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Smile for the Camera


Give a girl an iPad, a stopover in a dull hotel and no wifi and this is the result. The main couple in this story are based on a genuine couple I know though as to what they get up to behind closed doors I have no idea. This is my flight of fantasy and I doubt if it's true, but by goodness I wish it was true.


"This feels weird" Sophie said as her husband Pete made the last of the connections to the computer, "are you sure this is safe?"

Pete sighed as he looked at his wife who was nervously biting her bottom lip. "Yes it will be fine" he said, "and we have covered this a million times. The people who appear on chat roulette are looking for the same thing as us so even if you recognise anyone just click next. They will stay silent unless they want to look as perverted as us." Pete laughed at the last words especially for the way his wife blushed deeply in such an endearing way.

It had all stemmed from a drunken conversation a few months back where they had talked about kinky things they had done or wanted to do. The question of lesbian sex came up and Sophie admitted shyly that she once kissed another girl years ago at a party though it had not gone further than a quick grope of each other's breasts. Pete remembered how passionate their love making was later as he described to Sophie in detail about watching her lick another woman and seeing her having her pussy licked. The thought of seeing his lovely wife with her legs wide apart moaning in ecstasy as another woman took her to a climax gave Pete a huge hard on, and it clearly had the same effect on Sophie who climaxed hard as Pete drove his 8 inch cock in and out.

Over the next few weeks they would describe fantasy situations to each other often involving people at work, but always involving lesbian sex. Sometimes they would watch lesbian porn together with Pete fingering her or sometimes Sophie pleasuring herself. Sophie blushed as she recalled one night when she described to Pete in great detail a fantasy about lying spread eagled on her back on her office desk as their friend Kelly licked and fingered Sophie to an orgasm as the rest of the woman in the office waited their turn. Sophie got wet as she recalled pushing Pete's head between her legs with the command, "lick me like you were my lesbian lover." The major stumbling block they hit upon was that neither felt totally comfortable with being physically unfaithful after 10 years of marriage which was when the idea of web cam came up.

After some investigation and the purchase of a few bits of kit Pete had come up with a pretty good set up he thought to himself. The main inbuilt camera was pointed at Sophie's face showing her chiselled dark features, her deep brown eyes all framed by her short bobbed dark hair. Sophie was sat back far enough so that her cleavage was just on show from the loose top she was wearing which was sheer enough to show that she was without a bra, though her firm 36b breasts didn't need much support. Camera 2 was mounted under the desk and this pointed up between her long legs showing the tiny briefs were the only thing she had on below the waist. Pete had set up a repeater monitor which was directly in front of his wife but behind the screen. This was so he could see everything she saw on screen but also watch his wife and she could see him.

"So" said Pete as he stood behind Sophie, "this button switches between the cameras, this toggles the mic on and off and this blurs the screen. I think best we start on silent with screen blur and if we don't like what we see then click next, if you do like then we can go from there. No personal details, well your real first name will probably be easier."

"What do I say?" Sophie said still nervous.

"Just tell them the truth," Pete laughed ,"that you fantasise about having your pussy licked by another woman and that you get turned on by the thought of licking another woman to a climax." Sophie swallowed nervously as he went on, "and if you really click put on a show for her" as he nodded to the array of various sized dildos and vibrators lined up next to the screen.

Turning her head in the chair Sophie found herself facing Pete's raging hard on which without thinking she took deeply into her mouth causing Pete to grab the back of the chair for support. Taking his cock from her mouth but still gripping it tightly she looked up at her husband and said in a husky voice, "and don't forget I want it in my ass tonight good and hard so make sure you save some for me while you sit over there wanking."

For all the anticipation the reality was a huge disappointment. The site was supposed to be for women only but time after time a man's face would appear or a close up of a cock, or even just a blank screen with the name claiming to be a woman. A few typed messages that asked to "see her tits" and offered nothing in return soon caused Sophie to click next. After an hour or so they were about to give up when a face appeared on the screen showing a mid 30s woman with short cropped almost white spiky hair. What fascinated Sophie was the tattoos that covered one arm of the woman that were clearly visible under the white vest she wore. "My name is Helga from Norway" the woman typed, "please unblur your screen or I will terminate this conversation"

Sophie fumbled for a second until she found the button to unblur and both women appeared clearly on screen side by side. 'Hi' typed Sophie, 'my name is Sophie and I am from England.'

'Do you have mic?' Helga typed and Sophie quickly found the button to make the mic live. For a few moments the only sound was Sophie's heavy breathing when Helga's voice came out of the speakers. Her accent was heavily Scandinavian but that just made it sound even sexier to Sophie.

"Hello sexy girl" Helga said, "are you lesbian like me?" She laughed as Sophie shyly shook her head as Helga went on, "perhaps bi?"

Helga roared with laughter as Sophie replied, "I am married and have never been with another woman but was wondering" her voice trailing away.

"So" said Helga quietly, "while your hubby isn't around you are exploring your bi side wondering what pussy tastes like." Sophie blushed then even more deeply as Helga went on, "pity you weren't closer I would lick that little cunt of yours until you clawed the skin off my back."

The words had an effect on Sophie, her face and neck reddened and her nipples were hard and straining against the top. Down below Sophie could feel her pussy was soaked as she squirmed in the chair. Looking at the screen Helga pulled her vest over her head and threw it away showing her breasts that if anything were a little smaller than Sophie's. What drew Sophie's eye were the rings that pierced both nipples. Helga smiled as she saw Sophie's gaze "you like my nipple rings?" Helga purred as she pulled at them. Then sticking out her tongue she showed the ball stud and after wiggling it for a moment went on, "this gives my lovers extra pleasure when it flicks at their clit." Sophie couldn't stop a low moan escaping as Helga went on, "and my clit is pierced as well and will show you later, but first show me your breasts."

Pete had never seen his wife like this as she meekly unbuttoned her top before slipping it from her shoulders. "Touch your nipples" Helga commanded and Sophie began to roll each nipple in turn tugging and tweaking as she moaned with pleasure, arching herself towards the screen in a wanton display of lust. "Imagine it is my fingers on your nipples giving you pleasure," Helga said before she went on, "now show me your cunt."

Without even a glance in Pete's direction for approval, Sophie stood and removed her panties with one swift movement before sitting back down. The look of disappointment on Helga's face was soon replaced with a broad smile as Sophie switched cameras giving Helga a full view of her pussy. "Open your legs wider," said Helga her voice husky with lust, "and spread your knees really wide as you open your pussy lips with your fingers and show me your eager married cunt." A moan of pleasure at the wonderful sight escaped Helga's lips as she went on, "now put a finger deep inside thinking it was my finger. ... now two." Sophie was slowly finger fucking herself when Helga said, "I often use a strap on so do you have any toys there?"

"Yes" moaned Sophie grabbing the 8 inch dildo eagerly and moving to insert it.

"Wait" barked Helga, "not so fast, now hold the dildo in your left hand and close your eyes," then she purred softly, "is your finger wet baby girl? Gently rub that clit imagining it was my tongue licking softly." Pete watched his wife in silence switching his gaze between her open pussy on screen and looking over the monitors so he could see the total rapture that was etched on her face. Helga carried on, "now turn your finger over and flick your nail on your clit imagining it is my tongue stud." Sophie's moans were getting louder and more guttural as she complied. "Take your clit between your finger and thumb," Helga softly commanded, "press gently imagining it is my lips sucking on your clit, now bend your fingers so your clit is caught between your nails like it would be between my teeth."

Sophie was moaning loudly and Pete could tell she was close when he heard Helga say, "now open your eyes and drive that dildo as deep as you can with your left hand, with the other play with your clit while you watch me." Sophie was so close she nearly came as she drove the dildo deep but on opening her eyes and seeing Helga she started to cum hard. Helga had stood as was naked before the cam, she had lifted one leg onto the desk while standing on the other. With one hand she was holding her pussy open, her clit ring clearly visible, and in the other she held a huge black dildo. Sophie realised it was the strap on Helga had mentioned as she could see the harness dangling down as Helga slid the rubber cock inside.

Sophie's head thrashed from side to side in climax as she watched Helga start to fuck herself slowly. "Do as I do" reminded Helga watching Sophie fuck herself on her screen matching her thrusts that she gradually increased in tempo. Sophie was yelling as waves of orgasms washed over her, "don't stop" shouted Helga, "fuck that cunt as hard as I will fuck it one day." For a moment the only sound filling the room was of the two women's pussies slurping in unison as they fucked themselves.

Sweat was pouring off Sophie causing her body to gleam and glow and she grunted with animal lust when Helga said, "do you have another toy for your pretty ass? Sophie grabbed a long thin vibrator from the desk and shuffled in the chair, lifting her long legs so that both her pussy and ass were pointing at the cam. Sophie didn't bother waiting for Helga's command and just pushed the vibrator into her ass in a firm movement so that both her holes were filled. There was a long stream of guttural Norwegian shouted by Helga which although Sophie didn't understand she had no need of a translator to see that Helga was in the midst of a massive orgasm.

Eventually both women slowed to a stop and adjusted their positions so they were looking at each other in a semi normal way, though both were still naked and breathing heavily. "Do you have a private email?" asked Helga, "something your husband can't see?" Sophie was about to shake her head when she looked up to see her husband holding up a piece of paper with an email. Sophie kept the surprise from her voice as the two women exchanged email addresses. Helga went on "I want to see more of you sexy girl, so we can play together, who knows maybe one day fate will bring us together and if you are ever in Norway I have a gift for you," and with that she held up the strap on still wet with her juices and waved it making Sophie's pussy lurch and twitch.

After clicking offline Sophie looked at Pete and asked, "what the heck was that with the email, where did it come from?"

"Just set it and don't tell me you don't want to that again," laughed Pete, "that was one of the sexiest things I ever seen in my life."

"Of course I do," replied Sophie, "though we have to be careful as to where it might lead."

"Lead" snorted Pete, "as far as I am concerned we can get the next plane to Norway if it means I can watch her fuck your brains out."

"Good" purred Sophie," I was hoping you would say that now come here and fuck my ass like you promised then we can start thinking about booking a holiday in Norway."

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