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Agent 409 plunged towards the ground at high speed. The thirty thousand foot free fall was nothing new to the experienced agent as she checked her altimeter. HALO jumps where standard method of entry for these kinds of missions. The cold and thin air was of little notice due to the new SMART suits agents were now being equipped with.

These fantastic new suits had been designed by DARPA with fiber optic infused rubber, allowing for full monitoring of the wearer's vitals as well as supplying the wearer with sensory feedback making them more aware of their surroundings. The suits were skin tight and covered the wearer's body from head to toe, making it aerodynamic. The built in gloves and socks allowed for full coverage and data collection. The hood was an open face kind that divers wore allowing for the equipping of various gas masks and helmets.

Despite its seemingly thin construction, the suits offered maximum protection and even functioned as light body armor. They also kept out the elements so that when agents in engaged in extreme activities like free falling from an airplane. The isolation keeps out the cold and protects the body from frostbite and wind chill.

Agent 409 wiped condensation off the goggles of her mask. This high up she had needed an air containment module in order to breathe on the way down. A hose connected the digital mask to the containment module. Inside the goggles displayed Agent 409's data, including airspeed, core and external temperatures, time clock, distance to her objective, altitude, and her remaining air. An alarm began to beep alerting her to open her parachute.

409, waited for a three count before pulling her shoot to make sure she was under the radar. While the suit was supposed to shield her from radar detection she did not want to chance it picking up anything. Agents 409s dark stealth chute and black suit helped her to blend in perfectly with the night sky. Easily she gliding over the fence to the enemy compound. Cutting the cords attaching her chute she gracefully dropped to the ground.

The rubber suit made a slight squeaking sound as she crouched. The only downside Agent 409 found with the new suits is that the rubber creaked and squeaked. They also tended to ride up in the crotch area. She sighed and picked the rubber out of her camel toe. It was distracting every time the suit rubbed against her groin.

409 removed her mask and parachute pack. She strapped her tactical harness on over her suit and checked her weapons. Her USP .45 was equipped with a suppressor and LAM. She flicked the light and laser on and off to test them. They seemed to be working. Her tactical combat knife she tucked into her boot. Finally, she ran a quick diagnostic on her wrist computer hooked into her SMART suit.

Ok, she thought to herself, time to get the mission started. Agent 409's mission was to infiltrate the enemy compound, locate the central server and recover the stolen data. The destroy the servers and exfiltrate the area and use the Fulton device to get picked up. A simple operation that was clearly below Agent 409's skills. She had done tons of missions like this before and the intel stated that the building was fully automated with no personnel on site. Whoever had stolen the data was using this facility as a drop site to store the data.

She sprinted across the lawn sticking to the shadows and dodging behind cover when necessary. There did not appear to be any security measures. No cameras, motion sensors, or automated guns. 409 felt ill at ease, the building should have had something. Even if it was just an automated facility, it should have had some security measures.

Approaching the building was easy, too easy, putting her on edge. She peeked around the corner peering into the lobby of the building. Nothing. It was well lit and there was a desk but no one around.

As she approached the front door a sensor beeped and it slid open. This was the only entrance to the building forcing 409 to chance it. She dashed through the door and across the room, jumping over the desk before sliding under it and scanning the room.

Still nothing, this was still weird. The agent checked her wrist computer to check the building blueprints. It looked like it was a pretty straight shot to the elevator then down six floors to the server room, no problem.

As she moved along the hall she encountered her first threats. Small room-like cleaning robots appeared and fired their stun darts at the agent. They had no effect on the SMART suit. Agent 409 easily picked them each off with her gun before making it to the elevator. She pressed the button to summon the elevator but nothing happened. Apparently, the building had gone into shutting down mode when the robots went offline.

Now things are starting to pick up, she thought, at least the building has some sort of security system, this wouldn't have been fun without any kind of challenge. 409 managed to pry open the elevator doors and look down the shaft. The car must have been somewhere on the lower floors. Even with the shaft emergency lights, she couldn't see it below her. She hooked a repelling clamp to the main lift cable and tested to make sure it was secure before attaching her rope. Carefully she eased her weight onto the line. The rope and harness took her weight easily, suspending her above the drop.

Slowly the agent lowered herself down the shaft checking off floor numbers as she descended. When she reached the sixth she tied herself off and proceeded to work the doors open. Her efforts were greeted by several more little robots firing darts at her. 409 took cover in elevator shaft before returning fire. When the coast was clear, she loaded a fresh clip into her USP and climbed out.

The floor was a simple long hallway ending at a heavy metal door. There were no traps or alarms but the door was locked and hermetically sealed. The only way through was to open it with the access password. 409 used her wrist computer to easily hack the door code. Her sense of unease returned, as she thought that this was going to smoothly. Something always goes wrong on a mission and so far everything was going her way.

Once in the server room, the agent began to rethink that as she looked at the huge racks of computer equipment. It would take hours to search through them just to find the right server hosting the data. She walked up and down the rows until she managed to find the central interface terminal. From there she could easily find the data and retrieve it.

Agent 409 entered in the search parameters of the missing data and the terminal gave her an error message. She tried again, only to receive another error. She changed the parameters and tried again. Once again she only got and error message. Each time she changed the parameters and search again she only received and error message. Suddenly the computer locked up with the error message.

"Well, well, Agent 409, did you find what you were looking for?" A female voice boomed over the speaker system. Agent 409 spun around and aimed her gun in the direction the voice came from.

"Sorry, but we have been having some issues with our computers. I hope there are no hard feelings but we couldn't really let you go poking around in our files." The voice spoke again, taunting the agent. 409 turned to check the door, still closed. She turned back to the terminal and patched in her wrist communicator. She would use her device to trick the system into uploading all its files to her off-site server, that way she could look through the files at her leisure. It would take longer but this was feeling more and more like a trap.

"Oh that was a mistake 409, you shouldn't have done that." The voice cooed. Agent 409 suddenly began to feel if her suit was a size too small. This was a really bad time to have it dig into her crotch. She tried to pull it out of herself but the material clung to her. The SMART suit was starting to feel really tight, almost as if...

Holy shit! It was. The suit was getting tighter as if it was shrinking. The tight rubber began to squeeze her tighter and tighter. It gripped her breasts so tight it was both painful and pleasurable while at the same time it crept up between her butt cheeks giving her a painful wedgie. The worst part was that the waist was cruising her torso tighter than a corset and making it increasingly harder to breath.

"Fun fact about those SMART suits, if you run an ionized pulse back through the fiber optics that run throughout the suit, it causes the rubber microfibers to contract. Thanks for connecting your suit to our mainframe to make that possible." The mysterious woman informed 409. She was starting to feel light-headed from the lack of oxygen. Frantically the female commando pulled out her knife and tried to cut the suit open to release the pressure and get some air. The blade had no effect on the SMART suit's intelligently design body armor function.

Even disconnecting the wrist computer from the terminal didn't stop the slow contractions of the suit. Within minutes 409 passed out from lack of oxygen.

"Time to wake up number 409."

Agent 409 slowly began to regain consciousness. Where was she, why couldn't she move and why was she so turned on? She recalled she had been on a mission, but everything in her head was fuzzy and she couldn't concentrate. As her vision cleared 409 could see that she was in a sealed white room, like a medical exam room. It was quickly apparent that she couldn't move, her limbs seemed to be strapped down to the table. A face appeared above her.

"There you are darling," cooed the familiar female voice, "I am so glad you could join us before the fun started. I would have been so disappointed if you had missed out."

The groggy agent tried to focus and match the face to a name, but the Woman was wearing a black rubber surgical mask over her lower face and appeared to also be wearing a SMART suit. Her accent rang a bell in 409's memory but she just couldn't get her brain to make the connections. Then it hit her; she had been captured. Her suit had begun to malfunction and caused her to pass out, and the woman standing over her had been the one talking over the speaker system.

"Oh don't bother trying to over work that poor brain of your's 409, the drugs we gave you have a horrible little side effect of making it hard to think. Not that you really need to, all I want you to do is lie back and enjoy everything I do to you."

"Ugh...drugs...?" 409 slurred. The drugs seemed to make it hard to talk as well as think.

"Shhh. Honey, the muscle relaxants have affected your ability to talk, but just to make sure that's not something you need to worry about."

Agent 409 watched helplessly as a gloved hand shoved a weird rubber ball into her mouth. Once inside it slowly began to swell up filling 409's mouth and stretching her jaw to its limit keeping it open while sealing her mouth.

"Don't worry that is a special gag that reacts to the saliva in your mouth. It soaks up the moisture and increases in size until you can't talk. It can only be removed if I release this value on the outside here." The mystery woman whispered into 409s ear "And I have to say you make it look really sexy. Maybe later I will join you and try one on myself." The rubber of the Woman's mask squeaked against the rubber hood covering the bound girl's ear. The sensation caused a shiver to run down 409's spine.

"Mmmmm, looks like the other shot I gave you is starting to kick in. It's nothing to worry about just a mild aphrodisiac. It will make your skin more sensitive as well as some more interesting places." A hand roughly stroked 409's groin causing a fiery warmth to bloom in her crotch and up to the pit of her stomach.

"Now then my little toy, how much do you know about these SMART suits?" The masked woman asked. 409 suddenly recognized her, it was the Baroness. The organization who stole the data from the Agency must have been one of her dummy corporations. The Baroness was an evil rich woman who stole technology and information to increase her wealth and support her perverted hobbies of kidnapping young women and turning them into her playthings. She was a genuine madwoman and 409 was now at her mercy.

"The Synthetic Material Automatic Rubber Technology, or SMART suit, is a very complex piece of equipment, but it does have its flaws," the Baroness began to lecture her, "did you know that when you exceed the voltage capacity of the fiber optics it overloads the sensors giving the wearer an electrical shock. This shock can range from painful to pleasurable depending on the voltage. Like this."

The Baroness pressed a button on her own wrist computer, causing the terminal connected to 409's own wrist unit to beep. Without warning, a sharp pain exploded in the bound agent's nipples. It felt like they were suddenly on fire. The gag blocked all sounds of the suffering girls screams. The pain slowly started to subside as tears streamed down the agent's face.

"Ow, that looked really painful, but it doesn't have to be. If I just turn it down at bit it can actually feel quite good."

Again the wrist units beeped and Agent 409 braced herself for another painful shock. Instead of a burning pain in her sore nipples, this time she was treated to a gentle pulsing sensation that felt as if they were gently being massaged. She moaned gently into her gag as her nipples became erect.

"And we turn it up again." Her captor laughed. The caress turned into a thousand needles slowly piercing her nipples. The agent began to scream and writhe helplessly, unable to beg for the evil woman to stop.

"...and back down again," The needles slowly disappeared, replaced by the gentle massaging.

"Good girls get pleasure," The Latex Villian said, as the massaging increased, "Bad girls get pain." Electricity blasted pain into her nipples again.

"Good," Her nipples tingled in pleasure

"Bad," They began to burn again. The Baroness continued to switch back and forth torturing the agent until she was a sobbing hysterical mess.

"Now are we gonna be a good girl or a bad girl?" She asked. 409 tried desperately to scream through the gag that she would be a good girl if only the woman would stop shocking her.

"Is that a yes or a no?" Agent 409, nodded her head vigorously to signal that she would agree to be good.

"Good, that means we can move on to some other fun exploits." Baroness told her, " did you know that by switching sensor readouts you can change the target of the shocks?" She pushed a few more buttons and the devices beeped. The wonderful massaging of 409s breasts did not stop, but the sensations simply moved.

It felt as if phantom hands were now stroking and caressing her torso in a very soothing massage. More beeps and they moved to her shoulders and then down to her lower back. 409's sore body became very receptive to the treatment as her overworked body and the aphrodisiacs made her very sensitive. The computers beeped more and more phantom hands began to rub her calves and thighs. The poor girl moaned in pleasure as her entire body was massaged by the pulsing electricity surging throughout her suit.

409 squealed in surprise as the sensations began to vigorously stimulate her crotch. The suit had been rubbing her sensitive areas since she had first put it on back at HQ. During the flight, jump, and infiltration it had been an adamant reminder keeping her in a state of near-constant arousal. The inside of the suit was slick with her sweat and juices only serving to make the attention the phantom fingers were giving her more intense.

"Well, that was a fun sound!" The Baroness exclaimed, "let's see what other tunes we can make you sing?" She scanned the options on her wrist computer and set in a sequence of programs that would turn the good little agent into a mindless fuck puppet.

The sensations in 409s crotch began to mount driving her towards the edge of an orgasm. Just as she was about to cum, the suit delivered a powerful and painful shock to her clit. The agent screamed in pain and frustration as the pleasant sensations began again and started pushing her towards orgasm again. Just before she could get off, the agent was once again punished with another painful electric shock. The suit continued the process again and again. Each time she nearly reached orgasm 409 would brace herself for the shock lessening the effect, only for the suit to adjust and all the phantom hands began messaging and pleasuring her whole body again.

It felt as if her whole body had become as sensitive as her clit and she quickly reached the edge. This time the shock was applied to her nipples and anus as well as her clit. She screamed helplessly unable to do anything but endure the torture. The process repeated itself, again and again, each time getting increasingly stronger, but never letting her cum.

It wasn't long before all 409 could do was thrust her hips and ride the waves of pleasure and pain. She could no longer even think, her whole world was a never ending frustrating attempt to reach an release that would never come. She lost track of time and count of how many times the suit edged her. Slowly the process began to slow and ease her back down until it finally stopped. It was a bit longer until 409 realized it had stopped, her breathing was still ragged and her hips continued to hump the air.

"My what a good girl you are Agent 409. I think I lost count of how many times I got off watching you struggle. That was one of the best performances I think I have ever seen. I just might have to keep you all to myself so we can do this every day. Or maybe I will just tie you up in my bedroom and set it to keep you on edge constantly for my own personal amusement."

Agent 409 couldn't hold back the endless tears streaming down her face. Her body was sore, aching, and sensitive. She could still feel the after effects of the shocks and messages, and she needed to cum really really badly. Under all that she was ashamed she had fallen for such and obvious trap despite all of her training and experience. She just wanted this to be over, she wanted to be at home in bed with her girls snuggling together in her warm bed as they kissed and touched each other gently.

"How about we try a new sensation, huh?" the Baroness teased our hero, "is this yours?" She held up the Fulton Device that 409 had brought with her to signal her extraction. 409 shook her head feverishly no.

"Bad girl, no lying." A painful shock blasted 409s anus like searing fire. She started nodding as fast as she could.

"Good girl that is better. Good girls get rewards" The Baroness pressed her mask covered lips against 409s ball gag in a delightful rubber kiss. Agent 409 and her girls had routinely enjoyed the practice of rubber and gag kissing when they were home playing their private games.

"Something you should know about the design of these suits is that there are two layers. You see there is the soft thin inner layer that goes against your skin that has the sensors imbedded in it. Then you have the heavy outer layer that acts as protection, and between them are all those little fiber optics cables that allow the suit to monitor you and feed you data.." She reached between 409s legs and unzipped the crotch. It was supposed to be so that agents could use the bathroom but the evil-doer had other plans.

"While the outside layer is tough and impossible to cut or puncture, the inside layer is not" She continued to lecture. 409 could feel her fiddling around with the crotch of the suit. Something cold and metallic kept bumping against her skin.

"There we are," Baroness called out as she finished and stood up. In her hands, she held the Fulton's compressed gas system. It was used to pump helium into the balloon that would carry a line into the air to be snagged by the skyhook on a plane or chopper. However, the Baroness had attached a hose from the compression tank to the crotch of 409's suit.

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