tagLoving WivesSmall Car. Dark Night.

Small Car. Dark Night.


The lights flew across the windscreen like blurry UFO's as Fiona navigated her trusty little car along the night time roads of the city. The streets were quiet now and the street lamps illuminated the way as if just for the three of them.

Her eyes were tired. She was not used to late nights and now they were two hours into a whole new day, but this was the annual routine. It was his offices annual party and so she was the designated driver. The parties were not really Fiona's cup of tea. She'd sit and listen to them all talking about work even though they were there to forget about it, and then watch their conversations try and remain professional but fail more and more as the night went on and the open bar took its toll.

"It'd probably be best to take the back roads" Brian her husband slurred from the passenger seat in the front.

He hardly ever drank but when he did, especially if it was free, he'd always go that little but too far. This year was no different and she hoped that he wouldn't spend the night in the bathroom again.

"Turn right at the next exit I think" Brian mumbled some more before slumping his head against the window again and closing his eyes. She knew the way. They'd get home safe. Taking the back roads was the best way, and that's one of the many reasons why she'd insisted that they used her little car. Sure it was a cramped little hatch back with not very much power. Sure there was no room for a real person on the back seat and sure Brian hated it to bits, but she loved her little car and knew how to make it hug the turns of the back roads with plenty of room to spare.

She'd enjoyed this year's party more than usual as she got to know some of her husband's co-workers a little better but she still wouldn't call this kind of night out her idea of fun. She'd prefer to be doing something more productive with her time, or enjoying a romantic meal, or maybe even go dancing. The meal was luxurious enough but over a hundred people that she didn't know sharing the experience didn't really make it romantic. At least this year she did at least get to dance.

"Thanks for the lift home Fiona" came a more coherent voice from the cramped space in the back. "I really appreciate it."

"Hey no problems at all" Fiona responded as her hands gripped the wheel and the car plunged into the darkness of the country roads home. "And thank you for earlier", she continued as she searched for the face of the man in the shadows of the back seat via the mirror.

"So Brian hates dancing that much huh?" Her husband's co worker asked softly.

Fiona giggled and nodded. Her mind travelled back to only a few hours earlier that evening. While Brian was chatting with his work mates at the free bar, this guy had noticed her standing with her back to the bar looking on at the drunken attempts at dancing in the middle of the room as the music played.

"Do...do you like to dance too?" A soft inquisitive voice had asked.

She'd turned and saw the friendly gentleman in his dinner suit and bow tie. She didn't know his name but had seen her husband talking and joking with him earlier and assumed it was another work mate of Brian's.

"Yes. Yes I do." She replied with a smile. Then looking in her husband's direction she sighed and sadly added "but he doesn't."

The guy glanced in Brian's direction and smiled. "Oh well. At least you have a date. Mine fell sick at the last moment."

"He's more than a date" Fiona was quick to correct, "Brian is my husband. And your date was..."

"My sister." the man said to complete her sentence.

The two of them looked at each other briefly and then burst out laughing.

"So...shall we dance?" he asked once the giggling had subsided. "We'd best have some fun this evening."

Fiona checked on her husband with a glance. He was still having a good time at the bar. The music was up tempo and everyone on the dance floor was jiggling around in their own little worlds. She looked back at the guy and smiled "Sure why not" she replied, and with that they merged into the middle of the room and were lost in the crowd, moving to and fro in time to the music.

"Second on the left up here."

The voice was softly speaking in her ear but even so it gave her a fright as it snapped her back to the present from her memories of the evening. The man in the back had leaned forward just a touch to give Fiona the direction but in the confines of the little car, that pretty much put their heads side by side.

"Sorry" he continued "I didn't mean to startle you. I just didn't want you to miss the turning." He rested his hand on the bare skin of her shoulder reassuringly.

Fiona was already used to his touch. Even though she'd met this man for the first time tonight, the up tempo music had slowed through the evening, and even though she'd thought better of it, she'd entertained him in just one slow dance before returning to her husband at the bar. Their close dance was awkward at first as she became more aware of her dance partners firm tall powerful build, and even more aware of the small black sleeveless cocktail dress she'd chosen for the occasion. But as they swayed together and he'd been nothing but a gentleman, Fiona had relaxed into his embrace as she slowly melted together with him on the dance floor.

In the confines of the little car, she felt at ease still, even though his hand now remained rested on her arm. But oddly Fiona also suddenly realised she was kind of imprisoned. The seatbelt was tight through the middle of her chest like a rope holding her to the seat.

Her hands though not bound could not leave the steering wheel as she was driving, so they might as well have been tied up.

She looked over at her husband but could barely see him in the darkness of the car on an unlit back road, so she returned her concentration back onto her driving.

"Are you awake honey?" she asked.


"Typical Brian" the man said. "Every year!"

They both laughed and Brian stirred a little and then slumped further down in his seat.

"Yep" Fiona agreed "Typical Brian!"

"So who chose the dress? You or him?" the guy asked.

"Oh this? I did. It's not new. Another annual tradition I guess" she giggled.

He didn't laugh. "It's nice. I like it." he said flatly.

"Why thank you" Fiona responded as the compliment brought a warm glow of appreciation to her.

He was still leaning forward making the conversation almost like an intimate whisper as their heads remained close side by side.

"You're an awesome dancer too. He's missing out you know".

"Wow thank you. And he's ok. He doesn't like it so why force him to try I say."

"Well I'm glad I didn't miss out" he continued as his hand gave a firm friendly stroke of her bare arm up and down. "I had fun tonight".

"Me too" Fiona said. And the conversation was ended for the next ten minutes of driving, while the comforting hand remained on her arm.

The night was almost pitch black now except for the hint of moonlight giving a silvery glow to the blackness of the car's interior. The road was narrowing and the dim lights of the little hatch back struggled to light the way, forcing Fiona to slow down and drive with caution.

As Fiona drove through the darkness she felt the man in the back shift slightly and then felt his other hand resting on her left arm.

"It's cold hey?" he asked her.

It wasn't.

"A little" she said.

And with that justification he began to rub slowly up and down her bare arms to warm her skin. Fiona relaxed back into her seat, again aware of her virtual restraints stopping any chance of escape. His hands were firm and strong and moved with purpose up and down her arms. It felt so good and yet still innocent enough. His right hand moved across her chest under her neck in a warming stroke and Fiona felt her breathing quicken. And then it happened. Softly, slowly, and ever so seductively he moved his right hand down across her chest, down into the top of her low cut dress, under the seat belt and down through the valley of skin between her heaving breasts.

Fiona gasped at this intrusion and the hand stopped in place, while his left hand stroked her left arm reassuringly.

He leaned in even more and purred into her ear "If you want me to stop anytime, just say so".

His face stayed close and she could feel his warm breath against her ear lobe as she nodded and relaxed.

His right hand moved again and now moved to her left breast. It felt almost professional as his hand consumer her bosom with gentle firmness, giving light squeezes and soft brushes of her erect nipple.

His right hand moved again swiftly now to give the same attention to her right breast, while his left hand moved in to join its partner as her whole chest was treated to his passionate massage of her married chest. Both breasts were worshiped by the stranger's hands and Fiona's hands were locked to the steering wheel giving no attempts at the resistance they should offer. She was now his prisoner as his hands locked around her, pulling her into the driver's seat from both sides and taking whatever they wanted. Her own arms remained helplessly captive by the task of keeping the car on the road.

His tongue darted out to draw her earlobe into the warmth of his lips and Fiona almost found herself closing her eyes as her senses were sent into overdrive at the electrifying contact.

His left arm was firmly across her chest now mauling her right breast while the right hand began stroking along her right arm, before dropping down her torso, across her dress and onto her naked leg just above her knee. From there he began tease the skin on her thigh, edging the bottom of her dress higher and higher on the top of her leg. His fingers then advanced down to towards her inner thigh.

This was too much. Fiona had to protest somehow so she squeezed her legs tightly together. This trapped the man's right hand between the soft skin of her thighs but she hadn't asked him to stop.

Still massaging her breasts her moved his lips down and began kissing the pit of her neck, darting the tip of his tongue out just enough to elicit gasps of approval from her while wriggling his fingers defiantly between her thighs, teasing the soft skin dangerously close to her ever moistening pants.

Fiona's reaction was instant and un-expected to her. Her legs parted swiftly of their own accord and her pelvis thrust forwards in the seat to meet with its invader. Her chest strained against the seatbelt holding her captive. Not in an attempt to escape, but wanting to feel more of the pleasure sweeping over her breasts has his left hand continued to take whatever it wanted, while giving so much in return.

He sucked her skin between his teeth giving her a love bite she knew would leave a telling mark and she melted into it.

"Oh yes. More please more!" Fiona cried out, her hands still firmly guiding the car down the road imprisoned by duty.

She glanced at her husband and in the dull light could see his face. Awake. Watching.

Just as regret was about to hit, she felt the man's fingers slide her panties to the side and one dove inside her wetness while his thumb teased her protruding nub.

"NO DONT!" Fiona huskily yelped out.

The fingers stoped but stayed firmly inside her.

The lips left her neck and draw back a little and whispered enough for all three of them to hear "No don't what Fiona?" he asked, ready to retreat to the back seat if requested.

Fiona thought as rationally as she could. Her eyes caught her husband's and she could feel him staring back at her.

"Don't stop!" she purred. "Please please don't stop!"

With her hands firmly on the steering wheel of the car, she concentrated as much as she could on the dark road in front. Her drunken husband looking on, she allowed the stranger in the back have his way with her married body. His hands were magic as was his mouth as they all worked in rhythmic unison, in ever increasing waves of synchronised pleasure.

Driving though she was, Fiona was panting hard and fast, her pelvis meeting the thrusts of the stranger's hand between her legs. Two fingers now assaulted her inside while his thumb forced her clitoris into submission with firm imprisoning strokes. She was helpless against this man and with her husband watching from the passenger seat she cried out in orgasm and spasmed against the guys hand over and over.

"I'd have stopped if you'd asked me to." The man said as he held his fingers inside her cream soaked pussy.

"I know" she whispered.

He slowly pulled out as Fiona sighed in remorse at the withdrawal. She wanted more.

He pulled his hand up clear through the air to Fiona's mouth. Without thinking she opened up and sucked on his fingers, tasting herself and cleaning off her own flavour for him.

The man leaned back into the rear seat of the little car. "We're almost at my place" he said as if nothing had happened.

Fiona looked at her husband who sat, still staring through half open drunken eyes. She flicked the indicator on and slowly pulled the car over to the side of the road. Her breasts still hanging free from her low cut dress and the bottom of it still hitched up way above her knees by her still spread legs, she pulled on the e-brake and turned to look at her husband.

She flicked on the interior light and for the first time could see that he was indeed watching everything in aroused drunken shock.

The light now showing off the beauty of her thirty five year old body, she turned and looked at the handsome gentleman in the back seat.

Fiona leaned in with her breasts still exposed and kissed the man full on the lips. She darted out her tongue and his lips parted and invited her in. With Brian watching the two of them kissed with the passion of long lost lovers re-igniting an old spark. It was intense. It was romantic. It was wrong and yet it was all that she wanted from the moment.

And then the kiss was over.

Fiona pulled the car back onto the road and following the man's instructions, took him home. He kissed her again through the open window when she dropped him off for what seemed like an eternity. Their lips and tongues doing an erotic dance in their mixed saliva.

And then he was gone.

Fiona leaned over towards Brian and pecked him on the lips. "I love you so much honey. I don't know what came over me. But I hope you're sober enough when we get home because you are going to need to finish off what your work mate started."

Brian sat up, and cupping her still naked breast in his hand, kissed her back. He didn't need to say anything.

With that, and without switching off the interior light or adjusting her attire, Fiona re-started the car and they left for home in the darkness of the early morning moonlight.

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