasps and she was having a lot of trouble staying quiet. Rosie begun to shudder and suddenly came, Wave after wave of orgasm hit her, and her mind spun. She was so exhausted and satisfied she thought she would pass out. Then she heard a long loud wail.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!"

"Shush!" Lisa loudly hissed, they were close to the parents bedroom, and didn't want to get busted.

"Oh my GOD!" Mandy had no control over her orgasm, it was nothing like she had ever experienced before.

"HOLEY SHIT! I'M GOING TO CUUUUUUM." She screamed as Mat shot his load inside her. There was no way that went unheard, the Girls all quickly grab something for cover, sheet blankets, towels anything they could find. They then all started running out of the room While mark crashed onto his bed, more satisfied then he had ever been in his life!

They reached the door when they realized Sam was not in the room. Where had she gone? When had she left? They didn't have time to go and look, someone would be here to investigate any minute.

They bolted out of the room but then stopped in their tracks. All Three girls gawked, absolutely unable to believe what they were seeing. No one was going to come and investigate the noise.

Threw the open door to the Master bedroom they could see, where Sam had gone. She was laying on her parents bed, with her dad's huge cock sliding in and out of her from behind, and her mouth busily licking her mothers twat. They were all lost in the moment, and may not have even heard Mandy come. As they watched her mum shuddered and cum, Her brilliant big tits wobbling with her orgasm. At the same moment The father pulled out of his daughters Pussy, moved around the bed and slid into her mouth. She sucked as his orgasm over came him and spilled his Jism in her waiting mouth and on her tits.

Sam giggled and laid back on the bed as both mother and father bent down to lick the cum of her wet breasts. For her position Sam saw the girls watching, and smiled at them.

"Truth or Dare Rosie?" She said with a Horney twinkle in her eyes.

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