tagGay MaleSMITH & the Sexy Doctor

SMITH & the Sexy Doctor


I had a concussion and was kept in for twenty-four hours for observation to ensure that I was ok. I was more embarrassed than anything else, having paid no attention to the road and daydreaming about Dan fucking me. Cal found it highly amusing, eventually, after the initial scare. He picked me up and took me home. He didn't seem at all bothered that I had messed around with another guy, then explained that as I was new to discovering myself, he felt he had no right to dictate what I did.

I had been instructed to make an appointment to see the Dr for any after-care I might need. When I got home and changed, I saw a few spots of blood in my shorts and vowed to mention it to the Dr, in case it was something serious and linked to my recent injury. I made an appointment for the next day, at one of the medical clinics in town. I was slightly apprehensive as I waited in the reception area for my name to be called. I tried to occupy my mind with one of the many magazines littered around but found I could not concentrate. Eventually, a female nurse approached me, took my weight and height, asked me questions about my general health and showed me through to the examination room. She instructed me to strip and put on one of the gowns that hung on the back of the door. I hadn't mentioned my bleeding to her out of a feeling of mortification and hoped that I would get a male physician.

I needn't have worried. The door opened, and the Dr stepped in. He was one of the most handsome men I have ever seen, and I started to wonder whether there was a conspiracy against me to get me alone with the most attractive men on the planet. He had brown hair that was naturally spiky, with no product, and gorgeous blue eyes. His nose was slightly thickened, as if from an old college football injury and he had a dazzling smile that made my dick twitch. He was broad-built and I started to picture what kind of muscles he was hiding under his tunic.

"Hello, Smith, I'm Dr. Evans and I'll be conducting your examination today," he said by way of introduction. "I understand you had a recent head injury, is that right?" he asked, referring to the notes attached to a clipboard.

I nodded. "Yeah, I walked out in front of a car, not paying attention."

He smiled. "Silly boy. Wool-gathering, were you?"

"Something like that," I replied, thinking to myself, 'actually I was as high as a kite after getting one of the best fucks ever.'

He noted something down on his paper, then instructed me to lie on the examination table. "As this is your first visit with us, I'm going to do a general physical and get a sense of your current well-being," he informed me, then proceeded to conduct his checks. I tried to think of anything else other than the sensation of his hands on my body and his proximity. He smelt good and I could feel the heat coming off him. Thank fuck the ceiling fan was whirring away.

"So, how are you feeling in yourself?" he asked, putting his stethoscope around his neck after having listened to my heart and abdomen.

I nodded. "I feel ok, really. Just a bit of a loon for being so clumsy."

"It can happen to anybody," he smiled at me.

I cleared my throat. "There is one thing I guess I should mention." He stayed quiet, so I continued. "I noticed that I had blood in my shorts when I got home from the hospital."

He frowned. "Have you bled down there before?"

I shook my head in response.

"Are you currently sexually active?" he asked.

"Yes, but I bottom from time to time too," I answered, to which he burst out laughing.

"Sorry, Smith. Didn't mean to laugh, but that's not what I meant," he said.

Shit! I blushed crimson and looked everywhere but his face.

"But, seeing as you brought it up, it might be wise for me to check a few things. That okay with you?" the doctor asked, and I nodded my response, wanting the ground to open up and swallow me.

He instructed me to lift the gown above my waist, then he started to handle my balls. "If you feel any pain or discomfort, let me know." He lifted my cock and checked around the base and I felt myself starting to stiffen. "Don't worry if you have an erection. Most people do, it's perfectly normal. Although most I see aren't as big as yours looks. I'd be quite offended if you didn't get hard," he said and gave me a wink. The doctor continued to handle my prick, pulling back the foreskin to expose the glans. "When was the last time you engaged in intercourse?" he asked, and I really didn't want to be picturing that whilst he had my cock in his hand.

"The day of my accident," I managed to reply.

He let go of me and, in its semi-erect state, it lay heavy against my thigh. "Well, everything seems okay there. Now, I want you to turn over, get on your knees with your butt in the air and hold your cheeks open so I can see your anus."

I did as he asked, my face turned away, so he couldn't see that I'd gone the same colour as the heart depicted in the poster pinned to the wall. "Smith, most men dread this happening, but I want to examine your prostate, so I'm going to put some lubrication on my finger and put it up inside you, ok?"

"Uh-huh," I responded, biting my bottom lip. In my embarrassment I didn't hear the click of the door as he pulled the lock.

"Ok, here goes," he said, then I first felt a cold substance being put on my hole and then his finger slide into my ass. My butt muscles clenched his digit as he moved it about inside of me, exploring for my prostate gland. My cock hardened as the sensations grew and I felt the first drops of pre-cum gather at the head of my shaft.

"Just relax," he whispered, sounding as breathless as I felt.

He withdrew his finger, then plunged it back in, then out again, fucking me with it. I could feel my hole opening to his touch, getting sloppier with every stroke of his finger. Dr Johnson then slipped another finger inside me, alongside the first. He grabbed my cock in the other hand and started to jerk me.

"I guess we didn't have to worry about you getting hard, Smith. This feels just about ready to burst," he said, massaging my shaft and then squeezing my balls.

I turned my head to look at him and saw that the front of his tunic was tented by his erection. I reached and grabbed the bulge, then freed it from his pants. It was thick, long and uncut, like me. "Looks like that needs some attention too, Dr," I said.

He took his fingers from my oily cunt and told me to turn over onto my back. When I was in position, he climbed on top of me, with his face by my cock and his just inches from my hungry mouth. We started sucking each other in unison, then he inserted his fingers back up my asshole, frigging me relentlessly whilst giving me head. His cock was at the back of my throat and he lifted his hips slightly, then started to thrust his dick in and out of my mouth, his balls coming to rest on my nose when he had fully penetrated my throat. I inhaled the manly scent of him, that delicious combined smell of skin and sweat.

Dr Evans sat up and undid his pants, sliding them down to his knees, then crouched over my face and placed his musky butt on my nose. "I want you to eat my ass, Smith," he instructed, and I needed no further prompting before plunging my tongue into his man hole. He resumed finger-fucking me and sucking my prick, while I lapped hungrily on his asshole.

This continued for about five minutes, then he slid down my body and positioned my cock against his wet hole, gently easing it into his ass and he began to ride me. The sight of my dick going in and out of his firm butt was beautiful and I grabbed his hips to push him right down, until he was penetrated by the full eight-inch length. He moaned and rocked his body back and forth to give himself a good deep fucking on my shaft.

I pulled out a short time later and got him to bend over the table, stood behind him and shoved myself back inside his ass. I fucked him hard, pounding my dick in and out and slapping him on the butt. He arched his back so that he could get more of my cock inside him, my balls meeting his and making a smacking sound every time they touched.

I could feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge and I warned him of my impending climax. He pulled himself forward, so that my cock fell out of his ass and he crouched down and opened his mouth. "Give me your load, Smith," he begged, and I jerked myself to orgasm, shooting rope after rope of thick cum into his open mouth. He swallowed it all down, then leant back on his haunches and beat his dick until his spunk flew from the purple glans and decorated the tiled floor. He licked the last remaining bubble of jism from the end of my cock and collapsed on the floor, spent.

I changed back into my clothes as he pulled up his pants and dressed himself for his next patient.

"Well, from what I can tell, Smith, everything seems to be in perfect working order," he told me, giving my crotch one last squeeze.

I smiled. "Thanks for the examination, Doctor. I didn't expect it to be quite so thorough."

He winked at me. "All part of the service."

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