Snowed In


I moved my head in, and gave her a gentle kiss. That exciting first kiss, where you never know how your partner will respond. She didn't pull away. Her lips worked against mine, nipping and sucking.

I realized after a few flicks of tongue that it wasn't really her style... She was a closed mouth kisser.

I couldn't say how much time passed, with us standing there, holding on to one another, kissing, sucking one another's face, but eventually I moved my face along her cheek, her neck, her shoulder, kissing and nibbling gently.

"Please don't bite me..." she whispered. "I don't want anything that will leave a mark."

"OK," I whispered, nibbling softly at her earlobe.

She gasped at that, and I kept working. My right hand stayed just above her ass, while my other hand traveled up her arm to cup her face.

"Merry Christmas," she whispered.

"Merry Christmas," I said back.

We continued kissing. "Why don't you sit down?" she asked after a moment, before giving my ass a two handed squeeze.

"Well, when you put it that way," I said dryly, before taking a seat. I tried to hold her hand to pull her down into a chair with me, but she pulled back.

And so when I was situated in an armless chair in the conference room, a full bulge showing in my trousers, she walked slowly, and deliberately toward me. Seduction by walking. Her pace was agonizingly slow, her hips swaying as she walked. Her big eyes fixed on mine, and a sly smile on her face.

"Wow," I whispered.

She nestled onto my lap, legs crossed and draped off to one side, the short skirt showing considerable leg. Our arms wrapped around each other, and we picked up where we had left off, kissing one another. My erection, only growing bigger, was pressed hard against her ass.

"Did you plan this?" I asked her between kisses.

"I had thought about it," she replied, "but I wasn't trying to have a two person Christmas party just to make out with you."

I kissed her again, and then gave a flick of my tongue to catch her upper lip. She gave a surprised, slightly embarrassed smile. "You were cuddled on me last night," I whispered. "It was nice."

"It was," she nodded, "especially when you pulled my hair."

You can't make much more of an explicit hint than that, so my hand snaked into her thick, dark hair, and grabbed a fistful against her scalp.

She gasped, with a bit of a smile on her face. "What, like this?" I asked.

"...yes..." she said, not looking at me.

I kissed along her neck, my other hand now moving on her arm.

"What were you thinking? Last night in bed when you held my hair like this?"

"You first," I said. "What were you thinking when you laid on me?"

"I was thinking you were warm, and that I would be warm and cozy, snuggled on you." It was clear that was all she was going to say.

"I was thinking... that I wanted to touch you... and that this was relatively innocent, all things considered."

"Not that innocent..." she murmured.

I kissed over her neck, and my free hand found its way to her chest, feeling the hard shell of the strapless bra, and the delicious squish inside.

I could hear her just barely catch her breath. "More innocent than this."

"Hmm... I didn't have the good bra on last night."

"I didn't mind."

She laughed, and we continued to kiss as I gently fondled one breast, then the other. My hand went back to her shoulders, her arms.

The kisses were still mostly closed mouth, although she'd occasionally use just the very tip of her tongue. She struck me as a shy kisser.

I eventually untangled my right hand from her hair, and began caressing her side, from her hip up to breast and back down.

This time, she sighed audibly. "I can't believe what you're doing to me... the effect you're having on me..."

My left hand was touching her legs now, still folded across my lap. I kissed her a few times. "You're having a good effect on me, too," I whispered back, giving a gentle push with my hips.

"Yeah, I feel that..." she said quietly. "It's part of what you're doing to me. What is it you would say? I think you've created quite the feedback loop."

It took me a moment to catch that she was making a 'nerd' joke of sorts, and then I laughed, kissing around her neckline. She giggled, too.

My left hand was at the hem of her skirt. One of her arms was wrapped around me, the other was on my chest, resting gently.

"Merry Christmas," she said after a moment.

"Merry Christmas," I replied, as my hand slid into her skirt, slowly climbing higher. She pulled back from the kiss, and stared at me with this smoldering look in her eyes. "Tell me what you're thinking."

She didn't look away, but her voice was quiet, like she was afraid we would get caught. "I cannot wait for you to get me up on that wall."

We stared at one another for a few seconds, before I forced myself to nod calmly, and she got off my lap quickly, and stood against the conference room wall. She looked anxious, but I kept my movements deliberate as I moved to her.

I was glad that I had put dimmable lights throughout the office, to keep us out from the harsh glare of florescents. I almost laughed to myself, as the thought came unbidden, 'Energy efficiency has never been this sexy!'

But I kept focused on her, first as I pushed against her, her big breasts smooshed against my chest, just as they had been on the conference room table in my second day at work. Then my hands found hers, and held them at her sides, as I kissed her slowly, along her collar, her chin, her ears, before going for her mouth. I used my tongue, and she timidly opened her mouth and pushed back with hers.

My body was pressed against her, and those long legs were spread out on either side of me. I put one hand on her thigh, and moved slowly up. It crossed under her skirt on the outside, climbing higher and higher.

"Ohhh," she groaned, and gave a little shiver.

My hand crossed the top of her thigh on the way down, then repeated the motion, and again. We kept kissing, and finally, I moved to her inner thigh. She pulled away, eyes wide, and licked her lips. She was ready. My hand gently moved to her crotch, feeling lace.

Then she bit down on her bottom lip, and I gave a firm caress across over her panties. She gasped, and after a moment, I repeated that motion. A few presses like that, and I could see that she was ready for more.

I continued to kiss around her neck, as my fingers pushed her panties to the side. They were tight, and I realized it was a thong. A lacy thong.

My fingers gently passed over her outside, tickling and pushing, trying to tease out her wetness. The motions coaxed her little clitoris out, and as my fingers moved across it, she would give these cute breaths that seemed to roll her shoulders forward.

My fingers teased across her opening, across her vulva, and finally briefly inside her, which drew a gasp. She was so wet, there was barely any resistance.

She seemed ready for more, so I began kissing my way down her body. My mouth over her collar, her breasts, her stomach, and finally I was on my knees, as I pulled her skirt to the side.

It was a black lacy thong.

I smiled up at her, and kissed one inner thigh, then the other.

"Just so you know," she said breathily, " I don't like to... you know... with my mouth..."

"No problem," I replied. She didn't say anything else, so I kissed my way up her thighs to her panties, and let my warm face, breath, and tongue play against the lace of her panties. After a few moments, and gentle "mmmmmmm"-ing from Maya, I reached up and pulled her panties down.

And there she was. Bared before me, Maya's little pussy between her long, lean legs. Her little clit visible at the top, between her lips, and a bit of pubic hair above.

It was odd, seeing pubes. It was an age difference thing, I supposed, but I had never been with a woman who kept it before.

I leaned forward, and gave a slow, wet lick to her slit. Maya whispered my name, "Aaron..." and I repeated the motion.

I didn't speak; I just pressed my face forward, and tried to keep a gentle approach to what I was doing. Running my tongue up and down, then circling her clit, then back, then a gentle suckle against her vulva... I am convinced that there is an art to teasing an orgasm out of someone.

As her moans continued, I focused more and more on her clitoris. She ran one of her nailed hands through my short hair, and repeated my name again. And not long after this, I reached up and slid a ring finger inside her.

"Mmmmmmhhhhhhh...-aaah!" Her groan in pleasure turned into a surprised yelp as she lost her footing, her weight baring down on me.

I gave my own surprised "Mmmph!" as I put my neck and shoulders into supporting her weight. She regained her footing but kept some pressure down on me.

Once I had reestablished my rhythm on her clit - short, short, long, short, around - I began flexing my finger inside her against the front wall, feeling her squishy insides. I slowly worked my fingers in a 'come here' motion, all the while I pushed my finger slightly in and out of her. I didn't let up on her little clit, and had a slightly different and making her writhe.

As I pressed against her insides, a goofy thought popped into my head: 'a prehensile dong would be a fantastic evolutionary advantage! How have we not evolved that yet!?'

I almost laughed, but was able to regain control. 'Focus, Aaron, focus!'

Her gasps and moans were coming harder now, and I noticed they were timed with my tongue working around her clit, so I doubled my effort on those passes, and adjusted my rhythm against her g-spot to hit then, too.

Her body began to shake, then. "Aaron," she gasped, "Aaron, Aaron, Aaron..." I kept my pace, even though my tongue was getting tired. I used my other hand to help brace her.

A final gasp escaped on a slow push to her g-spot and clit. Then her breath caught, and she pressed down against me again.

I was better prepared, and held her up as she lost some of her balance. She gave a low moan that dissolved into a mild laugh.

"That felt pretty good," she said with another giggle as she pulled herself off my face, and lowered herself along the wall.

"Yeah?" I asked. I turned around, my back on the wall, and she nestled up next to me. My right hand mopped her fluids into my mouth, and I was able to catch a water bottle and pull it towards me. I used it to rinse my mouth and face. I was still fully clothed, and while the skirt was pushed off her waist, she was dressed from there up.

"Yeah. I... wow," she said, rolling her head back. "I'm still buzzing down there."

I grinned, and kissed the top of her head, and then reached over and cupped a breast.

She giggled. "They get super sensitive after I... after I..."

"Get off?" I offered.

"Yeah. Yeah... Do you want me to... take it off?"

I whispered my desire, and she shrugged her arms out of the neck hole. I helped pull the bodice down to her waist.

Her breasts sat high in the heavy black strapless bra. She looked up at me hopefully, like she was expecting approval. I had never seen that look on her. It didn't fit.

'She wants to feel sexy, to feel wanted,' I realized.

"I cannot wait," I whispered, moving towards her, "to get that damn thing off of you." She smiled, and bit her lip slightly. She also rubbed her legs together.

It seemed to be the right thing to say. "I want to undress you," she whispered.

I started to work on my sweater, when she said, "No. I said, I want to."

"Oh. Well, come on then." I stood and stepped back.

She slowly got to her feet with a groan, leaving a slight wet stain on the carpet of the conference room where she had been sitting.

She kept eye contact as she moved slowly towards me, rolling her hips.

She grabbed the bottom of my sweater, and pulled upward. It came off awkwardly, with my arms and head briefly stuck inside.

Next came my shirt, a button-up, which she took her time opening. "Merry Christmas to me," she said with a smile, dragging her nails down my bare chest.

I realized that she still had her dress bunched around her waist, and that strapless bra, too.

"You look fucking great, Maya," I whispered to her. "And is it cliche to say that it was good talking with you earlier?"

She giggled. "Yes."

I reached out and squeezed her breasts. After a quick kiss, I unhooked the front clasp of her bra, letting the thing fall to the floor, as they tumbled out.

I flicked my thumbs over her wide nipples, and she gasped again. We continued to fondle one another for a few moments, before she started on my belt.

And quick as that, my cock sprang free, and she gave it a few tugs, precum dribbling from the tip. "Hmm," she said, "quite nice."

I didn't say anything, I just kissed her. I wanted her to take the lead. I was realizing that was one of my favorite times with her.

She didn't disappoint. "So," she said, looking away, "if I use my mouth on you, would you promise not to... you know, not to..."

I wanted to say something funny, something silly, to make her laugh. But all I could offer was "Not to cum?" She nodded. "Yes, if you want to use your mouth on me, I would love it, and I promise I won't cum."

She grinned at me, and lowered herself gently. Looking up at me, she took the head between her lips, the tip just barely past, as she made some gentle tugs on it.

A few more gentle tugs, and she made a noise like a surprised cat, and pulled back. 'Clearly she doesn't like the taste of precum,' I thought.

"One second," she said, holding a finger up in the air. She grabbed her paper cup of wine off the table, and drained it in one go. "There it is," she said, and got back to business.

The wine made her mouth feel strange on me. Not tingly, like when I was in college, and a girl I dated would blow me with two shots of tequila. It was more of a warming sensation. She moved slowly, working a little in at a time. I caught on that she didn't like to have things - cocks or tongues - in her mouth.

I made a little groan, stroked her cheek, and whispered her name. She reciprocated with a sigh, which sent a nice, warm vibration over me.

Her hands gently moved on me, with her tongue and lips doing a lot of work, given she wasn't taking much in her mouth. It still felt good.

I could feel my balls tighten slightly, and I warned her, "It's going to happen soon if you don't stop."

She pulled off quickly, and stopped, moving to rub it around her breasts. She smiled at me, then said "Wait right there for a second..."

"Uhhh... yeah. I'm not going anywhere."

She smirked at me, but kept her composure as she got off her knees, and poured herself a second cup of wine. I stood against the wall, watching her. She looked silly, walking around with her dress bunched up at her waist.

I loved the way she could move slowly, cool and composed. She was making me wait. She casually knelt down, took a final sip of her wine, and said, "You know that you're still not allowed to cum, right?"

The fact that she said 'cum' made the word seem so very filthy, even if I had said it to her many times.

I nodded.

She returned her mouth to it, and I reached down and gave a breast a gentle squeeze. But she had a surprise for me. She grabbed a handful of that dress that hung about her waist, and began jerking me off with the fabric. The fabric that was at once rough and soft.

"Oh!" I managed, as she kept at me. "You're... trying to make me get off, aren't you?" I managed.

"Call it a game," she said back to me, before continuing.

Her tongue went up and down on the very tip, as it went slightly into and out of her mouth. And that sensation of the cloth on my dick!

Her skin was tan compared to me, and her face moving back and forth, making a slobbery mess of her dress just looked too perfect. I ran a hand through her hair, and gave another groan.

Back-and-forth, back-and-forth she went, the dress swishing away. My noises were coming unbidden. She'd cast the occasional look up at me, seeming to check if I was OK. But I knew she was checking to make sure I was still in control of myself.

And finally, her hand swish-swish-swishing, her lips suck-smack-slurping, I had to stop. "If you keep it going for another second, I'm going to blow my load in your mouth."

She popped off immediately, and I gasped, before joining her on the floor. For a few moments, we just panted, as 'Sleigh Ride' played on Maya's labtop.

Finally, I spoke. "For someone who hates giving head, that was amazing."

She snuggled against me. "I don't know what possessed me. But it was fun. Thanks for not finishing."

We kissed for a few seconds, but her mouth was clearly tired.

"What do you want to do now?" It was almost a rhetorical question, but I felt like it needed to be asked. And she gave me 'that' look, and started to stand.

She shimmied out of the dress, and kicked it to the side. She still wore black high heels. I, for my part, kicked my shoes off with my pants, leaving me completely naked.

"So where do you want to... Oh!" she ended with a surprised yelp, as I spun her around, basically bending her over the table. "I'm so wet..." she managed, in an almost pleading voice.

I took my cock, and rubbed it up and down her slit on the outside. Her ass looked magnificent, those wide hips up before me. Her breasts were also smooshed against the table.

I put my hand next to hers, and recoiled. "That table is cold as ice!" Being in a room without heat for twenty four hours could take a while to heat up. "Are your boobs ok on it?"

She giggled. "It feels good..."

I kept rubbing my cock up and down, coaxing her to get wetter and wetter.

"I saw you checking me out," she said quietly, ending with a tiny whimper.

"What, tonight?"

"No. Your second day. In this room. I was hiking my pants up, getting them right. I saw you stare at me in the reflection of that window."

I shrugged. "Glad I finally get to see you like this, where I can really enjoy the view." After a moment, I decided to add, "You were so awesome in that meeting."

"Heh. I'm glad I caught your eye."

"No. I mean, you were hot and all... but that moment you put Melanie and Larry in their places... It gave me a boner almost as big what I've got now."

"Wha-aaahhhh!" she had turned, and started to ask 'what' when I pushed in. Her pussy felt hot around my bare cock.

"Ohhh," I shuddered, my full length in her.

"Uh-huh..." she groaned back.

I pulled back and pushed in slowly, then gave it a harder shove. "Feel good?"

"Yes," she groaned. "You feel really good. You've gotten me so wet, and you're just gliding against me..."

My hands started around her ass, but explored her body, her hips, her thighs, her waist. She kept her chest on that cold table, using her hands to brace herself against my thrusts.

I looked down at her round ass and wide hips. They were almost heart-shaped, connecting to the straight sides of her body. But I could also see the flesh of her pussy lips, her labia, stretching as my cock pulled out of her, and contracting as I pushed back in.

Eventually, I had all of my length buried in her, the underside of my head rubbing bare against the textured wall of her pussy. I gave my hips a side to side motion, and she giggled. I repeated the motion. Thrust, thrust, shake, thrust, thrust, shake.

As she figured out the rhythm, she began meeting me with it, giving her hips a shake off their own. We were both worked up enough that it didn't take long for either of us.

"You're going to make me... you-you're making... Ohhh, wow," she was whispering.

"I want you to look back here at me," I practically snarled. She turned, her eyes widening every time I pushed into her.

"You're about to make me... me cum," she finally finished, her voice a breath whisper.

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