tagCelebrities & Fan FictionSmallville: Price of Power Ch. 1

Smallville: Price of Power Ch. 1


One of the more intriguing characters in the series, "Smallville", is that of Lex Luthor. While people familiar with the comic-strip and movies know that he is Superman's arch-enemy and a master criminal, the show takes a strange twist by having young Clark Kent rescue Lex from drowning and the two become best of friends, for Lex, a younger brother he never had and for Clark, the older brother he always wanted.

Yet at the same time, the series does a superb job showing the twisted, dysfunctional family life of Lex and his manipulative, "Donald Trump" stereo-type father and how Lex is truly his "father's son". It is easy to see the mastermind blossoming inside young Lex and how easily the exercise of power comes to him. Because of his friendship for Clark, it is easy to forget that Lex is much more ruthless than his father, a true meglomaniac and a force to be reckoned with.

This story is about Lana Lang, and how she learns, to her regret, the price one has to pay to be powerful. In one of the later episodes, she convinces Lex Luthor, or so she thinks, to back her in the purchase and refurbishment of the "Falcon", an old movie-house downtown that has nostalgic ties to her deceased parents. The ease in which she changed Lex's mind has convinced her that she is on her own way to becoming one of the mover's and shakers of the land.


The limosuine came over the crest of a small hill and the lights of Metropolis sprang into view. Lana Lang, sitting in the back and looking out the window, caught her breath at the beautiful sight. The man seated next to her smiled slightly.

"Driver, stop the car", he barked curtly. The car immediately slowed and pulled off to the shoulder of the road in a swirl of dust. Before it had come to a complete stop, the man reached across the young woman and opened the door. Lana smiled at him and unbuckled her seat belt and stepped out into the cool night air. She walked slowly toward the shimmering lights of the city spread out before her, her arms wrapped beneath her small, though firm breasts.

"It is so beautiful", she whispered softly. "Like a City of Magic!"

"Only at night", the man said from behind her, his tone sardonic and just a touch bored. "During the day it is like every other big city. Dirty, crowded and smelly. Darkness becomes her. But then again, darkness favors many things in life. Surely you've been to the city before, Lana? I mean, your parents must have taken you once or twice, or have you forgotten that?"

Lana turned to observe the tall, bald-headed young man behind her. He was slender, but not thin, with wide shoulders and a narrow waist that hinted at athletic prowess. His dark eyes studied her, powerful, probing eyes that made her shiver slightly. She always felt as if Lex was several thoughts and sentences ahead of her when she spoke to him, as if he could read her mind and already knew her answer.

"Of course I've been to Metropolis before, Lex", she said gently. "Lots of times with my parents when they were alive, and after their death, with my aunt. A couple of times with my boyfriend Whitney. But I never tire of looking at it at night. Don't you believe in magic?"

Lex Luthor shook his head and walked back to the car. He stopped and looked over his shoulder at the beautiful young woman in her elegant, black evening gown, a simple strand of pearls around her neck and the glint of diamonds at the base of her ears.

"I believe in money and power", he said simply. "You look out there and see magic. I look out there and see a waste of energy. And the potential for enormous profit for whoever controls the source of that energy. Come on back inside now, we don't want to be late for the Governor's Ball."

Lana looked back one more time at the glittering lights, trying to see it the way Lex saw it. It was still magical and she grinned to herself and hurried over to the car and got in. Lex had been sweet enough to invite her to the Governor's Ball, her first opportunity to meet the leaders of Kansas society and business. He was right. There would be time later to think of magic. Tonight, she had to begin to "network" and meet the people who will be important to her future, whatever that future might be.

Lex sat quietly across from her in the back of the limo, a laptop resting across his thighs. His eyes danced across the information on the screen and he would frequently type something into the attached keyboard. Every so often, a wolfish smile would cross his face and Lana could imagine another business competitor suddenly losing everything. Lex scared her, and intrigued her at the same time. He was one of the most driven men she'd ever known and she had come to appreciate his wit, intelligence and business acumen since becoming a "silent partner" in the refurbished Falcon Theatre and Coffee Shop.

The car slowed and turned off the highway and Lana saw that they were by a high-walled residence. The heavy metal gates slid open slowly and the limo powered smoothly along the winding blacktop driveway, through a screening copse of trees and then out into the lights of a beautiful, impressive looking mansion. A circular drive swung across the front of the house and a uniformed man was opening the doors of the cars in front of her, helping the beautifully dressed men and women out of the car.

Then it was her turn and Lana's heart beat faster as she accepted the man's hand and stepped out of the car. Lex followed after her, and he put one hand under her elbow, steering her up the steps toward the open double-doors. Lana could see the ever-present laptop held in his other hand. She shook her head slightly, wondering if Lex ever did anything for the sheer enjoyment of it all. Probably not, unless there was some form of profit in it.

The inside of the mansion was more beautiful than Lana had imagined. Everything reeked of money and power! She'd felt it at Lex's mansion in Smallville, but this was far beyond the aura of his relatively new home. That was the point, Lana guessed. The Governor's Mansion was at least a hundred years old and the years had impressed the very wood and fabric of the building with the exercise of power. She wondered what Lex's mansion would feel like, a hundred years from now.

Lex seemed to know everybody and he smiled and nodded to most of them, introducing Lana to a select few others. One of the first men she met was Senator Mackey, a tall, heavy-framed man with a full head of jet-black hair, bright blue eyes and a smile that made the young beauty feel as if she was the most important woman in the world. He had huge, soft-skinned hands and the backs and first two knuckles were covered with a thick matting of jet black hair. It made Lana think of an animal and she felt a vague sense of disquiet the longer the Senator held her hand, much longer than propriety would allow.

Just as she was about to pull her hand free, Lex called out to another couple and made apologies to the Senator and ushered Lana out of his reach. The gorgeous brunette took a deep breath and smiled up at her rescuer.

"Thanks for that", she said softly.

"Don't worry about it", Lex replied. "Look, I've got some business to take care of. Can you manage by yourself for a bit? If you don't want to talk to anyone, just join a group, smile and nod your head, as if you're listening to every word and keep your mouth shut. Believe me, most men talking, will assume you're totally blown away by their intelligence and wit. They won't even question your presence. I'll be back in a little while."

Lex walked away swiftly, moving down a corridor toward the back of the house. Lana shivered slightly and then accepted a tall crystal glass of champagne from a liveried servent. She glanced around and saw the Senator staring at her, a predatory glint in his eyes. She looked away quickly and headed toward another room, where the sound of music and laughter came through the open doors. It was a large meeting room of some kind, turned into an impromptu dance hall. Several of the younger guests were dancing to the music from an impressive looking entertainment center.

Lana allowed herself to be swept up into the crowd, feeling safer with all the people around her. The music was loud enough that she didn't have to speak to anyone, yet not so overpowering that it gave her a headache. She finished her champagne and someone gave her another glass. It was hot and crowded on the dance floor, but Lana didn't mind that part one bit. In fact, she found that she was actually enjoying herself.

Lex appeared in front of her and he raised one eyebrow in question. She grinned at him and shimmied in time to the music, feeling just a trifle tipsy from the champagne. He grinned at her and shook his head and then took her hand, pulling her through the crowd and back out into the main room. The main doors were closed and Lana assumed that all of the guests that were coming had already shown up. Lex moved rapidly, almost pulling Lana along behind him. She hurried to catch up, her heels tapping on the wooden floors. He came to a stairway and led her upward and then down a short hallway.

He knocked on the door at the end of the hall and after a moment, he opened the door and ushered Lana inside. She found herself in a large suite, or rather a very large bedroom, with a small sitting area to one side, separated from the large, four-poster bed by a set of Japanese silk screens. To her dismay, the Senator was sitting in an overstuffed chair in front of her. He'd removed his suit coat and had his shirt-sleeves rolled up to reveal thick, muscled forearms, covered with the thick mat of black hair. He was smoking a large cigar and the smell made Lana blink and wrinkle her nose.

"Ah, Ms. Lang", the Senator said with a smile. "How nice of you to join us. Lex and I have been discussing you and your impressive grasp of business. I'm always happy to meet Lex's friends and partners. Come over here for a moment, I've got something I want you to take a look at."

Lana glanced over at Lex, who was standing impassively by the door, his eyes hooded, a strange, wooden expression on his normally animated face. It sent a shiver of disquiet through her body and she bit her full lower lip and walked toward the Senator. She wondered what it was he wanted her to see. There wasn't anything near him, other than the cigar in his hand. She came to a stop in front of him and he grinned up at her and blew a cloud of acrid cigar smoke into her face. She recoiled, coughing lightly and to her shock, the man reached down, unzipped his pants in one quick, practiced motion and pulled out his thick, heavily veined cock!

"Check this baby out", he bragged, stroking his rapidly stiffening prick and grinning wolfishly at her. "What do you think, Lana. Is that something you'd like to suck on? Or maybe you'd like to just sit on it and get it nice and wet with your cuntjuice?"

"You're such a pig!", Lana stormed, her eyes flashing angrily. How dare he expose himself like that! She whirled around and stomped toward the door and Lex stepped to the side, blocking the exit.

"Get out of my way, Lex!", Lana yelled, putting her hand on his shoulder, pushing to one side. It was like trying to move a building and Lex caught her wrist in a hard, punishing grip and she gasped and moaned as he twisted her arm, forcing her to turn around and face the Senator. The depraved older man still had his cock out of his pants, his thick fist working slowly up and down the now fully erect sex organ.

"I think you need to answer the Senator's question", Lex hissed in her ear. "Do you want to suck it or fuck it? It's not that hard a choice, Lana. But you're going to do one or the other before you leave here. Or would you prefer to let the Senator decide? Or maybe you can do both, in whatever order you please."

"Let go of me!", Lana screamed, twisting and trying to escape her tormentor. Her mind whirled in shock and she felt tears rolling down her cheeks. How could Lex do this to her! How could he betray her like this. She thought she understood him, but this! This was the most obscene, incredible event that had ever happened to her.

"Shut the fuck up, Lana!", Lex said angrily, his voice like a lash. "Jesus, you think I brought you out here so you could dance? Are you that stupid, Lana? I told you. This is your chance to network and meet the people who make things happen. Don't tell me you've never seen a cock before? Who was it that came to me with some home video of that blonde girl and your boyfriend. What did you suggest then? That I find some men who'd fuck her on camera? I know you let her eat you out and I'm sure your boyfriend's fucked your cunt."

Lana stared up at the bald-headed monster above her. She felt nauseated and more alone than ever. A brief, irrational hope that Clark Kent would suddenly burst through the door behind Lex flashed through her mind, but she knew that he was nowhere around tonight. She'd not told anyone about the invitation. She felt Lex relax his grip on her arm and she pulled free of his grasp, stepping to the side, glaring angrily at him.

"You're a bigger pig than he is!", she spat, shaking her head back and forth. "I trusted you! I thought you were a friend. I hate you! You're despicable."

"I'm not your friend, Lana", Lex said, a hard smile on his face. "I'm your employer. And here's the deal. You get your ass over to the Senator and you do what you have to do to make him happy. You keep your job. Or, you walk out that door. And the Falcon will be condemned and set for demolition before you get back to Smallville. And I can assure you, your aunt will never find a job in Kansas, or in any part of the U.S. that I have any influence."

"This is getting old, Lex!", the Senator complained, taking a puff on his cigar. "Either the slut sucks me off or I'm out the door. Tell her to make up her mind and do it fast."

Lana shook her head, her whole body trembling. She couldn't really understand what the problem was. As Lex had pointed out, she wasn't a virgin and she had, in fact, taken him a video of her boyfriend Whitney fucking Chloe Sullivan. But up until this moment, she'd always been the one who initiated the sex and it had always been for the purpose of control. And maybe that was what was frightening her about this situation. She was not in control and she knew it.

Lex gave an exasperated sigh and he pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. He held it up to his ear and his eyes locked with Lana's.

"Pull the plug", he said tonelessly. "I want it to be nothing but a hole in the ground by tomorrow evening."

"No, wait!", Lana cried, taking a step toward Lex. "Please! I'll do it, okay! I'll do whatever you want. Please, Lex. Don't tear down the Falcon. Don't!"

Lex motioned with his chin toward the Senator and Lana turned to look over her shoulder at the other man. The Senator smiled mirthlessly and shook his cock at her, a cloud of bluish-grey cigar smoke wreathing his upper body. Lana felt her heart sink inside her body and she turned and walked woodenly toward the other man. Behind her, she heard Lex tell the other person on the line to "hold off a minute".

"Well, I guess some women just like to play hard to get", the Senator said as Lana came to a stop in front of him. "I sure hope you're worth all this aggravation. Here, take this."

The Senator reached out and handed the cigar to Lana. It was thicker than she'd thought and the end was wet and slightly soggy. It was warm and smooth, almost like a cock she thought. She wrinkled her nose at the acrid smell and held it out at arm's length.

"Take a puff", the seated man said softly, his blue eyes gleaming. "Show me what your lips look like with something long and thick between them."

Lana grimaced and looked back once more at Lex. He'd moved over to a chair by the door and he had his laptop open and was typing something into it. He wasn't even watching her, secure in his knowledge and power over the trembling brunette. She felt a surge of hatred toward the bald-headed man and turned back to the Senator. She brought the cigar up to her mouth and sucked on it.

The tip glowed red and her mouth and throat were full of smoke! She gagged and coughed and the Senator laughed and took the cigar from her hand. He puffed on it a couple of times and blew the smoke up into her face. Her stomach churned and she fought back the nausea inside her.

"Don't worry about it", he said with a laugh. "You'll get used to it. Now, let's play, shall we? Do you know how to dance? Have you ever heard the term "lap dance"?" How about you give me a nice, sexy lap dance and show me what you got. If you can make me cum without sucking on my dick, I'll let you go. If not, well, I guess we'll have to figure something else out."

Music filled the room and Lana glanced over to the side, where she saw a suit-coated man standing next to an entertainment center. She hadn't even realized he was in the room! She felt her face flush and a tear of helplessness rolled down her cheek. The Senator made a twirling motion with his fingers and she bit her soft lower lip and turned around slowly, emptying her mind of everything but the music. She hid inside the slow, sexy beat, letting her hips twitch in time to the driving bass. She'd had dancing lessons since childhood and her body moved in automatic response.

Lana felt the Senator put his hands on her hips, pulling her back toward him and she straddled his leg, dipping down slightly and grabbing her gown. She pulled it upward, until her legs were free of it's confining embrace. She squatted down and rubbed her crotch against the Senator's surprisngly muscular thigh. She heard the man sigh in pleasure and felt a thrill of lust shoot through her. For all his power, he was just like any other man. He wanted what was between her legs and he'd act the fool to get it!

The newfound understanding filled Lana with resolve. She opened her eyes, staring across the room at Lex, who was still busy with his laptop. Her lip curled in disgust and she bounced her pussy off the Senator's thigh and brought her hands up to her breasts, rubbing and pinching her now throbbing nipples. The Senator's hands tightened painfully on her hips and she gasped and rocked her hips faster, sliding her wet pussy back and forth along his leg, shoving her ass backward until she could feel his thick, hard prick rub against her buttcheek.

Lana stood suddenly and turned around, facing the Senator. She stared into his eyes and licked her lips, bending over until her face hovered just inches over his crotch. She could smell his cock and she slid her pointy pink tongue over her lips and then wiggled it back and forth over the head of his dick, teasing him with her sudden, wanton behavior. She could see the lust and desire in his eyes and she reached down and pulled the top of her dress open, letting one firm, brown-tipped breast fall out. She lowered her chest, until the tip of her nipple rubbed across the warm, soft skin of his cock.

"Fuck yeah, what a cockteaser!", the Senator groaned, jerking his crotch against Lana's soft breast. "Shit, Lex, you were right about this one. She is hot! Keep dancing, baby! Take your dress off, okay? Let me see what you got."

Lana stood and reached behind her neck, her body continuing to sway in time to the music. She felt extremely hot and sexy and one firm, cone-shaped breast stuck out of her dress. She released the catch on her dress and then slid her hands down, stroking her soft flesh and pinching her nipple. The upper part of her dress fell down around her waist and she put her hands under her boobs and squeezed them together, the Senator's eyes glued to her thick brown nipples. She pinched them and then leaned forward so that they were almost touching his face.

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