So Owned


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It started off slowly didn't it, of course doesn't it always. Yes I could give a nice blow job, because I did love the feel of your cock in my mouth, but I really didn't like to swallow, well we know how much that has changed. Little by little you took over so by the time that weekend, you know the one, by the time that party rolled around you had made it clear that you owned my ass and I loved it.

I loved being your fuck toy, doing exactly what you wanted. You even picked out my clothes. As much as I enjoy dressing like a slut sometimes, that skirt was so fucking short, and that shirt was so tight across my tits I really felt like a whore, but I was your whore and my pussy was dripping the minute I tried it on. When you said I couldn't wear panties with it, I instantly felt juice trickling down my thighs. Your friends certainly seemed to like it too. But the look in your eyes told me how much you loved the fact that I was yours, totally controlled by you and I was just waiting to follow your commands.

It was clear how turned on you were when you pulled me into every dark corner there was, just to slide your fingers under my skirt. You hardly had to lift it because it was so short. The feel of your fingers across my thigh and then running along my lips and straight into my pussy made me cover your hand in my juice. My whole body would sway against you every time. I know you didn't think anyone could see us, but I caught your buddies watching once. I could see their cocks were hard from across the room. They turned away when they saw me looking at them.

I wasn't sure exactly what you had in store for me, but just being there with you in my slutty clothes, hearing your whisper in my ear what a nasty little slut I was just made my pussy ache. When you told me you wanted me to hit on your friend and take him into the bathroom and suck his cock I couldn't believe it. I looked into your eyes and I could see just how serious you were. I immediately obeyed, my heart pounding and cunt dripping. As often as you called me your dirty little whore I had no idea you were going to make me into just that, but it was already too late. You did own me and I followed your command without hesitation.

Your buddy was surprised when I walked up to him, leaned over and grabbed his cock through his jeans. I straddled his leg, rubbing my sopping pussy against him, groping him with my hand and told him that you sent me with an order to give him the best blow job he had ever had. He started to laugh but I squeezed his dick just hard enough for him to realize this wasn't a joke.

He looked across at you and whatever signal you gave him was enough to make him stand up and follow me as I led him to the bathroom. He leaned against the sink, pulling me to him he grabbed my tits, working his way into the tight top and squeezing my nipple. Then he reached around, sliding his hands over my ass, groping between my thighs until his fingers grazed my pussy, he really wanted to fuck me, especially when he felt how wet I was, but I told him no as I got down on my knees in front of him, unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. His cock was rock hard, the precum pooling at the tip. I wrapped my hands around it, my right hand cupping his balls and devoured that cock.

I sucked him off, working hard to make you proud of me. I wanted your buddy to fill my mouth with cum and then tell you how fucking hot it was. I did my best to take as much as I could down my throat. Did you know how big his dick was when you sent me in there? It took everything I had not to gag as I slid my face, jaws wide open up and down. His fingers wrapped in my hair pulling my head up and down. I pulled back running my lips down the shaft, feeling every ridge and vein, licking his balls and even working my tongue back towards his ass as his cock jerked in my hand. Then I went back to sucking him because I wanted that cum. You made me your cum slut and I wanted to take all that cum into my mouth to show you what a good little whore I was.

I could feel the juice from my pussy soaking my thighs as your buddy filled my mouth with his cum telling me what a fucking amazing mouth I had as he shoved his dick into it, giving me the last few drops. I licked every last bit up and stood up. He tried to grab me, but I slipped past him because my mission was accomplished and I couldn't wait to see what else you wanted to do with your little fuck toy.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/10/18

Hot Wife

Definatly can relate to this story, as my wlfe and I did just that. You are one hot woman.

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by DirtyDomGuy02/08/18


Love submissive girls and guys. Taking control is so much fun, even better when they want to please. Great story - listening while relaxing (sort of)

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