Snow White


“My! You’re a pretty girl!” she said approvingly.

“Thank you,” smiled Snow White who got fewer such praises from the dwarves in recent months.

The woman studied the cottage, the small beds and small scale furniture and asked Snow White about her living arrangements, smiling sympathetically as Snow White spoke, nodding her head in encouragement and letting the tenor of her questions become increasingly personal. She was particularly interested in Snow White’s account of why she was not allowed to wear clothes and of the dwarves nightly predations on her body.

“Such a beautiful girl!” she sighed sympathetically. “Aren’t men cruel?”

“But they saved my life in the woods,” protested Snow White. “Were it not for them, I might have been eaten by a wolf or a bear.”

“Indeed you might,” smiled the woman. “And the little men abandon you all day in the cottage. When do they return?”

“Not ‘til after dusk.”

“Is that so?” the woman said. “That is so many hours away. And it is such a warm day. I’m stifled by my shawl.”

“Why not take it off,” suggested Snow White helpfully.

“Indeed I shall,” smiled the woman, parting her shawl at the front and letting it drop to the ground. As it did so, it revealed a fine handsome naked body underneath, with skin as ivory white as Snow White’s own. Her breasts were heavy, but with maturity rather than micturation. Her stomach bulged slightly around her navel and her arms and legs were muscled and taut.

She stood up and grinned at the startled Snow White. “It isn’t right that you should know only the attentions of despicable little men, who daily rape and besmirch you. What you need are the attentions of a woman.”

“But that can’t be right!” gasped the innocent Snow White, who in her life had never thought of such a thing.

“It is the most right thing in the world,” the woman assured Snow White, striding over to the gravid girl, placing her hands around her shoulders and pushing her face close to Snow White’s. “And for the pleasure it would give me to show that this is so, I shall gladly give you all my fruit.”

Snow White looked at the apples and pears with greedy eyes. Although it was many months since they must have fallen off the Autumn trees, they looked succulent and firm. Her increased hunger, growing in direct proportion to her waist line, got the better of her reservations.

“I would gladly find out if what you say is true,” she said with a timid smile.

The woman smiled again and pressed her lips and tongue against Snow White’s mouth. And so Snow White did find that there was such a thing as a love which was more tender and to her more satisfying than any she’d had before. The feel of the woman’s bare flesh against her own, the fingers that stroked and squeezed her vagina, the tender kisses and caresses on her face, her neck, her stomach and her lactating breasts. The two women fell onto the coarse semen-stained linen sheets of Snow White’s bed, hands and arms and legs and feet intertwined, as their bodies sweated and struggled against each other, Snow White enjoying the sweet taste of her new lover’s mouth, so much better than the foul odours that came from the dwarves, especially after they had been drinking or smoking. There was none of the painful penetration she so rarely enjoyed from the dwarves. Her anus was licked, and not poked. The two women’s hair tangled together in sweaty dampness and intimate contact.

And then the two lay down on the mattress, while Snow White glanced guiltily at the abandoned broom, the unmade fire and the empty coal scupper. The woman gently ran her fingers over Snow White’s sweaty body, following the taut curves of her stomach and the protrusion of her navel. She tenderly kissed Snow White on the forehead and above each eye.

“So this has been your first time with another woman,” she commented. “Let’s hope it isn’t your last.”

Eventually, and with great sadness and tenderness, the woman put her shawl back on, and departed, leaving Snow White as promised with all her fruit. Snow White sat on her bed, lost in emotion and confusion, idly eating the fruit, wondering whether in a perverse way the woman had been the prince that she’d so often wished would come along.

Unfortunately, the fruit was very much off-season, and only crude preservatives had kept them looking so fresh and wholesome. They also turned out to be quite poisonous, but Snow White was so lost in her thoughts and so ravenous in her hunger, that she didn’t heed the warning signs from the foulness of their taste. It was not much later that she wished she had.

When the dwarves returned, after wading through the vicious storm which had broken out in the forest, they were tired and weary from their day’s work and looking forward to their evening meal. They found no food waiting for them and instead discovered Snow White doubled up on her bed, shrieking in agony as the poison in the fruit took hold. In front of her was clear, foul-smelling vomit, but this was as nothing in toxicity and disgustingness as the stream of blood-flecked diarrhoea which was periodically convulsing out of her arse and mingling with the semen stains and sweat on her sheets.

The dwarves had absolutely no idea what to do, and it is likely that their unprofessional attempts at medicine and first aid merely added to the pain and distress that accompanied Snow White’s last few days. She was soon buried outside the dwarves’ cottage, taking her unborn child with her, soon to be only a distant and sentimental memory to the dwarves, whose cottage was even sooner restored to the untidiness and squalor it had been before they had met Snow White.

When finally a prince did come by, it was too late for Snow White, but it was probably just as well. It was only as a result of the various wars that wracked the lands that any prince would ever venture this far into the woods and then only for rapine and pillage. Which is what he and his soldiers did, burning the cottage, murdering the dwarves, ransacking their smallholding and stealing all that they could find of any value. When the prince left, the charred corpses of the seven dwarves behind him, all that was left standing was the crude cross which marked where Snow White lay.

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