tagGroup SexSnowed In at the Diner

Snowed In at the Diner

byDeadly Joker©

A gust of cold air blew into the diner, along with the howl of the winter storm, which was then muffled just as quickly with the slamming of the door. Michelle, leaning on the employee side of the counter, looked up from the notebook she was studying and saw a man in black, frosted with snowflakes.

"Hi there!" She greeted him. "Is it bad out there?"

"Pretty bad," he said. "Worse than I thought when I headed out." He removed his wool cap and shook the snow off, revealing lightly curly brown hair down to his shoulders. He pulled off his overcoat and hung that on the coat rack by the door, revealing a tall, broad-shouldered body. Besides his winter boots, he was dressed casually in black jeans and a white turtleneck poking out from under a black sweater

Michelle picked up a menu, and stepped out from behind the counter. "Will you be having dinner?" She was young and petite. Her thin body was covered by a white short-sleeved dress, buttoned up at the front and ending just above her knee, showing off her stocking-clad legs. Her long straight blonde hair was tucked under a white cloth cap which, like the shirt, was emblazoned with the logo for The Silver Diner.

The diner, true to its name, was covered in silver-coloured metal which reflected the neon light of the decorations. With a black-and-white checkered floor, a counter and stools on one side and booths by the window on the other, any references to the 50's on the walls were superfluous.

The man held up his hand and gave a chuckle, "No, no, I'll just a have a coffee, as usual. I was expecting to see Lucy. I'm a regular here, kinda. Haven't seen you around though..."

"I fill in, from time-to-time. Y'know, like tonight. New Year's Eve, snowstorm blowin' in, time to give Michelle a call, y'know..."

"Yeah. Hey, is Lucy in?" he asked.

Just then a voice came from behind Michelle, rounding the corner from the kitchen: "Richard! I didn't think I'd see you on a night like tonight!"

Lucy walked past Michelle and stood in front of Richard. She had on the same outfit as Michelle, the stewardess dress and hat, but where Michelle's body slipped into the uniform like a crisp dollar bill into an envelope, Lucy's body bulged and stretched the uniform - especially at the breasts and ass - where it looked like her body was about to blow the dress like an over-inflated balloon. Middle-aged, big-boned and busty, her black hair was pulled up into a bun beneath her cap.

She leaned over and gave Richard a hug. "Happy New Year!" She pecked him on the cheek. "I didn't think you'd make it out here in this weather. And I'm surprised you're not hooting it up at some party!"

Michelle still stood off to the side, unsure of what to do with herself as the two talked in the middle of the diner, empty of any other customers. Richard looked a little sheepish, and said, "Meh, I had to get some work done - some writing - earlier in the evening, so I kind of begged off things. There's that big storm blowing in too, so I dunno if I'd get home if I stayed anywhere past one or so."

"You managed to make it out here though!" Lucy said.

"Yeah, well...I still like my night time walks. And my coffee."

"Right, right, lookit us chattering here. You'll take your usual table, I guess?"

Lucy and Richard walked off to the far corner. Michelle stood still, unsure of what to do, until Lucy looked back over her shoulder and said: "Michelle, Richard is a radio host. He drops by here sometimes. I guess you met Michelle, Ritch?"

Michelle took this as a sign to join into the conversation. She followed them to the farthest booth, where Richard had settled into a seat, and Lucy stood over him.

"Hey!" Michelle said. "You're Richard Berg? Of the 'Weekend Late-Night' show?"

Richard nodded with a smile.

"I thought I recognized your voice!" Michelle continued. "Wow! That show is the coolest. Like...like, everybody at college listens to that show. Well, all the cool kids, not the idiots, y'know..."

Lucy spoke up, "I'll just go get your coffee," and walked off.

"So, you're going to college?" Richard asked, leaning back and getting comfortable in the booth.

"Yup. It's really cool how you mix all that indie rock with the political commentary, and all that pop culture stuff. Wicked. Wait 'til I tell people I met you!" Michelle blinked as if something just flashed in her mind. "But...but, what the hell are you doing here?"

Richard chuckled. "I live about a twenty minute walk from here. I got used to taking late walks at night, and so I head up here to the industrial area...it can get eerily quiet. It's neat. I like it anyway. You won't believe how quiet a place like this can get at times of the night."

"I work here," Michelle said, voice flat. "And I think it's just dull, really."

"Right." Richard chuckled. "Well, I like it anyway. Time to think." He used a finger to pull open the vertical blinds at the window and peek out. "Though I maybe made a bit of a mistake coming out tonight. It's really coming down. Had to get out of the house and do some thinking though, y'know?"

Michelle was about to say something when Lucy brushed her aside and bent over to place the coffee on the table. Richard turned his gaze back just in time to focus in on Lucy's cleavage for a few long moments, before his eyes drifted up to her face and he flashed a quick smile.

He looked down at his coffee. "So, anyway, how long are you guys gonna be open tonight?" he asked.

"We were planning on closing up in about an hour, but Carl's been listening to the radio in the kitchen, and they've been saying the storms moving in faster than they thought." Lucy said, looking out the window and frowning. "Actually, I'll go check in on him and ask him what's up."

Michelle watched Lucy walk away, and when she turned back to Richard she saw a secret hungry gaze watching the sway of Lucy's hips. Michelle furrowed her brow and frowned, but Richard didn't see, instead turning his attention to the newspaper that lay folded up at the end of the table. Ignored, Michelle drifted back behind the counter.

Lucy was leaning over the sink, washing a cup. Michelle leaned over beside her, facing away from the dining area and towards the kitchen, and whispered, "You won't believe the way he was watching your ass! And he's totally ignoring me. Heck, he's closer to my age than he is to yours! What the fuck is up?!?"

Lucy just gave a quiet, contented giggle.

"And you gave it an extra wiggle too!" Michelle continued, whispering with agitation. "It wasn't even that 'big-tipper' wiggle. It was more!"

Ignoring her, Lucy pulled away and said loudly, "Alright, New Year's! Let's have some fun!"


They didn't have any champagne, but there was an almost-full bottle of vodka stashed in a kitchen cabinet. Lucy poured it out into little shot glasses at Richard's table, and even Carl came in from the kitchen to partake.

"I'm going out to see how much snow I have to shovel," Carl said. He was a large black man with close-cropped hair, and with his apron removed he was clothed in grey cotton slacks and a sleeveless shirt that showed off his muscled arms.

"You can give us girls a ride, right?" Lucy called over to the doorway, where Carl was putting on his parka.

"Yup," he said, and pushed hard on the door to open it against the wind.

Lucy, sitting beside Richard in the booth, quickly grabbed the bottle, grinned and gave him a whole-body nudge, "Let's drink some more before he comes back!" Her face was already flushed red from the drink, while Michelle, sitting across from her, leaned back against the padded seat with half-hooded eyes.

They forced down another two shots each before Carl struggled back in the doorway. "Impossible!" He cried out from under his hood. "We're shit out of luck. I couldn't shovel my way out if I shovelled all night. There's a huge pile of snow ploughed right in the entrance, but even past that the roads don't look good. I didn't see a single car!"

"Whaaat!?" Lucy called out loudly. She stood up, and then wobbled so that she had to steady herself with a hand on the table. "How long have we been sitting here?" She squinted down to read her wristwatch, and after a few moments realized she wasn't wearing one. She looked up to the clock on the wall. "Woah...crap."

Carl said, "I could call Jim, like I usually do to clear out the parking lot, but I doubt he'd get here until morning. If then."

"You're probably just bullshitting," Lucy was slurring her words. "Let's take a look at this. I'm sure you and Richard could have us out in no time..."

All four of them wrapped their winter coats around themselves, and struggled out the door, immediately stepped into a snowdrift. They were all a bit tipsy, and Richard had to sometimes lend a hand occasionally to the girls as they tried to find some footing while the wind buffeted them.

As the wind blew their snow in their faces, they looked at the amazing amount of snow that had fallen in a short time. Like Carl had said, there was a heap of snow piled by the plough right at the entrance to their parking lot, and both the road and their parking lot was covered in deep snow of at least a foot.

The wind chilled the bare legs of the women. "Fuck it," Lucy said, "Looks like we're all spending the night here."

Once inside, they brushed off the snow and hung up their jackets. Richard wondered idly, "Maybe I could make it home on foot..."

"Don't be crazy, Ritch," Lucy said. "And maybe fall into some snowdrift and freeze in the dark? You'll stay here. Keep us company." She squeezed his arm. "Hey, let's fire up the jukebox! And we've still got that bottle!"

"I guess we'll need to sleep on the tables or booth seats or something," Carl said. "Pad up some clothes and use a coat for a blanket and it should be alright for one night."

An old, slow pop song began to play from the jukebox, and then Lucy waltzed over ungracefully to the vodka bottle sitting on the table, where she poured out another shot and gulped it down. When she looked at them her eyes were on fire.

"Richard," she said, "shall we dance?"

He slowly stepped toward her but she ravenously came to him, grabbed him by his sweater and pressed herself close.

They swayed to the beat. Richard, beginning to lose himself in the music and the warm press of Lucy's body, ran his hands over her body, pressing against the swells of her breasts and kneading and grabbing the globes of her ass.

Lucy began to pant harder and rubbed her body against Richard. Closing her eyes and pressing her face to his chest, she ran her hands over his shoulders, his butt, and the bulge that was growing larger in the crotch of his pants.

Carl had turned off many of the lights when they'd come back inside, as well as shutting all the blinds and putting the 'Closed' sign up, and so the two dancers lost themselves in the quiet room, stepping and twirling as the songs played one after another, and the storm roared outside the walls. Their faces came together and they shared a kiss; lips pressing and teeth knocking and tongues hungrily rubbing.

Caught by a sudden feeling of self-consciousness, they broke the kiss and looked around for the others. Michelle and Carl were sitting on the stools by the counter, several seats apart, watching them. Lucy saw Michelle's gaze frozen on Richard. "C'mon, let's switch partners," she said, and tapped him on the bum. "Give Michelle a dance, honey."

At Lucy's urging, they all indulged in a few more quick shots of vodka before dancing again.

Lucy went over and began to dance with Carl, while Michelle and Richard wrapped themselves around one another.

After a bit of dancing, Michelle looked up and saw Richard's gaze fixed elsewhere. She followed it, and saw that Lucy and Carl were engaging in some dirty dancing - Lucy tongued his ear, and he pulled upwards on the back of her dress so that the white material stretched hard against her meaty ass, and the bottom swells of her asscheeks were in view.

The alcohol had loosened Michelle's lips and submerged her self-consciousness: She turned back to Richard, and said with a pout, "I can't believe you're only looking at her. Don't you think I'm pretty too?"

Richard ran his hands up and down the sides of the young woman's body. "Of course you're pretty."

"But," she said, quietly, "I can feel your hard cock pulse when you look at her."

Richard grasped for words, but Michelle gently pulled away from him. "Fine then, go dance with her," she said, and walked off sadly back to the counter.

Part of Richard knew Michelle was upset, and wanted to fix it, but the greater part of him, the part that was fuelled by the vodka, became transfixed with Lucy's juicy ass. Carl had pulled the dress up to her waist, and her ass was bare to the world, two large and thick globes swinging with her white panties roughly bunched in the asscrack. He walked over to her, and looked at Carl's black hands move down and squeeze her big ass.

Lucy's voice, full of wantonness, was directed at Richard: "Join the party, honey."

Richard pressed the hard bulge of his crotch against the heat of her asscrack, reached around and molested her breasts, and used his mouth to lick, suck, and bite at her neck. Carl was rubbing his bulging crotch between her legs, while groping at her ass and feverishly kissing her mouth. In between them Lucy writhed in pleasure as the three no longer danced, but lost themselves in lustful need.

Lucy's breast was pulled especially hard, and as she jumped from the shock she took the opportunity to twist between the two men, and now faced Richard and began to kiss him. Carl drew back, grabbed the bottle and a couple of shot glasses, and walked off to a stool near Michelle. The remaining couple slowly danced and writhed over to an empty table.

Lucy pushed Richard to sit on the edge of the table, and then she writhed herself on top of him, sitting on his lap facing him, dress now bunched up around her waist, knees on either side of his waist, the tops of her black stockings stretched over her large, strong thighs.

"Oh shit!" Richard spoke in awe, as Lucy undid the buttons of her dress, and moment by moment revealed her cleavage.

Unable to wait, his hands darted into the front of her dress before she had opened it up completely. He grabbed her bra-covered breasts, groped and kneaded them. "Fuck!"

"You like my big tits, honey?" Lucy proudly asked as she pulled her dress off her shoulders and down to the floor. Her breasts overwhelmed Richard's grasping hands. They were barely contained by her large white bra. Richard leaned down and sucked at one breast through the material.

"Let me help you, honey," she said, and reached down into her bra, cupping a breast and pulling it out, letting it hang over her bra. Richard attacked it, wrapping both hands around it, sucking it - getting as much of it in his mouth as he could. Lucy squealed and held onto his shoulders as sensations coursed through her body.

"Now suck the other one like that too. Play with 'em both!" Lucy freed both her breasts, and they bulged out from her body as they hung over the bra that was still fixed to her. She put her hands under her breasts and offered them up, kneading them and pressing them together. "Suck! Suck 'em! Yeah!"

Richard slobbered all over her large breasts as he sucked, nibbled, and licked the soft flesh. He moved a hand down, running it over her stomach, down to her panties, where her pussy pressed against the tight material. His hand pressed against the moistness, feeling burning heat on the other side of the cloth.

Lucy was spurred by the stimulation of her pussy. "Let's get these clothes off you," she said. In a moment his chest was bare, and then when she drew back and stood up, he worked quickly to kick off his boots and slip off his pants and underwear.

She grinned as his hard cock popped up, and now swayed with his breath. "Mmmm," she purred, "here, lie back." She pushed him back with a hand, and he lay down on his back, lengthwise on the table. Lucy pulled down her panties, pulling them out of the hot wet crevice her crotch had become, and let them fall to the floor.

She stood there quietly for a moment, looking up and down Richard's body, lingering over his cock and then looking into his eyes. One of her hands caressed her breast, the other ran over the outside of her pussy. "Do you really want me, Rich?"

"Please," he said. "I want you. You're so fuckin' hot." He began to stroke his cock while looking at her.

"You want this pussy?" She opened up her pussy with her fingers. "You wanna taste?"

"Fuck! Give it to me!" He pleaded, voice hoarse. 'Sit that sweet ass down on my face! I want to eat you so bad! I'll eat your pussy all night!"

Lucy grinned and sighed. "Alright, if you promise." She stepped onto the seat, and then onto the table, finally standing astride his face, facing his cock. She crouched down slowly, as Richard began running his hands over his feet and up her legs. He grasped for her ass when he could reach it, pulling it down to his face.

"Fuck, unghhh, your ass is so sexy. Give it to me, give it, give it, give-" and he was muffled by the pussy that squished down onto his mouth.

Lucy tried to focus on the cock in front of her as Richard's mouth and fingers made her feel dizzy. "Shit, you eat that pussy good! Fuck!"

Noticing that her voice was booming over the entire room, she looked for the other occupants. They were still sitting by the counter: Carl seemed to be simply watching them calmly, but a few stools over Michelle sat with a hand buried between her legs. Her panties lay on the floor in front of the stool.

Lucy's mouth descended on Richard's cock, but her eyes were fixed on Michelle. Michelle whimpered. After pumping her mouth over the cock a few times, letting it hit the back of her mouth and covering it with saliva, Lucy drew off and pumped it with her fist. "He's got a nice cock, doesn't he?" she asked Michelle. "Nice and thick. Tasty too." She worked it into her mouth again.

Richard used his mouth to suck at Lucy's pussy. His hands grabbed and squeezed her ass, pulling the globes apart and pressing the tips of his fingers against her asshole. He alternated running his tongue over her pussy, sucking on her lips, and plunging his tongue deep into her vagina, sucking out her juices.

Lucy pulled her mouth off his cock, "Mmm, suck it, suck my pussy just like that! Oh, my pussy loves your mouth, can't you taste how it's leaking? Can't you smell it?" Her glowing eyes turned to Michelle, and she beckoned with a finger. "Join the fun, dear."

Michelle sat on the edge of the stool, hand hidden between pressed-together legs. "I...I don't want to get fucked."

"But you're sure workin' that sweet pussy, aren't you? C'mon, you don't have to fuck, you can just suck on this cock. Look at it, don't you want to suck it?" She tilted Richard's cock in Michelle's direction, waving it at her.

Michelle licked her lips and moved off the stool. Kneeling down on the floor in between Richard's spread legs, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth, and let Lucy guide the hard and wet dick between her lips.

Eyes still closed, Michelle moved her mouth up and down the dick in a slow, lazy blowjob. Lucy craned her neck to tongue Richard's balls, and then looked over to Carl.

"Don't you want your dick sucked too?" She asked him across the room in which old jukebox tunes battled it out with the squishy sounds of pussy munching and cocksucking.

"I don't know," Carl said, "I just got back together with the Missus. It wouldn't be right." He was wavering.

"Two hot mouths on your cock? Sounds pretty right to me. Look at this little blonde slut suckin' down cock like she was born to do it!" Lucy moved her head beside Michelle's on Richard's shaft, tonguing the cock and also licking and kissing Michelle's lips and cheek.

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