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Slutty Penny


Glenn looked at his watch for the third time since he'd joined the queue at the bar. He hated this place, it was always so busy and it took forever to get a drink. But for some reason Penny liked it. God knows why, it was a pick-up joint and not much more, and they were the oldest people in the place. He stared around the bar at all the people, no one he could see was within ten years of him, but then Penny was a bit younger, and she looked younger still, she could probably still pull in a place like this no problem.

He leaned as far away from the bar as he dared to check on her, and noticed her talking to a good looking lad. Glenn wasn't an unduly jealous man, but in recent times he'd began to feel a bit uneasy about their relationship. Something wasn't quite right and it was beginning to bother him. He knew he'd taken his eye off the ball a bit, and he felt bad about it, but he didn't seem to be able to get his head back where it needed to be.

He glanced over again and saw Penny had her phone out, but the guy was still there talking... was she taking his number?

'Don't jump to conclusions' he told himself. There could be a reasonable explanation, and the last thing you want to do is ruin the evening by being a hot headed dick.

Finally Glenn got served and wandered back around the corner holding the two glasses, she really did look amazing tonight, and he couldn't really blame that lad for being attracted to her. He arrived back at the table to see Penny alone and her phone laying on the high table she was perched at.

"Okay?" He asked.

"Great," she said, taking the glass of wine from him and raising it to her lips.

"Sorry I was so long, it's always a nightmare in here."

"That's okay, I was... just checking my phone."

Glenn's eyes narrowed slightly, but he said nothing. He looked around the room and spied the lad Penny had been talking to with a group of guys.

"Let's dance," said Penny, grabbing her phone from the table and pulling Glenn onto the crowded dancefloor.

Glenn didn't like dancing much, it didn't help that he was rubbish at it, so he spent the whole time praying for the song to end. While they were dancing he saw the lad again, standing on the fringes, checking out his wife as she danced. As the music continued Penny noticed him and kept glancing over to see if he was still looking at her... Glenn was starting to get annoyed, but he kept his composure. No point ruining their night out, but it was starting to get to him.

After the song ended Glenn excused himself to go to the toilet, he glanced back over his shoulder to see Penny dancing to the next song and looked at his watch again, 'not too much longer' he thought and we can get out of here.

As Glenn stood at the urinal he could hear heavy breathing and moaning coming from the cubicle behind him, someone was getting lucky tonight. He thought about Penny out there on the dancefloor alone, and started to worry.

Re-entering the main room Glenn moved along the fringes of dancefloor, Penny was still there dancing, and of course so was the lad. Right in front of her, far too close for Glenn's liking. His fists clenched as he watched them moving together, closer and closer until inevitably they kissed. It took every ounce of self-restraint he had for Glenn not to fly into the fray and start a fight. But he wasn't stupid, the lad was with friends and they would just as surely pile in if he started anything. But Glenn knew he had to nip this in the bud, even if he had to wait until they got home.

Penny broke the kiss and looked around, as if checking she hadn't been seen, while the lad scurried off back to the edge of the room and his waiting, cheering friends.

-- -- -- -- --

The night came to an end and Penny and Glenn rode the taxi home in near silence. He was furious and now that the alcohol was wearing off a little and the heat of the club was fading, Penny was nervous and awkward. What if Glenn had seen her, it was such a stupid thing to do, to risk their marriage, and for what? She picked up her phone and then put it down again, she would delete the lad's number as soon as she could...

They arrived home and locked the door behind them, the house was warm and Glenn threw his jacket over one of the armchairs. Penny made for the stairs, but the sound of Glenn's voice halted her in her tracks.

"Where do you think you're going?" he growled.

Penny turned, doing her best to look innocent, but failing miserably. She looked nervous now, and she turned to face him.

"I was just going to get my make-up off..."

Glenn stood there with his arms crossed and his lips pursed, he was clearly annoyed.

"Don't bother."

Penny was worried now and she stood routed to the spot until he spoke again.

"Come here."

Penny inched slowly and nervously towards him.

"Strip," he said, firmly.

"Huh?" responded Penny.

"You heard me. And I suggest you get a move on, unless you want to go over my knee."

Penny swallowed hard, then bent down to undo her high heeled strappy sandals.

"Not the shoes, you can leave them on."

Penny looked up at her husband, unsure as to what he was about to say or do next.

"Come on, we don't have all night."

Penny slipped out of her dress and let it fall to the floor, Glenn was moving around the room now, appraising her from different angles it seemed.

"And the rest," he snapped. "Get it off."

Penny unhooked her bra and let it fall from her arms, then self-consciously peeled her knickers down her thighs and off over her shoes.

"That's better," he said.

Penny instinctively tried to cover herself as best she could, but Glenn wasn't having it.

"Move your arms, in fact put your hands on your head so I can see your tits properly."

Penny slowly lifted her arms and placed her hands on her head as instructed, while Glenn paced around her in a circle.

"I suppose I can't blame him for wanting to fuck you, I mean you're still very fuckable... even if you are old enough to be his mother."

Penny started to say something but thought better of it, as Glenn moved around behind her.

"I don't appreciate other men touching my property Penny, do you understand?"

"Yes Glenn," she mumbled. "I didn't..."

Glenn slapped her ass, hard.

"Ooooow!" cried Penny.

"Do you understand?"

"Yes Glenn," she repeated, clearer this time.

He returned to her front and reached out his hand.

"I'm not an idiot Penny, I know I might have been neglecting you a little lately, but from now on I'm going to make sure I give you plenty of attention. Is that what you want?"

"Yes," said Penny quietly, ashamed that she had been so foolish in the club.

"Is that really what this was all about?"

"Yes," she said again. "I'm so sorry..."

"Sorry you got caught maybe," he said as he squeezed her left breast, until his thumb and first finger met either side of her hardening nipple.

"I suppose I should give you some credit for not trying to deny it... but maybe the whole idea was for me to see?"

"No! I was drunk... he just came to talk to me and I was... flattered I suppose."

Glenn reached down between her legs and ran his fingers through her pubic hair.

"Do you think he'd like this?" he asked. "All the girls his age shave, I think you should too."


"It's not a request Penny, I want this pussy bald by tomorrow night or I will spank you so fucking hard..."

"Okay, I'll shave it tomorrow, I promise," she breathed.

"That's better, you can put your arms down now, but keep them at your sides, don't bother playing coy with me, okay?"

Penny nodded as he lifted his fingers to his mouth and licked them before returning them to between her legs. As he pushed inside her he was greeted by her already wet pussy and he smiled to himself.

"I like you like this, maybe you should dress this way around the house more often, then you wouldn't be short of attention."

Penny looked at him nervously and he smiled at her with his eyes.

"Slutty Penny, that's what I'll call you from now on."

His fingers moved around inside her, stretching her pussy as she stifled a low groan.

"No it's okay, you don't have to pretend, I know you're enjoying it... you're a slut, of course you're enjoying it."

Penny dropped her head, her hair falling over her face and hiding her blushes, but Glenn lifted her chin and looked into her eyes.

"Don't be ashamed, embrace it, in fact... I want you to crouch down right now and show me your pussy."

Penny hesitated and looked away.

"Go on, crouch right down and spread your legs, show me that slutty wet cunt."

Penny slowly crouched down and spread her legs as instructed, mortified but at the same time incredibly turned on.

"That's it, now play with yourself. Go on, touch your pussy, make it feel good... pretend you're putting on a show for your little toyboy."

Penny's lip trembled slightly as she reached down between her legs and found her clit, she closed her eyes as she started to rub.

"Now push your fingers inside, get them nice and wet, that's it..."

Penny pushed two, then three fingers inside her sodden hole, coating them in her sticky, wet juices.

"Now suck them clean."

Penny lifted her fingers up to her mouth and sucked each finger, savouring the flavour of her own pussy like a complete slut.

"Good girl, now that's more like it. Your little toyboy would have popped his cork if he'd seen you doing that wouldn't he?"

"I... I don't know." She murmured.

"Do it again, get them really wet this time."

Penny repeated the action, drawing murmurs of approval from her watching husband.

"I should have done this a long time ago," he said. "I realise that now. You need bringing to heel don't you, otherwise this is what happens..."

"Yes Daddy," she whispered breathlessly between mouthfuls of her fingers.

Glenn smiled and moved closer, then pushed his foot between her legs, rubbing the leather upper against her sopping wet twat.

"Such a dirty girl," he taunted her as he rubbed her pussy with his shoe. "Rub yourself against it."

Penny rubbed her slit against her husband's outstretched foot, groaning in lust and complete humiliation.

"Now clean it," he barked.

Penny bent forward and licked her juices off of the polished black leather, her face as red as beet.

"Right, come here," he ordered sternly.

Penny lifted herself up and moved over to where her husband was standing. He pushed her down onto her knees and told her to unbutton his fly.

"Take it out and suck it," he said. "Suck my hard cock until it cums in your pretty mouth."

Penny took Glenn's cock into her mouth and sucked it like it was the last time she'd ever suck a cock.

"Good girl," praised Glenn as he ran his fingers through her long dark hair and wrapped it through his fist. "Keep going."

Penny worked his prick hard and soon Glenn starting thrusting into her mouth in rhythm with her sucking, slowly going deeper and deeper until it was as deep as he could go.

"Yes, good little slut, take that fucking dick..."

Penny groaned low in her throat as she felt his cock grow a fraction harder and he started to pump his load straight down her throat.

"Yes," he groaned. "Take that fucking cum, take all my hot cum down your slut-throat!"

Penny continued sucking until Glenn withdrew his spent cock from her greedy mouth. He took a couple of moments while he got his breath back and then grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back to her feet. He marched her over to the sofa and shoved her down onto her knees in front of it.

"Lean over the sofa," he ordered, before turning and straddling her, facing the other way so that he was looking down at her ass. He reached down and grabbed her cheeks in his hands, pulling them apart and exposing her tight pink hole. He spat a gob of spittle between her cheeks and slid a finger between them, his finger sliding into her ass up to the first knuckle.

"No!" Begged Penny. "Please don't..."

Glenn silenced her with a loud slap across her cheeks.

"Sluts don't get to choose Penny, sluts do what they're told."

Penny dropped her head onto the seat cushion.

"I thought we already discussed this, but let me remind you. This..." he said grabbing her ass. "...is my property. What is it?"

"It's your property..." Penny groaned into the cushion.

"This..." he said, dragging his fingers along her pussy lips. "And this..." he said, pressing a juice coated finger into her asshole. "Are also my property, do you understand?"

"Yes Glenn, please..."

"Be quiet!" he said as he slapped her ass again, twice on each cheek.

"Your tits and your mouth are mine as well slut, remember that."

Penny groaned as he roughly fingered her cunt.

"Now, if you decide that one cock, my cock... isn't enough for you in future, what are you going to do about it?"

Penny didn't know how she was supposed to answer that.

"No? Well I'll tell you... I know sluts like you can't always get enough cock, so if you really want more for your slutty wet cunt and your dirty little cum-hungry mouth, you tell me and I'll find you plenty of cocks to play with, okay?"

Glenn waited for a response and when none was forthcoming he slapped her ass hard and prompted her again.


"Yes Daddy," she moaned as a fresh flood of juices dripped through her pussy.

"I know plenty of guys whose wives aren't putting out for them anymore and they'd be only too pleased to come around here and fuck the shit out of you. Hell, they'd probably pay me if I asked them to... Maybe you'd like that, maybe you like the idea of being a proper little whore for me?"

"No... please, I don't want..."

Penny felt the sting of her husband's hand against her cheeks once more, cutting her off mid-sentence.

"I hear you Penny, but your cunt is dripping like a tap... so what am I supposed to believe?"

Glenn slapped her cheeks again, harder this time.

"Dirty sluts need to be punished, don't they?"

"Yes Daddy," moaned his wife into the cushions.

"Good, now we're getting somewhere."

Glenn went to town on her ass, slapping hard until her cheeks were red and burning and Penny was crying into the sofa cushion. His hand was stinging like crazy as well and he thought for a moment about sliding his belt out of its loops, but thought better of it... she'd clearly had enough already. He lifted off and turned around, unbuttoning his trousers as he knelt down behind her. His cock was hard again and he worked the tip between Penny's sodden cunt lips.

"Beg for my cock," he ordered.

"Please Daddy, please put it in me... please," she pleaded.

Glenn grabbed her cheeks and spread them wide, stretching her asshole then working his thumb inside.

"No..." she wailed. "Please don't..."

Glenn slammed his cock into her wet pussy in one hard stroke and Penny cried out as she felt her hole stretched wide.

"Feels good doesn't it slut, feels good to have your old man's cock inside your nasty little cunt."

"Yes," moaned Penny as she pushed back against his throbbing prick. "Please fuck me..."

"This is your last warning Penny, you pull this shit with me again and your ass is mine, do you understand."

"Yes Daddy, I promise..."

Glenn grabbed her hips and started to fuck her hard, he'd never known her cunt so fucking wet, it was dripping down his thighs never mind hers.

"I want you to say it, so I know you understand. Tell me your ass is mine to fuck if you piss me off like this again."

"I promise..."

"No, say it properly."

"I promise... to let you take my ass... if I mess up again," wailed Penny as her husband ploughed her hard.

"Come on slut, cum for Daddy... cum on Daddy's thick cock."

Penny arched her back as she felt her orgasm building, which only spurred him on to slam it into her harder.

"Cum on bitch, fucking cum for me now!"

"Yes," she moaned. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming..."

Glenn reached under her and grabbed her left breast, squeezing it hard in his fist as she climaxed noisily on his hard, throbbing cock. As Penny slumped Glenn pulled his slippery cock out of her sodden hole and pressed the tip between her cheeks, working it in the groove of her ass.

"Remember, this is your last warning, I'm not putting up with your shit anymore. Now lick my cock clean..."

Penny rolled over breathlessly and Glenn straddled her, his glistening cock hanging inches from her face. He pressed it against her mouth and she licked her juices from every inch of his slippery length.

"And my balls," he ordered. "They're fucking soaked."

Penny licked and sucked Glenn's balls clean while he stroked his cock right over her face.

"Good girl, you look so pretty sucking on my balls... but I can make you prettier."

Glenn jerked harder and faster, he wasn't going to last much longer now.

"Open your slutty mouth, that's it..."

Penny opened her mouth wide as Glenn's hand became a blur.

"That's it, stick your tongue out for Daddy's hot cum."

Penny pushed her tongue out as far as it would go, but Glenn had no intention of cumming in her mouth. He moved back slightly, holding back the flow as long as he could until finally he gave into it and ropes of cum exploded from his cock, splattering her face, neck and flying into her hair. As he finished cumming he shoved his angry, red meat into her mouth and milked the last drops onto her tongue.

"Now you look like a proper slut," he said. "And don't forget, I want that cunt shaved by tomorrow night."

He reached down and slapped her across her tits a couple of times then pulled away and left her there, exhausted... drenched in sweat, cum and her own juices.

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Always did say and will continue to say it.

The comments in the loving wives category for the most part are better than the actual story. Entertaining and funny at the same time. The sad part is that most have nothing to do with helping the authormore...

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I don't know what YOU'RE smoking, but YOU read the words!

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freedom of speech

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Puzzling behavior. What was the point of this story?

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