tagFetishSmaller than Average Ch. 02

Smaller than Average Ch. 02


This is part two of Smaller than average, you might want to read part one first.


I am not really sure what happened next, but I woke up to find all four of us on the floor of Amy's room. The two mattress's had been laid out and pushed together. Amy's head was up against my chest as I lay on my side. I could feel a worm body against my back. I rose up slightly to see who was beside me, it was Beth and beside her she held Jenny in a spooning position. We had blankets over us but I could tell I was naked. I rubbed my eyes and looked for the clock, it was just past 6am, I lifted the blanket slightly and glanced down at my exposed dick, it had been punished hard yesterday, and was obviously in hiding as the head had completely disappeared under the fold of my foreskin. I was circumcised but from time to time my dick would retract into my abdomen leaving just a small floppy circle of flesh where my dick should be. It was uncomfortable when this happened, and certainly embarrassing, as I slid my hand down to pinch it and pull the head out Amy spoke,


"Good morning" I replied. Stretching she leaned back creating a void between our bodies, she looked down with squinting morning eyes, which quickly opened wide.

"God, are you okay?" looking at my hidden member

"Um, yeah this happens sometimes" I said feeling a blush of embarrassment come across my chest.

"Does it hurt?"

"It's uncomfortable; I was just about to fix it"

"How often does this happen?" she asked in her naturally curious way.

"A few times a week, usually right after working out it just crawls up inside me. That's one of the reasons I never shower in the gym." I shared with an openness I have never experienced with anyone before.

"May I?" she asked sitting up and reaching for the ruler on her desk, not really waiting for an answer.

"Okay, but make it quick, I really don't want the others to see me like this" I said softly trying to keep from waking Beth and Jenny. I laid back, but couldn't help but lift me head as I watched Amy press the ruler against my sunken ship. An audible "Oh," escaped her lips. It was small, but I couldn't see the numbers. Then laying the ruler down she placed a warm finger on my flesh and made a small spiral as she circled around the flimsy foreskin.

"How does it do this?" she whispered

"I don't know, it just pulls into my body I guess." I said realizing she was truly examining me. Amy lowered herself down to get a better look, then slowly placing her tongue against me she licked around the flap of protruding skin, and then sank her tongue inside my hole. I felt her moist gentle touch slide inside my cylinder of skin, landing with marksmen precision on the slit of my dick head. Using her finger and thumb, she gently pushed the flesh down till my head was barely seen. Then taking the whole thing in her mouth she sucked it out of hiding, like sucking a pimento out of an olive.

"Better?" she asked.

"Better" I assured.

"Are you sure, you don't want them to see it?" she pressed. I hesitated, opening my mouth but saying nothing spoke more truthfully than any words I could have said. "It's okay you know?" she interrupted my speechless sentence. "I know you like us teasing your little dick, it gets you excited and I want you to know that it's okay that it does. The other day when I was researching small penis sex on the internet I discovered a whole community of people with this fetish; it's called small penis humiliation or SPH for short."

"Do you have any idea how crazy it's been making us feel?" she confessed with raspy excitement. "We have never done anything like this before, teasing you and watching you squirm under us, you've put a lust spell on us. I can't get enough!" she said almost crying. "So if not for you, then for me; Let us fulfill your unspoken fantasies, and push you beyond your imagination."

My heart was pounding in my chest with fear and excitement. Amy was breathing heavy too, and looking at me longing for me to respond. I could tell she was frightened too. I could read her fears, had she said too much? Would I think her a sick pervert and storm out the door? Or would I echo her longing and lust and trust her with my secret fantasies.

Speechless, I pulled her on top of me plunging my tongue into her awaiting mouth. My cock now fully extended, met her wet embrace as I pushed past her lips I thrust my excitement as deep as I could inside her. She sat up and grinding herself on top of my pole she rubbed her clit against my pelvic bone. With tears rolling down her cotton white cheeks and a moan escaping her pouty pink lips, she shuddered in ecstasy as she released on my lap. My balls tightened and I exploded. She fell down on top of me and we held each other tight. All I could hear was Amy breathing in my ear and the sound of my own heart desperately attempting to keep my body alive.

"GOD DAMN!" Beth exclaimed stealing the silence from the room.

Amy raised herself and declared "half an inch."

Expanding the playground

I stood up, grabbed my toiletry bag and headed to the bathroom to clean up. As the water in the sink was running I could hear Amy talking with Beth and Jenny, but couldn't hear what they were saying. I stared at my reflection in the mirror as I began to lather up my face to shave, looking down at my hairless withering dick I couldn't believe all that had happened in the past two days as a feeling of complete satisfaction consumed me.

I stepped out of the bathroom, and Beth and Jenny slid by me to go to their room. Amy was dressed in shorts and a sports bra, and was tying her workout shoes. With her leg perched on the desk chair, her shorts hugged her frame revealing her shapely thighs.

"Get dressed" she insisted "Jenny is taking us to the athletes gym to work out."

As it turns out Jenny is a volleyball player, and all university athletes get access to an exclusive workout facility, they can bring up to three guests which worked perfectly for us.

"I didn't bring any clothes to work out in" I told her.

"Guys" Amy yelled, "Do you have anything for him to wear?"

"Um, I might" I heard a voice call back, not sure which one it was.

Jenny came in with some shorts and t-shirt in hand. "Here, these are some old clothes that will probably work." She said handing the bundle to me. I slipped on the shorts, and though they had a slight feminine cut to them, they were fairly gender neutral. Taking the t-shirt, and pulling it over my head, I realized it was a practice jersey for the volleyball team. The heather grey shirt fit a bit tight, but again seemed fine.

"Ready?!" Jenny said in an obnoxiously chipper way for such an early time in the morning.

We made our way across campus to the Athletic Department gym. Not being an athlete I had never been inside. Oddly, I realized that Amy was leading the way. "Have you been here before?" I asked.

"Yep, Marlin brought me a few times when we were dating, and then I've been a few times with Jen." She said casually.

As we walked through the doors of the workout room, we were met by a fitness instructor at the front desk. She was also overly chipper, obviously a morning person. "Hey Jen, are these guys with you today?" She asked supper excited. "Be sure to sign in, and sign out when you leave." She instructed. "If you need any help just call. My name is Becky." Of course her name was Becky, could there be a perkier name to suit this hyper terrier of a girl? I thought as we signed in. There weren't many people at the gym, maybe three or four others. In fact the only other guy in the place was way over on the side, working his legs on the heavy weights.

The gym was in the shape of a U, so if you are on one side you can't see around to the other, with the welcome desk right at the front, or bottom of the U. The other people were weight training on the left side of the U, but we went to the cardio equipment on the right hand side. I climbed up on the elliptical machine, and set out for an hour of cardio. Amy set up right next to me, while Beth hit the step trainer right in front of me. "No wonder she has such a great ass" I thought as she set it to the highest setting. Jenny hit the treadmill a little ways away from us.

My focus was divided between the TV on the wall just in front of Beth, and Beth's ass increasingly covered with sweat. Amy disappeared for a moment, and then I saw her walking out of the dressing room that separated the two halves of the gym. Pointing her finger at me she waved me over. "What?" I began to ask.

"Just listen" her voice took a serious tone. "We came here for a reason today. And if you play along with us, I promise we have all agreed that tonight you call the shots, whatever you want to do. However you want to do it, and to whomever you want to do it." "Do you agree?" she said as if making hostage negotiations.

"I... Yes I agree." I said, pulse racing from the workout but more from the thought of what was about to happen.

"Great, how's your equipment doing? All shrunk up like before?"

"Yeah it is."

"I need you to go take a shower, but no covering up!" she quickly added. "Just go take a shower like you would as if no one could see you." Knowing there wasn't really anyone else in the gym this early, I figured I better go quickly before other people started coming in. As I headed to the locker room Amy grabbed my arm, and said "One last thing you must stay in there for 30 minutes." She let go and I headed in.

I could hear a shower running, but figured I could get undressed and slip into the shower stall without anyone seeing me. I stopped at the last locker next to the showers, looking around I pulled my shirt off and put it in the locker. Then looking around again, I slipped out of my shorts and underwear. I stood there holding my clothes in front of my dick that had hidden itself inside me. Looking down, I threw the clothes in the locker and walked through the shower room door.

"Oh shit!" I said to myself out loud. It was just one big room, three shower heads on each of the three walls, with two wooden benches in the middle. And as horrifying as that was, it paled in comparison to what I saw next. Over on the left hand side of the shower room was a huge and muscular guy facing the wall in front of him. I quickly went to the far right shower head and turned it on. "Thank God." I said, as I felt that the water was instantly hot. I stood facing my wall hoping that this would be the worst of it.

My heart was pounding and my blood was boiling, this did nothing for my collapsed dick though. I looked over and saw that there was a soap dispenser in between every other shower head. Reaching over and taking a palm full of soap I began washing off, as my hand slid over my dick I started pulling it out, hoping to resuscitate the little fella before anyone could see me like this.

"Hey faggot! Stop jerking off in the shower." My heart sank; I thought I was going to throw up. Lifting my hands in the air like a criminal with the drop on him, I squeaked back, "I was just washing, dude, take it easy."

"No, I saw you, you were jerking that thing"

"I swear I wasn't" I was in full panic

"Dude, you turn around. And if your dick is hard I am throwing you a beating." He ordered.

I slowly turned around, and as I did I looked over at the giant standing not 15 feet away from me. I wish I could say I looked him in the face, but I didn't. In fact I couldn't. Because when I turned what I saw and locked my eyes on, was the largest cock I'd ever seen. This guy was built, so when I tell you his dick made the rest of him seem small you'll understand that this thing was massive. I could tell he was flaccid, by the way hung. I do mean HUNG. His head was just above his knee and looked to be the size of a racquet ball. His shaft was thick and reminded me of a section of fire hose, and I was so taken by his dick I totally forgot to be embarrassed about my own.

"What the HELL!" He wailed, "Is that you dick?" With that I looked up and saw his face.

FUCK! I thought to myself, because attached to that log between his legs was none other but Marlin.

"I said is that your dick?" he asked again more forcefully.

"Ye... yeah" I stammered.

Marlin stepped over the bench and walked closer to me, his giant bologna log swaying with every step. "What the hell happened to you?" He asked somewhat with genuine concern.

"Nothing, it just gets kinda small after working out." I said timidly, hoping he would just turn around and leave me alone.

"So it gets bigger right?" he asked.

"Shit!" He shares the same curiosity that Amy has. "Yes, but it's nothing like yours" I said motioning to his giant dong.

"Well, of course not" he said nonchalantly, "I've never met any guy even close to my size" he continued. I was staring at his dick the whole time he spoke.

"What does it feel like?" I said, meaning "what is it like to have such a large dick?"

"You can feel it if you want to, most guys do." He said calmly, "It's not a fag thing" He interjected, "It's just everyone wants to touch it. So who am I to say no?" And with that Marlin lifted up his man meet, and pointed it right at me. It nearly touched my chest as he held it out. Without thinking, I just reached out and took hold of it like a hotdog. My hand reached around his soft dick, and I realized my hand couldn't close around it. Marlin let go, and let me feel the weight of it,

"Damn it's heavy" I breathed aloud. Then taking my other hand I placed it at the base of his cock. My arm, from hand to elbow was touching his long thick pole. I gently wrapped my left hand around him and stroked it toward me. Not jerking him off, just feeling every inch, every bump and every vein. My mouth dropped open as I realized just how big he really was. My own dick twitched, and jumped and sprang to life.

"Hey it did get bigger" Marlin said with sarcasm and hint of pity in his voice. He turned and stood beside me holding his cock out in front of him, my own dick needed no support as it jutted straight out. "Damn, you're still small" he said, as if I hadn't noticed. Instinctively I reached over and grabbed his dick again; he didn't even flinch, as if knowing that I would do it. I started stroking his massive tool, and was relieved to note he was a "shower" not a "grower", but even still he grew at least another two or three inches. Reaching over I pumped some soap in my hand and began working his deadly weapon. Something was stirring inside me; I grabbed his dick and pulled him over to the bench.

I told him to lie down as if speaking to a dog. And to my surprise he obeyed. Lying on his back, I threw a leg over him and stood over his stomach. His dick was now between my legs; I looked down and realized, this is what he sees every time he gets naked. I put my hands around him and began jerking him as best as I could. He was just huge! Using my right hand to hold him still, I used my left to make swirling motions around the underside of his fat head.

"That's it" he shivered. I kept working his giant dick in my soapy hands, I felt his stomach tighten and his cock jerked, as a rope of cum shot from his cannon. "Keep going!" He insisted. Pump after pump he shot his loads, all over the shower room floor. Finally reaching around me and grabbing my hands Marlin pleaded, "No more, no more" I stepped off him walking forward, allowing his dick to rub against mine. I walked over to the still running shower head and cleaned his jism off. Marlin stood up and walked out of the shower room, saying nothing.

A Sticky Situation

I continued to wash in the shower trying desperately to scrub the thick sticky cum off my hands, arms, chest, dick and ass. Finally satisfied that I had got it all off, I realized my dick was still hard. The only thing worse than being caught in the shower room with a small dick, is being caught with a hard small dick. "I better get out of here" I thought to myself, and then I realized I had no towel. Nothing to dry myself off with I had only a few options, stand around and drip dry, get dressed wet, or use my shirt to dry off with and leave without it on. Having a pretty nice body, I opted for plan C. I hurried out the shower room, and grabbed the locker door.

"Sir?!" I heard the undeniable perky voice of Becky call out, "Sir, are you alright?" She added

"Um yeah everything's fine" I yelled

"Well your friends were worried about you; they said you've been in here a long time. I would have sent a guy in to check on you, but we're the only ones here this morning?"

"No, I just lost track of time, I'll be out in a bit"

"Do you need anything?"

"Um well, if you have towel I could use one" I requested

"Oh yeah, hang on I'll get you one." The perky voice declared. A few moments past, then she called out again. "Okay sir, I am just going to leave the towel on the bench closest to the entrance."

"Alright" I said

"Okay you can come get it now, I am out" Becky shouted as I heard the door close.

I walked down to the end of the row of lockers, turned to walk toward the first row near the entrance. My pace was quick, and I could feel my hard little bud bouncing all around. I was just about to the bench, when I heard "Gotcha" all four of the girls came darting around the corner of the entrance. I tried to cover up, but Jen and Beth were on me like ninjas. Jen is extremely fit, and strong, much stronger than I would've guest, stronger than me I was learning. She held my arms back, fully exposing me to Becky. I didn't care that the others saw me; after all we had already done together. But Becky had nothing to do with our little group.

"Oh my God!" Becky said in her high pitched voice "you're right it's so small it's cute"

"Come on, please let me go!" I urged, Amy just looked me up and down, "remember our deal." She said directly. I stopped fighting against them, and acquiesced to their will.

"Now what?" I asked. Becky walked over, and bending down she stretched out her hand and flicked my dick with her finger. "Ouch" I whimpered. "It's just so funny" she exclaimed. "How big is it?" she added

"4 and half inches" I said, as if she might be impressed.

"Um, no it isn't" Amy said "That's your all time biggest number." She reminded. "You're more like, three inches right now, I would guess." Becky flicking it again, "Yeah I think she's right, I don't even think its 4 inches right now."

"Do you have a tape measure or ruler we could use?" Jenny asked.

"Sure, I have one on the desk" Becky said, and with that Beth scrambled to go get it. "Here" she said handing the tape measure to Becky. Becky held it against my dick, "no peaking" Beth insisted, and covered my eyes with her hands.

"It's..." Becky started.

"NO!" the three yelled in unison.

"It doesn't work that way" Amy explained. "Before he gets to know, he has to cum." Jenny, still holding my arms reached around and grabbed my little guy. She began pumping furiously looking over my shoulder as she jacked me off.

"Damn, it looks even smaller from this angle" she said loud enough for all to hear.

"Look at that!" Becky squawked, "She isn't even using her whole hand." Looking down I realized it was true; Jen had me by her thumb and two fingers as she rapidly stroked my loose dick skin over the head of my dick and back down again. This movement was creating a jiggle in my balls, a fact not missed by Becky as she reached out and opened her palm, allowing my hairless sack to rub against her. "His balls are small too" Becky snickered as she wrapped her hand around them easily concealing them in her closed hand. "It's like two gum balls in a baggy" She joked. "He's cumming" Becky said, feeling the tightness in my balls.

"Now!" Amy shouted.

Becky leapt up, throwing her arms in the air as if I had made a touchdown, "TWO AND three quarters" She shouted as cum flew out of little dick and hit her square in the crotch. Jen kept pumping till there was nothing left, but a tiny, spent, soft dick in her hand.

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