Snowbound: Traci and Pam


Pam’s hand was moving down across Traci’s stomach. This time it continued until reaching the girl’s panties. And it didn’t stop there. Gliding over the top of the panties, Pam’s fingers persisted until separating Traci’s bent legs. Now, with access to the girl’s warm, moist cunt, Pam traced the outline of the folds of skin under the panties.

She felt where Traci’s clit must be. Then down, to the unmistakable indent where her vagina awaited probing fingers. Or a tongue.

Traci wanted the hand to do more. She wanted it closer to her, inside her. She held her breath as Pam moved her hand up. “Don’t quit,” Traci thought to herself. Instead, Pam slid it under the panties and back down until reaching the clit.

Traci thought she would explode instantly when the first finger rubbed against her. Back and forth it slid across the engorged clit. Her mouth opened and little sounds emerged that only occurred when she was this aroused. And seldom had she ever been THIS aroused.

The finger pressed against Traci’s pussy as it went lower, between the moist folds of skin. When it reached the opening to her vagina, Traci lifted her upper leg slightly to allow Pam to do whatever she wanted.

Traci felt her panties stretch as the hand curved downward and the finger entered her. Deeper. Then out again. Repeatedly. Then up to her clit.

“Don’t cum yet,” Traci urged herself. “Enjoy this.”

But the finger persisted.

Traci rolled onto her back, her eyes closed. She didn’t want to ruin the moment by locking her eyes into Pam’s. It was dreamlike and she wanted it to stay that way. In the darkness of the room, Pam could barely make out the girl’s pretty features. But she saw the long eyebrows, the upturned nose, the high cheekbones and the sensuous, full mouth.

She used her free hand to brush Traci’s long hair off her forehead. With the other hand still on her clit, Pam leaned down and kissed Traci’s brow. Then the end of her nose. And finally her lips.

This was when Traci opened her eyes. The looked at each other for just an instant, then Pam kissed her again. All eyes were closed again as Traci reached behind Pam’s head and pulled her closer. Their mouths opened and tongues touched. Both women breathed heavily and rapidly as they kissed hard.

Pam’s hand had stopped moving. Her thoughts were lost in the kiss. A kiss that lasted an eternity, it seemed. A sweeter kiss neither of them could imagine.

Traci felt Pam’s short, fine hair fall against her face. It made her feel safe and secure…and warm.

When the kiss ended, Pam immediately began moving her mouth down Traci’s neck and onto her chest. She pushed the cover away as she moved on. Her lips made contact with the top of Traci’s breast and she hesitated. The soft touch of Traci’s hand on the back of her head convinced Pam to proceed.

She licked the supple skin of the breast until reaching the nipple. Pam had never done this before, but rarely had she ever wanted to do anything as much as she wanted to taste Traci’s nipple. She opened her mouth wide and dropped it gingerly on the erect nipple.

Pam’s tongue licked slowly at first. Then she sucked and licked energetically, letting all the pent up passions of the day explode at once. Her hand began rubbing the girl’s clit once more and she felt Traci’s hips rise off the bed.

The dual sensations drove Traci to the edge. She felt an orgasm build, then die down under a strong internal desire to prolong this. But the mouth on her breast and the hand on her clit were too much.

Traci closed her mouth tightly, pushed Pam’s head harder against her breast and moaned loudly. She thrust her hips upward to increase the force upon her clit. Pam responded by rubbing harder and faster.

Pam had no idea what another woman’s orgasm should feel or sound like. But she was certain Traci’s had begun. The girl’s body shook and quivered. It sounded as if Traci was crying…or struggling…or both. She pumped her ass and hips up and down in a fucking motion. Pam countered by sliding a finger inside her friend again.

Traci was lost in the intensity of it all. She didn’t know what noises she was making. She just let the orgasms flow and flow and flow. She lost track of how many times she came. She didn’t care.

Pam eagerly licked and sucked the breast under her. She had pushed the girl’s panties down with one hand so she had more freedom. Traci’s wet pussy lay exposed and Pam attacked it from clit to cunt.

The orgasm lingered, causing Traci’s body to shudder every few seconds despite her efforts to relax back down onto the bed. Her hair lay across her face, the result of a few frantic shakes of her head during the height of her ecstasy. Traci swept it away with one hand and put her other hand on Pam’s bare back.

Pam lay her head on Traci’s breasts. She heard the rapid heartbeat of the young girl. She felt her chest rise and fall with each deep breath.

“That was wonderful,” Traci managed to sigh out loud. “Thank you.”

Pam rose off her friend’s chest and kissed her lightly on the lips. “My pleasure.” Then she lay her head next to Traci’s and looked at her again. This time with love.

Before she could say anything else, Traci had rolled against the woman, forcing her onto her back. The girl was laying on top of Pam now, their breasts compressed against each other. Their mouths came together as before. Hard and wet.

When the kiss ended, Traci moved her body down and took one of Pam’s breasts in her mouth. She licked all around the nipple and bit it softly. Pam spread her legs farther apart and let Traci lay between them. The girl continued to suck on one breast while wrapping the other in her hand.

After a few minutes Traci was ready to provide what she imagined was Pam’s first taste of another woman at her pussy. She was determined to make her new friend remember it for a long time.

Traci licked the area around Pam’s navel, something she herself always enjoyed. Then she moved lower. Pam was not shaven, but the hair surrounding her pussy was short and well trimmed. With her hands under Pam’s ass, Traci buried her head between the woman’s legs and pulled her up.

The girl didn’t go to the clit immediately. She would build up to that. It wasn’t teasing, exactly, she reasoned. More like heightening the sexual tension. She began at the opening to Pam’s cunt. A long, steady stroke of her tongue upward ended just short of the clit.

Traci took in the taste of the other woman. She felt the flaps of skin bend back and forth from the effort of her tongue. She repeated this several times, plunging her tongue deeper into Pam’s vagina each time, then proceeding upward farther until finally hitting the clit.

Pam lurched and uttered a moan. Traci lifted her head for an instant, and then put her lips on the erect piece of flesh. A kiss was followed by another lick that was followed by the clit disappearing into Traci’s mouth.

Pam lifted her ass off the bed. Her legs rested on Traci’s arms, which held her firmly in place.

Traci began a methodical attack on the clit. Her tongue rubbed it gently at first, then harder and faster. Sometimes she would put the clit between her lips and gnaw on it. Whatever she did, it was working because she felt Pam’s body get tenser by the second. Little shakes were followed by prolonged shivers and louder moans.

More than once Traci felt Pam push her body upward in a motion more helpful when a hard, thick cock is buried in a cunt. But Traci understood, and increased her efforts.

To Pam’s great satisfaction, Traci inserted a finger into the woman’s vagina. The tongue and finger combined soon led to the beginning of a new sensation for Pam. She thought she had had orgasms with men before, but nothing compared to this.

She gripped the sheets beside her as the first wave struck. She grunted fiercely and felt her body convulse in one long, continuous orgasm. It might have been two or three in succession, but she couldn’t tell. There was no stopping it. Traci’s mouth seemed to be everywhere. Anything she licked prolonged the feeling.

Pam felt the tongue enter her cunt, lick her clit and slide roughly in between. With each sound of pleasure she made Traci responded with one of her own. This only made Pam cum harder.

At one point Traci firmly squeezed Pam’s ass, causing yet another wave to flow through Pam’s body. Soon, the woman was trying to scoot up the bed, pulling away from Traci’s mouth. The girl held onto Pam’s legs, preventing her from moving any farther. The more Traci licked, the more Pam tried to escape.

Finally, Traci relented and felt her friend fall to the bed in exhaustion. Traci crawled up and lay her head on Pam’s stomach. She felt the warmth flow from the body. She heard the breathing and the blood surge with each heartbeat.

Pam placed a hand on Traci’s head, pulling her fingers through the girl’s hair. They lay together for several minutes.

They awoke later in the night in each other’s arms. Traci had pulled off her panties and was naked, along with Pam. They explored their bodies once more before getting up at sunrise to take a shower together.

They would get to Chicago that day and make plans to meet. Traci’s fear of flying was lessening and Pam’s fear of loving another woman was, too.

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